Dear Met,
I am writing you to ask your readers for their support. We need help to raise awareness to the killing that occurred in East Kingston Saturday May 10. Moreover; we need justice to be served so that police officers will think twice before taking the life of an innocent person. Two unarmed young men were killed cold blooded by police. This injustice has to stop; far too many innocent lives have been taken by the hands of police. I am sure that the INDECOM is cognizant of the repetition of the police reports, which is always; they were fired at or they found guns. If they stop planting guns, then they will stop finding guns.
There’s a differences between wrong and right. What these police officers did is wrong. If the men are guilty of something, arrest them. Why kill them? Define Justice? Since August 6, 1962 Jamaica has been spiraling into an abyss from which there is no return. A corrupt legal system enforced by corrupt leaders is one of the reasons for the aforementioned and the events of last week Saturday is an excellent example as well.
On May 10, 2014 East Kingston policemen were carrying out an operation when they were “suddenly” fired upon by a man. The police reported that they returned fire and the shooter was shot and injured, but he managed to escape on foot. The police went on to say that they followed the blood trail of the injured man that lead them further into the community of Rennock Lodge where they where “suddenly” fired at again. The police then fired and killed two innocent men whom had no relation to the previous gun battle. Please note that there is no evidence supporting the police claims that they were fired at on a second occasion. The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) scrutinized the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Local residents dispute the policemen’s claims and say that the two men were killed as they bathe at a water pump in the community. This is evidently true. It is not clear whether these two men will receive justice as it is evident that the law enforcement is lying, as far as I can tell the murder of these two men may be another situation where lady liberty is blind to the truth.
I am sickened by the injustice that is so repetitive in Jamaica. In my capacity as an international MSW student I am raising Local and International awareness to this case. Justice is not about superficial qualities or the community in which one is from. Justice is just about finding the truth. However, today justice in Jamaica is being perverted totally by an idea that is spreading called “social justice”. Social justice is just a misnomer that basically means that those in charge may do exactly as they please.



  1. Sender, did you turn over your evidence or eyewitness account to INDECOM? I ass-u-me you were on the scene and can give a blow-by-blow account of the shooting incident? It’s funny, I have seen any Dear Met Letters from you when these criminals kill innocent Jamaicans in East Kingston. Why?

    1. AMEN AND SO LET IT BE! much love and respect to you and all who see the discrimination for what it is…all unda dem bed dem witness police injustice but NEVER the injustice carried out by the “innocent’ “angelic” criminal elements inna Jamaica.

      Is not even justice for all is justice for east kingston…so whappen to the rest a J A?

      Hello Met, me know me can be a pain in the backside at times… :nohope:

  2. Sender, I would love to be a part of this movement. Please supply information on how to get in contact with you. As a past resident of West Kingston and who still have family members living there, I believe what ur trying to do is important.

    1. Justice for Jamaica?? Jamaica get justice every time the police kill di old criminals from East Kingston and other parts. Uunu no look like uunu think seh Jamaica start and end at East and West Kingston. KMT

  3. Listen writer move your bomboclaat and guweh… Dpa and Little blacks a saint? me was there when it all occured and mi also reside in the area so dont come write up nuh f***kry

    1. Thank you!!! I think these criminal lovers have their own agenda. They want “justice” and yet they were not there when the shooting took place. The police have to kill some of these bad boys because they have made a name for themselves, killing their own ghetto yute or innocent people in the community. The police pretty much have informants in every community in Jamaica. They know you the real trouble makers/killers are and they are not waiting for them to commit more murders. We just have to ignore the international MSW Student (whatever that means). She hates the police because…………………

      1. She would a win me over if she did write a letter asking for justice of the little 12 year old who was murdered in west kingston, but have time a seek justice fi ole tuff, tired body community menace. Guess har fly dung buddy gone.

      2. It fava sey de international msw is a masters in social work..still nah bounce nu ball cause look whey dem select fi highlight and dem nah masta inna sociology or criminology…kmt

  4. Writer, point of correction: Lady Liberty is that of the STATUE OF LIBERTY in the United States of AMERICA. Lady Justice is that of the female figure holding a sword and the scales of justice…Universal.

    Please to write an open letter asking the dons/donettes to stop molest the children, import shoes/guns, scamming people, raping from birth to old age, chop off people heads, kill dog, puss, ole and young people inna dem beds along with holding neighborhoods hostage to socioeconomic progress. Oh, and stop challenge de police dem.

    Thank you, in advance.

    1. Lol… Tek time with her PP! Lady Liberty/Lady Justice 101 will be taught in the next semester of International MSW… DWL

  5. DPA and Little Blacks a two criminals from long time. a nuff duppy dem mek, Lights out fe dem!!!!

  6. Good fi them, should have died a long time ago, where is the justice for the innocent lives that these men took, there will be no pity party around here for the criminal elements of society that plague and take the lives of our people, when such a one has come to their demise, we shall be glad and rejoice, and sing happy riddance, at least we will have less death in our homeland.

  7. Mi not even a guh inna nuh details, DEM TWO TERRORISTS FI DED long time. Mek di hypocrite dem gwaan mek nize an block road. Dem know de effery dem keep up an want ppl fi support. Das 2 less terrorist inna Jamaica.

  8. innocent….which pawt…kmdt…gembwoy marry him uman from philly and him nevah even love ar..green card ting to raas…nuff a dem tell ar seh a 1 order gunman…him even show him wife him gun weh him use bun bwoy skin..police tell him seh dem did have a bullet wid him name pan it…one way out a gang a death…dem all a big him up pan facebook wall bout fallen soldiers…f**king dutty ass criminal and gunman dem…dem nuh innocent a raasclaat

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