Haters they gonna hate… sexy Julia y u haters mad gal u young n pretty n u a mad dem none a dem big flab hating on you could pull this off ur belly may have pale stretch marks showing proof of ur beautiful gem but fi dem stretch out doline n sinkhole naa keep nobody a Dat dem fi talk bout


8 thoughts on “JULIA FROM THE SIDE

  1. Gm all,what is seen cannot be unseen…even from a million more angles!very pretty girl though n the way she pouts suggests she got it going on.link princess Apple for tips sweet julia,she got the link n aint any other chick doing it better or sexier inna dancehall rt now!

  2. So a which man Julia a keep Julia don’t have a man for herself who send in this want a file pon Julia or a Julia send in this yah story she couldn’t even keep a man weh she run go breed fah, so a who she ago keep kmt surely not her fren yanique man weh she take come with fact sender

  3. Kmt Julia 20 different angle can’t clear up your profile….. Your lifestyle dirty and that’s fact, you trying too hard to be relevant my girl settle down. Go look a job stop walk and f**k for clothes and hair, if you gonna do it make it worth while. Have some ambition.

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