Fi show you how kartel sheep dem dunce. They heard this on the news and ran with it getting thousands of views that kartel giving green light to record. Everything that was actually said was the opposite.



  1. Lol the shade. I do not know his alias. These ppl and their blind devotion,mi sorry fi dem. No artiste should be making a profit while behind bars without paying back society in terms of heavy taxes or payments to the victim’s family. Run in now gaza dunces.

  2. Anybody with their feelings and emotions intact could not and would not feel right within themselves knowing this is happening. The amount of killing me hear him gwan wid (if he wanted to be free and make music, him shouldn’t kill the people dem. make up your mind r u an artist r a Don? The younger generation will lead us 1 day, sad thing because most of them lack conscientiousness, moral, values etc (Not all of them). I am tired of this topic, since a badness u was studying (Mr.Badman sit down a take your punishment). U where out of the gutter living a lavish lifestyle and u decided u wanted to be a Don, u got the title, Don do your time and stop acting like a Bitch. Tell the younger ones to use u as an example of what not to be and let them know u r going to do the time for the crime (I would respect u more). Everyday u and your idiots on the internet a make problems, tired of unno now. If u did kill di people when u poor and hungry and put up the gun once you get your opportunity that would make more sense, backwards ass. U let your talent go to waste

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