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  1. She reach. The pressure increases. She and her mom. She is out of the hotel room now lolol but Sam lawyer chick will be there too. What a circus LMAO

  2. ^^^ When she in the stadium sitting with Jennifer bolt and when him run go hug her up, let’s chat. *sips tea*

  3. No bolt focus and stop read met wait until you finish rio you type you name up top in search and everything will pop up. And kasi I hope you not reading and stressing bolt with foolishness because if you make him lose that race you will certainly get left.

  4. I still think something big may go down. She brought along her mother and not a friend, makes you wonder. So, I guess she isn’t pregnant but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bolt retires in style and proposes in front of the world. He loves attention, it’s his personality. And more so since there have been quite a few engagements during these Olympics. Which makes me wonder now if this wasn’t the plan all along. I guess we will have to wait and see. In the meantime I hope everyone stays safe in Rio.

  5. Yes hunny run go run as fast u can. Claim u man before another does. Let’s just hope u reach the stadium n don’t get told to SIT right there in the hotel. It would really be a shame to go all that way n don’t get as much as an onscreen kiss.
    P.S some may cuss n say this site is good for nothing but drama n suss but see it ya we are motivational to even the weak minded. You think she would have reach if it wasn’t for yesterday’s post. Worse Mrs.Bolt gon on big big cnn talking about settle down n marriage. Go hunny wi cheering for u too. Mission become more than the girl from old harbour in full effect :2thumbup :kimpoi

    1. I’m rooting for her too! Trust me. Bolt a gwan terrible and this is entertaining as hell but I really want to see her win.

  6. She bought her own plane ticket she there with her mother Me woulda shame never see her and bolt out or even on a vacation nothing she just wah know say she a f**k the worlds fastest and famous man

  7. Oh my lord please don’t let bolt lose. This prayer is for kasi, not bolt. Cause if he does KASI dog nyam you supper…..

  8. Only curvy diva can bounce all a dem to the curb!Yanique wtf yuh a wait pon fi book ur rio flight?kmft mek them all dash out them coffee n buss the thermos.Up Bolt 🙂 we sey bbc cnn showdown inna Rio.

  9. everyday unuh live on the girl name kmft talk bout someone new now bitch not even all that and Usain teeth them yellow… the things money can do to people because if he wasn’t spending on her yall wouldn’t care so much… I want to vomit just reading this thread…. so over usain and kasi…

  10. Ms Badbitch… of all the things to read on the internet a pink wall your browser find? Low we mek wi chat.. a fi we kimye saga this

  11. So Kasi work? Is Bolt financed monthly pum pum upkeep money she use buy the ticket…so she neva buy her own ticket.
    Nice hotel a Rio still have availability? This trip must plan long time cause me sure a nuh lastmi ute.com or airbnb Kasi use fi go brazil.
    Kasi winning still d fact that she is there to witness him win him most prized Gold medal speaks volume.
    Now ms Kasi me a root fi u cause a nuff bun n slackness u put up wid. Dnt mek nuh gal come dive n tek u medal pon d finish line.
    PS.. Bolt like lawyrs? me c dat Kasi have a law degree
    PS… so y a nuh d mates buy dem own ticket?

    1. She not winning if one a di mate a tek plane guh deh! Mi notice all a dem we a buck a lawyer, maybe him have them draw up the confidentiality agreement fi dem “f**k and benefits”

    2. why uno a act like kasi is a saint a nuff 3 sums she give bolt buff thats why she have few friends left some do 3 sum and sex bolt behind her back ……Kasi did have to lose weight first before Bolt push her out she was the mate to Kirstin so all who a talk about she got out Kirstin the like girl left the man because she couldn’t bother now she dry aid rich bahamian who seems tp respect her .. Kai is no angel she just more obedient than the rest of the bitches if him say stay home she cannot leave

  12. Mi nuh business if dem waah fly out his best bad dog innah him yawd, these tricks better not come salt up di man game wid dem salt self, cassette tape and sam’s club bettah nuh frig wid history awoah.

  13. Suh wait @Met……am I the only one who noticed that the “And the winner is” filter in Kasi Snapchat is in Spanish? She was watching him on T.V when she posted that snap. We weren’t seeing no “hotel” room at the time but we forgot that Snapchat a sell out…..if she was in an English speaking country that filter would be in English not Spanish!!!!!! BTW……that was from last nights snap 22hrs ago if anyone on her Snap

    1. Anon23 update your snap. Kasi done post views of historic downtown Rio and her nice fancy lunch today with her mom. You still stuck on last nights snaps. LOL

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