1. Met mine a baby powder him have on enuh, cos from me a si bleachers, as disgusting as dem look, it’s never this zombie effect!

  1. a weh dancehall a go do widout dancehall zero??? Killa deppon mi phone a tell mi seh all man weh him used to gi guiness a drink ..HENNESSY ……………CELEBRATION (KILLA VOICE) WI GET RID A SOME DEMON..HELLO HA :travel

    1. hi good day………..mi nuh si u seh nothing bout di trial this whole time and mi a look forward……..so do mi di likkle favor and gi mi ur take thank you :angel

  2. Look how this fool a try disgrace the ppl dem good good school. Like him never get expelled from there and he was no role model.

  3. why him still a seh c-bar and his entrance was just as quick as his exit.

    calabar need fi sue him rass lol

  4. Him can use the tie and hang himself, so how was he even allowed in jail with a tie.

  5. unu can see say him nuh have no remorse and making a mockery of this whole thing him aah behave like a toddler waa defy everything. His arrogance is reigning right now, because C-Bar victorious inna champs, him wear di shirt aan tie as a slap in the face to the courts him waa prove say him victorious to. This is such a calculated move on his part because he knew he was looking at life (35-life cause him nevaa beg fi leniency) di Judge shouldda have one look at him n run him out the court house fi go change. 10 yrs frm now I hope him feel remorse

  6. Met, what a bwoy fava a Geisha girl. No sah! He can now be called Geishell. Ongle ting him nah guh Japan, him gwine tek up residence at Horizon or GP, right here inna Jamaica.

  7. Wah day him did sing a song fi di school kids, cut off di picky picky hair offa him head an cool off di bleaching in hopes it wud have some good bearing on di jurors but dat Neva work, suh a guess now him jus seh f*k it an draw back fi di cream loll

      1. First “Shirley”, now “Geishell”. Yuh nuh si seh JMG brings out the best from the bloggers?
        Again, thanks for the good works you do Met.

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