Barbara Gayle, Justice Coordinator

Attorney-at-law Tom Tavares Finson this afternoon moved quickly to defend his client after Justice Lennox Campbell told jurors that entertainer Vybz Kartel did not say in his defence that the voice notes played in court were not his voice.

Tavares Finson reminded the judge that the defence had been saying that the voice notes were manipulated and spliced.

Justice Campbell was making his summation to the jury when he made the observation.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is charged jointly with fellow entertainer Shawn Campbell, also called Shawn Storm; Kahira Jones; Shane Williams; and André St John.

They have been on trial since November last year for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

The Crown is alleging at the trial in the Home Circuit Court that Williams was beaten to death at Kartel’s house in Havendale on August 16, 2011 over two missing guns.

Meanwhile Campbell has cautioned the 11-member panel not to bring external matters in their consideration because their resolve was to do justice according to law.

The judge said they would have to determine first if Williams is dead.

He said if they found that he is not dead then that is the end of the matter.

He said if they determined Williams is dead they must also consider whether the men on trial had killed him.

He will continue his summation tomorrow.


    1. prison gree wid him yes, an him look betta dan him use to wid di bleach out skin, false hair, and tight up, tight up………….BUT…………him still look bad and awful an terrible nuh bloodclaat. di crawny jus stan up inna him so

  1. what kind a voodoo looking ting dat him have round him neck lol look like him pay di obeah woman a ting fi help him out. tom taveres finson is over rated big time, luckily for him, jamaican people frighten fi white man so him still is assumed to be a top lawyer. even kartel`s little sad story he read to the court makes him sound guilty.

    this case has shown the failings of the jamaican justice system, poor evidence gathering and storing. over rated and overpaid lawyers. experts who dont know the basics. prosecution lawyer did the best he could i suppose, the police made his job alot harder than it should have. from what i have seen nuff guilty man has been set free and nuff innocent man deh a prison because if di spotlight on this one and there is so much screw ups, imagine the ones we cant see.

  2. This is such a drawn out process is he guilty or not are they guilty or not, why is this trial is so dang long makes no sense. it is getting so old I stop paying attention.

  3. What a man favor evil him favor Spegle for lord of the ring, pussy u a go jail. His was one of the main person leading our children(our future) a stray

  4. yesterday I said it and most people were saying my interpretation was incorrect, how can the judge say to the jurors, if you think that a man who is always keeping contact with his family suddenly goes missing after a flurry of panicky text messages, is still alive, then find the defendants guilty…… how can people not see that as an indirect order? What will be the decision of the jurors? Will they believe that Clive Williams ran away and is now living in Waterhouse as mentioned by shawn storm in the only text message the defense is willing to accept?

  5. Me like Judge Campbell”s courtroom formula. From the look of things, it look like him have a firm control over his courtroom and does not tolerate any misconduct in it. He has a strident timbre. Level – headed and consultative, him a use words of wisdom to talk sense to the jury. Sounds like him tell it as it is, and that strike a chord with me. So, just like how the Judge a pioneer the tough adjudicating approach, I just hope the jury will do the same with their soundness of judgement and levelheadedness to help them deliver their verdict.

  6. The judge has explained to the jurors how to come up with a guilty verdict, plain and simply, if them have any understanding at all, that’s just what he is telling them, they don’t have to be a lawyer in suit, just use common sense. It easy as 123, or ABC, guilty.

  7. @Met, Shirley need to be worried!!! If i was him, i would be very worried…Babylon say jail fi me(direct words from Shirley himself)…

  8. You all should read with understanding, not because you all don’t like the man unno want him go jail. The judge is not tell the jurors to find the men them guilty, KINDLY GO BACK AND READ WHAT THE JUDGE SAYS!!

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