KINGSTON, Jamaica — It is highly unlikely that the much-anticipated verdict in the Vybz Kartel murder trial will be handed down today.

Justice Lennox Campbell mid-afternoon is yet to complete his summation to the jury.

So far Justice Campbell has looked at the evidence of a police investigator, a handwriting expert and a letter purportedly written by the prosecution’s star witness. In examining the letter, the judge said that it does not appear it was written by the chief witness, because he was in protective custody on the date that the letter was allegedly penned. The letter was written on November 13, 2013.

The judge also told the jurors to take into consideration the wording of the letter. The author of the letter used the words, which Justice Campbell thought were above the literacy level of the witness based on the testimony he gave.

“You can describe a case as a cause, that is the way lawyers describe a case. The Vybz Kartel cause. Is that something you expect the star witness would have said? Legitimize their theory? When he was asked if he knew who the public defender was, he said no. It is undisputed that he was in protective custody on the 13th,” Justice Campbell said.


  1. Judge Campbell……mi woulda love fi si u kitchen cupboard and u socks draw …yu neat bad…..it look like dem give Chow literacy test …and it is undisputed that he was in protective custody ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    1. mi sehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a set a people wicked doe and dem waa come beat wi because we agree se a nuh him write it..dem seh a di aunty write it

      1. Met a Tom write it …..and mi nah look ……a quick ting …cause dem mix up di date weh di yute go visit him family fi tell dem seh him good ..,,,Kartel may the good Lord go wid yu ……..u a go need it ……even if dem free yu

  2. Met, today I beg to differ with you sis. The judge DIRECTLY told them it was both beyond believability and possibility that Chow could have written this letter. And yuh know sey I think this judge been reading this here pink wall.

    1. he did…mistake
      i thought I was the only one who though that when mi see him draw fi di literacy level :tkp

    2. the judge told them that the defence had brought in an expert that said chow had written the letter he was speaking on behalf of the defence ….but when he said it ….he made it clear….that that is what the defence determined without a reasonable doubt………….however he is giving the date and time as evidence that mr chow was in custody …so everyting else comes before the truth

  3. mi tell unu seh chow illiterate unu tink a lie …..dem a go do whole heap a ting wen him go inna protective custody …literacy test and mental evaluation …..so mi nuh undastan di defence

  4. Met how u doing dear? but Uno no si say di judge a try di case ova agen jus incase di jurors mek it fly ova dem head…what a piece a summation….to be continued to rass..Met please send fi mi when di verdict read n tonks

  5. Lennox Campbell for prime minister……….
    he sounds,educated, sturdy,strong,fair,compitent,shows leadership the way he controls his court room,got a good sense of humor etc

    1. nuh true bravey a follow uptown Tom a call up POLICE AND POLITICIAN name now him inna PROBLEM…………PRISON …fi him

  6. Mi she mi jus a wait______________________ unless a smaddy spell wen Chow did a write cause I nah look from mawnin, d wicked agguh get him due

    1. You can eliminate that theory for if Chow wrote the letter, he would have spelled his own name correctly.

    2. Riches Im sure the prosecution said he was in custody in court so it look like di jamaican media only a report part part a di case

  7. Mi say mi just c a video clip wid d ppl dem bout dem a demonstrate, smh God help my ppl, I’m speachless

  8. I luv dah judge yah!!! dwl
    But d prosecutor shuda bring up d point seh Chow wuz in protective custody when Finson did a gwaan wid him almshouse b4 him mek doubt slip inna d jurors mind

  9. goo day tuh judge mi now fi a fact dem copy few things from de wall repeat back tuh yuh like yuh gud up wife yes sah…gaza slim get yuh pus-c ready cuz a crazy jail phuck yuh shall give set a wicked

    1. good* know*

      bwoy de dunceness all cum up pon jus nung lawd Mr.Campbell mi like how yuh bruck it dung inna simple terms big big point out dis cuz mi waan knw why chow wuda spell him name cho plzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Demonstrate dem don’t lean fr dudus incident. (Singing)Babylon sey jail for him and the judge say time for him.

  11. @Met, what a sinting??? mek di defense dem lie and wiked suh???. All di craft dem a work, and seeit [email protected], me say di day dem sentance him rass ACE is a dead bitch!! GOD NAW SLEEP..

    1. mi get fi find out seh all some young ppl 19 20 a seh kartel wicked him fi go jail …cause it nuh right fi kill ayute and him buy out di case ….a hope di one dem weh free when dem kill dem bredda uncle and such dem nuh bawl seh police nuh come….dem deh downtown a protest dis but wen dem rape off di likkle pickey dem nah protest

  12. @Real, a suh dem gwaan.. Wha dem fi protest and demonstrate for dem quiet and luk di ada way..Set a scumbag dem..Bout free shirley, dat animal fi dead a prison..

  13. Mi have a feeling say mi related to da Judge ya you know. Mi hear say yesterday inna de courthouse de Judge tell Finson fe siddung when Finson interrupt him summation. Bloodclaat !!!

  14. BRUTE force, APPREHEND fear, LEGITIMIZE THEORY……. all this came from the man who said “mi FLY ova de gate”, never knew what MANIPULATED & ALTERED meant…… go figure. From that letter was read I knew this dude could never have written it.

  15. what i find with some jamaican ppl is, they don’t like reading.

    Reading is an essential action for the development of our reasonability.

    We also need to take time out to read with understanding, something i see lacking in today’s society.

    ppl think everything they hear on the news is truth, ppl like to use second hand information and believe in it 100% without even investigating the info even a little.

    the wagonist dem grieve mi soul, a bet if nuff a dem fi read the transcripts of the case for themselves they would feel like real idiots.

    ppl unno fi pick up reading as a hobby u hear, it is fun, it exercises the brain and it give you knowledge.

    not to mention, when ppl si unno pon tv, unno won’t come off as sum real idiot a repeat tings as unno opinion weh based pon weh odda ppl tell unno

  16. Met mi family say verdict read and a guilty please confirm him a soldier deh butmi needJMG confirmation O

  17. Mi know a dem write di letter from mawning…..unu nuh si dem cudnt bring nuh other witness fi com testify, dem did jus a ride pon dah one handwriting specialist deh loll

  18. A wonder weh big gut Busta and him big gut man a seh now, what a waste a trip and money, a weh unno did feel like seh de people dem frighten fe some ole washed up celebrity. Next time tell you friend fe focus pon him music and leave badman thing alone.

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