1. u are so right MET taking them for face value you would never know that they are bad people. you only see some cute young men smdh

          2. What mi nuh get is how is only Madd Suss get good treatment from Kartel, he was not giving the rest a man dem nothing so wha mek dem did loyal to him?

        1. weh yu say real ting him nuh fraid dem, him a one man against di worl. this shit is crazy, like a movie and they are so young

          1. ratty is handsome him shudden go ina dat life and di way kartel did waa tek him out fi nothing literally

  1. I knew it was him name problem child lol
    Di coolie bwoy haha ah man

    When him wah gal want yuh pin she come from st.ty right
    Den and dere mi know who d gal be and who a bbm based on the dates lmfao
    Funny how tings drap into place go see me lil fren inna dis mix up n blend thank God Kartel never answer !

  2. A de bredda in the red in the duppy video name roderick ? Him look very much like the pic of roderick on the internet …

  3. A me one think Roderick and popcaan related Ina some form lmao dem sound alike
    And look alike

        1. Popcaan n him nuh related… Popcaan did live a march pen one long time with him sista roun a 19, Roderick come fr Africa….

    1. da yout deh seems like him live up to him name. God go wid whoever cross is path smh i have goose bumbs

    2. yah mek sence is ur seh danga is ratty cause danga come from 3rdworl n kartel seh ratty bing shatty and den turn big informa..

  4. Boy this is really painful to see all these young men destroying their lives and others along with it. Lord help us all. Look how much our ancestors went through from slavery to fight for our right to be free and they are throwing away their freedom and putting themselves back in chain/slavery .

  5. Alright mi really confuse now .. Who is this mysterious problem child & why is he so undercover!!! Met please investigate cuz this a get strange & stranger him cah be nobofy that important as him beg money erry give day! Mi need fi see this problem child& could never forrin cuz him wouldn’t a beg car fi drive n all deez tings so unu plz tap mix we up cho

    1. I didn’t kno it was problem child a beg di money and borrow car. I thought is was mad sulus, cause mi a say how Suss a him gal and him nah mind har up. Lmao

  6. @ Fashionpassion-Finson……

    Problem child wasn’t the 1 begging I think you lost in all this Met cah help you yah now you too far gone lol.

  7. Met is there any way you could get some info on what life is like in GP cause I know that place must be a shitpit I am sure it’s nothing like here in America cause I am sure the government don’t spend any money fixing that place. Cause they sentence him with hard labor does that mean he wash pot and do other domestic duties.

  8. I have the slightest suspicion maybe Obara can confirm but as she say more to come I don’t think kartel alone a guh fall out from all of this. Impossible one man could so possessed and fool that him record himself a do all these things. Wouldn’t surprise me. Any if there is a woman or another person at the top of all this that influenced kartel and the little boys. Which leads me to believe is a female demon a posses the boy. The few pics me see inna the week here was enough to sick stomach. Dead body and batty effing in a phone. I feel a fire storm is about to be opened one the likes of the whole caribbean is not ready for.

    1. @Smh, this is a strategic plan implemented by the white man in the seventies through social engineering. The plan was the complete destruction of the black family by launching a war on drugs and criminalizing everything.
      The agenda had many facets and they have all been achieved with total success.
      1. Move slavery from the plantation to the correction facilities where blacks and other minorities provide free labor for big corporations.
      2. Obliterate the dynamics of the family institution by removing the men via prison
      3. When you remove the men, the women are forced to play the role of the man and you guarantee that the children will almost invariably follow in the fathers footstep.
      4. Introduce gangster music to lead the younger generation astray, ultimately 6 ft 6 or just as good, to the correctional facility.
      5. When women are left to raise sons, they raise feminine sons that have no idea what it means to be a man.
      6. Lionize a select few, financial back them, give them repetitive airplay and create superstars with the intention of them leading the masses astray.
      7. Use these same superstars to create fads and set trends aimed at leading the sheep to the slaughter. Fads such as homosexuality is cool, tight pants on men is swag, wearing skirts is fashionable.
      8. When fully implemented, you have the feminization of the black man.

      Now they are all weak and lost. Reality TV watching men. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so very pathetic!

  9. Base on the listenings and readins I would say problem child is roderick .He was from March Pen Road and he was someone Kartel was doing things with .It don’t seems he was involve in Lizard thing other than encouraging but seems to have been involved in all others as he was running clans and had people ready to do things..

    1. Problem Child is obviously from Waterford 3rd world. Listen to the voice notes, Problem tell Kartel not to dash Lizard mother dung a fi him side in 3rd world.

  10. @Foxxy I so agree with you in all levels, but this kartel character whatever he is was in born and bred! Because of who I am, I study things differently a and everything you just commented is the truth, however from day one mi did ah purée dah Breda yah different, something about him irked me, is like when something bad come round and a dog sense it and star act up, mi nah join no bandwagon and sey him evil, mi see him and I just
    Know it. Sinister to say the least and can never be reformed, never..some people born and come to this real with that spirit and believe it or not when they leave they may get to go to a good place because regardless of their wickedness they assisted humanity in some ways…..ah wha Obara ah sey?!!!…. We all cannot be good decent human beings, bad haffi mix in a de play and down right wicked people have dem purpose here also! Sometimes when a person evil and wicked and do all kind ah tings, because of them better laws are implemented, or we open our eyes more or are mor cautious, become more spiritual or more prayerful,because of these wicked people and their actions, the world reaction create some type of balance which works for the greater good, maybe it nuh mek no sense to you what i am saying but as you awake you will realize we do not know the mind of God! He did his deed and gone do life, ah life him A life him gone do caws I do not see him ever coming out, but he has alerted us to the likes of him caws Nuff more like him deh bout, and we nah sleep Pon dem!

  11. I’m with you 100%. The dual nature of our existence demands both good and bad and as a matter of fact, a lot of bad including the acceptance of homosexuality is to create balance. I know that to be a fact. Mi soon come.


  12. Homosexuality is actually a test, the act and desire is attributed to set of entities, it is filth to say the least but these entities do have the right to test the will of human beings, they are malevolent beings but they exist on a very high realm…more @ Foxxy but we will talk

  13. Human beings are weak and asleep ah dat give way fi de likes of kartel fi get in, dark forces use him, give him wealth and money and power, which attracted others like him or submissives who looked up to him and picky picky who craved what he could give dem….all in all him ugh dung and bring dem wid him, caws evil can never win good at all, the sun and the moon has never met and they never will!

  14. We all go through tests here in this realm chute, on different levels, not everyone of us have the same experience but because we are the only beings created by God who has free will, we are tested. There are many worlds, that exists, beyond this realm and on theses realms there are entities good and bad who have access to us and do with us as they please in way of testing us, challenging our free will. The earth is in constant chaos, and for us to learn balance must be created,but it is not as easy as we think or even know. We innately know right from wrong, and so before someone act upon something, desire presents it self, sometime some one act on impulse and do something wrong but that in itself is weakness, email me or call me chute so mi can explain better

  15. Obara u know my aunt told me the same thing about other ppl in the world I’m gonna send Metsy my email to give you now

  16. No problem mi friend or take mine from her, cause mi nuh wan fidget and den yuh ugh feel slighted caws mi love you much, but if we understand these things on a cereal level life would be easier for us. The powers that be knows these things but the promotion of homosexuality benefits in way of material gain here on this realm, the entities that rule these realm have the power to give wealth and power, they are not the only ones, but with them there is a great cost, mi cannot explain it here, most people who indulge in those activities are highly spiritual people, and incredibly artistic, creative and talented, here to uplift the world if they had not yielded to temptation…when mi explain something’s to you chute you gonna be very surprised, extremely surprised..

    1. Hence, the [Devi] sought to them the [Christ] by offering him the riches of the world… Flesh is synonymous with being weak…

    1. @foxxy mi cyaan mi apple pass word nah work and me know it correct, I cannot call apple from here caws de credit Abu done by de time mi deh Pon hold fi days so mi cannot download anything so me win call you or we can dkype

  17. I’m following this story well & I know what mi a talk bout
    There’s no way kartel a talk to Roderick in the bbm messages first thing Roderick sound like popcaan is two diff voice and why would he be talking to Roderick about frigging Roderick unu fool and nuh read the entire convo I sat down n read it through!!!
    Problem child is PROBLEM CHILD he is not Roderick suh unu stop try mix up ppl fi confuse dem .. Dem need fi broadcast him to kmt

  18. Hey met I was on YouTube and saw the title off a song featuring kartel and mad dog, question is mad dog and problem child the same person?

    1. morning mi a go find out because di biggest joke is how problem tell him how dem open to new people and him did new ina di clique

  19. Mek mi add my two cents, kartel start link wid clansman thru fear after the killing of de ras bobby scorcher fr boston waterford which was organise by don topping who was a top man in clans n use to run de waterford side a things kartel buy him a jeep n start link wid bulbie tasha miller was de trigger man in scorcher death after bulbie was killed don topping got more power n was one of tesha top dawg, pazzam was fr Portsmouth he n another dawg known as fox was not willing to take orders fr tesha so a war began, ova hundred man dead pazzam was killed along with three man in Portsmouth while gambling Don topping was de trigger man fox is in farrin but still ave a stronghold in clans when don topping was killed by police in Mandeville Kartel began his take over of the waterford side of de clans gang by now he n tesha had become close pals, To take control he had to get rid of nuff man who dont rate him eg Marcel who was killed at de blk n whitedance dw more topman him get kill de more ppowerful he felt he was slowly be coming de top man in de absent of tesha, just memba clans split in twone set control by fox aka furman n de next set by tesha/kartel all were friends as its fox n pazzam dat brought clans to portmore

  20. Kartel neva have no bad man ratings suh a nuff man him affi get out before him tun world ass its de same marcel dat he had to pay one million dollar fi cum bk a waterford wen himmek clans man kill one a marcel fren, trust mi a nuff murder him sanction

    1. Wah bout Mikey Pelpa and the ‘Lynch Mob’…who them or use to link with…and why kartel did fear them

      1. @rass canu explain the reason for these take overs ? Is it that when a dan hav control he can extort money from the people?

    2. @Rasta One, I’m curious though how so many bad men deh round and allow him fi kill so many people and dem nuh kill him.

  21. Lynch mob was run by pelpa his fada was mr lynch was de long standing councillor fi de area if u recall pelpa n kartel lead a march thru waterford in a cry for peace this was organise by de church n police, yes clans man a badda man yes but pelpa dem nuh rate kartel n him kartel kno dem man de pelpa die trying to evade coast guard on de sea

  22. Everyone know how wicked clans man dem be suh nuh man naah test kartel yuh mad a nuff yute a waterford dead by clans n kartel link wid dem strong

    1. good day met,metters,peepers nd others…

      dats why de awtist dem nat say;n wan wurd in english cuz dem knw how kartel link stay wid de clans man dem…mek damn sense

      (Simplicity soon sign in )

    2. What I don’t understand is why Tesha Miller always a try leave Jamaica. Is he afraid that either the police or other insiders will kill him if he remain in Jamaica? He was deported twice from the US (spent a year in the US prison system on that gun charge/illegal reentry) and at least once from the Bahamas (on his way to the US?). Now he is in Jail in the US about to serve some time before they deport him back to Jamaica again for the third time. Why doesn’t he want to stay in Jamaica if he has so much power?

  23. I allways comment on here dat kartel kill marcell loll is d fuss i see smady ever second me ..i dont type nutten on here if i dontgot it right. Awwe sah smady kno waah guawn on here .an masell use to worshi kartel

  24. I keep saying on here its years kartel a kill whenhim come uk fe de fuss time him was already season murderer dat time marscell dey a prison a uk an adams dey a jamaica a wait fe done marcell but marcell murder a inmate just weeks before them deport him a soh adams never get him cause him get extra time.a marcell pretty an sexy ..one hot sexy looking murderer.de file long bad..kartel only walk an use people i dont kno how him live so long.certain class a people a jamaica just got this thing fe endorce killing i caan see thru it

  25. Tesha knows his days are numbered left right an centre.police want him the clans defectors want him plus theres lots of infighting in clans .everybody waan colect exhtortion ..tesha kill off de two last withness dem a soh him get way him days numbered buoy ugly like sin

  26. Yeah man kartel did fraid a marcel n many more suh him get dem out one by one till him ave full control of waterford its a long evil story RIP Daddy vic one more yute killl by kartel clans. De man sit down n plan him tek ova like pinky n de brain, Thank jah seh him love tek picture n record him evil doings cause wee alone cudnt sentence him

  27. What State benefit? Welfare?

    US Citizenship?

    Coral Springs, Florida? Not Miami?

    Asylum? For what reason?


    Unconfirmed news reaching THE STAR is that reputed gang leader of the Spanish Town-based Clansman gang, Tesha Miller, may be seeking asylum in the United States.

    Last year, it was reported that Miller was detained after he arrived in Miami, Florida, by boat en route from The Bahamas.

    Miller was reportedly arrested by immigration authorities for re-entry to the country without proper documentation.

    Inspector Dahlia Garrick from the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Task Force (MOCA) said that the police are aware of Miller’s arrest but they couldn’t confirm if he was seeking asylum in the United States.

    State benefit

    “He was picked up in the US last year and he is facing charges there. So we can confirm that he was arrested in September of last year in the Coral Springs area of Florida and is facing federal charges for re-entry after deportation and making false claims to US citizenship in order to obtain State benefit,” Inspector Garrick said.

    Attorney-at-law Bert Samuels, who has represented Miller in the past, says he has heard the rumour, but is no longer representing the reputed gang leader.

    “I heard of it but he is not my client so I am not in a position to confirm or deny that report,” Samuels told THE STAR on Monday.

    Last year, it was reported that Miller had filed a suit in the Supreme Court seeking damages against the Government for his arrest and incarceration for gun offences.

    He was freed by the Court of Appeal in March 2012.

    Miller was sentenced in April 2011 to 15 years in prison for robbery with aggravation and seven years for illegal possession of firearm.

    He was also convicted of robbing a man of his motor car in December 2010 in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

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