KC,Veechie,Shana, Donte–Philly
Please send a Therapist, a counselor, and a disease specialist to Philly Asap. No man, either the woman dem weh live there lost it or dem bawn chupid. Imagine Friday night it was KC husband Donte Party and all a har competition dem was up front and center more than she. Veachy and Shana him Ex ( well I should not say that cause I am not too sure) suppose you see how dem a gwann wid him and di millions a pics weh dem teck. AT one point if mi no not mistaken it seems as if dem team up and a bantan wifey KC. After all, dem did a sleep wid him first so I guess dem a rub it eeen. Now back to KC. KC, fi a big woman who a touch 40 all a ur child bearing years wasted on warring wid ppl ova dem man and now you go married and jump back ina di same boat?. First of all you know Donte was not husband material,so you know you cah meck chu Purple cyaad you hole di likkel bwoy hostage. Kc is really breed you a breed again ?
I hope mi eyes a deceive me and a fat you get fat cause you one cah been so chuppid x 3. Di 2 pickni dem weh you have neva teach you any lesson ina life so far. You really gone interupt a 3rd sperm cell mama you pass great. Look how times hard plus how much overtime you a work fi maintain Donte lifestyle. Kimone and Kad unuh fi tell Kc di truth cause unnnuh a big woman to. Stop meck she sink herself deeper fi unuh bredda hapinnes.. Di worl kno seh Donte 2 pickni dem a Jamaica plus him baby maddda is him life so why you go interrupt di equation. Kc I pray you wake up outaa dah spell deh weh you ina cause it dohh look good at all. Sophia please to untie KC cause dem seh Mobay obeah is the worst and it seems too true in this case.


  1. Mi just nuh like see di lickle bwoy face.Mi just wah fi hold him and wipe the milk from him mouth corner.KC a hope u charge him

  2. U nuh see Kim was in heaven. A she alone was there so she did a try hard fi keep dirty infected wood Jigga attention. Her other competitions took a night off. I thought Shauna did shame so she didn’t come out, but I was wrong. Her shame tree grew bak because she was front & center on Saturday night looking like a granny. LOL. KC is a hopeless case. All a dis fi wah now? to prove seh you get di lilly pickney? Dontae is NO PRIZE. Him mouth big and broad & he was so ASHY at his party.Lord he was a sight for sore eyes. Mi jus want hol him and oil him down wid some cooking oil. Him too crust fi a lilly boy man

  3. Why blame others for the poor choices that kc mek? Casey is educated and fool fool when it comes to man.. kc love f**k people man den play innocent.. I don’t feel sorry fi Her har whole family warned her about donte and she bring back every last onea dem name to donte ..! so wah donte sista dem fi do?

  4. That dude Is always ashy him lips too see how Kelly and Owen out every party and dem look tired and washed up stay home with the kids dem

    1. Ok DC since you a Physic?? Btw, Philly is missing you on all the advice and ppl business. the way how your love life sad and done it’s only right you resurface.lmao

  5. Just di fact she Kc always lef dis bwoy ina har house wid har 2 daughter dem while she a work all nigh disturbs me to the core. Kc you biggest dawta is about as big as a teenager in size .do you think of the consequences you putting this lickel girl through. Donte is about 15 years younger than you. Do you not think at some point his focus will not be on younger meat Vs older meat? My madda picked up a younger man and when she gone a work , that pervert use to tell me it was me him like and not me mother because I was young sexy. I had to avoid him at all cost in my mother’s house because she was dick whipped and like he said, she wouldn’t believe me. As a single mother one of the worst thing to do is to have a hot blood young boy around you daughter. Think before it’s too late, because your husband sleeps wid everything and act like he has white liver. No one is off limit in his eyes.

  6. Uno all ah predict d pedophile ting yes. Uno ah d greatest set of ppl.. Always on here trying to tell ppl how fi live dem life like uno ah saint.

  7. Shauna why bother come out?Oh let me guess A jigga u did a stalk like you normally do true him nah answer your call dem you figure you would come ketch him inna jago party.poor you, the love of your life neva deh deh

  8. If that’s the case u nor anybody else nuh fi be wit no man if uno have pickney.. It’s a difference between being aware and predicting.. Dem ah predict seh him ah guh do something wit d gal pickney.. U know what predict means right??? Knowing that something is gonna happened, same thing as calling something down on somebody and that nobody nuh fi do pon no one.. Nobody can predict anything. Mussi physic uno name!

  9. Uno Neva see con and him 2 woman dem inna d ppl dem dance. D boy bold him nuh ramp Fi have 2 and 3 woman inna dance 3 feet from each other. Kim or keelz or wa eva yuh name me feel sorry Fi yuh cause him a gi yuh bun till yuh sick. Yuh fool nuh shit and naive con nuh want yuh..yuh nuh up to the man speed go si dung and Lowe the boy. Yuh ga school and work hard lef d olé germs waste boy to the wutless dancehall gal dem. Trudi yuh nuh stop hide and sleep with clips yet. A u set up con pon blackatan tamii tameka or tamberry or leshawtie wa eva she wa name I lef har to donita but wait yea she nitaaa or wa eva she a love up yuh doe nuh ramp Fi talk bout yuh a road I hope yuh can mind har like how Bobby did. She love talk bout classy and independent she fava fart biggest unda cova goal digga. And whore dutty gal nuh body nuh jealous a u and con bitch him a everybody man. You need Fi stop walk and sell har crotches Fi but virgin hair. Bobby a walk roun with pic with him cum pon har face.

  10. @ Anon 9:13am. Shauna STFU & go take your MULTIPLE MEDICINESSSSS. You brush your duty teet dem from morning? Bout sleepless nights. The only 1 have sleepless nights is your dumb fat delusional ass. Nobody nuh want you. Stop front & put on your show. You’re only fooling yourself.

  11. @ anon 9:13am, nobody not looking at you not even Jigga who yu run and buy ticket and carry him go freak him a hawaii. him find you out. your life sad bad

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