Exclusive New Details on the Robbery in Paris

In the blink of an eye, the City of Light turned dark on Kim Kardashian.

The 35-year-old star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians “was held up at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room this evening, by two armed masked men dressed as police officers,” her rep told E! News Sunday. Kardashian was “badly shaken but physically unharmed,” her rep added.

Kardashian was in the city for Paris Fashion Week.

New details surrounding the incident emerged overnight.

The French Interior Ministry said five men threatened a concierge with a weapon, handcuffed him and forced him to open Kardashian’s private apartment. Per Today, the Paris Prosecutor’s office confirmed two of the men gained entry to her room. One of Kardashian’s rings, worth an estimated $4.49 million, as well as a jewelry box, worth an estimated $5.6 million, were stolen.

A source tells E! News Kardashian was “really shaken up” by the incident.

Kardashian’s children, North West and Saint West, were not in the room.

According to NBC News New York, the five men escaped on bikes. They are still at large.

Kardashian has not spoken publicly about what transpired.

A source reveals to E! News Kardashian was gagged and bound at her hands and feet, then handcuffed and held at gunpoint. “She begged for them to let her live and [said] she has babies at home. Then they wrapped her mouth in tape and put her in the bathtub.” Scared and alone, Kardashian feared the worst. “She thought they were for sure going to kill her,” the source says.

After the men left with “all her jewelry,” Kardashian “broke out of her bindings and got out,” the source tells E! News. Later, after speaking with Parisian police, the reality star boarded a plane. Kardashian’s sister, supermodel Kendall Jenner, left Paris on a separate plane Monday.
Before news of the robbery became public, Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West cut his set short during the Meadows Festival in Queens. The rapper said he had a “family emergency.”

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo condemned the attack on Kardashian via Twitter Monday, saying she’s always welcome in Paris. “This very rare act occurred in a private space and does not in any way call into question the work of the police and the security of the public space,” she said.


  1. Something about the way she free herself not sitting well with me coz I know those guys never used thread to tie her up…watch out for another sex rape that she gonna claim was leaked from her phone#stagedrobbery

    1. I’m still trying to figure out how she free herself from the handcuff. Did d robbers lef d keys with her r wat. D story just don’t make sense.

      1. Not even handcuffs that you can slip out of, DUCT TAPE. You know how hard it is to get out of duct tape!!

  2. I don’t buy this a rass, these dam fame whores. These jewelry are all insured so maybe they need the money to fund her husband’s clothing line remember he was broke hmmmmm?!!

  3. Something is off about this story but, anyway, I usually see a lot of Caribbean women admiring the Kardashians, not on this site but on instagram. What’s up with that? Are there no other role models in the islands?

  4. Am so sick of these mother f***Kers. Always in the news, and not for something good. If only the media would stop report on them.

  5. Glad her life was spared, maybe now she’ll pay more attention to her kids. Don’t like them especially OJ Simpson’s daughter.

    1. It had to be an inside job. If it happened in the US the police would be asking Kim and her team all types of questions that they may not ask in Paris which is why they chose Paris instead of LA or another major US city.

  6. Di bitch show herself naked already so she Nuh have no-ting else fi get some spot light so dem stawt Mek up tings…. Wah day yah a man try fi touch har ass and di way di bodyguard dem run een pan di man mi tink dem trample him so a f***y dis lol poor she.

  7. you know when i read about brangelina divorce i said to some friends that I wonder how the Kardashians (Kim) is going to top that story. So said so done omg.

    1. They’re not talking about the Kardashian robbery much today and the few who are talking about it are skeptical of the story.

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