AN Antiguan church minister is calling on authorities to put a ban on dancehall artiste Alkaline, who is scheduled to perform in that country on Saturday.
According to the Antiguan Observer, Bishop Charlesworth Browne, head of Christian Ministries Church, said the artiste “will bring decadence and death” to the nation.
The religious leader said he is prepared to call for a boycott of the nation’s Independence celebrations over the upcoming performance. Antigua and Barbuda celebrates independence on November 1.
“I am calling upon the rest of the Christian community to steer clear of the rest of the independence celebrations,” Bishop Browne was quoted as saying.
“If they’re going to be as corrupt and perverse as this, then I say to the Christian community, withdraw from them completely,” he continued.
Alkaline is scheduled to perform at Black Rave slated for Millers by the Sea in St John’s.
“As a leader in the Christian community, I stand opposed to any performance by this character here in Antigua & Barbuda. I believe his performances … are geared to corrupt young people, particularly young women,” ” said Bishop Browne.
Alkaline, given name is Earlan Bartley, has created an impression with both his lyrics and appearance.
His pale-bleached skin and trademark pitch black eyes, a feat he achieved by tattooing his eyeballs sets tongues wagging wherever he goes.
This is not the first time Alkaline has been met with resistance to an upcoming performance.
In July, he was barred from the Caribbean island of Nevis as the island’s premier feared the artiste could “incite lewdness” and threaten public safety.
Earlier this month, head of the Roman Catholic Church in Belize, Bishop Dorrick Wright spoke out against a planned concert that the artiste was scheduled to perform.
Efforts made to contact Alkaline’s management were unsuccessful.


  1. That’s right, Gwoan push the envelope.. Church can’t dictate what ppl listen to with them currupt self. Just like the wouldn’t want a Muslim leader telling ppl what they should do in there personal life, not suppose to tell a whole country to ban someone because they don’t agree with their views..

  2. Well Alka u mek u bed puppah. The very thing wah have people talking bout u is the same thing a mash up u bissnizz abroad. No body no want satan in his right form a confront dem…u shouldah did just continue wid di wolf clothing lakkah all di oddahs.

  3. He is a lost soul. Saw him lass nite on ER a..a.talking bout He like Chronixx… and if Chronixx interested he would do a collar with him. I Doan think that will ever happen

    1. If Chronixx is about the love like he said he is he could try to steer this lost sheep over to the right path smh but who to tell ahhh boy

      1. Dah is tru, but u know seh Rasta nuh innah di satan looking yei thing..and di song dem wah him sing and how him disrespect women..mi nuh think suh eidah

  4. nobody nuh fi do nutten wid alkaline him seh a him a di best inna di ting right now…IT BEST HIM WORK BY HIMSELF….. if him did wah somadi fi steer him …him wouldnt a gwaan so him seh everybody inna dance hall lost..a fame him a look….dj dem need fi set up dem ting properly and tek him outta dancehall …….dis a nuh sheep …….any place dem fi go put him inna a freak show …….

  5. This pastor Nuffield talk. While im not alkaline biggest fan a weh him deh full a devil and demonic pple

  6. Like most Jamaican “artists” and public figures who have let their overgrown EGOS taken over their souls and personality, I have LOST ALL * respect* for Akaline as a person and an artist. He has taken his art form too far, reaching borderline saddistic degradation of women and forced sexual encounters.
    I agree with the church, especially when it comes to morality and banning young people like Alkaline who continue to push the envelope way to far in the name of fame.
    Anyone saw this bleached out SADDAMITE video he just released?
    Once again, pornography posing as art.
    His LACK of self love of his dark color skin leads him to push a Caucasian video vixen for his latest role… And good for her, because no Black CARIBBEAN woman probably wanted to star in this degrading shit.
    In real life, is sexual foreplay with feathers and handcuffs and equal dominance with a partner who can make you feel like a woman as well, and love you tenderly… Then there is this new video by Alkaline.
    – Men like him, sexual deviants who cannot satisfy a woman often get more pleasures in demeaning and degrading them so that their Impotence doesn’t show up…
    – I agree with iwith the church because many many times Alkaline has publicly pledged his allegiance to the devil and demonic forces. Who wants that exposure for them youths?
    – I had rated this youth until he cross th border. Fame liquor buss INNA him BIG f***king head.

    1. A weh it deh Softspot mek mi guh look it up..not even realize him have a new one out. But a tru dis bwoy have something deh ride him ass caz mi nuh think im normal at all and not in a good way.

  7. People dem tired of the foolishness and should lobby to ban whe dem feel inappropriate. Sorry mi think him a foolishness and just like tommy lee his career will soon be over. U have to gave real talent to sustain yuhself, and him arite but Not there yet

  8. @ Tinan … The video is called ” How it feel” and it is on you tube… Vevo
    Alkaline has already racked up over 80,000 hits and it is this false sense of security make dem feel dem ‘ famous’ and have made it. Freakiness brings dollars to dem ting and that is all dem care about.
    What is sad is that I really believed this youth had talent when he now came out, but his weirdness and devilish ways has taken over his entire being.

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