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1)For those of you who completed High School or did a few years of High School in Jamaica, what were the ages of the girls you knew of who were involved with men and what were the ages of these young women?

2) How many victims of rape do you know in Jamaica and what was the outcome?

3) Were you a victim of rape in Jamaica and how was it handled?

**Answering brings awareness and shows just how enormous the problem of abuse against children is. Abuse is a topic I have always tried to bring to the table, because the more people talk the better the help will get**

This was posted by a blogger in 2010

yes bitches me a saddamite.unno ever stop fi think a how pple get in a this a lifestyle mumma gi me way to a big woman from me a 7 and all she did apart from food and clothes and suck me.try fi understan and help someone like condemn and hate me,and push further in a the lifestyle that was intraduce to me from me small.god now i try hard fi stap,but i cant do it when me menshan unno sexuality teck it personal.and condemn me like the whole world.jesus say he that is without a sin cast the first is like the woman of samaria.30 year old and confuse.the parent fi stap gi whey them pitney fi betterment,then only end up getting abuse.jmg if unno want do something fi help,stap lick out pan pple try reach out to help.god no luv ugly.unno can come cast the stone now
April 5, 2010 3:42 PM

i know unno cant help me i know jmg is not the way.i know jesus the only lord and savior is the first and biggest step is to acknowledge that something is wrong with my lifestyle.i am not going from man to woman,or woman to men.its all well and good to say u sin in moderation,all sin is sin whether little or big.i am just saying sometimes b4 u cast stone or sink a person down in the mud stop to think y is this person like this.its all well and good to say u cant blame ur mother for giving u away,i have passed the stage of blaming a long time ago.i have passed the stage of blaming a 45 year old care giver in st.andrew that started molesting me at 10 and then passing me on to her frends also for 8 years.presently i am in therapy to get my life back on track.all i am saying dont be too judgemental.when quoting the scripture remember the bible says luv one another not tear down each other with ur words.i have been to church i have read the scripture i know its wrong,but a scripture verse dont cause years of hurt pain and suffering to go away.dont ridicule pple who is try to hold on to a change and make a change.dont be insensitive
April 6, 2010 9:34 AM
i am raising above my prob.i now the lifestyle is not right.i aint looking any justification for the lifestyle.i am just trying to get over it and put it behind me.i think i am getting there slowly but surely.thanks for the support.some bloggers behave like u call it upon urself,but u cant knock someone for there opinion,u have to take the bad with the good.i have gone tru load of sceptisim from pple.but through it all i have learn to smile,and keep going on.sometimes we just need a less harsher critism and more support we r all gods pple.i am getting there


  1. Omg I remember dis blogger like yesideh plus many more weh cum seh even dem own family members phuck dem off d uh dem cuda guh sch nd it’s de mafa who hand dem ova.

    Haffi guh sign in cuz dis topic very much serious had a fren who even for graduation she seh de man was so old and smell jus like pee snd shut her eyes crying while she give him head to finish sch right out nd graduate guess who introduced her to de nasty man

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Im trying to get my head together before I type
    I know of one rape victim who did try to get help, the rape unit was a turn off in regards to how they spoke to the victim. Nothing became of it the guy was not taken to court

  3. Met me growing up in jamaica as a boy ,one female caregiver usually touch mi up after school at age 6 or there about . I thought about it but never really make is stress me through life . i was what u call uptown so i really was under a watchful eye of my parents who was well off . Its hard knowing folks who have to close them eye and dish them seed out to somebody knowing that they messing up the child for the sack of food and school money. I still think its wrong but I never really went hungry so I really cant talk on it . I think the main problem is the culture growing up that battery is not rape . young men and young women ( now ) thinks its not rape . It is RAPE ! That need to be tackled . Also parents need to stop using the easy way out. Parenting is hard. Its always been. It will always be. You take the easy route and these story of rape will always be common. You put your kids in the hand off any and everybody and this is what happen. PARENT TOO CARLESS THESE DAYS . PEOPLE JUST F**K TO F**K HAVE KIDS AND BAWL IT RUFF . Then they either fly out and leff the child with any and everybody for the sack of a better life or them pimp the pickney out and lock dem eye. NUFF KIDS BEING MOLESTED IN JAMAICA AND KEEP IT TO THEMSELF. SAD! SAD ! SAD! parents need to be parents and stop have kids like cat litter and pass them out. A POOR MAN WITH OVER 3 KIDS SHOULD BE IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD ! a kid should be a kid until in dem 20ties . parents need to know this. if you notice i am all about parenting . I THINK THATS WHERE MOST OF THE PROBLEM STEM FROM . BAD OR NO PARENTING!

    1. Yuh know a lot of boys get feel up and preyed on by older women in Jamaica fi true. In regards to parenting I don’t agree with the breeding up but too many men are not playing their role even when they can. Dem breed the mothers and gone not caring if that child live or dies

    2. Some of the fathers are the main problem. The mothers aren’t perfect but the fathers walk a breed everything in sight and then run leave the mother with all the responsibility. That is not fair to the mother, especially if she doesn’t have it like that. Thank God I was very smart as a child and know what is abuse and different forms of abuse. I was always looking out for it, and yes a lot of people tried but I put them in them place quick a tell everybody they made a pass at me verbally or physically. Me nuh tek nothing from anybody caz me nuh licki licki an frighten.

      1. TRUE the father them wukliss also but you cant find urself in the position of of single parent and throw ur hands in the air. mothers or father, because mothers sometimes migrate to make the money aiming for a better life then send for the child after years. long story short nobody will have ur child’s well being better than you the parent most times the mom. no matter what parenting single or not is a hard job . you cant give them back and is a sin and not fair to just leave them out there to fend for them self. EVIL OUT THERE . evil come in all shape and form. PARENTS HAVE TO STEP UP . LIKE MY GIRL JUST SAID SHE NEVER FOO FOOL AND LICKI LICKI. KIDS LEARN WHAT DEM SEE . mi know it ruff still hungry a bite you and them and most people feel thats the only way at that time. but evil out there u cant sell them out . example little man that kill the girl the other day . usually give she and the mother money . sEe she breed him kill her in in photo studio. no star. ,Most man nah send ur kid to school fi free. i hear it over and over again. CANT SELL DEM OUT .

  4. I am saddened by this type of post, my God!!! I will comment despite me not being Jamaican but being a part of the community I have something to contribute as well.
    I know of a few young girls that are involved with waaaaaaaayyyyy older men, girl is 22 and man is 46, this does not constitute rape, I know but this is not the first time the Mother hooked up her daughter with a man the age of the Mother.

    I know of another young girl 16 was made by her Mother to go to Arizona to live with and babysit for this lady that hustled, even though the lady had a younger man that lived with her,,,,,they both would unknowingly to the other sleep with the young girl.

    How bad could life be that you set your daughters up for these types of lives…..all for money!

    1. I just remember that there were a bunch of Jamaican mothers with pregnant daughters between 12-13 pregnant by a man who was 36. I heard some of the mothers knew the man was sleeping with their daughters..This happened here

      1. Reg’ sh*t Metty, I can tell you from coast to coast! I frequent the West socially and I can tell you it’s a life style in Cali.Young girls are now even seeking out older “money men” as they call them, the lives the Mothers set them up for!

        1. Im wondering what kinda mother set up dem daughter pan man..Is not even like dem a set dem up fi get a lasting education

  5. This is all so real. I don’t know where to start. I grew up with my mother and stepfather in Foreign. I am a Jamaican. When I turned 13 he started molesting me. I cried every night. He always found a way to be alone with me so he could touch me and kiss me. He also told me that I shouldn’t have any boyfriends and he will give me everything that I wanted and needed. He told me that he loved me. I hated him so much. He never tried to have sex with me, but I knew that was to come next. It continued for awhile cos I was scared to tell my mom. I thought about killing myself and I thought about killing him. I eventually ran away and was put in a group home. Thank god.

        1. I read it over and something came to my memory. I remember this girl that came from the country to a woman I know and u know u see people living as a child u don’t figure it out till u older..That woman was doing the same thing this woman said that woman did. One Jamaican artiste was a friend of that lady I feel she was involved.

  6. My friend was raped every night by her father in Manchester. Her mother left her with him to go foreign and never looked back. I have so much more stories Met. I applause u for bringing attention to this. Our children need to be protected from these monsters. God bless you.

    1. Thank u .
      This foreign thing really mash up Jamaica. Some of these mothers really come up and don’t look back on their children eno. I mean they may not have it but they cut themselves totally off. That father there I have no words

      1. So true. I know a few who are battering in Jamaica because their mother left them and never help them. Some of the siblings are in America because they came on work program then they ran off. And it’s not like she (the mother’s illegal).

  7. Some men I know raped some young girls and video it. They were sentenced and one of them got beheaded in prison by his fellow inmates after they learned of his crime. Many men don’t know the definition of rape. Even if you force your wife for sex it is a form of rape. Some women go along with it out of fear for their lives. If you hold a gun to a woman’s head of course she will pretend like she is cooperating. It is still rape!

      1. You can’t tell a lot of black men that, they will tell you is she want it and she a tek big man things and her body mature. In America, it doesn’t matter if she looks matured physically, or if she willingly gave it to the man, it’s all about the age. Once the child is a minor it is a raped and the man gets booked. I remember this boy name Waren or something like that from where I grew up, this boy preyed on the little young girls in the community and rape them as they reach 14 and 15. He claims he like taking virginity. He is probably dead or in prison now. I saw so much things in my childhood, I could write a book. I even know a lot of mothers who had the teenage daughters has the meal ticket for the household. They had to sleep with older men for dinner money and lunch money for their family.

  8. I finished High School in Jamaica. I went to an all girls school. From first girls were sexually active with conductors..bus drivers..sideman. Some were involved with the men in their area that paid their tuition and books and gave them lunch money in return for sex.
    I know a few rape victims… a close friend of mine hung herself after she couldn’t take being raped by her wn uncle. Another was killed by her uncle and buried. Only after being pressured he told us where he buried her.
    Growing up I was not raped or sexually abused. My mother taught me about my body early and good touch from bad touch. And also what I should do if I felt uncomfortable around someone.She had an open relationship with me and my siblings about sex.

  9. I left Jamaica when I was in the 9th grade. I remember a class mate who was very smart, at the end of the school year she’s awarded numerous accolades for her academic excellence, she was also Head girl. I remember an older gentleman picking her up from/dropping her off at school. At first I thought he was a family member, but then it became obvious to everyone, including the teaches that she was seeing the older guy. When we went back to school for the 9th grade she was nowhere in sight which was strange because she has not miss a day out of the school year from I knew her. I think we all knew she was pregnant because it was the norm for girls who went M.I.A after summer break. Our English teacher was the on who told us she’s not coming back to school because she’s pregnant. I also knew of other girls who got pregnant for older men, most to them conductors and buss drivers.

  10. Met from i was in kindergarten i always felt hunted from older boys in school, the community, some teachers at school and older men and boys in community, still fighting some anxiety about these things , i trust only a few.

    it is a very hard thing how people can hide their evil intentions behind a smile or their position. it is still hard for me to accept or ask for help because you wonder what kind of string is attached or if people try to get too friendly you wonder what they really up to.

    1. I happened to me too the community boys used to follow me but God was on my side none of them got me alone. One a di time a sick one follow mi from Nannyville to HWT on his bicycle

  11. Met I know we’re talking about Jamaica, but you know I also happen in our neighboring Island. I’ve heard some horror stories from some for those people.

  12. I know a man who worked at my High School, he was even close to the principal at the school. He used to date the young girls in the school, even one of my classmates was involved with him. I took my cousin to the barbershop to get his hair cut one day and this same man walked in with his main woman he lives with at home. He was so nervous he left with her because we know the lady but we never knew it was her man. He probably thought I was going to tell my aunt about his lifestyle at my school and she will tell his woman.

  13. This is a very emotional topic, as I myself am a victim or should I say was a victim. I did two years in HS in JA. I was raped outside of school at a family member house by a friend of the family. Nothing came out of it as I didn’t tell anyone.

    I suppressed it and I try to live a normal life, I keep my children cery close. Pygmy are not allowed to go to anyone house, if anyone sleep at our house I sleep light, my kids doors stay locked.

    When I was growing up,in Ja, in the fourth grade a girl was molested by her uncles and dad for years and eventually got pregnant., to my memory nothing came out of it, because i would see the dad and brothers all the time afterwards.

    Parents it’s important for us to understand and inform our children that evil exists and they have to be careful of EVERYONE,. I tell my children the only person should touch u on your pro are area is me or grandma, and that’s only when giving you a bath. Any one touch u there tell me, don’t feel afraid. I find all different ways to bring it up to them, children as to be in formed,. Also, parents should be parents and stop leaving there respnlsibilites on others, mothers leaving the home, fathers lwalking out, leaving room for all kind of monsters to come in and do all kind a vile acts to kids.

    Parents tell your kids you love them daily hug them show them lots of affection.

    1. For this Im crying because I feel there is more here. If children cannot trust family who is there to trust?

  14. Mi did go to an all gurls school too and one a my good fren, throughout high school she did live wid this guy few houses from her mom’s.It was not until aftah we graduated I found this out. To seh I was shocked was an undastatement. She seh di maddah nevah have it and a him did hab it suh him tek har in and send har tru school. But nuff a di students dem there in that same school was wid pure big grey back men (heard conversations here and there,or when war bruk and frenship bruk out, tory start fly leff right and centah). Some a dem use to skull school guh weh and all bout wid man..and come back with wah di man buy them. One a di student she did all tek weh one a di teacha husband and trow it right innah har face …smh. Well back to mi fren, she and di man got engaged after high school, but she later find out he/or finally decide fi leave when she found out he was also sleeping with har two cousins and all suh it bruk up,people seh him used to beat har..but she nevah uttah a wud to me. When it was all said and done, it look lakka ah did mi one nevah hab a man innah high skool..I remember very clearly, when mi poor country gal reach a highskool a town, innah di fuss week, one day while sitting in class waiting for di teacher, two girls next to me was talking and one was saying how she wish she had what di oda girl had, and di next one turn to har and seh “nuh grudge mi fi wah mi got, caz u nuh know wah mi haffi do fi get it”. Never fully understood wat she meant until later, when tory bruk loose again and u hear who a hoe from who ah wah, and who deh fallah innah dem mummah footstep. Back den, it look like all a dem moddah di in league with it or just tun a blind yei. Same ting usually happn a wi country, and people nevah tek it as nuttn, u wi hear wispahs here and there..but all lakka mi suh cudn’t uttah a wud outtah mi mouth bout “big woman singting” my ears did a ring too much from all dem odah trovels mi always a get miself innah, weddah it be true and or false news, carried straight from di “community reportah, or town cryah”..caz unu dun know aready bout di preacher’s daughtah thing and it cannot be a lie caz it deh cum from an “adult” who by di ways,back den did not tell lies. A bit off track..but yes a few young gurls mi know get pregahs before dem even know wah dem did a du..some by family membahs as well..So it was like di open secret..ebry body knows, but no one see it/act like it nuh deh deh, some died in childs birth too, which is when u hear..”at such a young age” and more than likely di man nahn get blame..But mom use to lick out pan all di big ole wukliss man dem all di time, practically all a di man dem up a country deh did fraid ah mi faddah and maddah caz dem mek it known dat if dem even look pan mi or any one a mi sistahs..Dis nevah stop one a mi sistahs from getting preggo innah di last few months of high school dou, but it was outside ah wi country area (dat time mi did a likkle likke gal…round 7,8 suh) From dat mi hear seh mi moddah tighten up security..and di rest a histry…It sad but now mi bout it..dem tings yah did a gallan like time..”di elephant,in di room” and nobody see it.

  15. There ares women who are predator in Jamaican. For whatever reason (s) those incidents are sweep under the rug. I had an ex who told me he lost his virginity at the age of 11 by an older woman. Sometimes it seems like he’s traumatize by it, other times he brags about it. Sexual assault against men are not taken seriously.

  16. Dis is ah very serious topic. Big up tuh Metty for putting the spotlight on this, and to the bloggers that responded. Prayers, Healing and Restoration to all who fell into the hands of these “evil” cowards that roam the earth. Dem end nah guh pretty.

    1. I graduated from HS in Jamaica and most of the girls in 4th & 5th forms had boyfriends from other high schools. There were a handful who were with men in their late teens or early 20s

    2. I knew of girls that were victims of “battery”, but not sure of the outcome because since it was “hushed”

    3. Never been raped, or even come close tuh it. Mi parents did very protective, yet open and dem explain tings tuh we, and mi did coward bad when it come tuh man.

  17. One a mi fren from school did a live wid har man from 3rd form inna di madda house.Her man did drive jeep and drive and pick har up from school.Anyways every week is a new abuse mi see pon har..if a nuh cigarette burn,buss lip,eye can’t shut properly, patch inna har head u name it,she get it.Come to find out the dutty mumma have har 15 year old mek the bwoy live inna har house,the only ting separate dem is a curtain not even a door
    Mumma did love di bwoy cause him did wuk a telephone company and drive jeep.Him even get har one engagement ring at 15.All this is happening in the mother house,one licky licky mumma.Because of this of course she dash weh nuff belly,always look tired a school and she nuh bus.
    A mi fren and she guh through a lot,but half a weh mi seh a find mi find out pon mi own cause she wasn’t talking.

  18. yo a deacon in my church raped this boy i know. he pretended to be the boy godfather tek him in and rape off the little bwoy. him tek plea deal and get 12 years in jail he is out now and back in my church. it bun me fi see dat mon. if you guys want to look him up his name is ROBERT HOLDER HE IS ON THE REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER LIST FOR NYC. HE COME FROM BARBADOS N THE LIKKLE BWOY HIM RAPE WAS JAMAICAN

    1. Is shiiiit like this bun me up with some of these churches!! They can forgive these adulterous Pastor, pedophile Pastors, gay Pastors and down low pastors like they did noting wrong because they are some higher being.

  19. Met something I never feel Comfortable talking about but my uncle use to feel up on me when I was only 5 years old when my mother left me n migrate believe up till now that have a effect on me even as an adult!!! This happen for over 6 years n I hope that piece of shit burn in hell n all the rest that i run n tell n never do nothing about it to protect me I f**kin hate them!!! There’s a special place in hell for them!! My blood boiling as I type this

    1. There is something about the men in jamaica’s families I don’t understand. If girls are molested by their fathers, stepfathers and uncles in homes where they should be protected, no wonder they start having sex early . Where is the uncle now?

  20. I should’ve been a victim but mi run suh fast di night mi jump inna any taxi a di texaco gas station a spain. I was coming from a track meet, mi know di boy dem come from Rivoli cause I was walking with 1 di don dem niece few minutes b4 and dem stop and hail har. But di minute mi continue walking by miself mi see di whole lot a dem a ride come after 1 stop mi seconds b4 and when mi seh mi tek DASH. Dem cudda send mi ova caymans fi race wid di horse dem. I attended Jago at di time and mi know dem never did aguh leave mi fi tell nuh tail.

  21. I know a deacon as well that moleeted his wife’s thirteen yo sister and got her pregnant back in Ja. Nothing came out of it as well cause them hush it up and send away the little girl.

  22. Mi memba dis girl guh 1 dance and was planning to spend di night by har fren, but di fren aunty wasn’t haven’t it so di girl decide fi guh home. Pon har way home 1 boy rape har but she get whey afta shi start fight him and dis happen a street side early mawin. All di aunty she is a wicked brute cause is not like di girl did live near she leave couple taxi’s away

  23. All dis nasty one she weh av har dawta a love wod de man from she a 13 inna first form nd dunny enuff all the bwoy muma accepted it he was 28 a de fada neva lnw see har deh nd tell har if she cum back deh police a cum tek dem yuh knw weh de gal muma duh tek dem round a fi har yard nd turn har living room inna bedroom plus move in har den 16yr dawta wid fi har man to….de amount a dem weh mi knw nuh stop yah suh admin

  24. That scumbag is still around here in the states n he have daughters I wonder how he would feel if a next man do his daughters what he did to me God have the last say in everything his judgments. This effect me all when I have my boyfriend n we having sex sometimes I start crying out of nowhere l n start bawling to stop

    1. You have to get help and you should tell the family what he did. You holding it is saving him but eating at you

  25. Like I said I don’t trust NO ONE around my kids, this topic mek gone back so far within. Taking me places I haven been in so long, damn. I remember my cousin use to molest me at 7/8 yo (thank god he didn’t rape me, because he got caught) to this day I can remember is sticking scent.

    1. How old was the cousin? I find that because children are sexualized so early because of abuse they become abusers themselves

  26. I was raped at 15 by my drug dealing, gun slinging, whoring step father. He told me if i said anything he would stop taking care of the house and my siblings. I never said a word to my mother because i felt i would be responsible if we did not have house nor food. But God dont sleep, he went to federal prison for 25 years and died there if lung cancer. Not rejoicing, but that very act changed my life. Im in my 40’s now and just letting go of somethings. I dont even trust my daughter dad around them. neither brothers, nor sister, nor dog, nor tree!

    1. That is the root of a lot of the rapes by the men. They feel that if they are providing for the family in some way they are entitled to the women. Prison death not nice , God always has the last say and mi know him go over the things he did..So sorry u went through that

  27. Met I did tell the piece of shit ppl that related to me what he did I don’t call them family just related by blood n they just wanna sweep it under rug. They protecting him I hate them

  28. Some parent need fi know yea it might seem like a opportunity yes, but a better yuh trod safely wid yuh young 1 and know hard life. That child most likely grow fi appreciate things, rather than grow wid burden and pain. Sexually abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse dem all feel it.

      1. Yeah most a dem send fi di pickney afta a while but dem don’t know yuh yute dem and don’t get fi know dem afta not growing dem suh who want fi bad, bad and who runway and gwaan wid a whole Lotta but a whey dem know. Yuh can’t expect fi guh pond and guh ketch sea lion.

        1. Amen but sometimes if parents don’t really pay attention when they come abroad and try to keep up with the children there will be a natural disconnect and mi nuh think the average Jamaican parent capable of recognizing and addressing that issue fi true. Nuff a dem leave dem kids with people who dem know don’t even have no good values

          1. Exactly all dem care bout a di likkle money whey di parent aguh send if none. Di money more time don’t even spend pon di pickney muchless. Dem wuk dem, class dem and send dem guh road fi find comfort or turn dem out

          2. Yes a dat happen 9/10 time wedda di person is a friend or family..di money dem business wid and not the child

  29. The thing is my aunt told me one time thats the reason she Neva left her daughter with her brother becuz she know how him stay. So imagine u have a pedophile n your family n u protecting them

  30. Where I lived in jamaica there’s 2 guys always going to jail for rape. When me see them me use to run and them know me did fraid a them. But the funny thing is these men had girls in the area fighting over them every minute. Had a bag a kids. But they never touch none of the girls in the neighborhood. Me lef come farrin a go back years later and one a them come a talk to me and ask me why me use to run. Me say me can ask u a personal question, him even know what I was going to ask. Him say u waa know why me use to do it. Me say yes. Him say it’s something about when the girls fighting back and the look in their eyes turned him on. This man wasn’t a ugly man.

    The other day me a talk to a girl up here. She say when she 14 this big man was interested in her. Her mother ask her weh little boy can do fi her a them big man deh she fi talk to. The man all build on pon her mother house fi her so him can come deh come sleep. Some a dem mumma ya f**king greedy

      1. Not no long time. They were out in 2 yrs at most, but kept going back.

        you know when me young me hear bout a man weh a guy raped his daughter and only did 6 months and him shoot the man and get bout 7 yrs the system f**k up bad

        1. oh ok so all that need fi put pan the table..they don’t get enough time not even if dem a repeat offenders ..shame

  31. When I waa in the 7th grade in Jamaica a classmate got pregnant for a conductors. When I was in the ninth grade Sabrina Classic used to deh wid Frisco Kid, him used to drop her and pick her up a school. He also had another schoolas who went to Dunoon. When Spragga did big inna di 90’s a nuff likkle school girl a Dunkirk him did sex off. I remember dis classmate whi was with a big belly druggist. Him beat her so till she wanted to him. She put rat poison inna him food but all it did was run him belly. Don’t mention Shauna from Philly only big man to hee ting back inna school days.

    1. Yuh know Frisco a pedophile long time den smh ..but u notice dem girls deh still ina dance though with no change because dem not even understand why dem act the way dem act.

  32. @Metty, back in boarding school a yaad, i boarded with this chick who lived in kingston at the time. She neva spoke about her mom, NEVA and no one knew if har mada dead or alive. This girl neva goes home, the only time i remember her going home was for summer break. She spent christmas vacay wid di house pple dem a trelawny, hence she neva went home: this shit puzzle me for months because we all went home di end a evry month and holidays(thats boarding school life). I always noticed she had a very intense, weird and over involved relationship wid har fada. One day she attempted to tell me sumting deep but abruptly stop and neva touch di topic again. It was then i suspected something inappropriate did a gwaan wid har fada. Her fada was very strict and kept tight reigns on her. While she was very smart academically, she had no close friends and had the saddest, empty eyes ever. She broke my heart, her name was Kimberly aka K.C(its a common name, no confidentiality broken here). I will neva figet har, di situation sad!!!

    1. Im wondering if the mothers don’t notice the change in their children. Di child behavior pattern change so is either the mothers don’t want to notice or really don’t care mi nuh understand. Only just wha day I heard of a grade 3 student in Jamaica that was sexually abused by her father. The mother left her with him and was living by herself..Mi nuh sure if nothing can become of it


    1. That is why there has to be a law in place that will go directly after the men whether the parent or child will testify or not

      1. Met another thing is when you don’t want to date anyone they say you acting like you are better than them in the community and try to set you up to get raped.

  34. @Met and one more that is even closer to home than i care to elaborate. Me man bonafide fren from school days, (him fren)his 3youngest brother breed him niece when she was 15. The older brother who is the girl’s father lives in canada and has never return home since this happen. In his own words, him say if him go home him shall kill him breda fi breed him daughter. BUT WHA PUZZLE ME, DI RESS A FAMILY MEMBA DEM JUST CHALK IT UP SAY DI BREDDA(di one dat breed him niece) “HEAD NUH GOOD” HENCE HIM MAD SO HIM NUH RESPONSIBLE FI HIM ACTIONS. And dem carry on like it normal and pple even blame di likkle gal like a she breed harself. I CANNOT WID THESE PPLE A JAMAICA, DEM COVER UP INCEST TOO MUCH..RITE INA ST.ANN YAH THIS OCCUR…SICKENING!!!

  35. My neighbour was sleeping with her dad,I didn’t know until years later we got connected by facebook and she confide and a tell mi.Him migrate and file fi har and a through DNA prove he wasn’t her father,thank God in this case they weren’t related

    1. He knew he was not her father thats why he did that there was some doubt there . Wicked evil piece of shit smh

  36. The society whe me baan and raise inna famous for covering up, live ina denial and look di ada way when it comes to rape, incest and inappropriate family relations. And most times, dem blame di victim…DEM BEYOND REPULSIVE AND DEM FI STOP IT. I WISH MORE OF THE AFFECTED WOULD OUST THESE SCUMBAGS…THAT IS THE REASON ME VERY OPEN WID ME PICKNEY AND MEK HIM KNOW ANYBADDY WHE TOUCH HIM INAPPROPRIATELY HIM NEED FI TELL ME…It hurt me fi how my pple dem deal wid these issues…ME HURTZZZZZZZZZZ…

    1. Dem nuh ina no denial dem know it happen but dem feel seh rape is something u jus get up from and function normal after it happen. Its not that important

    2. Also there is no system in place, remember mi seh the other day a grade 3 student was found to be molested by the father? A lot of times these children go to school and will say something and instead of the teacher calling in child services, the parent is called to the school..For what I don’t know

  37. Dat man did not know jack.He thought he was sleeping with him daughter fi real Met.He did put in paper works cause him f up fi har head fi years she thought it was normal fi have a ‘relationship’.Paying fi process the documents and tings and he proved to b he wasn’t her father.Har mumma was a little whore

  38. Yuh c all dat pus-c weh call himself kid kurupt a hide behind being and entertainer wen him is a bloodclaat rapist yes I sed it rapist phuck off underage gal only….him nah tawk straight why Sean Paul doah luk pon him.

    Him fi tawk how him phuck off one a hum baby mada weh did a guh mona high a chue ftom de shout muma nuh lick him cuz him did hot at de time inna crew wid Sean Paul nd lil money did av value back den Jamaica need fi stop give dem pasd as artist all burn weh him a phuck from she younger…kartel him wid lisa hype wen she did unda age nuff a dem busy signal yuh nuh far from it cuz yuh breed mawga wen she 15-16

  39. The good thing outta this she doing very good,happily married with children and has a wonderful career,she come a long way.

  40. Hi Met, I was also abused as a child. My mom left me when I was some months old. My father’s friends use to fondle me as a kid, also his workers. Poor little me went through a lot, sigh, I placed it at the back of my mind but of late I realize I have to deal with it but I am not sure how. I thought it didn’t bother me if I didn’t remember…. until I was telling a guy that likes me about my past, then I realize I have been hurt inside all these years. So sad.

    1. The thing with abuse, as much as the person may try to be normal, it take a part of them away. Because it was never dealt with or forgotten the mind has a way of taking the victim back to the point of origin one way or the other. As u said you got up one day and realized how sad you were inside, that will kinda take you through your life to see what you have lacked or were lacking all these years. We have to hurt to heal, if we don’t allow it we can’t heal from it . If your father is still alive talk to him, if not speak to his spirit and you may start feeling different and acting differently . People who lock away abuse mentally often have a side of them that is always angry and the anger is never rational nor does it make sense. That is the brain’s way of dealing with it

  41. I got molested as a child by my aunty man at time n dis man take a set pan me. I got arrested one Sunday i was 12, cau dem want to leave me home wid this man. Me stab me Aunty wen d police ask me y n me tell dem they believed. Is my own mother me have call n tell a so my mom come Jamaica n sort him out. My father tell d police fi lock me up cause a lie me tell. It happen to me again after that n I never said a word because my family never protected me the first time, I blame my mom still to day cause she may have came to my recuse but she lef same place fi worst happen. My mother youngest brother use u have sex wid me n every time say something him beat me.. A stab me stab him up n run weh, me come yah couple months later. It affect me to this day cause I go from 0-100 real fast don’t know how to control my temper.

    1. Kremmy whey u father doe?? Funny u said that and mi jus a read u comment eno..People who are abused tend to be angry inside but it is the brain still fighting to remain stable. Usually fathers are very protective over their girls so mi shocked ur father tell the police fi lock you up. What kind of person is your mother today? If she came to your rescue then I don’t think she took the abuse you suffered lightly she may have been too caught up in her life to actually see to your best interest.

  42. Now I am back at square one and I don’t know what to do. I can’t have a healthy relationship because I am scarred for life.

    1. Yes it will happen because you have never dealt with the abuse . You have to speak to someone who will help you to deal with it because you cannot get over it but you can deal with it . How are you with children?

    2. Everything negative have a demonic spirit attached to it, when you stay angry, hurt upset it creates a fertile ground for demonic behavior in your life,

      that’s why when you don’t forgive you will forever hurt because that’s the devils way of getting directly to your spirit, the internal rage is so intense it just cannot be explained.

      Still working through my pains and the only solution I found is from God and God alone.

      still trying to find out what forgiveness really is.

      1. Yuh know say sometimes forgiveness have nothing to do with the person who wronged us because more time we feel such dislike for them they become ”nothingness’ in our lives. Forgiveness is allowing yourself to accept that you could not change the situation because a fraction of it has to do with self-blame and when you accept that you were powerless then we accept the reality of God and or spirituality subconsciously

  43. Boy where do I begin its a terrible thing in JA I have a family member who confided in me just a few years ago that her uncle use to expose himself to her all the time didn’t touch but would make sure him show her him penis at all times cause then the cousin use to wait until she asleep then him go into the room n a look on her private part when she told me I cried cause the ppl who must protect u end up being UR greatest danger strict laws n punishment MUST b put in place for them man kmt

  44. (. Baby q ) from libra love got lock up for sleeping with him daughter friend age 15 and have to nerves to say a she give him and the father ok with it. The mother lock him up he got deported came back and other day him come out a him house again and their were undercover black car waiting on him now he is calling the kid father for help he have some nerves

    1. And u know the father maybe did know fi true. Mi nuh know what some fathers mek outa but mi glad mine never cut outa nothing like that

  45. Met I don’t speak him to dis day him deh England. Cause me nuh black like di rest a him other children him always bad treat me.

  46. She never really address it although she come recue me, to dis day she don’t talk about it even if me try.

  47. I did not want to break my father’s heart. My mother is still absent. I have no female figure in my life who I could talk to growing up, it hurts. These men don’t work with him anymore but some of the men are still around his business place. They even tried to give me coke to smoke when I was in High School, but I refuse to take it. Thank God. I have no children of my own yet. I love children very much and they love me too, I have to show them love because I really don’t know if they are going through a similar situation like I did. Sigh.

    1. I understand about you not wanting to hurt your father but I don’t think he would have wanted not to know. He would have wanted to protect u from them n chances are these men may have done what they did out of envy. They couldn’t get him so u were the next best thing. Volunteering with children may begin the process of your therapy. You will be able to see yourself in then n helping them may give u solace

  48. Another chance before you have children lease take care of the pain in your heart.

    There are spiritual laws that are in operation in our world, and even demons have to abide by these spiritual laws that have been set up God.

    The Bible tells us in Revelation 3:20 that Jesus Himself will stand before us and knock on our doors to see if we will be willing to open up that door and allow Him to come into our lives.

    In order to have Jesus come into our lives, we first have to be willing to give Him our direct permission to be able to do so, as God will never force Himself on any of us.

    Demons cannot enter in on the inside of a person unless they do something specific on their end that will open up the door for them to be able to come into them. And that something specific will be their legal right.

    And this open door will now allow the demons to be able to come into that person’s life and from there, they will either try to get in on the inside of that person’s body if they can go that far with it, or they will try and attach to them from the outside, where they will then follow them around like a dark cloud trying to attack them as often as they can from that outside position

    Defeating Dark Angels,” says that demons are like rats and they need garbage to feed on.

    Here are the 13 specific areas that demons will use to come after a person so you can have all of them right at the top of this article.

    1. Direct Willful Sin
    2. The Occult
    3. Inheritance – Generational
    4. Unforgiveness
    5. Trauma
    6. Abuse
    7. Ungodly Soul Ties
    8. Curses
    9. Addictions
    10. Fears and Phobias
    11. False Religions
    12. Cursed Objects
    13. Cursed Buildings

    Demons are always looking for any of these specific areas to occur with someone, and each one of these specific areas will give demons the full legal right to be able to come directly after someone if they do not pull out of it within a reasonable length of time.

      1. It seem so Met any kind of hurt is an entry and if you cant get over it, it damage you and probably turn the person into the same as the abuser, Lord have mercy.

    1. The fear and phobia one deep because on one hand the devil uses it to keep the person in bondage and on the other the fear could be as a result of a demon residing in a person

  49. but met me just realize say me have 8 things out of the list on me, oh lord man a God keep me from total destruction, even destroying myself, even mi yaad did seem cursed and have demonic activity, God stronger though.

    just like a disease when they attack you they are infecting you with what they have in their spirit, in turn they are trying to turn you into what they are.

    1. Keep praying most people a go have every single one pan di list especially since we don’t know what a come down to us from our fore parents

  50. @ met in response to your comment at 12:50. That’s why in my first comment on this thread, I corrected myself by saying I was a victim. When I was in my late teens and twenties, I couldnumake a relationship last. I would lash out angrily at my partners for no apparent reason. One of my ex and his family called me the crazy girl, they didn’t know that was I was deeply damaged.

    I started listening to Joyce Meyer and heard her preach on forgiveness and letting go of past hurt otherwise it keeps you in bondage. After I did there have been a change in me.

  51. When I was 11, I went to Carib and a big Woman who I didn’t know sat beside me and took mi tings outta mi pants. Di woman jerk mi koki fi di entire double feature. All through the intermission she don’t leggo mi tings. Mi waan run and can’t move. Mi waan bawl out but not a rerd a come out. Fi di three hours I don’t think I blinked once. True trauma. If mi did know betta mi juss grab her head and push it dung pon di hood. Terrible Woman!!

    1. I know this is a serious topic but I can’t help but laugh. The wording especially the last part is hilarious


  53. Met is it possible to be raped by your own boyfriend? What if you continued having sex with this person knowing you were not OK with it.. age 14 boy was 20 he forced me to have sex with him I was a virgin .. I just accepted what it was and contd. Parents migrated to USA was in boarding school. Up to today I continue to go for way older men I am not sure what I am searching for because half the time it is not money. I believe I am not stable mentally as someone said i got 0-100 FAST i think im bipolar. My father never molested me but I feel awkward around him I dont like to hang out with him or speak to him for too long.. i feel out of place around him. I dont care for people NATURALLY I disregard peoples feelings but I will do anything for a man .. well for love. The tale is longer than it seems its a lot to bear. There are times I feel like I am being tormented by demons I feel lower than lowwwwwwwwwwwwww Like i want t commit suicide and then at times i feel excited but my LOWS are more than my highs.

    1. Of course it is possible to be raped by your boyfriend and continue the relationship. This is very common in Jamaica I realize. The man forces himself on the girl and that girl has no one to tell and the man pursues her after that and they remain in a relationship yes it happens.The thing is with you, all throughout your life you will feel like you will always need a man. It is complex and the complexity comes in because with the mind of a child you are being forced to deal with two different kinds of emotions at the same time..both for one person..Love and hate. Was your father around all your life?
      Last night we touched on the topic of demons entering a person through abuse especially when the abuse continues so if you feel off balance this is why. Your lows will always be more than your highs because the more you try to get out of the state you are in, the more demons will pursue and conquer you. You have to be delivered through prayers by a pastor and deliverance also through your own prayers. Know this, Satan doesn’t seek to conquer the weak, he doesn’t set traps for those who have no destiny. He sets his traps for those with an intended purpose in order for you not to fulfill your destiny. I sense you have a gift, what is it?

  54. Met, I logged on this morning not expecting to see a post like this… I have so much to say but Im still dealing with the emotions as an adult.

    Growing up my aunty was dating this guy… My granny take one set on the man and loved him off. As he’s around the family I realize he was always touchy… But being the kid that I was (I cant remember the exact age but I must have been between the ages of 10-13). Anyway, we would watch tv together and so on and so forth… (My mom always sent me to my aunts house because I was the only child and my cousins and I grew up like siblings so every chance I got I asked to be there with them.) During our TV sessions he would always bring my hand to touch his penis… and he would say please or else I dont want to be your frined. Looking back Met… That was stupid of me but the child in me wanted to be his friend… I cant lie… So I would always play with his penis for hrs …. As I got older I hear similar stories from my older cousins how he made advances at them etc etc etc…. Needless to say this made me break my silence because now I wasn’t alone. Once my mother got wind if the situation it was hell and powder house!! He had to run back to his country after my older male cousins were done with him… Fast forward to recent years… Till this day he is wanted in the state of FL and his country! Come to find out he has done this to nearly half the women in my family and his own nieces and nephews! I saw him recently (another day and another story but my cousin go breed for him and they live together) and I trace him dog rotten… Met just talking about it brings a certain anger into my heart that I cannot explain. I recently did a few personal development workshops these pass few years and I realized that what happened to me during those years are direct reflections in the way I handle relationships with me…. It shocked me to know that this mans actions played such a strong role in my life… For years I would just brush off what happened and say Im over it… ut deep down I didn’t tknow I wasn’t.

    My grandmother till this day says that we are all lying and we fi move and have some mannaz (whatever that means)… But ah so old ppl stay with things like that so i dont even bother with her when it comes to that subject.

    Needless to say…. I have moved on… I continue to put my trust in God because he has brought me this far… But my heart goes out to every little girl experiencing that right now and feel like they have no way out… It breaks my heart each and every time because I kow the feeling….


    1. Thank you so much for sharing. We know from what we have seen that these men CANNOT be reformed , they meticulously choose their victims and can spot a victim or family they can make their way into within a short period of time. With that said, when you expose a child to any kind of sex act, it must have an impact on their life because its as if you are fast forwarding the brain to deal with what it wasn’t ready for. For many molesters, its not about the sex, its the power that they feel over the victims, whether it be through aggression or manipulation, that is what drives them. The power they feel, they take from you the victim and whether you comply willingly or put up a fight if the end result is in the molester’s favor, the victim will be scarred . He manipulated your trust and maybe as you got older you kinda blame yourself for falling for what he said at the time so you will distrust of men. Many victims of abuse remain emotionally cautious all their lives but it makes them feel the control they never had in whatever situation they weren’t in control of, the thing with being like that is that, because a part of the person is held back, it is not possible to be share happiness with a partner.

    2. My father is VERY active in my life and always has been… But I have never said anything to him about it… My mom made no mention of it to him either… Im at the point where I just want to leave it alone though….

      1. If you feel you’re ready to put it aside you can but don’t do so because you don’t want to upset your father by telling him. It will confront you again . So put it away because you are over it and are healed from it,not just because…

  55. I lived with my parents ages 0-3 Then my mother sent me to live with my great grand mother and Aunt she claimed because she was only living in a one bedroom apartment with my dad and there was no space :/ (dont understand the logics here) So i was living with aunt from around 4-6 while my dad would constantly cheat on my mom I would witness this at that age. My aunt physically abused me (i dont speak to her now & she still doesnt like me) she then migrated to the US then I started living with my mom from 6-8 shortly after her and my dad migrated to USA and I was at a grand aunts house who was a teacher then I went to boarding school 11-15. Me and my mom had some what of a relationship when i was younger its a blur .. my dad was a quiet man never talked much .. cant remember anything in regards to him. I’ve always felt clueless about everything because I had no one to guide me growing up & by the time I moved to the states my mother had already moved on got a divorce had a new man, new kid and a new life she never really cared for me … Im not sure what my gift is ..

    1. Your father wasn’t always around and didn’t make an impact then so thats is why you feel awkward around him. Don’t feel bad about that. I have no words for your mother and the no space excuse but when children get older it is hard to have sex with them being around so maybe she was thinking along that lines..sigh A lot of Jamaican women, who are without fathers have a tendency to focus on their lovers and end up being detached from their children because they so much want the man to be around, that when they cheat they will focus on that and getting him away from the other woman, they often lose out on relationships with their children..Dont feel alone ..How much time u see on here a woman a fight over a man and still deh wid him for years? If a woman spend 3 years focussing on a man/cheating/keeping the man how much emotionally do you think she can offer her children?Not much. The man leaves and that child/children is a reminder of what they did not have..not only that but the man is like their father that wasn’t there ..If u don’t mind sharp they leave those children and go have another set..leave and have another set. What happened to you I think there was no stable person to love so its hard to love people when there was no foundation of love set..You move here with that person then there with another person..Then boarding school which was another disconnection.
      Love is a funny thing, to love people u have to love yourself so if you don’t see yourself worthy of your love then you will not have love for anyone really. The men you do things for its not out of love, it may be the same generational demon that plagued your mother with men that has come down to you by means of abuse. You have to get therapy on finding yourself and loving yourself and dealing with the abuse
      -A gift is something that you excel at without making much of an effort. You can have the gift of speaking , teaching art, but it is something that usually has an impact on people

      1. I totally agree with that generational demon thing.. Its almost as if I resent my mother. I hate her sometimes she doesnt have to do anything to piss me off just hearing her voice alone i turn into a monster! but Im going to email you now contd.

  56. When i was about 10 i was molested by a man that was living in the yard. I kept it to myself. About 3 yrs ago i told my mom what the man used to do to me and she laugh and told me i was lying. My step dad said he believed me. Can u believe my mother didnt believe me but my step dad did. I went through a lot as a child, i was neglected by both parents.

    1. she really believe u would lie after the fact? that is shameful smh. As I was saying to someone before, many times Jamaican parents get caught up in their relationships and living they lose focus on the children then get disconnected from them. It is the children who suffer all the time. If you were molested and never dealt with it you will never be 100% of who you should or should have been.Whatever means your brain chose to deal with it is still projecting in your life so when you find the time get a few sessions with a professional and see how that works for you

  57. Met this is a regular thing in ja, I kno for a fact di big police promoter use to sex off nuff high school girls him pick dem up a cross road n nuf a dem mother knew but bcuz him was a badman police as dem use tuh call him. Mi can remember a big fight happen a cross roads wid 1fr alpha n gaynsted over him

  58. Thank you Met, I love kids so I will share my time with them, giving them love and healing from my situation at the same time. I thank you and Anonymous 12:37am for your care, concern, time and advices. I love you both for that. Thank you :thanks2

  59. My father died when I was a baby. My mom had five kids. Sometimes she used to let me go next door. 3 brothers used to molest me over there. My mother used to find
    Fluids in my underwear but never realized what it was. I didnt tell her what was happening idk why. I was only six years old. She eventually found out about it but instead of calling the police she blamed me. I try not to harbor resentment towards my family for not protecting me. I hate men like this. Im always looking for these tendencies in men. And I have realised / tht most men are attracted to young girls

    1. Not most men, sick men are attracted to little girls. What kind of help did you receive and how did it affect you besides feeling resentment towards your family?

  60. No help. I don’t date men that are older than me it makes me feel disgusted. And it makes me overprotective of my two sons. I dont think my relationships are healthy tho because I allow men to be disrespectful to me and I just brush it aside and move on

    1. Do you date younger men? Nothing wrong in being over protective of your boys , in this world you don’t know who to trust..Why do you think the men are disrespectful do you think that you deserve it or do you think that they are just disrespectful?

  61. Met, I am normally a silent, but I read the posts most time, this topic though i have to join. Just yesterday a friend of mine came to visit me and the conversation was circled around all this.

    Apparently a friend he has and I know him, molested his daughter, he fingered her for quite a while then eventually had sex with her. he locked her in the house for over two weeks, trying to convinced her not to tell anyone, he even beat her not to talk.

    Well, she eventually went to school and told a teacher who immediately called the mother and Centre For Investigation Of Sexual Offences & Child Abuse (CISOCA). CISOCA has asked him to turn himself in, his daughter is fourteen(14) years old, yes FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. this incident happened after the two FOURTEEN years old were killed couple weeks ago.

    So now he is on the run, from both the Police and his friends who all want to Sort him out. Can you imagine he rape his daughter, and try to justify it by saying he wanted to know if she was having sex, WHAT Di F***, was this guy on about, I was and still am literally sick , there is this weird feeling at the bottom of my belly, and to think he is a good looking guy who can get woman. Jesus I leave this one in your hand. whatever he gets he deserves.

    1. I hope they beat him everyday for two weeks and then hang him after. What a wicked man, these pieces of shit don’t know how they ruin people’s lives forever and society must have no pity on them. Who does the daughter live with or who did she live with?

      1. Well MET she lived with the mother, but would visit him from time to time. She told her mother what he had done but she never seem to believe the child and continue sending here there. the least she could have done was to not send her there

  62. Male reader. I have realised that many of the women I dated then and even now always told me of them being molested. Most times, it is by a close family member. The worst scenario was this nice young lady attending a prominent all girls school in Kingston at the time (I was a teen myself) and she was from a middle class family. Father an accountant and mother ran a business. She was my gf. She told me that her father came in drunk one night and tried it on her in her room while her mom was asleep. She told her mom and he blamed it on the alcohol. I genuinely feel he KNEW what he was doing. But most of the females I have spoken with have a dark secret where molestation, being raped and most times it is family. Also, I lived near a police station for a good part of my life and can I tell you, I wondered at times if they operated a school or after school program there…. School girls in uniform used to frequent there.. All hours of the day and I doubt it was to report a crime….

    1. At the police station?? I am not surprised though, there are many police men who are involved with high school girls. There is a culture of underage sex in Jamaica that began from the devil was a boy. In order to eliminate it serious efforts have to be made and multiple campaigns have to be launch including stiffer penalties for pedophiles. Bob Marley’s mother was 15 his father was 17. My great-grand mother was 13 and my great-grand father was 25. It has to be stamped out because back in those days when my great-grand mother was a girl, there was no school to go to and girls were taught how to run a home so they were a little more mature then .But they were still children..children can’t raise children.
      In regards to that mother she is a failure , a drunk man is a honest man..That father had ideas about his daughter before and the liquor brought it out.

  63. I kid you not about the police station. An ex officer from that police station is presently serving life for killing a young lady when her family was brave enough to confront the issue and he was being brought to the courts to face the music… It is a serious problem as even in the schools, the young ones are being hunted by the teachers… The government needs to offer support to persons who may want to break the habit, then give stiff penalties for not abiding by the law…. It is an absolute disgrace for an older person to rob the innocence of a child. More often than not, the mothers allow this to happen due to their ability to benefit from it… Some turn a blind eye when the sole breadwinner for the house is guilty of molesting even the mother’s own child. Great topic, just sad that the people who need to be reading this to make sure more young lives go untouched, won’t…

    1. Amen and thank you. I am saddened that , that police killed that young woman smh. The government has to implement a program where some of these children or people could call in with tips and they investigate them thoroughly but offer these people protection. Believe it or not this has caused Jamaica so much harm because these men do a number on these young women mentally and they cannot parent effectively. I remember a neighbor of mine being around 15 at the time and was with a selector, both her and his sister went to the same school..Why my neighbor hitch up with him at night when him playing his sister didn’t dare try it..Him used to beat the sister to go to school while my neighbor she gone with him.I had to ask her one day if she thought he meant well…if him a beat him sister fi go school and was happy with her skipping school what kind of man she think him was. These men do not wish these children well, they are in it for the ride…the two year old ride of a life time and every dime they spend on them they recover it sexually or through physical abuse. The government has to show the children that this is not normal and it isn’t right. If it is effective enough they can begin saving these young women.

      1. I think as u said if they impose stiffer penalties on the men it will work..because some of the mothers are guilty of selling their children so if the men know that it isn’t worth it then they will nor risk the jail time

  64. Unfortunately the abuse of children has been happening for many many years and in most cases the offender get away with it. I was only 10 years old when I first stepfather sexually abused me. I was subsequently abused repeatedly by a man my mother later married and bore him 4 children. When I brought the abuse to my mother’s attention she said I was lying…to this day my mother is still with him and she still don’t believe that her beloved husband is a child molester.

  65. I don’t speak to him…a few years ago I brought it up and my mother said she leave it to Jesus and I must stop telling lies on her husband. This has affected me on so many levels Met…it is difficult to even begin to explain it. I have tried to allow the wounds to become scars yet each time I try I fail. I was never allowed to be an adolescent in the literal sense of the word…I sprang straight out of childhood into womanhood and to know that the woman who gave birth to me don’t believe me, is soul destroying.

    1. Spirit destroying he didn’t have the power nor doesn’t he have that power…Your mother said leave it to Jesus and dont lie on her husband huh?? She said the right thing because God’s judgement is final and she has sadly included herself in it. There is no explanation as to why a woman would believe a man over her child , but its something that happens so often that I can only think that they love these men more than themselves and pity them. How do you feel you changed since it happened, what do u feel broke in you?

  66. @Met in answering your questions I would say I find it very difficult to trust especially men and I hate sexual intercourse. I am in a long term relationship yet where sex is concern I just basically go through the motion time after time and pray for it to be over.

  67. You see the truth is he took something from me that wasn’t his to take and I had no power to stop him from doing so. In a sense I’m stuck…Im still not at that place where I can forgive him in order to make that transition where I can be at peace and find true happiness. It is frustrating, a rather tumultuous task which I hope one day to overcome

    1. You shouldn’t feel like you have to forgive him right now. Getting yourself in a healthier place is paramount first. I feel you are stuck because of your mother, what she did an continues to do has delayed your healing process. You feel you need her to believe you first and then you will begin your process but Greater is He that in In You than he that is in the world. God is not mortal and he sees everything and yes because she is your mom you may feel you need that but God has seen and knows what happened and He will vindicate you and bring the situation to light. The resolution in that should make you open your soul up to Him for healing. If you dont go to church you can begin there and from there you can seek therapy but you need a spiritual foundation first before anything.

  68. I don’t like the fact that when it comes to sex images of the past invades my mind and I don’t know how to get rid of these images

  69. Thank you Met for your kind words…this is the first time in 30 years I’ve spoken about this with someone other than my mother

    1. I know it must feel more profound than that but it is that..It maybe feels like your suffocating . The more you talk about it the more relieved you will feel , it is something that will eat you from inside out

    2. Anonymous 1:11 pm, use this prayer and pray for yourself or find a church and let someone pray for you.

      sometimes you have to give yourself some space from people who aggravate you no matter who they are, use this time and get therapy, and healing, I’m talking from experience. invite God into your hurting heart and you will see what’s going to happen.

      Seven Prayers That Heal the Heart – Adapted for Intercessors Who Are Praying for Others

      We prefer to see people do their own prayer work. However there are times when an intercessor may be called upon to pray and intercede for another. This surely is biblical as God has ordained intercession.

      Some examples of intercession would include a parent praying for their child, or one praying for their spouse or friend. And we are to pray for those in authority over us, so there is no reason these prayers could not be applied to localities, communities, groups of people, and nations. Below is an adaptation of the Prayers That Heal the Heart by Mark and Patti Virkler into a format for intercessors.

      1. Break generational sins and curses
      On behalf of __________, I confess and repent of his/her ancestors’, parents’, and his/her own sin and resulting curses of list all of them .
      Please forgive __________, and his/her parents, and help them all to receive Your forgiveness, and to forgive themselves, in Jesus’ Name.

      I place the cross of Jesus Christ between __________’s ancestors and parents and __________, as a baby in his/her mother’s womb. I command all these sins and curses to be halted at the cross of Jesus Christ, and for freedom and release from them to flow down from the cross of Jesus Christ to __________ in his/her mother’s womb, in Jesus’ Name.

      2. Sever ungodly soul ties
      On behalf of __________, I confess and repent of his/her sin of ungodly soul ties with all others, formed at any time throughout his/her life.

      Lord, please cut all these ungodly soul ties, and restore the broken or torn portions of his/her soul. Please remove anything that came into him/her through these soul ties, sins and curses, or any other way, and please bring back anything godly that was stolen from him/her, in Jesus’ Name.

      3. Renounce negative beliefs and inner vows
      On behalf of __________, I confess and repent of any negative beliefs and inner vows that resulted from these sins and curses, and I ask You, Lord, to replace them with countering divine truths, and help __________ to live by these divine truths, in Jesus’ Name. __________ will know the truth and the truth will make him/her free, in Jesus’ Name!

      4. Break word curses

      On behalf of __________, I confess and repent of him/her receiving any word curses spoken over him/her, and I ask you to help him/her forgive and release himself/herself and others for speaking these word curses over him/her. I break all word curses over __________ right now in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I ask that he/she receive Your divine blessings to replace these word curses, in Jesus’ Name.

      5. Pray for release from bitterness and painful memories
      On behalf of __________, I confess and repent of any anger or bitterness he/she has towards You or others, Lord, for allowing these sins, curses, word curses and soul ties in his/her life. I ask you to forgive him/her and help him/her to forgive himself/herself and all those involved, and to receive Your forgiveness, in Jesus’ Name.

      Lord, please help _________ to be released from the emotional power of painful memories and other memories, and to realize that in some cases You may have wanted him/her to move on to a new season in life. Please heal his/her soul wounds, and replace these memories with the knowledge that he/she is loved and cared for by You, in Jesus’ Name.

      6. Cast out demons
      In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, on behalf of __________, I renounce and break all agreements with the demons and strongholds of (list all of them).
      In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I take authority over and bind the demons and strongholds of list all of them , and I command you to leave __________ now in the Name of the Lord Jesus

      Christ. Do not go into anyone else in the building. Leave the building now, leave the property and leave the area. Leave his/her home now, leave his/her property and leave the area, in Jesus’ Name. Thank you, Lord, for setting __________ free!

      7. Pray for God’s blessings and the infilling of the Holy Spirit
      On behalf of __________, I joyfully accept the divine exchange

      Christ made for him/her on the cross of Calvary. All these sins, curses, word curses, and soul ties are now broken in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I ask You, Lord, to give __________ Your divine blessings in his/her life to replace them, in Jesus’ Name.

      Lord, please help __________ to understand that the power to overcome these sins is in You and Your Holy Spirit, not in self-effort, and to turn to You for help in resisting them. Please help him/her to be (saved, and) filled with the Holy Spirit in order to resist sin in the future. Sin shall have no dominion in __________’s life. Please help __________ to feel conviction and to repent when falling into those old sinful habits, in Jesus’ Name. Thank You, Lord, that whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Amen.

      Nearly all of the above prayers are adapted from Mark Virkler’s seven “Prayers That Heal the Heart,” book and CDs. He acknowledges contributions to the prayers “from several ministries. Most of the ministry steps are drawn from Ministry Tools for Restoring the Foundations, Proclaiming His Word, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

  70. Shani, only you can do what you do. I remember that comment and the ensuing discussion. My heart goes out to anyone, especially children who have suffered rape or molestation or any violation of any type; whether it be sexual, mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. I hope that one day, and soon, I’ll be able to do more than merely empathize.

  71. I wish all the young girls, boma fearless, bumblast, young blood, shavy, andre, sister , n fresh battery/rape Would break the Silence And Come Talk Up … Boma a battery/rape since. Him a teenager

  72. My aunt who is of unsound kind was constantly raped by her brother which is my uncle for yrs. one of my aunt reported it to the police but all they did was tell him not to go back to the house, he raped a old lady and went to jail for 10 years . My sane aunt of unsound mind was raped by another man and got pregnant and had a baby girl she is now 15 years old, my uncle who was in jail come out and rape the little girl and even treated to kill her. She told my mom and my mom and one of my aunt repot it he is now in lock up but the sad thing is the case look like it’s not going anywhere it’s been almost two yrs and the case keep on putting off and because the little girl kinda mentally challenge like her mom she can’t give a date when it happen they claim that’s y they keep putting it off

  73. My mother was a careless mother had 4 kids didn’t want to live up to her responsibilities would be all over the place with different men. My older sister suffers from mental illness after almost 25 years she revealed that my mother boyfriend, uncle and her brother raped her it all started at the age of 9. My second sister would witness my mothers bother foundling himself and ejaculating on himself. He would wipe himself and then hit her in the face with the rag. She was about 10-11. Thank god my granny rescued me when I was young so I didn’t went through it. However I remember being touched by a boy who was about 4 years older than me I was about 9 at the time.

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