1. Lawd him mawga sah and wtf dat Madsuus have on pon him foot. dam battyman slippers!!!!

  2. Look like him lose nuff weight from di guilty verdict…..den a suh low mad suss a where feem pants a prison? Loll

    1. (Choke and knock mi back) If i laugh in yah tiday eh si, DWL, yuh know seh yuh nuh easy none tall, LOL :ngakak yuh know seh yuh too rude, y u must seh dat, as mi read it mi quickly scroll guh back up guh look, lol Him nuh mussi a advertise or a market him goods?!

    2. Well, wearing your pants below your butt started in prison in the USA. It is a sign that you are ready and available to get XXXX

  3. Dem a loose di excess body fat in order to be able to maneuver di new 50 wey judge Campbell have in store for them. Preparation is key… oooh

  4. Met yuh nuh see di judge wah allow Kartel fi mek music and all monies will be given to the estate of Lizard…. Comin like Justice Campbell NOT RAMPING ROUND EEERRRRRRRR

  5. Mad suss pick up america duty style wid dem pant low,dem have to loose weight so that the man them inside dey no find them attractive !and will feel more sorry fi them! When them settled in them start put on back the weight!

    1. that style ah pants wearing is code for gay/anal sex; it is to let another gay man know seh you is down for anal sex/ bottom fish

  6. madsuss have to be wearing two underpants cause him have to prevent them man dem from sleeping with him.. when them no want man sleep with them a prison them wear two underpants.. a dat one prison bud did tell me when me usually live a Jamaica.. him say him haffie wear two underpants when him a sleep a night time so dem no rape him.. lololol so why kartel cover up him nose madsuss smell stink?

  7. Mi Mumma Clothes Pin, so mek mi ask unuh sinting, dem can wear chain n darkers(shades) in a jail??? Im just checking (never been incarcerated before, so I dont know how d system works!! Plz enlighten me yahhhhh

  8. That boy neva use a betta name..coz him look mad nuh backfoot..Him nuh see that pants is not fi him, coz it wouldnt budge if him try pull it up…n that gal slippers smh………Mi look on them n mi heart feel lil jus lil sorry fi them..cho mi nuh want to feel nothin fi them kmt.

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