The Los Angeles Police Department visited Kanye West as part of a disturbance call Monday, according to law enforcement sources, a day after the rapper abruptly canceled the rest of his tour.

The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, did not provide details about the incident but confirmed that police were called about 1:20 p.m. The case turned into a “medical emergency” and was handed off from the LAPD to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the sources said.


West agreed to seek medical treatment, a law enforcement source said.

The incident comes at a turbulent period for West, who walked off the stage three songs into his Saturday night concert in Sacramento and canceled Sunday’s at the Forum three hours before showtime.


  1. Poor Kanye he can’t handle the fame from time he been acting and bottling up his feelings that’s his breaking point so now the media will make it seem as if he needs help and he’s mentally ill so they will send him to “rehab” to get RE-PROGRAMMED to act accordingly smfh ! Feel it fi him still boy done sacrificed his moms and shit poor thing

  2. I have always said that Kanye lost his sanity since his mom died…..I feel it for him….Ive never been more serious…Kanye is either bipolar or schizophrenia or has clinical depression….im glad he is in the hospital and I hope that they will treat him accordingly…

  3. Saw this coming..although I applaud freedom of speech, but he over do it, Mental illness is no joke but he was overloading that basket and appeared to be putting too much pressure on himself as he is a perfectionist. Not all that glitter is gold, it must be depressing and stressful living with him. If you believe the conspiracy theorys this is what will become when you sign your soul over!!!

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