Greetings sistren Met long time reader here of your raw & unbiased dissection of our kultcha. The wall has a resolute purpose to enlighten so today I reason on something I thought ended with Kamila McDonald.
The McDonald’s are our local rasta kardashian klan. Never really made it as musicians but seemed to never stop trying to live through them kids.
Not just any body could talk to them daughters & I thought it respectable until a young idren close to me failed to meet the status quo for some shallow tings I will not talk. Soon enough tho them educated prize pawn Kamila would marry a convicted rapist***of course he was famous & had money. The other daughter (not pictured) got with an artiste to. But he was basic no Jah Cure.
The sistrens are all involved in the media or music & the brother to,they always pushed them into spotlight tings having quite an unhealthy obsession with getting a buss when they all aren’t talented that way. Its like them Hollywood moms that will get their pikneys fame by the hook or by the nook. Or in this case by the crook, after the big public wedding splash the Cure turned to a disease I thought it ended & they learned for sure.
Then In the community we all heard they took in a young teen lad some years back to help with the yards, turns out he was a young artist that was really good so they kept him & started to groom him .Should be bigging them up for noble acts yes? because the young lad was chronixx. But using sweets & likes to trick young bredrens is a known strategy for uptownies preying on disadvantaged youth.
It is now evident that kelissa is pregnant for chronixx. I am no conspiracy theorist but you mean all 3 sistren marry artists by coincidence? They will marry soon Errol the pa will see to it. Peter Tosh & Bob living reincarnate will have his first child come by a big woman whose family been looking for a buss now for years. Them persistent. They prey on all the young black virile & gifted & rich young men & hope one will give them a famous legacy. Kelissa looks to be yearss older than chronixx who is just 25/26. It is years since they took him in, but an artiste recently nominated for a grammy, a pregnancy will be no coincidence. The McDonalds are securing the bag yet again.
 Jah Cure is old news & the seasoned drugs is making him unbalanced so he could not be the legacy. Plus the abuse allegations to Kam has also tainted the legacy name so another must be carry the legacy**in comes unclechronixx. Now Kamila openly dotes on him a couple times of year on the social, the babymother has never & I find it strange. He posts her subliminally I assumed they were trying to be private, but actually nothing about that family is. A lad recently commented on the sparks dj pic of kelissa, to say chronixx babymother & the comment was swiftly deleted**but the union is no secret so why hide? Is he still too black to fully feature despite the nomination?
I had hoped the klan had stopped using black bodies for breeding & cultivating status they could not make, while not really having regard for them otherwise. I could go on about the ways this klan is prejudice, the people they have scortched & how deeply a famous legacy matters to them but I will pause. They cannot be blamed alone if the young lads fall for the reaping under the promise that they marry into a rich family with pretty hair brown girls up for the bidding,after all its every ignorant black lad’s aspiration.
 My idrens have sight but are blind with no vision. This is just an intro example into a discourse of the elite using ownership of black bodies dancehall & reggae male artists for validation just like Blackwell & them. This family is just a chapter in a book of these stories, see how many have been swept up into the web of the light skins elites, when they are emerging, unaware they are being used as pawns. Feel free to share your thoughts. I dare not say no love exists in every case, but check the levels. Kaci & Bolt are another good example with the wealth reversed. Colorism is still deeply rooted in Ja the new age nooses are just less tight & this time the master come not with whips but with words, so not all who are sighted really see.
Bless Met


  1. Maybe Chronixx a play fool fi ketch wise,so that him see an excellent threesome opportunity to fcuk di 2 Sistas.Go for it Rasta n get the last laugh fi yuh money.Happy new year to All bloggers.Big up yourself Bammy ,PP yuh large,one love Genuine n SistaGirl G!

    1. Bless up Yardie!! Happy Holidays and New Year to you and everyone! Mi peep peep over here more while but life just get busy so.

    2. Yo Bro! I missed this one lololol. This was a great read and wouldn’t mind read this person “Met” again. Baby should born now? :hammer

      I would call this ‘The crossbreding Chronicles’ lolol It is so truthful and humerous because of the truth that goes with it.

  2. :kiss sender..It was only this morning I was looking at the pic with Kamilla and the parents…I was shocked when this landed in my inbox…I enjoyed the read………….agree with everything………..The marriage with Jah Cure was forced too

  3. Sender, if Chronixx and Kellisa are a couple and parent to be, maybe they want their relationship private and not for social media. Too many people put their private lives on social media, then in the end all the walls come tumbling down. If that is indeed his child, I don’t fault him for seeking some kind of normalcy for his family.

    And how is the parent racist? Both parents a black, aren’t they? The sister who’s a Dr. of natural medicine, is also married to a black man . I’m just trying to understand where the racism come in to play.

    1. Quite defensive which one u related to? If u read with understanding u would get the sender is saying they are using all of them because them no usually open to their shade of black unless gains involve

    2. Exactly. Nothing like that . The family is really nice , and being over protective doesn’t mean dem want a buss. Everybody don’t think like that . Maybe they don’t want the same Jah Cure mistake twice. We need more parents like that . And if they took in Jah Cure before him buss , how are they opportunist? Sounds like they were rooting for him before everyone else. Stop finding a conspiracy where there is none. Plus the girl not even reach 30 yet . Stay blessed and happy new year

  4. As for Kamilla, I think the reason why she married Cure is because she was pregnant , and the parent weren’t having their educated daughter been knocked up and alone. Even with his conviction, they would rather them been married.

  5. So no shot-gun wedding yet? There’s still the youngest sister, lets see if she will follow the same artiste footsteps

  6. I always thought/assumed Chronixx and Kelissa made/were a sweet couple … never knew it was hush hush. Congrats to them on the blessing if they are indeed expecting. Sender a so some parents tan if them never get the limelight them wanted ina dem life they live vicariously thru them offspring axe Lisa Hanna ehehe lol.

  7. If i laugh tideh!!!! Sender she not pregnant by mistke at alllll and ppl know bout dah family here shit run deep, yuh neva tell one lie. I seen she and him at a certain rehearsal space few times and him weh suh full a himself and prime comin like MOUSE roun her when she bwoy him up! him have a handler not a rship dats why it private but him a sheep. a suh dem did think them coulda sheep up cure but him tun roun embarass them. :tkp

  8. Plus she and Chronixx are about the same age . She is not even 30 yet . Happy for her and I love them together , if true

  9. Why unoo think she is only a baby mother? How unoo don’t know di people dem married a foreign or in front of a JP? Kelissa is a very shy person and doesn’t crave limelight like that. The time it took for her to gain confidence to sing, he brought that out of her. Leave the people dem. As for the parents, don’t be an ass. How can they be racist when all of them pickney significant other darker than shoe polish in most cases. I truly believe that the parents nurture these relationships so that it will hopefully produce a cohesive unit. Also, what is wrong with nurturing your children’s goals? Sender I don’t get u with this fuckery. Kelissa has been with him from BEFORE him buss. Why it couldn’t be that because their daughter having a relation ship with the ute they nurtured and fostered the talent and helped him to ensure the success of both parties? I cannot stand when people come with this foolishness. I won’t negate that there aren’t examples of your theory in existence but I am sorry not with this family in this case. Kelissa is so shy it’s unbelievable. Stop this man, if you present proof that they are in his coffers and basically own rights to his material , tours, licensing, etc then thats a different story. we have enough divisiveness out here already don’t add to it because you believe so and not because of fact. Present facts if you have them.

  10. But suppose they want to be used sender lol I say they are in on it too, why else a 25 year old gonna be with a almost 30 plus year old woman and you cant tell me she younger than that alexa play *dweet fi di likes XD

    1. What is an almost 30 “plus ” year old of they are not even 30 yet?. Tired of society rushing and running down women’s age and nothing bout man age.

  11. Very informative, I am a big fan of Chronixx but i didn’t know anything about his personal life. When I see an artist/famous black man pick up a black woman with (darker skin) I have to rate him. Big up Baby Cham he married his beautiful black wife. O nuh mix and can’t pass for any other race but the black race. I don’t know if they r still together, just making a point. The black race have many beautiful shade and all shades should be recognized as BEAUTIFUL. WHEN OUR BLACK MEN DON’T VIEW US AS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TAKE NOTICE

  12. A very interesting read. As I was reading it the movie Get Out came to mind to how the writer word the piece. But if they took in Chronixx wouldn’t he be like a brother to the other children. I know no blood is there, but it is so weird to me to make a child with someone who grew up like a brother to you. Any who, their pan a wata fi carry. A dem seh Partridge family to dem ting.

  13. Stick a pin *literally* why was kamilla so obese in her earlier years and there’s no profound obesity in her family?

  14. The parents never liked Jah Cure from the start. As a matter of fact the whole family dislike him but they are not the type to bash people openly, they do it in secret. The family don’t care about the hype hence why they disliked Jah Cure from the get go. They love Chronixx though…..
    The parents don’t push the children to do anything however they do allow them to be who they want and they support the decisions that are made. If the parents had control over what the children were doing they would all be university graduates and out the limelight. Facts me a give unu

  15. Whoever keeps sending information about the McDonald’s clearly don’t know the family because I am yet to read certain juicy details on this site or on social media about the family especially regarding Kamila and Jah Cure.

  16. Chronixx and this young lady has been friends for about 10 years. Sender ur late, she tours a lot with chronixx and them nuh just dey they are married, yes married. It was a pvt affairs. She is a good girl and decent, she is very humble the opposite of her other sister. She is really a beautiful soul n down to earth, very level headed girl.

  17. How before God an man kine who here who a really waan Jah Cure married to dem educated daughter. If the parents lick out, so what. As for Chronixx and this girl, they been together for a long time, a baby happening isnt a shock, that’s usually the end game of two people being in a relationship.

  18. Den she nuh mus *married * the money bag dahhhhhh….a me along read and ketch sense …over ten years huh cousin and cousin mek gud soup I guess since Dem grow close like brother and sister ….dah dah deeeee

  19. If people don’t know by now that chronixx have two face uno late. You will know him as respectful and humble if u have a bigger hype than him or u money taller or if u in a big position can do sumtn for him. So this shocking all who a comment bout nice a muss people who ass him haffi kiss

    1. Big facts! A the same posse run een uptop that the sender talking about the uptowners that befriend him for validation whose ass him a kiss fi fit een but if the real stories drop over here bout him the internet would mash up!! and everybody have flaws but believe me a no dat. Him walk round like him too good fi the ground and the file a people him diss long like china wall him own producer wh buss him did call him wasteman so you fi know

  20. Has either chronixx and kelissa openly said that they were dating? Where did the rumor even come from that they were? Where do people get this info from?

  21. Very late, in the heart of covid did not know about this. What did people expect all these idiot so call rasta talking about blackness and hiding behind shades. Why none of them pick up a dark skin woman like there mother because they have confidence issues. These women would not have even glance their way had they not have money or fame and that’s a fact.

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