A British sey jmg Cyah stop him flow trailer world a gyal him have..a wonder if miss trish gonna b on the boatride wit the wife too.British a mash works all over from Bronx to queens to jersey no man man dog that..

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  1. This man that walk and look and f**k everything he sees .. Wasn’t he with .. But wait sorry before I call names … SEVERAL CHICKS IN THE BX JUS THE OTHER DAY WHOS NAMES HAS BEEN CALLED ON HERE … This chick is the worst out of the bunch I taugh Kim legendary was but she beat her and who that chick her f**k buddy cause British told my friend he only got one life to live and he loves freaky girls .. He like to be f**ked while his balls gets licked sorry but a soh him say … Well miss about the 2nd or 3rd time I see you on here good luck .. British is not the nigga to get fame with u will get drop like hot bread .. He’s currently f**king my fren and a side talk me .. See y’all in parties if it’s not u it’s some other gurl and him still a buy me liquor .. Yea him can afford it but a who get fooled … Ediot f**k out gyal

  2. After British can’t do nothing him can’t even last 5 mins before him cum foh him only have these women fi think him a gyallis but he’s far from that notice a bare fool him deh wid.. As for him And trish a bare fake clothes them buy gyal love shop pon and she always look frighten when they together as if him a smaddy she and Raquel ole fool dem wish his dick size matches his shoes size .. But a di whole a dem out that deh crew him fcuk from angel to twin to Kim who next guess he’s loving the crew #dead to rass

  3. Kim legendary a dutty him hide she straight, quick question kim legendary a who f**k up ur makeup for blood party ur face never look good and that hair style dont look good I see u do better hair style, mi want fight u makeup

  4. The two a dem look like two clown.. Him love threesome so a mussi that a gwaan pon wat a gwaan… But isn’t Raquel wit demus the whole a dem a look sum from a hype that’s all it is

  5. Unu ever tek a look at all the gyal dem him deh wit who nuh fava man look like spongebob and look run down them fit him perfectly as for this one idk wat to say she look slow

  6. That f**ka mr British wey use twin claudatte him go a house cook him thing fix hit up she an him hit the road to Washington him pull over cause him tired . Next the man say him feel him pant a zip down a twin claudatte a suck him down well met if me of to do all them thing they fe get a dollar it not going to work. Met this girl have ar grand son in a the house ar sick daughter wey can’t even talk goverment is taking care of this child in every way an she mek man come a ar yard a jeopardize these kids that don’t mean them any good .shameeeeeeee

  7. Wat a fucxxxxxx shame angel no stop talk bout claudatte an ar daughter mother an daughter is a shame the daughter go tec lala that angel sweetness baby daddy .the mother an angel tek Beatle juice then the mother an angel tek mr b aka mr British them love to share man omg sometime god show them some sign but the no see it like the twin with the last daughter wey she have twin you nasty no rasssss come on do better than that . Met a so the man wey name tee from Brooklyn did say twin claudatte suck suck him to fe money an them say the man a batty man twin this don’t look good

  8. Met why u teck down me email them gal they fe get dun nnnnnnnnnn met them twin sista an daughter too nasty met wat goes for one goes for all met a so when them put me up me get done to ok . Love you

  9. Them an agel sweetness like to share man battle juice mr b aka British twin claudatte you corner need some light . Shame fe you good god you daughter sick you don’t do stuff like that a so you claudatte did go suck suck tee a Brooklyn fe money all wono can’t put fe uno mouth Pom UNO Pickney them cause uno mouth un clean

  10. So him really Mek man looking twin suck him off I wud think it’s a tranny a suck mi off enuh him gone luuu …

  11. So wait.him left Kim browning fi that.thank god mi never f**k him.he still taking to talk with me.i know where he work in ny(suffern)

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