1. Soooooooooo let me get this straight…this Flexx person who by most accounts nuh buss yet…stated his opinion in one likkle unterview and for that Kartel was moved???? Well if a so it go dem say small ax fall big tree…Big up yuhself Flexxx. Once again Kartel f*cked himself because he has no self control and feels that he is above the law. Dumbass got too comfortable. May he never voice another poisonous song or make another album to sell on Itunes…. Him betta sell the cyar dem fi pay fi his going nowhere appeal.
    :siul no money money money hahaha no moneymoney money haha :siul

    1. Flex(T.O.K) buss long time man, Marie. Him jus a look a come back maybe. but im in agreement with him!Kartel must not be voicing! And dem too f**k lie bout songs weh deh on the air waves were voiced before his incarceration damn liars

      1. Hey G ok thanks for the info….exactly how him can ansa ppl in current beef. Smaddy sey dem a investigate him…a good.

  2. Di talk flex mek him must kno man n man a go prey him,never try stop a man food flex indirectly r directly if u was a st youth n link wit st youth would kno not to make dat talk, flex people hurt leave dem mek dem vent just don’t add to it.

  3. But.. but.. Kartel being moved is even better for kartel. That prison has better recording equipment and even a radio station (yes, prison have radio station. helps to keep the idle hands at bay. I saw a mini documentary on TVJ about it few years ago). GP has a fully operational recording studio set up from 2007 and a low frequency radio station FREE FM. The facility also provides better “lyric screening” so as to ensure that what he puts out is in keeping with the Broadcasting Commission’s standards. Correct me if i’m wrong here metters, didn’t he get “permission” to record behind bars? memba say a Tower Street Jah Cure get him buss innu. Unu forget quick man unu need some ginkgo lol. He found fame while serving an eight-year prison sentence for rape. Memba say a yasso Beenie man did make an appearance and perform for the prisoners witha bag a GOGO dancers ( YES I watch nuff Entertainment Report throwback. I would have been too young to remember when this first happened a but I caught the throwback years later on ER). Like it or not, greater things will come from kartel while he is serving his sentence at Tower St aka GP. So the sheepS (lol) dem weh a make up noise just a make noise fi nuttn. He’ll continue to contaminate the airwaves unfortunately and send a wrong message to future wrong doers. I think the bigger issue in all of this is that the Security Minister was unaware that such a high profile murderer was moved under such heavy security and he knew shit about it. As for Double X aka Flexx, he needs to just generate his energy towards his music. T.O.K was a very popular group and if your music is good people will listen and take note. Just do your thing!

  4. Flex too nuff, leave what don’t concern you alone, for the record mi cannot stand kartel music him sing bout too much sex and underneath woman, but if flex deh a road and have access to studio bout out ya han habroad and still can get a hit song without tok a back up I’m crawny voice the man no muss upset,cause kartel deh jail probably a voice I’m song dem INA what jumpan studio and a ride the airwaves like a bitch in heat……mi woulda mad and block road and mek mi ugly badmind face show up to,kartel did say it inuh “if mi no shit them cah nyam”…….poor flex even mutabaruka have more hits than him right now……lol

  5. Oh now I understand seen it on fb dem a say jar tek boys want him so Martel still in prison a lead gang him no learn him lesson

  6. what so special about kartel that him must get special treatment in prison, him did out a street and a takecare of him family and friends and choose fi go kill him own friend and go a prison…the question mi want to ask is if him commit a crime and find guilty by the justice system him shouldnt go prison?

  7. dennis u no got no crasses fren weh u feel fi kill sometime lol ,,fi dem tory was bout shoes, and nuff ppl dead fi shoes since dat, a man dead an dem call him wife a farrin a ask her weh him shoes deh poor gal frighten outa her kin how dem get her number, for a run she run wey lef the beatings look like him fret afta the beatin stick, anyway come out a denialllll dat bleach out man a di boss, don’t figet the only artiste live via satellite from Kingston to MIAMI, don’t surprise if him no win the appeal

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