Jody the face and the body ah two different color. Yuh haffi do better. Mi caan even blame it pon di light! Jody yuh favor a life size clown.

Marcel the way yuh hype and show off mi never expect yuh fi have on Old Navy hoody inna dance. Yuh ah show off your nurse girlfriend red benz she couldn’t help yuh buy ah outfit because everybody know yuh instagram rich and real life broke. Mek sure yuh pay di ppl back dem money off ah di money yuh make ah yuh dance.


  1. dutty gal tina weh beanie nor wet dem nuh want u get over it him gonee ,tina go wash u front weh u a tek smell bad ,u want put di man dem foot inna u stinging front ,girl bye

  2. Foundation way off nd tuh how she set de mouth at first i was like anuh strokes she get…she can duh better but she wont stay real bad nd out here looking like real night dew

  3. Umm, whats wrong with Old Navy. I think as long as he looks good and feel comfortable, I don’t see the problem. I’ll assume the sender is Jamaican so I’ll go on to say, that is the problem why some rob and kill fi name brand because of people like you sender. Real wealthy people in America shop every where including Old Navy. Only hood rich people like yourself live in the project wearing Gucci. Thats why most cant establish real wealth in this country. Marcel wear whatever you want and hype in it same way. The nurse benz a bun you, let it go sister, we all now she was just a better woman for him. You see he can step out in his Old Navy without being criticize by her. As a nurse myself our hard working money will not be spent on party clothes.

    1. Stfu! The point of the post is that the way him hype and show off you would never think he would be in old navy. He’s a guy in dancehall that shows off in dancehall and don’t have it and whoever sent in this post I agree with it. He borrows money from ppl especially woman and never give it back. Ppl that show off and act like Marcel do don’t borrow ppl money and don’t repay it and wear old navy to party.

  4. That sequin outfit she has on hugging her friend Kim perfection has a rip under the arm, was wondering if she didn’t see the rip before posting the pic.

    On another note why that teacher lady on insta with the popular red couch f**in voice so annoyyyinnnggggg jeez she needs to tone it down a bit her name is Judith c’mon

  5. It is so good f**k them and take them money don’t care what people say every body borrow is borrow in this world so dead good
    Al that a put up the man go look a life or go cleaner your house dog shit that a put up the man

  6. how unu wicked and badmine so d gal stay good ina real life..due to how badmine a knock unu dung dwl..jody a u still a win abayy

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