Vybz Kartel charged with conspiracy after voicenotes discovered by police heard the artiste plotting to commit murder.


  1. i seriously have been following vybz kartel from back in the days when he and other artist like blacka ranx you to be pon vendetta or cash money sound endz until now ..and all i have to say is this…he is a f**king son of a bitch and this is coming from a fan or ex fan in this case he caused this shit on himself..other crimes he is guity of..boxing jigzy roun a bembe thursdays,shooting up big ship studio, robbing artist and promoters of money,killing the ex don of waterford,beating gaza kim, and the bloobclaat list goes on and on..i seriously hope him neva see the light of day again….

    1. Wid yu all de way.

      Nowadays youth figet seh ‘time’ longer than rope. Well him a go duh some ‘time’…LOL.

      anyway the higher de monkey climb…de more him expose.

  2. Gaza slim nuh mind fi do some time cause everything kartel she want do to….kartel deh a prison she nuh mine guh deh to….damn idiot…mi neva know seh one dj cud a have such an adverse effect pon society…

  3. What?????????????????????????????????????


    Unconfirmed news reaching THE STAR is that reputed gang leader of the Spanish Town-based Clansman gang, Tesha Miller, may be seeking asylum in the United States.

    Last year, it was reported that Miller was detained after he arrived in Miami, Florida, by boat en route from The Bahamas.

    Miller was reportedly arrested by immigration authorities for re-entry to the country without proper documentation.

    Inspector Dahlia Garrick from the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Task Force (MOCA) said that the police are aware of Miller’s arrest but they couldn’t confirm if he was seeking asylum in the United States.

    State benefit

    “He was picked up in the US last year and he is facing charges there. So we can confirm that he was arrested in September of last year in the Coral Springs area of Florida and is facing federal charges for re-entry after deportation and making false claims to US citizenship in order to obtain State benefit,” Inspector Garrick said.

    Attorney-at-law Bert Samuels, who has represented Miller in the past, says he has heard the rumour, but is no longer representing the reputed gang leader.

    “I heard of it but he is not my client so I am not in a position to confirm or deny that report,” Samuels told THE STAR on Monday.

    Last year, it was reported that Miller had filed a suit in the Supreme Court seeking damages against the Government for his arrest and incarceration for gun offences.

    He was freed by the Court of Appeal in March 2012.

    Miller was sentenced in April 2011 to 15 years in prison for robbery with aggravation and seven years for illegal possession of firearm.

    He was also convicted of robbing a man of his motor car in December 2010 in Spanish Town, St Catherine.


      1. Yuh nuh eazi! If push come tuh shub, mebbe him batty can save him, doah?
        That mussi di ongle asylum hin cudda luk, cah criminality even if him did innocent, print pon him face likka tattoo.

      2. Asylum of the rear…ICE a scour him properly. Btw, look who a try report de story..lol Star light went dim many years ago.

  4. gaza slime yuh did really think seh dem did aguh feget bout yuh mumz…all de gwaan like yuh more dan shawty yuh nuh c de man mek sure tell yuh de fool fi act de fool cuz him need shawty fe be dere fe him yutes nd gwaan turn him likkle money bwoy yah man mascot of a lifetime

  5. Gaza slim ah di dumbest fool ever live!!!!
    Likkle girl guh find a hobby nuh everyday she deh a courthouse wid do plastic red hair inna di hot sun gosh!

  6. It look like dem find one next phone in a him batty suh him just use dat as excuse fi seek asylum…unu memba di last time when him did in a lock up a Jamaica and di police dem did seh dem hear phone a ring in a him batty…it did big in a di newspaper dung deh..

  7. A Neva si smoke widout fire….di nex klans don on di verge of being dip di one weh him an Tessa at war….

  8. gaza slim the stupidest woman ever kartel have r like him puppet only thing him couldn’t stop r from do is take cocky n suck it n di man dem say r mouth stink like alligator pond

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