0 thoughts on “JOHNJOHN HAS JOHN

  1. Lol how? I speak truth he’s out here talking about other females and in a relationship .u can defend this clown

    1. Keisha, badmine a di word a di day so mi jus a use it LMAO …………….MI CAH EVEN SI HIM MY DEAR CAW MI NOT EVEN WATCH IT…I AM JOKING

      1. Him soun like him vex causz shape bad kizzy wear shorts come ah dance wid har ugly kin ah mus she imma talk dem nussi ah cuss again!!!

  2. Dwl, bout big long uh lala. Please this pickney look like him cyaan f**k him way outta a wet paper bag.

  3. This guy is definitely gay, if u don’t want to c females nude don’t go on their pages u sound dumb hurt a stupid. U mouth big like fi camel. GWEY!!! A must so half blind woman Mek u lid dun pon dem.

  4. John choose a struggle my yute,yuh luk dunce,yuh speak as a dunce nd yuh write as de dunce yuh be suh big bloodclaat wan yuh caan all chee a gwaan suh wid yuh wata dung hood yuh know dem a lie cuz kizzy cuss yuh tell yuh adda wise :ngakak

  5. yuh right John John, cause your main chick Kizzy look like Oblong when she naked, so of course tell her fi cover up under sikes big mouth ugly fool, fool boy.

  6. So now we know wat his line is when him a look woman a road “well u know how my situation go already” dumb fuxx kmt Kizzy u son need a dentist so much red bottoms n inna u mouth fava Sanford &sons junk yard smh

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