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Judge to jury-‘i will say this u couldn’t have done anything else on this evidence presented here. It was not possible’

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Breaking – DPP has announced that investigations have been completed in respect of 1 of the jurors. He will be charged! Details soon
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Emily Crooks ‏@emilynationwide 1m
Unanimous verdict of NOT GUILTY in respect of Shane Williams


  1. this judge ago giev kartel and shawn 25-life and the next two maybe 25yrs but him ago mek sure him give kartel some c-rus time….man of talent choose to waste it for simply ntn guh c how him a bawl yah nung nd a pray tuh God more dan eva now,the same mouth weh there is no God and him nuh kneel fe pray etc lets c 5years from nung weh addi deh pon

      1. Met blessings. Cheers my friend for a job well done. I think Observer need fi hire yuh, you can be an at-large reporter. Your reporting was concise, vigorous and timely.

        Respect to the linky dem still caws without dem yuh know it work.

        Tc and blessings once again.

          1. Met, from day 1 you’ve been on the case conducting thorough research prior to posting any information and not once have you been wrong in your reporting. Much respect. Case came full circle and all dem sey wi a beat up wi gum and fingers, it feels damn rewarding to see victory. God bless Jamaica and God bless JMG. You know it was Kartel’s case that brought me here and I haven’t left since.
            I really hope that aside from Kartel and his cronies being punished, that the verdict and Chow’s bravery will set a new precedent in Jamaica where many others will have enough faith in the state to carry out justice.


  2. Wasteman u need fi change u obeah ooman….piece a shit like u what is ur excuse? U got the chance that most ghetto youths only dreamt of but u wasted it…..u had the poor and rich to love u yet u chose guns…..jamaica with the help of GOD did our island justice….I always tell people that if u were left to reign u would be worst than all the present and past dons combined…..hallelujah amen!!!!!!!!

  3. Big up yuh linky them str888 fi mi tuh, Met, they were awesome, and drink a glass of red wine and toast your self to Met, for the brilliant way you covered this case for us, always staying on top of your game. :toast :cendol :kr

  4. met mi neva did tell yuh seh that even if prison bun dung karthell and him cronies dem haffi walk inna the ashes #justiceserved

  5. I stand corrected but didn’t Christian-Tavares Finson say that this lizard case was the easier of the 2 cases tthat kartel was involved in?

    1. .com, let us celebrate and don’t even waste time pon de bad breed lawya man de till tomorrow when de demons dem notice whey claut dem…lol

  6. Can a man inna him right mind feel say him can walk on hot coals without no shoes, and not get burned ?? Only a fool break his own heart. To Kartel I say —— Sleep tight, and don’t let de prison bed bugs bite.

      1. Farthell fi 2 measly gun whey u coulda easily buy back but noooo u hot fi di likkle bwoy cause u send him go do whey u coulda neva do (kill Rhyno) n him no do it u kill fi 2 piece a metal Everytime u lock u yeye I hope u see dem ole evil

        1. a neva di gun whey cudda buy is that the gun ina di hands a some man him did fraid a so killing lizard maybe goodly all sacrifice because him did fraid

          1. Ohhhh a so it go, well tinite mi know that shit pail haffi go empty every hour pon di hour my advise to him is just jump inna di pail head fuss worl loss u hear jump rite in n breatheeeeeeeeee

  7. Met big up uself mi cuz wen u tell mi before it was confirm mi 2nd guess di verdict….but as met say God a God n mi neva stay strong in mi faith today n mi nah lie mi previ to some info n know some tings weh mi all a say yow if him walk ppl ago ded but Met BIG BIG UP and mi fam a yaad sorry fi neva tek u word………kartel u sing say ‘u tink a little ppl mi sen go a hell gun shot inna u brain cell” den u drop di syke in say a lie dem a tell but mi know fi sure 2 hit weh u order will chow inna witness protection alot a tings unfold weh tie u rass soh just ask fi forgiveness my GOD is a merciful GOD…….dats if u still believe punt intended………….

    1. memba we did a talk bout selling whey day…………….but dem cannot sell most a dem full a bleach patch but not even juice i would buy from dem

    2. Ahhh, a ‘good’ you tonight *wink*. De fi go sell bag juice. Money likkle but it honorable. Me nah lie me miss de kisko man dem and Portmore hot like wha so dem can make a honest dolla a sell Kisko.

      Busta! RAHHHHHHH lolololllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  8. Met! What is de next challenge Mumma? Yu site is a part of Jamaica’s campaign against EVIL doers. MUAH!

    1. :kiss
      we haffi tackle di industry itself in Jamaica..they should start releasing the music of the talented now dem too wicked

      1. Me nah lie THREE women fi get shut dung, Gun, baggy, verbalizing sex acts and de word gal fi come out a we music.

  9. Finson kartel want a refund loll…..yuh bring d-lister busta swine com fi sway di jurors but dem Neva frightn loll

  10. Mi still want fi know a who get to the juror cos mi know him must talk a who pay him off fi throw the verdict? The man dem try every way fi sabotage the trial…..Is a wicked and brazen move dat fi confront a juror and pay him fi sway the foreman fi switch verdict fi money…

    that is your next mission Met. We need to know a who confront the juror and mek the offer.

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