St James Parish Judge Sandria Wong Small has ordered the immediate release of entertainer Tommy Lee Sparta, who was last week detained by the police in Kingston then taken to St James.

The decision was made after the police went to court today in an attempt to justify the detention of the artiste, as was demanded by Wong Small after the deejay’s attorneys Tom Tavares Finson and Donahue Martin made a habeas corpus application.

The police tried to get the court to agree for him to be further detained under the ongoing state of emergency in the parish but the judge rejected that request.

Tommy Lee Sparta, whose real name is Leroy Russell, was detained last Sunday morning in St Andrew at an ATM shortly after he had left the final of the popular Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition.

He was later transferred to St James in relation to organised crime in the parish, according to police.

Russell has had run-ins with the law in the past.

Last year, the police said that he was wanted for questioning in relation to ongoing violence in sections of St James.

Russell was also listed last year by detectives from the Kingston Eastern division as a person of interest in relation to a shooting in the capital city.


  1. If a me like Tommy Lee mi relocate myself and change the stage name. St James is off limits and with that Sparta name, him name a guh always call up.

  2. Justice served he need to sued the State and all those how lock him up and send out pictures of him into his underwear.they need to leave this man alone!! And he need to take out a Restraining order against all those so call stupid cops down in Jamaica he is not a Criminal the where trying to frame the young youth Akaline the same way,they need to find the real criminals and some are walking around in Badges

  3. They trying to pin all the problems in Mobay on the ghetto youth instead of Horace Chang and the other politicians. Be wise youth don’t let them get you.

  4. Tommy Lee knows exactly why police are after him. It too late now him cya put down the badness again, the problems him have way too deep. Is either death or prison fi him bbc. I dont feel sorry fi him.

  5. Dem ppl yah love endorse criminal and criminal activities too much. Glorifying badness and scammers as if it’s something good. Same like Jennifer Messsdo nuff a oonu judge is gonna get caught with all the racketeering. As for you Mr Tavares-Finson what a day when all the criminal elements you represent, one of their kind. Well, well Mrs judge lady, thanks for letting out a well known criminal back on the streets.

  6. Suck cocky tommy Lee kill Corey Merital ever since that murder his career mash up he is cursed you are right f**ka dem either death or jail house for the pussy eater hopefully gully man them in glockburn pen or east Kingston man put him out his misery because he is supplying rifle to men there and ah hide waldie man them

  7. Unu think police just radomly take set pon him?? When dem nah do dem job unu complain , When dem a do dem job unu still complain. Apart of the reason why corruption cyah stop.

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