Full time now u go look a life old cow 30 years in LA and a so you a live joy the Bom aka coral Carlyle (Edited) naw sell again so you afi deh pan skidrow a sell p**y fi pay bills mi know why you mad caw d boy you send fah run leff u b******* caw him find out you is a f***g old hore nothing not hiding him have him pretty woman so come to reality and go look a life caw p*** no deh pan price again or go look a section 8 housing fi live Ina, you whale up no Rass and a try hold down people pickney you and you obeah working muma
You no fi talk bout people no live no weh look pan your place to R*** you Jealous of the fact the man find you out and have him pretty young gal not a old whale like you a bayhhhhhhhhh dutty hore



  1. None of that is true she don’t sell her self to pay no bills she work two job both full time and she don’t need no section 8 to live no where all the places she live high class rent that she pay in her own she don’t need no body fi help her the divorce ex a try fi dis her but nothing is true a fi him dishes who don’t wash plate and put the lady clothes what was in her laundry bin she is a clean woman her house ever clean since the dutty boy live in the house

  2. Ah sah. Anon 12:41 anybody wid an ounce of sense would see that is somebody turn out the woman dirty laundry out the basket, why have an empty basket and have your clothes strewn all ova Di bathroom? Makes no gad damn sense! Talk bout sleeping with the enemy! Dear pretty girl, you are not immune from this kind of treatment from men even this same one suh yuh stay deh

  3. That is not true joy is a clean lady she is always working and paying her bills that boy is wicked but that is what happens when you don’t listen married that piece of shit what goes around comes around

  4. Why they keep sending in Joy, two times already with the same eediat arguement……Sender you and the wuklis bwaay move on and lhow the lady. She is doing well and better off now that he’s out of her life!


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  6. Yes my name is Carol Carlyle aka Joy the bomb. Yes Dizzle BERTONY Reynolds you have all right to put me on the pink wall as you said I am 60 yrs old but this 60 year old woman have 2 jobs as a nurses career you working at Walmart you have a job thanks to my daughter this 60 year old woman who you fished online you calling me fat a cow I was the size when you met me in 2011 you should have been a shame to say I am on section 8 I have been taking care of you for 6 years now. You are my husband you said you should have 2 jobs to take care of me but instead I am the one taking care of you like a child. For 2 years I had sleep with my hard earned money in my bra. You are a wife beater I should have called the police on your ass but this is the thanks I get. You put up that I have dirty clothes on my floor. But people k own that I don’t have a dirty house I am a clean person. What happen to all the videos you take in my clean house all hype up like you are rich and don’t know how things buy. Tell the people to go on your page on Instagram and fb page to see how clean my house is. But you want to shame me so you take my dirty clothes out my basket and put them on the floor. I don’t live like that. Dizzle God is not sleeping all that you are doing to me your 4 girl children God gave you is for a reason because I am not the first woman you hit. You curse your mother you curse your sister and you curse my mother so who am I for you to shame on pink wall. You should be ashamed of yourself calling me nasty when you don’t want to wash the bleaching cream off your skin so your boxers them full of shit so everyday you call my job to bring you boxers and white tees with your nasty maga rass. Thank you Dizzle thank for being the worst X husband in the world.

  7. Well it no look stage to mi caw di draze dem deh pan di iron as far as mi see this lady yah nasty she fi do better f***g nasty

  8. Lol coral Carlyle f** a you dat fi do you mi a watch you all d time a put up people on this page mi no sorry fi you f**a u lol

  9. Lol no Dem a beat her bad so no body no tell har say she fi stay off social media whit her life lol Wat a drama this look a dutty panty even if it stage why so much draze eee so many dutty panty Joy d Bom lol

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