Di bwoy inna di picture name gilly, wanna be star from spanish town. Neva see man fool or gal fool so… dis gal “Tamara aka @iamtimry pan ig” weh falla backa macka diamond like a damn tail, a fk dis bwoy cuz him ano man. Not even knw di man av him good good woman a foreign weh fly in when she ready…my girl u inna video light ppl knw u, yuh no suppose to a play hide n seek a go in a di bwoy house late a night n sneak out early mawning. Ppl him keep a party inna spain name Eazy-Beatz n di last one ppl catch r a hide n bawl inna corner true she see him wid gal inna him party (not di wife a foreign). Speaking a wife all she brave he fi a fk him n him goodly a walk wid di (Edited) to di amount a gal av him file a spain….mi na say ntn more unu look pan di pic n tell me wah unu think….friends or f**kers?



  1. I would like to know the situation about this too. I am a friend of the wife and she just saw this and now a pure hot wata. She refuse to talk about it even to me but me have a good idea wat a gwaan cause me have the Jamaica connect. The wife is in the US Military and a wah day she go down like lastweek and a him and her everywhere a Jamaica. So me would like fi kno wat a gwaan too. My friend is low key and nah go come pon here come war wid nobody or try mek a case cause she all about her job and privacy but me kno shevnuh fraid fi wae nobodt. However dem two ya deh togwtger fi biut 3 or 4yrears and it bad fj see say dem deh oon di great pink walls but since she nuh waan open har ears wen oeople warn har say him nuh good fi har lets hope pink wall can mek she see the light. The whole a har instagram and facebook is about him but ntn bout ahe nuh deh pon fi him an dat alone shoukda tell her say him a hide har. Me jus lef jamaica cime up oon a littlw work and before me kef everybody a chat bout dem a spain and she a good gal cimpare tl the duty danca gyal. Met investigate fibmi yah man cause me ready fi done him.

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