Dutty Moy Moy stop beg Dwayne office fi deh wid you. Yuh Nuh get the pic seh him Nuh wah yuh. All yuh do ah find a way fi the man come round so yuh can hide and tek pics with the man.b**ch yuh b**dclaat Instagram is ah lyad. Fi ah young girl yuh life sad! Stop put on ah show fi the gram nah Nuh grip pu**y Moy Moy. Bout yuh name Moy Moy upsetdem. No baby love ya upset yuh self lol. Every party Dwayne Office guh ah one next gyal pon him side. Mi know seh yuh Nuh past 25 and ya run down Dwayne Office weh Nuh have Nuh b**dclaat ambition. See Tina gi him greencard and him still nah do betta with him self more than follow back ah bl***t Nhakia And Teddy Legacy fi dem things. 1st him claim office crew,then him did ah par with mobay empire now him ah b***dclaat Legacy. Memba them man deh have them things and dem cah mind them pickney. Dwayne Office can’t even buy ah bottle ah wata fi him pickney dem. Thank god fi Tina and Dainty.Yuh man love follow weh the hype deh. And yuh Nuh stop salt up the man wid yuh salt p**y and mouth.Yuh did deh wid roger from mafia and the man haffi run yuh cause him see seh yah nobody. Stop confuse yuh b***dclaat pickney bout Dwayne Office har daddy. Yuh shoulda shame fi seh you wah pickney call him daddy. dwayne Office is nobody and will forever be ah blo****t nobody cause bronx Nuh respect him bloodclaat.Yuh really sad MOY MOY yuh and yuh nah Nuh ambition b***laat man weh just ah gi the man dem weh him ah par wid bad name. Mi hear seh yuh mumma Tyad fi cuss yuh and tell yuh seh yuh fi do something with your life. Ya young gyal and young gyal fi have ambition and b***claat things inna farrin. Nah Nuh grip Moy Moy yuh look stink and wah bathe. Stop try follow Tina and learn fi b**dclaat put yuh self and yuh pickny together and stop dress har up inna di same things them. Tek mi foolish advice cause it doh look good!!!!!!!!


  1. Me wah no how BIGGG Dewayne teelie is why it a mad unuh soo? The worl know seh himno mine him pickney dem and unuh still a war fi lay down wid him. HIf him did cute it wouldn’t so bad. How can Moy force Dewayne fi teck pic and him always a smile ina dem? Lock you leg and you mouth and go find a job. Dewayne is a stress weh you can’t handle so give it up and go meck so money and teck you mine offa him. Moy you need fi loose di loser and move on to a better life. This is no elevation and it doh look good fi you future mama.

  2. De story yah lame if the gal wah deh wid the careless bwoy a fi har biz that. The girl a work now and the bloodclath gal tek care of har rass pickney unlike some aunuh unuh come off a the gal bloodclath name the girl a trying girl. Fuq

  3. Tina u need to get over dwayne why moy a mad u dwayne nah mine none of him kids why u cant be like dainty move on u no see no man are woman no want u remember u have little girl it dont look good bringing different different man and woman in front of her

  4. Somebody sound hurt to bl88dcloth,Moy is a trying girl and har bby always look good.stop call the [email protected]@@tcloth gal pickney inna yo f**ckery weh u a chat,dat no mek no sense.Gal a wnt u wnt moy man but soorry him no wnt u a moy him seh a baay.

  5. Tina u need to have respect for Taniya u listen how she taniya talk and act like big woman talking about she break up with boy this week and she dating someone else I blame u tina, u show taniya love only on the Instagram

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