The judge in the Vybz Kartel murder trial has told jurors that they should not find the entertainer guilty because of the contents of his lyrics.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is charged jointly with fellow entertainer Shawn Campbell, also called Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones; Shane Williams and André St John.

High Court judge Justice Lennox Campbell gave the instruction to the 11-member panel of jurors as he started his summation of the case in the Home Circuit Court this morning.

As he opened his address, the judge told the jurors that they first have to determine whether Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams is dead.

He said if they find that he is not dead, that’s the end of the matter.

However, he said death can be proven by other facts including circumstantial evidence.

The Crown had said it is relying on circumstantial evidence to argue that Kartel and his four co-accused plotted and murdered Williams at the artiste’s Havendale, St Andrew house on August 16, 2011.

The judge outlined to the jurors what is common design, the argument used by the prosecution to implicate the accused men.

The judge told the jurors that they must be satisfied and feel sure that Williams is dead.

Justice Campbell instructed the jurors to decide if the five accused men killed Williams.

Justice Campbell noted that the evidence must point in the direction and one direction only, that the men killed Lizard.

It is alleged that ‘Lizard’ was beaten to death over two missing guns.

Justice Campbell also asked the jurors not to speculate or have any sympathy for anyone in the case.

He said the evidence must be the yardstick by which they judge the case.

Justice Campbell told the jurors that they should not be prejudiced by the ‘locking’ of guns in the case.

He said the accused men’s morals are not on trial.

The High Court judge is continuing is summation.

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    1. I hope that people accept that Lizard IS dead and not go along with the “weh di baddy deh” line as if to prove he is alive.

      Until this trial, I never knew that so many were ignorant of what “circumstantial evidence” means.

  1. Afternoon Met.

    But what do you think Met. You think the jury, based off all they have seen and heard, believes that Lizard is dead? Because if that is what the Judge really tell dem, den if dem believe dat him really dead then they should come to a decision quickly. But based off how in the beginning alot of the jurors and even some members in the court were acting like star-struck groupies and supporters rather than members of a court, me haffi wonda if dis case nuh already buy out. kmt

    1. If dem a go based of what the judge says then the judge all a say di defense neva present dem case because they should have really suggested what could have happened to lizard but dem did busy a talk bout conspiracy whey dem cudden prove…so if dem follow judge orders only one way dem can vote..but lets see..now dem see busta dem maybe wusa frighten

  2. But Met, why di hell would Busta wanna associate or even be seen in any vicinity with Kartel and his trial? Him nuh tink it woulda look sticky pon him and if Kartel is found guily he is gonna look like a damn fool and be branded as a supporter of a Killer.

    So Mumma Met, wha you tink so far? Mi leaving it to God cuz he knows today and tomorrow’s outcome, but yuh tink the jurors have sense fi find him guilty? Yuh tink dem realize a what a gwaan?

    1. Him mussy feel proud a whatever money him spend fi influence and corrupt de trial. Bust need fi go chaw 2 c*ck and lo whey nu have nothing fi do wid him…unless a him a supply de shoes dem.

  3. Bwoy Metty, mi nuh know but mi feel nervous like dem ago come wid a Not Guilty verdict eh nuh, cause dem ppl yah come in like dem star struck :takut

  4. He’s going to walk. #bet

    He is guilty but he will walk bussa busss fly out & all dese tings

    1. Who de f**k is busta? so because him fly out kartel a go get off de case? F**k a busta rhymes and all who think sey entertainers a god!

      Me nu shaky nor limp inna my integrity win or lose….is eida kartel get sentence by a jury of his legitimate peers or de man dem him try fi bargain out pon (Yes Spain man him try fi sell onu fi him freedom) will administer street justice unda him rass.

  5. Good day Met memba mi ask u a favor weh day….text, call, email do all di Paul Revere’s Ride but jus mek mi know di verdict n tonks…Now if uno noh connect di Busta dots yet mek mi tell you di boss have him cronies mek a duppy fi him lol mi gone do di ppl dem wok yah…

  6. as usual let mepresentu guys wid a little facts maybe u never knew ..busta not only paid lawyer fees ..but also sign kartel under the quiet ..so thts why hes there to add a little star pressure

  7. These are the things why killing won’t stop in jamaica because ppl tends to act foolish butuuntil they very own get murdered them realise. Why the case took so long in the first place? Chow say him see lizard motionless the last time. Oh God

  8. Look like dah man yah a go :trave

    Wouldn’t b surprise

    Da judge summation statement deh a go be di “let go card”

    ” determine FIRST say lizard dead , if dem find say him no dead ,END of matter
    Even doh Death can be proven by other facts including circumstantial evidence , they must be satisfied and feel sure say lizard dead”

    Some a dem might say no body no death even doh den know say u no need body fi prove murder and even wid all the circumstantial evidence

    A me say world boss straight yeah…..but if him do di crime him fi do di raaas time. A coulda my bredda or family

    Dem luddy

  9. Well here is my prayer: Dear Faada, please mek de jurors dem feel satisfied and sure inna dem minds say dat Lizard is dead, cause nuh body nuh see nor hear from him more dan 2 years now, and dem chop him up fine like mince meat, so dat mean say dat him dead. One more ting Faada God, please mek all de evidence point in de direction, and one direction only, dat a dem 5 man ya were involved in one way or anadda in Lizard”s death. Blessed be thy holy name Faada. Amen.

  10. Met you si the story about the Mom, dad, daughter accused in $7M shoplift spree
    Mom, dad, daughter from suburban Chicago charged in $7M, multistate shoplifting spree……dem ppl yah mek the Jamaicans look like joke lol

  11. Phantom I was being very sarcastic I don’t even like Busta Rhymes as a individual lol
    Calm yuh nerves dem na Mek u eat ah night time calm down but he is getting off just because the case been buy out & he just is lol Idc if he stay in jail or get leggo

  12. Busta is looking for a payday. If Kartel beats the case he will earn a billion Jamaican dollars and I am sure Busta has made him sign a contract to get a big slice of that. I think Kartel will walk but he is more than guilty.

  13. Me waant him come a road fi real and when him reach, ONE A DEM LIKKLE SPAIN MAN DEH, OUST HIM NASTY BLOODCLAATE…Dat me say, him walk tideh, tmro him missing and mince up juss like how dem mek lizard body missing..

  14. Based on how the case was presented,by both the prosecution and defense alot of valid and valuable information wasn’t brought to the forefront. In my opinion there’s only two possible outcomes, Not Guilty or a Mistrial based on lack of substantial evidence. If he was in the US, there would be no case with no body or a confession depending on the state. This case is putting our Justice system under the microscope of the international community# History in the making whatever the outcome.

    1. Talk the truth @ History… Based on all the evidence, only two outcomes Not guilty or Mistrial! It’s alot of Kartel haters on this site, they all Hipocrites they are the same ones that can’t help listening to his music. IMHO he is probably guilty! but based on the evidence he will be found not guilty! Don’t hate the man because he is an entertainer, just know that there are many murderers walking amongst us with alot of blood on their hands that were never brought to justice! Kartel will be free!

  15. If it was in di state di case wud a done long time from dem have him pon audio a seh di man body chop up like mince meat,dat is more dan enough evidence fi send him nasty raaas guh prison….dem dung deh a buy out di case hard hard and mek dis little murdera a look like somebody…him might get weh from man but him can’t get weh from God…

  16. A betta Snoop lion did come than Busta …..all i ever see Busta do is jump on a reggae artist remix…….mi neva hear him do a original song with a reggae artist and seh him have jamaican heritage

    1. Like a true jungle bunny him jump up pon stage bout OH RAH and a shake like crackhead!

      Dam mouth look like when liva get whey from butcha.

  17. “Mr. Palmer has said he has never seen Lizard at Swallowfield Avenue and that he’s innocent. St. John has said he’s only here because he’s associated with Mr. Palmer. He does not know of any block or plot or plan. Shawn Campbell has said he’s not aware of any plan, Shane Williams has said he does not even know why he is here while Kahira Jones has said Chow and the Police plan up to bring down Kartel and his friends.

    Mr. Palmer has NOT denied that the voice in the voice note is not his.”

    Ah ni me say so…..ah so di judge say…..

  18. By the way if him do beat the case, I am willing to bet he will seek asylum somewhere , because him aggo seh Bunting(Government minister) Laing an him Fren dem (Jamaica Police) and the Prosecutor and Judicial system out fi get him…..

  19. Well the judge is implying a guilty verdict ..it’s left up to the jurors to do jamaica justice…I hope that shit belly rhymes did not get to buy out the jurors….(JAmaica Observer acts as if they are some slutty groupie)

  20. If the jury unbiased and really consider the ROL he will be found not guilty. It is all circumstantial he might walk free people!!

    1. yes! no body, no evidence! case dismissed! He may be guilty but if there is no body you cannot convict somebody over voice notes…Hard physical evidence is needed… DNA, and blood. RIP if he’s dead but based on the fact that there is no body you can’t convict somebody or there will be a retrial

      1. :hammer

        Met! please to get a clown emoticon on here cause words nu good enough fi combat some a de intelligence round here.

  21. U don’t need a body to convict..Circumstantial evidence is overwhelming enough and it out-ways reasonable doubt…His voice-notes are irrefutable, his ass is canned, if not in the pen by one of his own, so @realyute continue to talk shit, u dunce-bat…

    1. Thats why I don’t come on these blog sites I was just voicing my opinion didn’t mean to offend anyone or get disrespected, I’m not a dunce bat! I’m a ex Marine with a bachelors degree, you same ones that insult people in the safety of your home behind your computer could never say it to their face! I’m out!

      1. Yu mussy did a peel potatoes cause no respectable Marine don’t call dem self phucking EX! HORAAAAAH! FORMER is the word ..lol cut eye cause yu didn’t matriculate well or yu wouldn’t a chat FART. can’t even tell yu semp………..waste.

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