0 thoughts on “JMG FIND YOUR MATIE?

  1. Go ask you man, or google har. How you expect we feh know? If a ur mate and you no know smh. Send you man come maybe if me reconize him she will drag mi memory to

    1. DWRL, I think with the way the sender posed the question and it is carefully worded, that sender is indeed a man asking Metty tuh find this love interest…when his cheap ass can hire a private investigator tuh find her…also, the many poses are a dead give away…Metty, am I near close correct or am I talking shit again? :nerd

  2. Oh @yep so is a MATE the man a look and not a MATIE?? a the matie mi a respond to ooooo think a one gal a look feh har MATIE lol

    1. That’s what I believe; I believe this because if it were a woman inquiring about this young lady here, she would’ve been a bit more descriptive in detail but seeing how men can be very vague with just about every damn thang, I believe it is a cheap ass man asking Metty tuh assist him with finding his supposed mate…but we are still waiting on confirmation from Metty fe si if is ah man sen on this inquisition or is me ah chat bare fawt once again, so let’s just wait and see…Metty, is ah man or ooman sen on dis??

  3. I really should start spending more time here again. This is madd. Nothing surprise me. if you a look hype this is no place for it. This gyal whole gyal fike soon reach. Hold on senda u soon get weh u a look fah.
    Helloooon Met wha gwan! No joke..mi gyal mi deh yah

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