Met come yah everybody see the real owner fi Jim here.me nah lie Steph mean business she make sure say Jim come home to she n she escort him back a camp this morning.me nah tell nuh lie Sherefer look like a real idiot after she put up Jim n a gwan like a fi har man n see a she get the shitty end a the stick

U make f***JIM

JIM2 out Sophia boost yuh fi lef yuh man n u gone tek ppl man weh nuh want yuh

65 thoughts on “JIM LIVING LARGE OO

  1. Suh she a escort gal…no matter how she escort him ..him not stop f***g shereffer.or anybody else.

    1. Dunce head unnu kmw how far the man work kmt the gal have her young baby jim fi f**k any body him want he’s not the first are the last so what’s the big deal oh tru a the man Sheffa ever put n she a 100yrs old but if I was her I would a take that pic down hard face ugly Sherrfa lol yuh dead quick tho yuh come in like when yuh watch show n them kill the black ppl first the first time yuh push out yuh head it shoot off go back to being a silence hoe suh come here a how long that man dey with u cause unnu all ways inna fish fry n that man dnt even talk to u u cnt keep srecet tho thanks Dow cause a your light. Mouth buss out all a dis handicap disable Dow when mi see u with jim mi well want tell him how yuh chat him if jim n dicky kmw how yuh hate them cause yuh say dicky mek yuh jail n nuh look after yuh family n when yuh dey marvelly jim a yuh runna bwoy yuh vex when Sheffa gi jim the money towards the car yuh Dow yuh tell sophia say steph text yuh say she will fix back jim car n sophia run with but a bet a lie yuh a tell the man shoulda blind yuh cause yuh love problem y yuh nuh stop sophia from sell her p**y n stop f**k beenie man wen she fly down cause yuh say sophia only get f**k cause she duh her body cause a she was barrel every time u put up sophia she gi yuh a new shoes are pants but wait ur time a come cause sophia money n done n her p**y a jump now cnt she cnt tame just like u

  2. Community Koki has no owner, maybe a ranking order but no owner. Men who cheat only love themselves, everyone and everything is expendable.

    Don’t know him but if he has multiple women, no one owns him but himself.

  3. Fair is fair unnu lowe the gal n her baby father Sherffer look how much man u hide n tek y a that nice clean young man yuh stop at yuh have yuh baby father n u never put him up fi birthday yet a wa him nuh born well yuh flop yuh self cause see a the man n him woman out n bad fi him birthday him n her dey live pan fb the man want him baby mother cause him talk say a she him love true f***k out sophia put up ugly Dow pic n him unnu throw him out yuh thing u can do the same thing lowe the gal n her man cause as far as mi kmw hear that man hide yuh n from him baby mother fine out him nuh look your way steph love war n mi nuh really a fan of her but she win this one mek the girl live her life shrefer Dow promise u jim true him only dey with sophia fi free clothes cause all now him cnt stop walk n f**k sophia u cnt hold down suh yuh want mash up the ppl them life but that man is not like dow that man love him baby mother sherffer yuh run guh buy the man car n not because a man sleep out with u one night dnt mean him live in lol a way dis steph own up yuh man cause him a own u up mek the ugly gal gwey she must shame put up pic n habyyp birthday n dnt see the man lol she sad steph use to tek ppl man but one thing the man them next error hide har Sherffer all u duh a hide n f**k jim dnt want you just let go guh back inna hole

  4. Man a man jim nah look sherffer way every man cheat but some gal fi stop hype ova man wey a hide them sophia shoulda give yuh Dow cause him walk n f**k everything Dow member a you first talk say jim a f**k sherffer ugly Dow wey u n sophia look like when 2 car crash yuh round jim n the man them n yuh nuh stop chat the ppl them n the sad thing is ur the only one outta the crew who dnt have a address are a job sophia soon get hold fi shop lifting wey yuh a guh do then sophia cnt read she need fi guh school steph dnt mek the crosses them stop yuh ppl too bad yuh use to tek ppl man but them never hide yuh n now yuh fine a man fi yuh self the ugly gal want run in sherffer guh hide the first time yuh a look a hype yuh flop yuh self a f**ka yuh funeral funeral sherffer dead sophia next cause Dow nuh stop f**k outta Rd n nuh message ppl want tek them out yuh cnt hold dow but unnu match cause suh him tek u tek

  5. dirty Stephen that dun every man in England yes, wife bitch where… Yuh f**k mi baby daddy N him duck yuh. Mi beat yuh Rass slap yuh wid my cut lass man clone in bout yuh Cum down bout marriage. Him never want yuh bitch beat yuh send yuh back where yuh came from. Yuh well want ring. Shit pit f**k everything walking in rema no one wants you. Stop walk N f**k like dog

    1. Nasty ugly nick gwey lie yuh a tell rufi a walk up n down with steph inna rema u try rush the gal n steph pull out a half a lass pan yuh blood cLart yuh too f**king lie yuh fling the stick n tge gal run in pan yuh with the lass no man yuh too bad n after all that the rufi n steph guh wey inna cab nick dnt shame yuhself like that cause rufI nuh want u that man f**k n walk pass yuh with to him woman lol stop tell lie a steph rush u with the lass yuh breed fi head lamp wey duck yuh rufi duck yuh dutty gal yuh never lick the gal God kmw a lie u a tell member a whole heap a we rema ppl did dey when the man n throw gal walk in a rema n we all see say a steph pull out the half a lass outta a her bag wicked gal who a man mass cut like u rudimentary declare him love fi steph him all guh look work just fine please her when the gal run him him stress move yuh black ugly ras bout yuh slap the gal liar member crowd was there n word fi word yuh try rush the gal she pull a out a lass yuh back back yuh fling a stick luck her cousin shelly n then say sorry yuh say steph fi drop the lads mek u b her fight steph say she willing fi take a stab outta he knife wey have cause she a guh chop off yuh head yuh fling 2 stone the gal beat back stone off a yuh yuh never kmw the gal a plan fi yuh u never lick the girl n after that rufi n steph n yuh daughter up n down inna rema remember a yuh daughter n the man bri g the gal guh airport n the cab man say how rudimentary nuh stop real tears n yes nick rufI cause the gal fi married him nick member u f**k out half a rema so dnt start u shouldn’t take cause was there n see u didn’t lick the girl

  6. Listen ppl anyhow Dow did have somewhere to live a England him would never be inna Sophia council dirty building (the inside look good but not the outside) to wake up every morning beside a gal weh mouth stink suh a must desperate also Sophia is a shoplifter so he can get free stuff,also she love mine suh him can get money wen him want, look how him kids love her off because a she mine dem I’ve never known a gal to be so fool kmt, she put up bout she pass driving test and a somebody paper she use because she don’t want police to keep stopping her and taking away her car again,how she Fi pass test and she cannot read or write come on Ppl stop mek she fool unnu, Dow ugly but him can f**k because him f**k mi fren the other day and she talk seh f*** ugly but know how fi use cocktail!

  7. But Dave nuh soon get married to him baby mada Nerva weh seh a england suh him change him life now and living like a real big man

  8. f** out Steph walk every man walkin. U tuck tanese bf brick.n wah beat d gal ova ar baby daddi N she dun yuh dutty bludcat steph u luv hype ova Man u hype ova pmonrey N him left u nastiness week afta u go luck Jim move him in. At di same time u f** u arda batsman babyf skybac. Water ole Jim ah yuh Las chance who nah f**k u N duck u refused u. Jim left u wah day be4 him haul back N yuh call up bricko Fi f**k u in ur stinkin ole. Dodo ol gal stop hype ova Ma.

    1. U sound like one of the buck head girl friend defending tanese like that hear u doh even if Steph call bricko for a f**k y tanese still a f**k bricko when bare violation she get inna real life him breed back him son mum him done out jummi all dutty randa did know bricko n jummi ah f**k from the office did open n she frighten fi tell the buck head girl tanese. Tanese all if him f**k Steph dutty hole a u still tek f**k from him so u have the dutty hole juice in u

  9. Cross eye juliet Dow ah mad yuh eeeeh. Quinty rite off yuh nasty Rass. Dow not even want u to suck him cock d way how u mouth mash N smell like vomit. Sophie hurting yuh head bad all if Sophie put out Dow dat u hoping him still nah f**k r sleep one nite in ur stinking house.with clothes throw dun Al ova d front room. With pure dutty plate inna d sink. Sophie house clean N comfy if u want man go learn Fi clean ya house walk N f**k every thing moving. U stuck up on Dow cocky ah mad u African Rass. All d juju neva wuk Dow not even wah yuh Fi him toilet. Ah nuff time yuh cry pon d fone bout Dow N him still nah left Sophie give up now u desperate. Remember the man u tell me yuh f**k N suck him cock Fi hold him N him left u instant. Yuh ole have d run away oil yuh try trap d man dem. Remember mi follow yuh N d obeah man give u di wrong remedy. U suck f**k clean wipe N shine nasty juliet with d left N right eye ball. N d man dem still a run.leave Sophie N r man Dow not leaving. Drop dead N go wash ur dutty plates full up inna u sink.not even water mi drink from u nastiness so how Dow ago come out Sophie house to live with u.go wash ur dirty pussy everytime we go out mi catch u a tidy go bath ur mouth stink u pussy smell like sess pit. All d cologne u spray can’t hold down ur nastiness.

  10. woii story worth sharing steph how u a hype bout baby daddy N wife when Jim left u Fi shereffer N u beg N bawl Fi him tek u back Fi hype pon di gal. No say u wudda start write up long time pon social media but true u ah put on a show. Round of applaud bettylue nah stop chat di tings them.because u walk N tell everyone she is not ur cuzon.u not even want r round yuh yard. Betty ah dun yuh Fi free.yuh chat bettylue going N coming yes ah rema mi Cum from N u N Betty is no cuzon. N nick beat yuh dirty ole steph for her baby daddy yuh bring down clothes N money N ring bout marriage. The boy neva wah go England him have him gal America wey did ah look about his papers N u well fly dun N get slap up with d cutlass from nick. Nick write u off N beat u N nick cuzon dun u dutty clat ah England N u scared N beg it out from mad head. Real rema bad gal gogo baby madda. U cudnt touch nick ask anybody ah rema them know how it go.u f**k too much run go breed Fi hold man.da trap deh na wok. Water ole steph ur baby fada skyback a big batty man from Jamaica u ole contaminated with feces If I was u I wouldn’t hype bout man. Rufi neva wah u only to shine off his cock. Remember d pic was going round on social media with dick in ur mouth u Fi get fufi f**k u N yuh pay him N him give nick d money. Yuh Fi get oh stop talk bout u N bettylue ah cuzon. Bettylue use to fight Fi u when u f**k d Ppl dem man ah rema family where she was only ur backative when d Ppl dem beat yuh Fi dem man f**k out Steph weh a suck cocky from rema. Ur file very long.

    1. Lol duppy yuh lie bad nick neva lick the gal rufi walk pass nick with steph rufi steph n milian went airport a wey ring come from lol rufi put up steph pan Facebook n say him love her n the gal never dey pan no picture a suck cocky lol yuh sad the gal n her man good abay how nick fi lick steph with lass when a steph did have the lass. Unnu wicked true the gal a hurt unnu head no man unnu hate steph unnu bad nick n steph neva fight gogo baby mother see steph a dance n walk pass cause steph done her kmto God kmw unnu wicked

        1. One woman and him hide n f**k Sheffa when him n him BM inna a lil problem the BM fine out mash up him car n now a him n the BM together again keep up met but the whole a England hate the BM cause she a war boat the BM guh to Sherrfa yard n ring her door bell n Sherrfa didn’t come out Sherffer put up the man pic fi him birthday n the man n him BM spend him birthday that’s the pic up now met a who yuh think win

    2. Lol how jim lef steph fi Sherrfa a when that happen lol kim stop trying hype yuh sister when jim n steph lef kmt every relationship guh through problem at jim lowe point sherffer get a f**k n she buy the man car fi steph bawl n jim tek her back that mean a she him want yuh sound foolish so like how steph n jim dey back sherffer a bawl how comes jim nuh gone back to sherffer no man answer sherffer talk how steph fine out say u a f**k her baby father n guh a yard n ring yuh bell n yuh nuh come sherffer stop tell lie bout the man live with yuh a yuh own a sister kim a done yuh say a waste a money fi buy the car n she tell yuh nuh tek jim sherffer member a u look jim the man a hide n f**k yuh n the min him baby mother fine out him drop yuh sherffer can u honest to God jim call from steph tek him outta yuh house kim nuh stop done yuh say she nah fight fi yuh cause u nuh fight fi her n u n sophia done her all unnu a talk bout steph this n that a 3 man name mi year unnu call suh how the gal file long just deal with the fact the gal man want her Sherrfa look how long u a f**k n just have a young son wey the man nuh own n nah mine unnu chat unnu business n then want hype sherffer yuh dead inna dis yuh put up pic where is the man yuh mek Dow full yuh head a shit bout a him control jim when die cnt control him c***y yuh get trick sherffer yuh dead inna this u look foolish steph if yuh man a walk n f**k suh wa a u him want but me kmw fi a fact jim did a hide sherffer yuh never kmw n when yuh fine out the dolly house mash up sherffer no body ever see u with jim member mi did dey a Dow birthday dinner n jim nuh gi yuh nuh notice yuh shame fool Dow u well want steph hear cause yuh mash up the ppl them after yuh have yuh pan steph cause yuh talk say the gal come down stairs inna blue shorts n how she sexy fi a neva jim yuh move to her p**y hole Dow yuh jealous a jim n the gal that’s y yuh talk say a jim a f**k sherffer but jim a good youthing him nuh wotless like u FYI jim never live round a sherffer she too f**king liE n unnu leave steph alone from the man drive the car sherffa buy come pick up him woman n them guh out fi him birthday sherffer shoulda guh hide ps a steph jim say him love n sherffer u kmw that

    3. Lol how jim lef steph fi Sherrfa a when that happen lol kim stop trying hype yuh sister when jim n steph lef kmt every relationship guh through problem at jim lowe point sherffer get a f**k n she buy the man car fi steph bawl n jim tek her back that mean a she him want yuh sound foolish so like how steph n jim dey back sherffer a bawl how comes jim nuh gone back to sherffer no man answer sherffer talk how steph fine out say u a f**k her baby father n guh a yard n ring yuh bell n yuh nuh come sherffer stop tell lie bout the man live with yuh a yuh own a sister kim a done yuh say a waste a money fi buy the car n she tell yuh nuh tek jim sherffer member a u look jim the man a hide n f**k yuh n the min him baby mother fine out him drop yuh sherffer can u honest to God jim call from steph tek him outta yuh house kim nuh stop done yuh say she nah fight fi yuh cause u nuh fight fi her n u n sophia done her all unnu a talk bout steph this n that a 3 man name mi year unnu call suh how the gal file long just deal with the fact the gal man want her Sherrfa look how long u a f**k n just have a young son wey the man nuh own n nah mine unnu chat unnu business n then want hype sherffer yuh dead inna dis yuh put up pic where is the man yuh mek Dow full yuh head a shit bout a him control jim when die cnt control him c***y yuh get trick sherffer yuh dead inna this u look foolish steph if yuh man a walk n f**k suh wa a u him want but me kmw fi a fact jim did a hide sherffer yuh never kmw n when yuh fine out the dolly house mash up sherffer no body ever see u with jim member mi did dey a Dow birthday dinner n jim nuh gi yuh nuh notice yuh shame fool Dow u well want steph hear cause yuh mash up the ppl them after yuh have yuh pan steph cause yuh talk say the gal come down stairs inna blue shorts n how she sexy fi a neva jim yuh move to her p**y hole Dow yuh jealous a jim n the gal that’s y yuh talk say a jim a f**k sherffer but jim a good youthing him nuh wotless like u FYI jim never live round a sherffer she too f**king liE n unnu leave steph alone from the man drive the car sherffa buy come pick up him woman n them guh out fi him birthday sherffer shoulda guh hide ps a steph jim say him love n sherffer u kmw that sherffer u have a young baby wey ur baby father dey unnu guh s**k unnu mother n lowe the gal

    4. Kim come outta this mek mi get this right kim yuh say steph bawl n beg the man right ? Ok the man guh home to steph whether it want be because of the child she have fi him them a work out them thing Sherffer u bawl to ur baby father all the time n him nuh look ur way a wa yuh nuh kmw how fi bawl good like steph if yuh neva tek her baby father she would a show yuh cause how long u a beg n a bawl jermanie n jermanie a nuh star lol no man yuh want some a steph tears lol sophia did u kmw Dow had a gal fly ova from America to him? Well he did it the same time him sleep out Dow did u kmw killa filla hate yuh cause yuh stop him business n pleasure with sophia lol Dow thru yuh cnt see the man them say sophia only look good inna clothes her body ugly them say kim did u kmw all the threemails some n c**ky su**ing wouldnt hold Sam baby father steph yuh have a past so does every body else but yuh f**k more than nuh body else a 4 man mi kmw bout n them high light yuh boy or boy kim gwan guh play inna yuh piss cause u Sherffer hate each other yuh member when Sophia want kill yuh a she and Sherffer up n down but wait kim yuh neva use to follower steph them like fly until them drop yuh smh all a unnu dnt am keen no sense steph n skyback lef from wen wen no man skyback a b**y man n him f**k off the whole a unnumber a that’s y unnu hate steph no man unnu kmw how skyback walk down fi get steph number unnu stop mek up story steph p**y good man talk that mi neva hear a man talk bad bout her yet just unnu bitch p money steph f**k him n hype him from she drop him where is he now him might come out now like how him name get call n stop call up bricko name cause the man n him baby mother well happy not u tannese the real one no man Randall did u kmw u n sherffa was mate cause bus it did a f**k Sherrfa n the think a kim true she a tek a jay jay f**k out Sherrfa too suh y unnu a act like she a good as she badda than kim when it come to f**k all shabba f**k her kmt Sheffa call steph n ask her how to bawl suh yuh can try it Sheffa come on u kmw from jim n steph make up that man dnt loon yuh way sophia said so cause unnu par n chat unnu one other Dow tell Sherffer say jim nuh comfortable inna him yard with steph suh yuh run but him look well comfortable to me

  11. Im dying at all these comments Jim a f**k plenty people so make steph own him nuh man she look stupid ya f**k Jim turn her into laughing stock

    1. Unnu really dnt like that girl name steph init look a the gal n her man the man never live with Sherrfa no man stop it how the girl fi look stupid when her man a onwards her unnu bit ta a nuh jim a first man f**k other gal how the girl fi shame when her man a own her any man steph tek want her one thing the whole England hate the gal from skyback days all unnu a talk the gal n her man happy unnu nuh see him pan Facebook today a dance n call up her name kmt a who is tanesse bricko nah duh that girl all now she cnt get first place she a fi later bricko did want the gal a she left him all unnu a try some the gal none a them man never talk bad bout her yet any body for shame a must sherffer run guh put up the man behind flop unnu come affa the gal name meaning lowe her man sherffa fi stop hide n f**k how mUchida man sherffer run through n them nuh stop you a them gal man unnu want if the gal bawl to the man n him tek her back a wa that mean him want sherffer u bawl n nuh get no look if I was u I would a hide sherffer tell the ppl them them tell yuh tek down him pic f**king fool ppl be fair a steph man case close

    2. Lol fool how the gal a laughing stock when a she the man have up mine jim f**k u too ennu a sherffer n who ever else him f**k a laughing stock causexchange the man say him nah lef him baby mother n him nah mek nuh gal laugh after her kmt no man steph the ppl hate u bad sherffer talk how jimuch tell u say him love steph be honest n stop trying hype unnu guh watch him when him guh live on fb n unnu see who him want unnu nuh see the pretty lil boy the gal guh him him proud a him son bad unnu sad

  12. No man da girl yah a hurt up England all when unnu see the girl n her man unnu still a try push in unnu friend go girl u n yuh man look happy where is the other girl provery that the man want her kmt unnu unfair ppl boring

  13. Happy Jim far from happy Jim life a England sad like Jim talk a bag a things bout him bby mother n how he is not comfortable with her a the worst ooman him ever deh with that lady Mek the little boy life miserably …. So that pic is a Front Dwl I can’t Jim u need fi chill u 2 bad ….

    1. All u sad eeh unhappy man dnt talk how much him love him woman the lil bwoy happy Sherrfa sophia n tell whole crew a f**k someone who par with Dow Sheffa get f**k cause a she left no one wants she she too ugly kim stash milli say yuh su*k c**cky good jim live on fb with him good son inna him good yard jim dnt chat woman unnu bad that bwoy only laugh him always a laugh me dey inna the barber shop a lewisham n when Dow moth a fly all that youth duh a laugh well if him n baby mother dud a guh through some shit them happy now suh lowe the ppl them no man Sherffe a wa suh a jim alone ever f**k yuh n duck yuh y yuh man no man jim yuh c**ky tun up a true steph love talk bout the gd sex lol jim big up yuhself yuh shoul dnt f**k crosses no hole Sherrfa yuh nuh see Dow cnt see from left him n that eye him use n puck Sherffer gi yuh hush stay with yuh nice real browning baby mother Sheffa gwey how u cnt try put up jermanie pic ???????? A jim yuh draw out

  14. Boy that little boy deh cocky good mi want a application form… I wonder how mi can enrol in Jim school no sah all of this ova one man.

  15. Which ever one of tanese friend on here chatting shit about Steph uno miserable like tanese ur not even deh with bricko again so y u care if him f** bk Steph or not u been sharing his cocky for years n never yet have u had full ownership of him so when u der making statuses on ur facebook about karma shut the f**k up when jummi f** ur baby daddy u never have chat when fel star f** ur baby daddy u never have chat so y u hyping now. I see dutty suck hood randa chatting too ain’t it time u cover up Damion name now how long him dissing u n u still der no shame how u let ur matey teef ur man. Him diss u in England n him diss u in Ja when u go realise u need to move on but yet u still ah hype with that tattoo on ur chest over a man thats not yours how miserable are you. How much baby u have to hoover outta ur belly to please him him never want u him breed fi do sadimite girl Trisha so y u dash all of urs. u get ur likkle room fi rent all now Damion can’t pack up his tings from Betty fi come live with you. All wen u ah cocky watch Damion at the office him still ah fuxk next girl right under ur nose n u couldn’t never page her that y her n her friend den still laugh after u. But me see u ah comment on tanese status ur bright. Shantel ah u me see ah talk up too how dare u shak worse never want u but yet u stick round playing second best u try hype in ja with shak tryna paint a happy family on ur IG yet we never yet see u on shak IG page him no want u him want him next bm. U still ah teef cah that bugaboo bee pushchair u teef on display at the baby store. Buddy lip Tina u start tek randa old man Bob u serious ah that u pick after Della mi nah laugh true dash weh money blacks out u want run in how sad but rum lane u ah defend uno pussy share di same man too much

  16. steph tap it stop rite up to mek u self luk good shereffer still av up d pic. U ah run dung Jim. Cuz Jim walk N tell everyone ah sherifa him luv N u pick out him car window N den beg him to let u fix it. Yuh sey sherifa buy it when ah u give Jim the money to buy d car for him to cum back home to u. U f*** bricko wah day when Jim left u Fi sherifa. Remember u sey ready Fi baby fada number 6 r 7 so wah mek u think Jim gean stay. Stop run dung cocky tanese N randa ah laugh off ah u N Betty cocky clown. Bricko sey him f*** yuh afta u ah complain bout Jim sey him gone. Then run yuh N tell back tanese. Bettylue u ah big mascot u send u bore pussy tongue go show Damien N him send d pic to randa big ole foot ah suck cocky in r ole days.n ah bore pussy tongu. randa ah beat yuh bad u j steph sad nuh Ras. Pitney nah hold man r ole stink a shit r battyman bf wey f**k r on N off when him feel like dodo ole.mi feel Fi yuh. Bricko don’t want you stop hide N f**k him him sey yuh wipe N shine good. Him neva own u up. Tanese N him always happy u try mash up dem life now karma hit u nastiness. Da boy deh want d girl. Sherifa only deh wid ar baby fada N she suppose to left him. Cuz Jim want r N don’t want u.u fight Fi position wey run gone left u. Sick bitch geta life N stop live in denial.

    1. Lol u sound stupid lady Sherrfa yuh have the pic yes where’s is the man didn’t u see the man on him birth day with steph pan fb live sherffer shame the man tell her tek down him pic unnu fool sah all unnu a talk where is the man sherffer jim nuh chat back to yuh from steph mash up the car duh the maths sherffer member a u gi sophia money fi drive him up n down fi buy back the glass lol unnu fool e up to today jim live pan fb him nah call sherffer are high her kmt sophia kim sherffer stop it sophia kmw say a steph jim want cause she n dow talk say she think the pic sherffer put up would a mek steph run jim lol true she put up Dow n him woman bri g him clothes guh drop them a sophia yard sherffer how jim fi love u n is not I n him spend him birthday unnu sound like one bit shit sherffer guh call child mentions fi yuh baby father wey married how jim fi live u n a him n yuh baby father did a f**k yuh sherffer member yuh mek sophia call jim n ask him what’s up n him tell her him a stay with him baby mother sherffer jim f**k yuh yes but if a neva ppl wouldn’t kmw the man say a him mother him want unnu blind n bout bricko the gal just have a baby wey she a duh with bricko unnu stop call up the man name the gal n her man good jim tell everyone erythromycin body say a steph him love how the pic fi be front when a the man tek the pic the say steph hold him sherffer a Dow mek u get f**k a u look jim kmt unnu hate steph bad but a want man n him woman kill yuh Sherrfa n her friends a dunce cause if a me like unnu mi delete ig n tek down the man cause the man call u sherffer n wild yuh up bout the pic stop pretend jim n steph did a guh through whatever that’s where Dow push Sheffa in but the man him woman good the world see a steph jim want I dnt need to comment any morevent cause unnu wicked unnu really hate steph n stop call up bricko name cause that man live with good woman who has experience a big son n small daughter all unnu a try pit down the girl a problem unnu a try create between jim n steph bout bricko the gal baby young unnu f**k off n gwey steph n jim a guh kill unnu Sherrfa where is jim be honest to yuhself tru ur baby father nuh want u yuh want try after the gal one gwey

    2. Say god knows u serious Dutty tanese n suck pussy randa how u bright so if uno ah go talk the tings talk it right lmao uno turn bad girl on phone screen mi nah lie I have to laugh. The same stale old women uno ah cuss tek weh uno man. Tanese bricko ain’t with u so stop act like ah ur man side chick u defend in ah foreign don’t fool the ppl dem bricko live with ramario mother same women him just breed again so how him have time fi play happy family with u. All him do is f**k u eat his food n gwarn about him business. When him last sleep over ur stinky yard tanese, u affi wait in line fi him to sleep over at ur yard ah once in a blue moon all him mandem laugh after how him treat u bludclart n ur mad now he f**k Steph back.. As for u randa u love chat when Damion nuh want u neither how much babies u swallow just to remain him side girl all now u can’t the title off Betty Lou how much babies him have since him with u 2 n nuh ah fi urs so how u mad true him stay with Betty u know ur role n u’ve been comfortable with that role for years. Uno group of side chicks weh never get ah look in. Jummi f**k ur man tanese ah true. Zoe f**k ur man randa ah true the list go on but yet uno dont have strength for dem girl der but u have nuff chat for Steph n Betty

    3. No tannese talk 7 seat how u reach in this bricko want u look how long u a wait no man girl u shouldn’t even open yuh mouth kmt Sherrfa neva lef jermanie lol them neva dey she get f**k n catch belly the man say a nuh him lol the man wife throw him out fi week n she tell her sister fi guh find place live cause her baby father a move in but quest what it nuh badda happen cause the man wife tek him back no man steph yuh have a world a haters unnu kmw love love was on display on the 28/6/16 at around 9:30pm when jim guh live on fb and turn the Camara on steph n say see mi first lady dey then him turn the Camara n say we on the 32 floor looking down on them then him say bbz come feed me lol no man unnu bit ta bad bit ta lef Sherrfa leave sweet mango steph n jim n the beautiful baby them have Sherffe mi hear say yuh hear bout the fb live suh come here y yuh still have up the pic yuh fraid n shame fi tek it down hush yuh shouldn’t walk inna ppl life

  17. Kim stop it u dnt get involve ppl kmw a u unnu nuh mek no sense cause everything unnu talk unnu say the man guh back home suh stop chat shit kim u n yuh sister a whore kim u off all ppl fi hide cause u only mention when gussiness keep dance are u keep dance tru u spend money pan MAN hard yuh nuh see Sam n the man up kim guh look a room n a life n stop sleep pam SinGle bed with yuh niece kmt kim guh sung down cause talk say a good fi sherffer yuh tell her nuh tek the ppl them man steph dnt mek ppl draw yuh out mi like how yuh change yuh life n humble because u kmw a u a wife y fight for what’s yours Sherrfa guh try something else dnt knw y sophia send u that pic of u n jim fi yuh flop yuh self the gal happy she have her man her going job steph dnt mek them spoil it kim u n dow hold hand n guh up a croydon up a home office n beg them send unnu home cause unnu a waste time a England kmft steph a u own mam say yes Sherrfa a hurt yuh see she come back from the man n him woman guh live on fb Sherrfa kim sophia n dow dead Dow fine sherffer a next man plz cause jermanie nuh look fi her way sherffer yuh a mate pan two side no yuh a boaty y yuh never ever put ur baby father then not even the dead one a kmt sherffer yuh say yuh must f**k jim cause him drop yuh just like that but the pic nuh tek lol steph yuh win

  18. Unnu say who own the n unnu see who own the man suh y unnu a fuss n fight the only thing can top this is if the next girl come out with a picture of she n the man on is birthday I dnt see y everyone jumping on this girl smh ppl really hate her all when you lot see the woman n the man you lot still trying but it must me one of the other girl friend a duh it cause the question answer to me any ways every thing else a just hate. U lot throwing at the girl I hope the girl n her man stay together cause u lot really wanna see this girl down fall girl hold yuh head up n keep yuh relationship strong dnt let bitter ppl get to u cause from where I’m standing it’s your man no matter what the other girl friend them want to say

  19. steph u f&&k dudus sheltax rufi, sash milli d time u commenting steph f*** stash milli hype ova p money N him flop her.skyback dis r Fi pricilla N Jennifer bout she cum fi hype N at the time she did a f** bricko. Steph walk with r pussy on her forehead Jim is ah next chapter out her man diary. Steph stop big up urself N Betty unnu lose inna man race. Steph yuh f** blaxx back in the day. Yuh tek him first N him pass u ova to skyback. Prada f** yuh to steph your file go way back all your kids got different daddies. Stop hype up on pinball yuh a big batty ears ah rema…

    1. Lol woiiiii no unnu really hate that girl a wey she have fi tek all them man dey yuh sound hurt u who a talk no man stop call up the gal name bout them crosse man dey unnu really want bring down the girl no man unnu sad Sherffer u n yuh friend them bitta a date unnu pick Sherffer and kim stop hide behind pink wall stop write n answer back unnu self unnu sound dumb kmt jim want steph end of story call all the man them name unnu can think of the gal n her happy

  20. Well I for one know damion don’t want Bettylue….him talk how she old and a cos him can get him dinner why him live there….Dirty Bettylue yuh nuh see seh a rent mdamion don’t want to pay..big tired woman like you have the boy a live offa yuh guh look a life old woman…cos dam I on tell rhanda seh him soon left yuh

  21. Good gall shut the f**k up so if Damion don’t want Betty so randa have her likkle room she rent why he don’t go live with randa then rent free if that ah di case. Randa if ah ur man y u always kill off Damion babies y u nuh give him baby u dash weh so many but ah ur man so y after 6 years no baby come outta this for you. Better u follow Kim n cover up the name on ur chest cah pure embarrassment u give urself no man in foreign can diss me how Damion diss u randa u must feel shame stop make up excuse for y he deh with Betty n not u. Same with u tanese bricko not with u so who him want to f**k is his business. Girl like uno are di worse. wasn’t jummi ur friend how u let her f**k bricko randa knew n she frighten fi tell u y. Randa when u f**k rampruff baby father Shaun y u still smile up in rampruff face. Randa u get rushed by tmoblie yute baby mother n friend cah u love chat off ur mouth. Tanese how much time brivko beat u black n blue inna ur house. Randa how much time Damion beat u black n blue for f***g bussit. Tanese n randa need a trophy for side chick of the years n counting uno pussy ah go dead before its time

  22. Kim ah u di girl weh get embarrassed di other day when ur video go viral next time bitch don’t drink so damn much me hear seh u get spike true gusiness nuh mind u again u beg ur drink from every man at the cook out I guess work nuh manage ur wutless lifestyle. Police soon hold ur sis she love teef clothes in foreign n f**k ppl man uno think Sophia someone to look up too mi nuh laugh dancehall n der wutless crowd n fake icons purse u love gwarn like u know how fi hold man yet do boy foota f**k how much young girls/old women under ur nose how much girl laugh after u

  23. Dog shit kim ah u same girl me see u at every girl dream ah beg bussit bk friendship after Guinness diss u. U tired of dem threes somes with the rum lane girls n Guinness. how come engagement get call off ah u love brawl ms Evan ah wag1 now u quick fi cover tattoo give di man bk him silicon him pay for too.. Sam baby must hurt u at night ur over 30 n ur egg dem just so how much baby u swallow before u come ah England. guinness run bk to camila n sam get back her visits . u must cry at night ah suh u drink soon much now. How u n cheap redz turn friend ah u say she f**k Guinness too do how uno ah hug up inna pic now u cant pick n choose ur matey since u turn her big friend tell fi change her dress sense stop shop at Finsbury park . since ur video go viral u done ur career when u decide to swim in ur own piss if u did outside it yard y u strip so fi piss next time buy ur own drink. Goat head shereffer weh love leave the pickney dem home alone fi party who watch the kids while at 127 u siddung n make up status after status about Jim nuh want Steph someone must report u to Soical service get them kids removed u wutless mum all u do is teef clothes n go hype in party with stay bad Sophia weh bleaching ago the three of uno been bleachong fi years all now can’t reach one colour uno pitchy patchy half black half brown body u love mind man Sophia me know say dutty quinty di stinky hairdresser deh too n hide behind phone n ah comment uno walking mattress disease girl stop gwarn like uno files no longer than Steph member seh uno did round di same set of man Sophia Everyman u sleep seh u pussy stink u nuh bade before u go ah road fi teef u treat ur daughter purse like Cinderella inna yard she affi cook n clean u try groom crystal fi start party again ah wah u want her fi leave mex n f**k out like u

  24. Betty granny 48 remember u report randa Fi put ur pussy all ova. Damien freak out u nastie Rass bout cocky Fi suck. Man dun pon yuh Damien is d same age as yuh son. Pedophile everything randa do yuh do Fi try compete. N true Damien send out yuh pussy with d ring yuh put him out N tek him back cuz u wah hype pon randa.randa N Damien nuh stop laugh afta u. Ah Damien name u ole foot N cabie 38 but now yuh buy him car. Damien trick yuh sey everyone suck him hood N u think randa do it suh yuh go suck it. Yuh hear Randa go bore r pussy N u go follow. Betty stop mek Damien freak u out u ah big woman all pat yuh did wah f**k with Damien. Pat nice clean daughter ah kill u but u deh penopause suh u can’t compete with pat.yuh sey u N Damien live N everytime u force him to put up ur pic him tek it down. Betty member sey ah true him send randa u bore pussy tongue freaky grand ma mek him start show up himself with yuh. Freaky grandma go have a seat rest yuh ole foot. U nah mek one ur clothes N shoes don’t even mek sense inna foreign r in Jamaica. Stop mind d likkle boy Fi stay with yuh because ah randa him want N nah leave.ah him give r stay suh go sit down he ain’t leaving randa noway.

  25. aww unnu Lowe steph man she stressed out N sad bad. Sash cum ya go tek off the comment yuh mek unnda steph page stash milli give steph 2 f**k N she did wah relationship N him run r. But wait steph stash milli N Jim par ole ur pussy yuh f**k too much now u run go breed Fi Jim afta stash milli f**k yuh Fi 500 pound u mek up N do ur long breast N belly two week after u go f**k pmoney N hype bout ah him do yuh belly when u f**k stash milli Fi sum ah di money. Mi nah rong pmoney Fi Park yuh nastiness bludcat N neva turn up ah yuh empty dance.lol ditch u Rass N went back to his bm ah time now yuh Fi stop hype ova Man.london mattress

  26. Dirty dog shut Juliet flawless guh Bk a a Africa guh fix yuh pussy and stop call quinty name…Juliet Dow a mad yuh cos him move on and dont want you anymore yuh aguh dead…dirty woman come out if Jamaican business and guh look fi yuh own culture and mix in you dumb wanna be bitch…tranvestine looking man Juliet yuh stay bad from top to bottom guh bade yuh dirty….

  27. Suh a di same man weh name stashmilli weh steph use to deh with when him name killer uno a seh Kim deh wid… Pupa jezas the gal steph a chat up to Sasha and she use to f**k killer/junior them woman yah nun easy… Sasha i want you to ask junior if him did a f**k steph and yes a when uno did deh ….steph is a whore she tek man like board house tek nail.

  28. Morning ppl no man unnu stop now listen how much ppl unnu a draw inna this how much ppl relationship unnu want mash up why unnu a call up so many ppl name sherffa yuh lose a you n kim a write all them rubbish here a lot a ppl dnt like steph cause she facety bad but y unnu a try mek more enemy fi the girl all them man name unnu a call up unnu kmw the n them woman talk so what unnu a try stop it man Sherrfa u keep saying the man dnt want the girl so y he’s not with u ????? Stop making a fool of yourself please all p money a who him unnu kmw how much time that boy spend with that girl unnu member him bring her guh yard unnu never see the pic them him n her lef so what him dead again all Tina jim only f**k u cause him did new a England n u was a church girl unnu nuh kmw good man so what if him baby sitting fi u a crime that’s a good man but the min him get yuh file him drop yuh n member u Tina ring down the boy phone u n toya n him still nuh look back so come out a this please cause u a tge biggest dog shit a England cho all the beg unnu say steph beg the man is with her how much beg unnu beg Sherrfa y jim y yuh nuh guh write up bout yuh baby father n him wife how jim fi live with u a nuh wey day yuh say u n yuh baby father live n kim fi look somewhere else mek up yuh mine tRanny tannese n Randa n shanel how unnu reach inna this no man a hype unnu a look n unnu just dead the world kmw bout bettylue n the nasty man suh fine something else the issue was who own the man n unnu see a who the man suh y kim and Sherffa n try this n so much ppl name get call up kim a u stash milli f**k just one time one time n yuh s**k him wood suh stop tell lie tru unnu see say tge man wife n steph n friends pan ig n prada wife n her a friend n the ppl them like up her pic unnu pick war n a look help yes she did dey with shelax but unnu see him n her yes she tek dudus but that always all over that girl unnu never see how him wine pan her inna him dance over club d boss Blax n steph was friends good friends too so dnt try it skyback n steph did live yes him f**k nuh a unnu include kim but wait sophia member u did want bricko f**k you n him pass lol unnu come affa the gal n her man them happy

  29. Which friend tek up dutty randa arguement fi defend u miserable sea creature after she suck off Damion hood daily y u think him never kiss her up lmao. U carry that hood breath regular stop gwarn him no groom u long time me wouldn’t b surprised if him have video of u ah suck it off.. Him can’t want ah girl like you u shape bad u ah cuss old foot Betty but u favour old girl urself n ur only wah 26 27 so y u look 50 ur belly all ah hang out like u breed but womb dead like a grave yard how much baby u swallow fi di man again u must shame n yet damion can’t own u up in ah foreign how much years he dig out ur hole n nothing fi show fi it u never mek di cut bitch how much girl Damion ah diss u with. dutty man mascot ur friend dem ah boost u up fi comment n laugh after Steph yet u n same friend dem get diss up everyday ah uno miserable life. Only knowing u get is when ur deh ah di office even deh him still diss u how much girls walk in n out of deh him f**k n dem ah laugh affi u. Randa ur salt like the sea water nothing good come outta this fi u n u can’t even reproduce u barren bat stale creature me don’t know y u still hang round norwood ur mouth ah get u inna trouble this year carry someone must beat ur bludclart this summer all u tanese weh love walk up n down brixton reefing inna di shop u n randa soon get lock up randa weh love scream she di deh ah Holloway prison ah detention centre u must reach next Theresa May mus tek back the stay she give yuh fi live ah foreign wutless girl

  30. Steph is a dog shit har name stink…it want somebody shit pon it.. N yes she use to f**k stashmilli i personally think Sasha fi know cos she a call Sasha sis…what sis use to f**k har man bullet fi yuh Steph yuh loose gal yuh f**k anybody man suh wah if somebody f**k yours..

  31. Quinty you well obsessed with Juliette looool stop watch Juliette pussy stop watch Dow cocky old handicap Quinty go sort out your life you never no Juliette a African when you go her house go yam regular? You never no she African when she use to look after your kids?? Quntiy you still a talk nobody member you tek a back sit a big ppl time this not handicap time this …you claims to no so much tell them how Juliette & Dow a F**k still …ask squidley how much time him & Juliette f**k bitch ask Aunty Bev husband ….you need a life

  32. Hello hello somebody tell mi if the blacks weh step f**k ah the same blacks weh just come outta prison, She love young bwoy from long time,all fi him cocky dont have no principal. Him just come outta ah prison, and him name ah call already.

  33. lowe juliette cause ah dow tell the gal, him di want her up. The ole ah we ah oman so stop bash the gal.

  34. If i laugh tonight stinking mouth put up pic, with her and her boo bout them out and clean. Sophie u no tired fi the people them man ah f**k pon you?.

    Suppose you have fi play fake happy, to keep up with the hype.

  35. Put up all the pictures you like man frighten Sophia that not stopping shit ..Dow na stop **k out your hole can’t hold him a the thieving clothes & shoes & the money a hold,what you need to do is hit the gym you big & favour sumo wrestler …Dow still a F**k sheka,keke,Claire & Juliette stinking Sophia change your style of dressing you no tried of wearing dem jumpsuit & dem ugly boots ???

  36. @Hungry Sophia Dont forget Jade,him nah hide she. No man never own sophia yet, she f**k worse than dog. True Dow love sweets ah the only reason him deh with her, licky licky bwoy frighten friday.

    Dont own shit ah yard pure clothes and shoes,broke like dog.Sophia no stop sell front fi mind him,germs bag them. Every ting him chat in her yard she tek it ah the hairdresser,barber shop all inna supermarket.

    Juliette ah goodas fi sophia,her mouth no stink like sophia. Her mouth smell like Dow shit inna it ah morning time.

  37. Ah true shak nuh stop f**k him coke head baby mudda sherise from herne hill. sherise is ah cokehead and love threesome she f**y f**y and she tell me say she and shak ah tek molly and have 69 yeah. Mi believe her she ugly an tuff up pussy boney she call shak her man but shantel say the same thing mi observe d ting good Serise ah mine yuh Corley she by him tings give him money she all talk seh she gee  him mudda Diane money ???? Ah true ca Diane licky licky licky. Serise love copy shan what clothes she by and what she by fi her son serise is wicked jealous and She talk tings bout Shan mi naa talk it. Shan yuh fren ah talk tings to serise frend who inform backa serise bou yuh an Corley an tings weh gwarn inna Unu business, know who yuh frens are Corley serise all giv yuh JACKET an yuh stillwit her. She seh true she suck yuh GOOD an yuh ah suck her back mi no seh yuh suck her back fi ah fact she seh Shan na suck yuh. ah yuh suh blind fi see seh da jacket deh favor Non Ah yuh who fa baby . Corley yuh gwarn like seh yuh ah d connect yuh just drink offa de connect an ah gwarn like yuh ah d man. Corly yuh bruck nuh f**k set up him fren Rob wa day but it go rong. Mi see shak ah leave him next bm house in the morning every week if hes not with her him with u. Shan yuh need fi dun with Corley him bruck and love siddung ina him mufa house chat and badmind people nutten nuh gwarn fi dem. Mercedes yuh need to tek your niece away from it. Mi iggy fi de hole ah unnu. CHANTOL Anne posh spice daughter lol yuh babyfarda snapper nuh stop Lick yuh and breed next gyal him dash yuh and yuh mudda outta him house and yuh go back and breed fi him still everybody know say him beat yuh and His baby mudda Lesleta beat yuh too. Hangup ☎ Randa yuh dunnnnnnnnn fava Crack head Lowe it go look ah work yuh and tense love siddung pon Facebook and throw word guh fine something fi do yuh doh look right Bettylou an maaaad yuh TANESE yuh breed fi bricks but him go breed back him son mudda HANGUP yuh forehead big and wide like yuh sour pussy. Shantel stop teef mishack is Dusty anyway . And Bursal likkle cocky dat y him av so much yute him duh mine durex naafit him Vienna sausage . Hangup

  38. From Dow deh with sewagemouth sophia, him name change from father rup to father poop.Sophia u leg dem favour tun cornmeal, and father pooh you leg them favour the stick handle weh turn it.

  39. @run come look ya ..no kill me looooool let’s not forget the buttrfly arms dem dwfl stinking Sophia how your arms dem big so ?? Your arm & your tree trunk legs dem big alike P.S please tek out the gold teeth you have in your stinking mouth ..gold teeth inna mouth na wear no more better you did stay with father hype at least him a do something fi himself Kmt

  40. Goodas Juliett dash up the screen shot dem nuh @Hungey Sophia u want ah come of peppermint tea and dry crackers DWL

  41. Bout you ah tek mike inna the people dem dance, bad man no tek whore or chatty chatty. you have a nerves fi ah distrub the people dance, why you ah try convince the people them seh you bad, real man man no have fi convince people.

    REAL bad man no tek dancehall bike,no ambition DOG ole cruff nasty germs.

  42. @run come look ya me hear say him tek the Mike & a chat bag of f***y bout him no play bout him a bad man loooool not even Sophia you bad man for cause that big wreck ship tell you when you to eat,sleep,shit,breath & swallow your saliva. Batty man Dow you feel your are untouchable?? Stop tell Sophia say the African gal a run you down Dow I have seen her when she come dance she no fart Pon you & as for you Jim no you & sheriff her ugly sister Sophia Dow & one next ugly loud gal come a da dance Saturday?? Steph open up your eyes Jim still a f**k ugly sheriffa

  43. Steph desperate cause the way she hype wen jim move in, she shame now so she affi still log on. Sophia and her crew have to mine the licky licky bwoy dem, cause no respectable man ah go wife them up.

    Them f*** out and done out, no real man wah them fi wife up.Them love clothes and boot, so them will all f*** man fi keep up with the hype.

    @Hungry Sophia The african gal no wah him,you never hear wah quinty seh. She mine him pickney them ah yard and all these tings, she ah goodas fi Sophia.Sophia you fi stop f**k the old man dem, fi mine Dow you p**** ah rotten. Go look ah wok cause you 3 years soon up,clothes and boot no mek it. Go look ah educaion so u can read the message them in u man fone, big nutty waste oman.

    Jim stop follow Dow,him no mean you no good.You will regret it watch and see.

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