1. Mi jus wish she woulda eat some food thats all, cuz she did stay reeal good when she live a Jamaica and was eating good food, now she haffi a do batty, when all she need is food

  2. Now that these suck ya fat out build a bitch from your years of excessive fat are on the rise naturally slim is considered abnormal.

  3. Kmt Jodi look like she a suffer she and Kim is the top 2 most worthless gal in queens.all dem do everyday a hope dem find a man dem can beg money

  4. If your sucking dick for money dealing with a batty man for money. puttin your gut in ya ass so you can look appealing to beg for money
    Your suffering. Value and love yourself people.

  5. Can someone tell me how can I find the women who she goes to by the name of Kay with the bleaching cream or what ever it is she do please

  6. Them people ya nuh tired fi put up the girl photo pan di net? Uno have mi a google Jodi to Rass. Cause she must be a star. One enemy caa suh obsessed. Jodi anything yuh duh da smaddy ya ma beg yuh tell him or her sorry cause them look like say them nah tap till yuh gone 6 foot under. Girl yuh need fi guh dung pan yuh knees and pray because your enemies them nuh tek break.

  7. Gay Icon is that u defending cranny Jodi i know why you doing that because you f**g and sucking her now smh taught you was a married man the last time i check herpes mouth floppy boy Gay Icon

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