Subrina and Stacy two batty and bench uptown Bronx f**ka box them wey hop from man to man! Smh subrina you couldn’t wait till a year time before you wear Stacy shoes?? Lmaoo unno gyal fi stop it unno soon all wah share unno man too love each other shit too much wear unno own! Wat sub u f**king for nutten? Yuh Fren nuh put you out r house yet to how u love hip I’m shock sey u get put out yuh appointment and deh back inna ppl house….. Nah go lie thou yuh out fi look damn good on u! yuh even rock Stacy shoes better than she dwl


  1. good morning met di one stacy salt bad yuh nuh see say from ur babyfather kevin when n her dat a pree salt things happen and her first born daughter father dead dem gyal ole salt bad bad stacy yuh walke and s===ck off di man dem c—-cky inna bronx fi dem stay with you but dem say ur mouth better than your ole.. yuh mouth stink baddd..yuh s—ck weh S-K MAN from her and him still a cheat pon you dutty gyal stacy

      1. Let dat be a problem to her and her fren. From she nah wear yours shoes it should not bother you.

  2. da person weh send dis in sound like dem illeterate fi talk bout da al dem n den unno ah talk bout gal tek man unno sound hurt badd unno evil n talk bout a dead person weh dat affi do weh stacey she n him neva deh n so wat every man cheat if har man ah do it nuh unno problem da gal have har education n skay is a smutt so unno come pff da gal dem name sabrina n da gal dont wear same size unno too badind sender

  3. i dont get how people can be so evil reading this ppst sound like a hater that has no better time to me…Ya jamaicand always ready to put down eachother.

    1. dem gyal a hoe and dem say dem hot a road tek ppl man & a wear di same shoes pon di road no suh.big up mi good tight ole dwl hahahaha it dnt look good

    1. mi cant hurt cause mi look good and mi sure know say mi nuh wear ppl things. jus for you too know keisha

      1. Twin you sound so immature and unintelligent, poor thing!
        You better hope you look good and that your pumz is up there with the best, coz you sound like you have nothing else to offer a real man!
        Non-progressive man toy you come across as.

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