Mi jus go check mi YouTube and see dis here message..I try reply back and see say him block mi so mi screen shot.. When JMG get splicing equipment ? Mi neva know smaddy can splice that piece a crying dere?



    1. Heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,
      Tommy Lee, we all know you did not write that email and send to Ms. Met, so please have several seats.

        1. him beg somebody fi write that Met, I would have to see him personally write that shit.
          The one Elvis a deny it too, cah him basically was saying anything him tell Fratel fi do him tek iit as Gospel and haffi do it, so all of a sudden everybody gets amnesia. SMH

          1. Ispy is where di people dem woulda get this convo from? Was dere anything outa line wid what dem did a say? dem tek dis splice ting too far

    2. Met …a whapppen to bawlie lee ? a weh him a seh u splice it …yu nuh have di onion di escallion or di time ……bawllie lee go seek God

  1. Whatever!! Dumb shit, now mi nuh badda sorry fi yuh because yuh know that shit is real and a try save face because dem a clown yuh seh bad man is really a cry baby. Guh siddung before we send call Kartel..

  2. good day met,metters,peepers nd others…

    suh chue Dominica splice yuh wid a dippings JMG a splice yuh tuh wid recordings?!?!?….one seed spratti-lee weh almost meet death but greet it nd nung nearer to jail time dan stage time guh happy belated mothers day inna yuh ooman muma yuh hear kmft

      1. dem na learn, me shame look how me a defend this bait? over the next post a tell him say doe cry.. now look ho thi boy ungeatful now me kow how bounty killa feels… how tommy lee s fool?which lawyer? dat lawyer is a f**king teef dwl which case him a work pan? if a laugh a ded dwrcl tears all the lawyer go do is send met a note say she no fi put up his client again. if a laugh a ded bout dem lawyer deh a Jamaica a real scammer dwl

        met prepare for your court date lmao damn fool

          1. a grung me reach wait til me forward all dis to me friend lata.. woiieeeee me baddie :ngakak :ngakak it’s a shame the way them dunce!!!! it’s a shame everything dem bawl out lawyer a tek care of and no know one shit. a wonder if the lawyer ask him who tape it and how it get exposed a bet the lawyer no ask him dat? him just tell him say him a go tek care a it and fi tek care a its 50 thousand. damn fool before him go educate himself him a talk bout splice :tkp

      2. nuh laff man cuz wah day wen yah tell him seh yes sue out the country nastiness why him neva block yuh tell yuh seh yuh too nuff but a tideh wen him tears of unfulfilled payment a cum pon him yuh nuff..

        suh wen him fi collect him rate JMG but wen a next germs like him self a luk fi collect JMG is at fault,half a bwoy guh seek manhood nd lowe out de lady site ooo

          1. bounty killa tawk bout the whole likes a dem anuh vado alone diss killa all kartel him suh mi tap sorry fi dem cuz killa neba wan day wrong bout dem bwing ungrateful and LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

          2. why him nuh send yuh a statement and done being as him a read the site and thing

          3. yuh knw a fraid him fraid nd want yuh help by highlighting wah gwaan but a play tuff behine it..him waan sey tonx nd sorry but dah know how tuh

          4. Simply but fi guh accuse mi of splicing ma and mi dow even know how fi record muchless splice

          5. a play big,bad nd brave wen him know him love life nd waan live plus fraid like puss

  3. All a dem, Elvis an de ressa dem who a aid, abet anna conspire wid Geishell fi extort gwine soon jine de sociopathic murderer inna prison. Is like dem nuh get it, Geishell will be away fi 35 yrs, dat mek him a non factor until such time.
    Tommy Lee before yuh grow some balls and defend yuh earnings yuh a chat shit tuh JMG. Freaking coward. A now yuh fi tan up tuh Geishell. Look like yuh ongle have strength fi ole peeple 3000 miles away.

      1. :ilovekaskus mi oxygen, mi heartbeat, mi cinnabun, julie mango, mi neseberry, mi juneplum, mi ebryting nice, how yuh duh.

        1. a dis sum gal needs inna dem life and nah get enuh a mi sorry fi unno a de chuet …………mi gud yah nung cuz yuh mek mi day everyyyyyyyyyday πŸ™‚

          pon de real doah the whole lot dem nah guh reap nuh kine a gud cuz tommy hand dutty as well from the scammings

  4. What a cunt! Afta wi feel sorry fi him a bawl like baby, the dunce boy cry splice? A dat yuh fi rasss get, mek bad man turn you ina the little cry baby bitch you are.
    You can deny it to us strangers but the man dem wey want lick off yuh head back already know you’re a chicken of a little girl so u really nuh have no face to save where it really counts.
    Met, never you again defend these weak, spineless, balls-less hermaphrodites!

  5. mi love how him quick fi say the bwaling fake him not even say everything fake just the bwaling part him defend

  6. Hi met a doe sorry fi you dwl. wha day u run go tell him fi sue.. now when him wanna sue you LOL what a boy fool tommy lee we na :maho

  7. Lolollllllllllll mi Neva laff so much inna my life tommy say a splice so 1 question batty tommy where did they get a recording of u crying to drop inna di tape yasso now lmaoooooooooooo no sahhhhhhhhhh

  8. So to save His rude boy facade, He comes with his illiterate statement. Leave dem mek Kartel Kill off the whole a dem and done, Before this back a bush glad say people a feel sorry fi dem and a put Kartel pon blast is this Him come wid? Ok. Gwan go pay Kartel the 20percent out a you money youth, from I was birth me never know say people could be so DUNCE.

    1. Das y u cannot sorry fi none a dem..Him ready fi go tell lie pan me se me splice and a call Gaza Slim name and mi neva call Gaza Slim name

      1. :travel Met u fi behave but on the real though kartel is a sociopath I hope this recording was pre incarceration

  9. I think they saw the jmg post and started to page him so he got cowRx and reacted .been as he knew they will dash him wey ..i dont thi k he intentionally means to offend met is because kartel yes man dem a watch him every move .the authourities needs to run in pon kartel cell an ajoining cells search an tek wey all phones .whats the point hes behind bars and running tings a road like tesha use to do?

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