1. i dont like krystal but ppl especially kartels supporters need to f**king chill; Lisa is entiteled to her opinion, wheter we like it or not Dancehall music is very very degrading & disrespectful to women & violent at best; i agree that past dancehall tunes were raw & sexual in content but the artist associate dancehall music with violence which is not the case; kartel is a convicted murderer so no matter what we think he a felon wit musical talent, he should issue a statement to his followeres who blasting lisa & others all while threatening to murder them. Dem too rass fool. Why his fans nuh go serve di time fi him a prison & let him free since as dem love him so much & want him a road?? damn fools

  2. These foolish sheeps don’t realize, not even the devil waa fartel..Sick set they are. I say ban him like how dudus did ban bogle dance a west, with harsh punishment to.

  3. Krystal is of absolutely NO authority to speak about ” depriving ” Kartel or ANY artist for that matter, of recording and producing music and exploring their talent !

    Miss Krsytal who looks older than meh muddah who is 66 , GO SIDDUNG , you only have a pu$$y license right now, because you are flexing Beenie Man !

    My girl, from which authority do you speak ?
    Your man, the KING allegedly of dancehall, has not condemned Kartel or any grassroots or ghetto based artists or the production of music, so WHY stake claims ?

    Ms Hannah u are a next fraud, using your looks and your hole to convienently hold positions in power that you cannot maintain or produce ANY drastic results, so now you looking attention !

    For the record, some of the greatest art work, both musically, artistically and even spiritually, comes from behind prison walls; For men and women are serving their time and reflecting on their past lives and even mistakes .
    They are behind wretched prison walls, in horrible conditions , already serving their time, WHO THE HELL ARE WE TO DEPRIVE THEM OF CREATIVITY ?

    Free up the artists dem
    Prison is about rehabilition not humiliation

    1. What looks and age ave to do with the fact that Fartel is a convicted MURDERAH… a bare slackness onu endorse. Facts to you goons is like poison..noh form of reason caa justify the fact that he is a killer and a dangerous one to. Onu a run een bout fartel, why onu neva run een wen him did deh pon him knees infront a dudus, a beg fi him life wen him name call pon puss death..Morality is weh onu lack with sensible reasoning without bias..All of fartel goons are like Locust..

    2. You dumb f*ck! Prison is about punishment for crime(s) committed. When you are given a life sentence, rehabilitation (yes, that is how the word is spelled) is certainly not one of its objective. GTFOH! Moron.

    3. It commi like say NOBODY has the authority to speak on Kartel with regards to his slack music, criminal past(100+ alleged murders, gang affiliation, alleged import of drugs and guns into the island etc etc etc) and his murder conviction. If the powers that be were sleeping with regards to Kartel recording music while serving a LIFE SENTENCE FOR MURDAAAAAAAAA, they are slowly waking up. The disgusting, disparaging, threatening comments that are being posted by some of his followers are very helpful in making the case that his recordings need to end so may the sheep continue to baa some more. Dem need fi preserve dem strength fi when his appeal case goes south just like the MURDAAAAAA case.

  4. What Lisa Hanna and the rest of these politicians don’t realize is that they will continue to get attacked. These people don’t relate to them and in a lot of ways ghetto people feel that the government looks down on them, don’t understand their struggle and what they go through on a day to day basis. The people are going to flock to Kartel because for he is from them and he is successful. There is a classism problem in Jamaica and it comes from both the rich and poor. Maybe if these politicians spent more time with their constituents than only during election time there would be a change. Most of these people don’t think they can be like a Lisa Hanna or a Krystal Tomlinson but they sure believe they can be a Kartel or an Alkaline. Even Usain bolt they reason he is so beloved by the people is because he is a country boy and he shows a love for dancehall music. If he was from an uptown area he would get the poor people support but not to that extent .

  5. His fans dont realized that they are making it harder for him. All their doing is proving what Lisa said to be facts. All the disrespect toward Lisa is just going to cause his appeal to be denied. I though he was suppose to be doing hard time, am a fan of his an I don’t think if you kill someone u should be recording music unless every dolla a go to the victim. Mek shorty go work. No one else in jail no get the chance to work an take care of their family so why is Martel so special

  6. The girl a talk truth about the morals of crystal still, beenie have how much baby mother plus additional woman an she still stay with him. Plus him an angel still married ,divorced still no happen yet. Yes dem still married on paper for someone who is suppose to have so much class how she dweet

    1. Yes all facts…plenty kids, plenty baby maddas, been married once, plenty plenty bed partners….THE SAME AS KARTEL BUT ADD MURDA(S) TO THAT!

  7. A list of public figures with the dumbest set of fans:
    Kobe Bryant
    Lil Wayne
    Bounti Killa
    Nicki Minaj
    Vybz Kartel
    Anytime you wage a war on phuckry, the Jamaican people will galvanize against you, so Lisa Hannah is fighting a losing battle. Vybz Kartel is the waste man and trashy girls DJ of choice and they use his dysfunctional song lyrics as the mantras for their lives. He endorses a lot of phuckry in his music which has a very STRONG influence amongst the youths and young adults in Jamaican culture. Any man who can influence people to bleach their skin, wear braces when they don’t even need them, get the women to endorse oral-sex loud and proud and glorify crime and violence is definetly a dangerous influence to follow. I’m sure most kartel fans use verbiage like “pretty hair” and believe that ever disagreement should be settled with gun shots, so trying to get through to them is a long shot at best.

  8. @ bad soh And @anon 9:55 am , this ” moron ” who wrote the anonymous comment @9:05 am and -allegedly lacking morals is ME …. BITCH and I hacruakky have two Bachelors Degrees and went to Graduate School.

    If you know anything about prison (( I have actually visited prisons both in the US and death row inmates in the Caribbean to actually give them some hope and inspiration), despite their crimes, these are human beings. Keeping them from productivity while incarcerated, whether it means music, crafts, arts and competitions or learning a trace or college degree behind bars, actually BURDENS the prison system with unskilled inmates and increase of VIOLENCE BEHIND BARS .

    Inmates who are not allowed rehabilitation,imagining and recreation or creativity behind bars, end up ,more dangerous and sadistic to society when they are released and a negative impact to other prisoners, when they are finally released .

    I am not a Kartel goon or freak or what you may want to call it… I a, actually RASTA, who was nderstand and appreciates ALL ART FORM OF MUSIC And undeniably recognize Vybyz Kartel extraordinary gift and talent as an artist, who has influenced and reigned dancehall for over the past decade .

    Kartel ‘s delivery and rhyming style, alluring voice filled with sex appeal and his ability to sing about current social issues and sexuality, makes his a champion and an icon in his field .
    Despite his conviction, whether we like it or not , he is a living legend of dancehall .

    I do not believe in his bleaching and many of his philosophies , but I respect him as an educated, highly gifted and brilliant artist . He has used his wealth at this time to ensure the superior education of his children, he himself being a brilliant man who did not use all opportunity .

    When we start going after one artist, it affects all .
    Some of you rascals who gong based on ” morals,” WHO was a bigger murderer, thief and plunderer and rapist than Christopher Columbus ??? But your children learn blindly about him in schools today withou the actual knowledge of the TRUTH.Italians continue to praise him. Just as many still praise Queen /Vampire Elizabitch of England .
    Colonialism has cestroyed unno . Imagine , Kartel book being used at Princeton and other universities , WHY Jamaica cannot learn from his talents, but teach our children about his mistakes, so they follow a better path ?

    Grow Jamaica grow.
    All Buju Benton recording in America and singing in prison shows and pursuing college degree !

    locking up prisoners and depriving them, solves no societal ills or lowers crime

    1. Duty rasta from which authority do you speak. Duty rasta man yuh cuda type till yuh pink, seems like that’s your favorite colour. You accolades don’t mean shit to me. Fartel is a convicted MURDERAAA! What in that you cant comprehend, eeh bright sparks. You babbling about human rights. Fartel forfiet that right when him kill di oman pickney. He’s serving a life sentence for murder, capital punishment. He gave up his right to be human when he went against the law dutty rasta. That’s why its called punishment. Dutty rasta you can be treated humanely, based on the leniency, but that is up to the warden. Dutty rasta your thought process is skewered, seems like yuh forget Jamaica carried the death penalty for such crimes. Dutty rasta this has nothing to do about the bullshit you a come with. It’s about punishment for a crime committed. Stupid rasta, Music imitates life, thats the art in music. But in fartel case there is no immitation, no art, he actually committed these crime dutty rasta. He did it.

      Why should a convicted murderer still have a illustious career in prision. CONVICTED criminal shud not have career a road till him all a get AWARDS. That’s not just a slap to the face of the VICTIM/JUSTICE SYSTEM, but a f**k lick of acknowledgement of what is wrong in this country. How much other artiste are imprisoned? Are they afforded the ability to feed their families. dutty rasta tell mi how much bread winners are in prision and dem families are left to fend for themselves.. DUTTY RASTA IMPOSTER what is sooooo special about your BITCH fartel..lol wen last you go visit IT…DUTTY rasta continue eat your pork sew weh marinate ina shit…..excuse mi mannas…Good Morning Miss Met, blessing to you my dear..

  9. From I baan, I’ve Neva read or heard such self praise and description about one person who I honestly believe is a fukkin legion. Really anon @10;58am, u good eeh??

  10. I wonder what Kartel is saying or thinking in jail. Dem people yah wicked pon defending dem Gaza Boss, Gaza God, World Boss etc. I wonder what would happen if we were this verbal about God, Peace, Justice, Humanity and Integrity. The things people choose to highlight and focus on is ridiculous.

  11. This page is officially a Kartel#gaza groupie page, you all ride his di#k all day. And low-key love him… Look at you all topics on a daily about people of none importants to society ppl dressing looks etc. The #met person don’t have a clean file according to DJ legend#Tony… More like a low-key informer site. Thank you Anonymous 1050am!

    1. Dont like Kartel, never liked Kartel will never like Kartel. Whatever your so called legendary dj said about me is fine with me,it nah stop nuh gap fi him nor me . If this is an informer website you shouldnt be on it because you will be informed on.

  12. The worst part Shirley aka Kartel does Not give a flying fuk about any of u. He cares for no one but himself. Him don’t even like uman he’s an undercover batty bwoy.

  13. Day dread gal deh weh benei a f**k look like a old trani her country is more important than gaza isn’t her morals more important than ducking a married man didn’t think so I think her mouth and her pussy just as shit up as Lisa Hanna trani bitch you talking bad a about the gaza dan is the most attention you ever got so take your 15 seconds and go but back to committing your adultry hope you become Bby mommy # 11 that’s if you didn’t do a sexchange

  14. Like that you admit the fact you don’t like Kartel, then don’t post about him. Your file is not clean either. Seems like you get a hi talking down on someone’s, down fall. Hope none of you all slip up in life. Nothing on me to inform about lady. And you really don’t wanna go there with me. Peace out

    1. Yuh a talk bout my file like u know me or think I give a damn. Mi nah go stop post bout Kartel so dont stop until u ketch heart attack.Why yuh neva carry yuh bredda or father go mek Kartel di ole murderer kill him and mince him like him do lizard? Yuh likkle battey follower yuh. Murder a nuh slip up and mince man a nuh slip up and if u believe a slip up tell kartel fi mince u and slip up because u is a waste. No reason yuh supposed a share oxygen wid di living. Carbon dioxide under u skunt till u eye shet. Mi can go anywhere wid yuh because mi deh a fi mi piece a spot pan di www. You are a dirty nasty low life running behind a sub-human , defending the indefensible. Look at who yuh a come try defend? Mi PROUDDDDDDDDDDDDD not to like kartel because he is lower than the dirt beneath my feet, he cant impress me because evil nuh set me assail. Lowlife ground lizard go serve di time fi him and stop patrol the internet in defense of a murderous batteyman.

      1. Imagine Lisa go talk and di whole a uno chuck off down her throat and Kartel neva do nothing fi uno yet but leggo di batteyman demon dem pan di land. He is the skum of the earth, a low life. That is why the judge never spare him , all di obeah him mumma wuk di judge leggo 30 under him bam bam.This man degrade so many women, and kill so many people uno shudda shame fi even bop to one a him song dem. He is a stain on dancehall and di music will continue to descend until they renounce and reject kartel totally.

  15. Bottom line for me is , he is gifted and a lyrical genius, who fell short in his capacity as a potential role model and is now a CONVICTED MURDERER.

    Never liked him then, still dont. Where they lost me was when they wanted him to lecture at UWI…

    1. When he exposed Lisa hype and after that when him go try offa assassin because he was threatened by him. There is not one good bone in Kartel

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