32 thoughts on “JODI DEM SEH 3700 WHERE?

  1. Them fi go sit down. Jodi and kim weh move 3 or 4 times a year. Thats y them fren say them things still in a laundry and garbage bag cause them soon affi move again. That you fi go sort out

    1. wooooiiieeee nuh kill mi in yah today. Duh mi a beg yuh! Wha yuh say dem soon affi move again??? drop a grung to claat.

  2. She look like a mungrel dog and the bag fake , 3700 for bag and don’t own a bed smh have her poor child sleeping on floor

  3. jodi get alife you dont live no where you dont drive a car you koch beg ride suck dick and take bobbette man daffy on the low ….please sit down with your stink no ambition ugly self ..thank god for make up …dwrcl go make up your life cause you need a bed in america

    1. Yuh know seh you not di first to say this. But I’m going to find out if that’s true. But everyone know Daffy a big flirt and talk shit behind Robbas back

  4. Leave KIM And Jodi let them live man!!!! Let the ppl them live and suck n f**k everyone them wan !!!

    1. But who stopping them from living sucking or fvcking? :kr Anyway all I see is a bag on the table…that is all….

  5. ugly where? in your personality and your non ambition,in your fake stunting, and around your mouth area. mi hate when people a reach pon social media, and a look likes and comments, u know she waan her followers she, “no goodas, yuh pretty like wow,” etc. oh please

  6. 3700 bag in 10 dolla in restaurant… Life goal
    Bitch u should be in Manhattan dinning with the middle class

    1. ANON, FYI.
      The best of fine dining has now come to BROOKLYN.
      Everyone and thy momma a try get into some 5 star/Zaget restaurants in Brooklyn.

  7. Unuh fi stop tell lie enuh bout the girl baby a sleep pon floor, God will sin unuh for being so lie and wicked! Mi see the girl have a nice bed that she and har child sleeping on, the baby happy always on her tablet…. The girl baby naw sleep pon nuh floor

  8. Yes some anonymous 12:33 some very cool restaurants have opened up in Brooklyn that are fun and trendy. Zaggat is not a ratings that is considered to be important as most restaurants that are seeking to be considered high end strive for Michelin stars as that is the rating system that is prestigious. However if this lady is walking around with a 3700$ bag and sleeping on the floor it doesn’t surprise me its all part of their dancehall requirements .

  9. This Bitch is so ugly and clueless both of them always looking dirty Kim look dirty and Marlon onelink look dirty three dirty looking people Jodi looking like a dam God horse Kim big and looking like shrek.

  10. Mi know dis B yah nuh…. This B have incurable bad breath, jeezum!!!! Di gal breath so rancid when she ah talk up inna yah face, which she luv do, you can’t even hold you breath ah bloodclat, it cum like sey di scent just log on pon your nose hair dem and run inna yah nose when you brave enough to take in some air. Di gal breath can kill yah!!!! Like she Nyam raw bullie beef and nah brush her teeth ah night time.

  11. Mi bloodclaat mi go look pan Jody page and u want see the fool dem a gas her up all the big duty looking Kim a bout dem fi go have seat wen she fi go flush her big duty self dwn the toilet. See her the other nite a party gal have a number a belly InnA the pants how man find fi her pussy fi fuk she dwrl Jody she look like alien she need fi stop do batty and do the foot calf fi hold up the pampers batty met and Metters a can’t Laff dem looki terrible bout Bitch a hate pan dem lies not a soul hate pan unu dem only hate fi kno unu categories as female Cho then again Kim a man and Jody is a donkey so not a soul nah hate pan unu have a good nite ya lmao Jody/Kim wooooi unu damn fool unu

  12. Ahem…… ugly where?? in your face (when you take off all that makeup)
    ugly in your life cause of the shit you do, ugly cause yuh wutliss, sleeping on Kim dutty cold floor, ugly cause yuh pu**y stain up nuff man cocky like youg guiep, ugly inna yuh cement batty weh yuh laydown inna that man royal Mitchell tup go do, ugly inna yuh breast den weh have cast eye, ugly inna yuh shit pit mouth……shall I continue?

  13. Jody lmaoooooooooo please clean up your room before . U decide to take pic it’s a mess :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak : Robert me did think u own Daffy Duck ??? Dwl but anyways girl boy run along

    1. Robbas don’t own no Daffy. That is the biggest lie she ever told. She think it’s cute when him a f**k out di rest of di ooman inna dancehall but it’s not. Robbas favorite line is he f**k dem but he love har. Which is bullshit. If he loved har he wouldn’t f**k dem.

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