Jodi 2 question?
What happen to the silicone bags dem buss r wa?
I really don’t get it even if d breast dem long yuh suppose to at least a see the silicone tan up strang in deh.

2. Why you photoshop tf out that pic ?
Jodi u don’t see u slim down your waist too much w the app which makes your arm & legs look way too THIN???? You look sick my girl stop photoshopping omgggg unu go tru d works of thieving ppl credit cards to do y’all busted body & STILLLLLL PHOTOSHOPPING??? No sa !!
& Jodi we know you the same one writing yourself shit
On SC about #1 fan GIRL BYE!!!!!! Fohhhhhh


  1. She just waste d ppl dem money wah shi teck affi dem redit card an den dis fool tink its a good look an she meck it lyk soh cause she didnt allow dem fi heal befire she start show dem aff disgusting

  2. I saw this pic on instagram and I was tempted to ask her how she look so! Gal look tired and pop down and stressed! She stay bad man. Jodi take a break from the night life and get some rest. You don’t look like couture you look like flea market hand me downs.

  3. What they fail to understand or should I say they take the cheap way out, when you doing a breast job you also have to do a breast lift to lift the sagging skin. You cannot get inplants if you originally had slippers breast.

  4. Wooooiiiiieeee me can’t stop laughing 50 years old gal look better than you ! Is you name old before you young my girl stay fe a young gal breast long mouth is not a good look Gerital iron Jodi .

  5. Auntie Metty you got a category for worse surgery body? Shall we call it “The most Chopped and Skrewed” for 2016? MNL Jodie bress dem look like hill and gully ride oh

  6. Disgusting all the sher she naah go back a ja u ago run off and follow them whore ya all unu do a go dance a night time birds of a feather flock together!!

  7. Imagine every day u wake up eat, drink and hang out. Every day can not be a party. Dem need to find something to do. I know none of these folk and I can tell you all of their business from coming on this site. 2 careless and they have children, put on some clothes and find something to do

  8. I’m stunned! Cya believe a photoshop Jodi really a do. These can not be recent pics of the two titi after less than 1 year. Yankee Michelle come here. What make dem hagfish photo shop batty weh u do!

  9. She’s holding on to dear life, it’s like she doesn’t have her balance good… The price some woman pay for beauty…

  10. Jodi shoulda photo shop ar stay bad self when me see ar a run dung di dolla van pon Merrick/Archer.What a gyal faava bredda anansi.Yuh need fi do surgery pon yuh heel, what a whole heap a heel you one have. fi a girl wid fine foot? Jodi yuh nuh ready,I laugh when I see some of y’all dress dung & a walk pon di street.

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