KINGSTON, Jamaica – Entertainer Vybz Kartel and his three co-convicts have filed appeals against their convictions and life sentences.

The appeals were filed in the Court of Appeal downtown, Kingston on April 15.

Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer), Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahria Jones and Andre St John were slapped with life sentences April 3, for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams believed by the police to be over two missing guns.

Kartel is to serve 35 years in prison before he becomes eligible for parole. His co-accused, ‘Shawn Storm’ is to serve 25 years before he is eligible for parole, Kahira Jones- 25 years and Andre St John, 30 years.

A guilty verdict was returned for all four on March 13, ending 65 days of trial for the beating death of Williams, which police say occurred on August 16, 2011 at a house owned by Palmer in Havendale, St Andrew.

A fourth co-accused, Shane Williams, was found not guilty by the 11 member jury.

‘Lizard’ Williams’ body has not been found.

0 thoughts on “KARTEL APPEAL FILED APRIL 5,2014

  1. is a whole lot a paper work thats one

    secondly a jus one month fresh in pon the 35 tuh life

    thirdly them nah guh grant it…doah knw why yuh lawyer still a drain out yuh pocket weh already empty or a busta still a foot de bill dem ?!?!?

    1. _____________________________________________________ dis appeal a prepare from long time as mi did seh ..what a way it file quick

      1. dis was real quick cuz there is no way a 65 day trail paper work cum together that fast fi point out this and dat suh all along dem did av it inna de back a dem head seh while wi a work towards dis mek wi duh an appeal as jus in case.

        1. yes oooooooooooooo but people usually wait and check through paper work properly n give things time….dem nuh waste a moment

  2. di longest case inna di history and di quickest appeal file in a history ..mi tink seh appeal tek all 6 month fi prepare,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it look like Finson nuh have nuh more client ………………

    1. finson a clown him right out……yuh knw a retribution a tek kartel doah a suh him did duh him gazalites dem tek dem money quicker dan how dem can get it fi spend.

  3. Suh I guess this is why marks shield did run in neatly and everybody a do damage control cause them have the hopes of him winning because of him informing dem too great met the news paper did a tell the truth I hope the Jamaican Ppl put 2 and 2 together fartel a informa

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