Nobody nah BADMIND yuh the same game your playing “the rest” of them playing. Yuh nuh special and yes yuh ago drive it cause base pan weh mi a hear his kids has to be comfortable. He’s married you delusional stupid bi**h do what you gotta do and stop fronting on other bitches that’s doing the same shit as you. Since you all that why he ain’t married to you? Your second best she won and if “daddy” knows your out here throwing his business out there yuh get f**k! We all tek people man but your just too much oh and your friends out here throwing shades at you. It’s really sad poor you.


  1. She drive it anytime? suh is not fi har karr? if I nevah..some people nuh know wah fi du wid demselves pan social media..wah good fi deh chat bout wid u a drive somebody else karr? si yah chile. Now sendah, aldou mi loike di honesty, u is are tooksing people man 2 and u tink that is sinting to rite about while chastising dis lady…di whole a unu need fi stay offah social media..oh no, no, no, mi tek back di last part..unu continue unu chupidity mek mi laff and comment..takes di edge off aftah a long day and put a smile pan mi face b4 a start that long day…

  2. If tamika know what’s best she stop the hyping cause it don’t fit har can’t dress and Neva look good self

  3. Sender…why nuh leave the problem alone whoever your sending in fah, a do babymama send u pan her???? Or d wife???? Or your a secret friend?? Dwrcl poor tameka dats why yuh fi keep yuh life private these bitches ( frenz) ain’t loyal. So yuh know bout the Ada baby??? Oops frighten how sends nuh mention dat gwan tru yah gyal u hav the Ada ring the money and the vehicle! Happy life happy wife innit???

  4. I put it out there because she need fi chill how would you feel if your man out here going around getting other bitches pregnant? And it’s not like yuh a humble yuhself cause a ppl man we nah say we nuh happy fi yuh we all go through shit and haffi do things fi survive we nuh saint. But yuh a try show off pan di pan wife and see nuh see yuh much less know bout yuh! A pickney move dat & nuh body nuh wah di man cause him a page all gyal weh yuh hear or might know. All dem want is money and cut! And yes at some point we tek sumbody man mi nah suga coat nuh shit mi nuh willy wonka! Nuff a dem married man yah ain’t shit.

  5. Money!!! Yuh mean his money she ain’t shit without him look how long yuh deh wid him yuh car don’t come yet? And please don’t let me start!!! Cause JMG ago MASH UP! Anonymous you see where I’m coming from kmt smh the husband and wife have matching cars cause the landrova out yah a fi ar own the one a foreign his weh she a drive so who’s living better! Di wife nuh inna nuh competition not even his other babymothers acting up like this thirsty one! Just go Ezi I don’t have to spill on you your home girls already killing you. You don’t even know it lol rotfl dwl

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