I think someone waa use di pic fi imply adda tings but please low God fi do him work and nuh call dung nuttin pan no one


0 thoughts on “KARTEL SLEEPING

  1. This look like a gooda one a him gugu him just done wine n drap asleep kmt unnu no have nothing fi hurt unnu ?????

  2. I kind of feel a little bit sorry for him they could have give a little sentance but not life you can see that he love his kids.

    1. u sound like a idiot, so di ppl dem weh lose dem life neva love fi dem kids?

      no sentence is worse than a death sentence because u cyaah cum back from dat.

      a so u no place no value pon life u want a murderer get “a likkle sentence?”

  3. Watch de old demon can one a dont even kno wat to call it wicked soh so kartel use bright light to get rid of the woman funeral owner wey dissapear if dis demon never tek off the street god help jamaica

  4. Met have heard the latest news that kartel was co-operating with the police by TELLING them where wanted men are located in portmore and the wider st. catherine??? You remember when that funeral parlour lady went missing and I said it was connected to the murder trial??? Well well well, story come to bump, Jamaica nuh believe when people talk seh kartel a murderer from long time. Please post that very informative observer article please and thanks.

  5. Does anyone really know Kartel current standing with God?
    Are we still bitter although Justice has been served?
    Sometimes we have to learn to let go and make what is to be just be. At the end of the day is just a human . Everyday I practice forgiveness and stress relieve by letting go.
    I guess if you are a Christian u have ur own method. Let is go guys don’t be thirsty.

    1. what dos bitterness has to do with reporting news?

      what does bitterness has to do with telling the masses all that this man has done?

      so reporting or releasing new information is seen as bitterness now?

  6. So Kartell snitched on his fellow gang members when he saw that they had a solid case against him?

    “He wanted to meet with the commissioner who assigned a member of the high command to meet him. During the meeting he offered information on wanted men in Portmore and also coughed up a number of illegal firearms. He was trying to broker a deal to get the charges dropped,” the source said.


  7. It’s really hard to let go sometimes even though you know GOD wants us to forgive and forget but when you loose family members that way, it’s hard! GOD is good, and is grace endoreth forever….

  8. Forgiveness or not the nation needs to know the full extent of this person or whatever he it is called have done ..oh plze

  9. Kartel only sing like a canary after the fact ….to savehis selfish ass an to let the rest go down ..kartel is loyal to no one an look how idiot shawn storm refuse the 3yrs offered to him just to be loyal to kartel ..jamaica noh good again ..i said it on here lo g time that if krtel walk tesha done put out hit pon him aready ..cause member corrupt police still on tesha extortion paylist

    1. morning …di commissioner knew why he said what he said :ngakak a wonder how di grazmite dem feeling now :hammer

  10. I feel shawn mom an baby mother ago tell him to chat now ..dem caan be so stupid to tell him keep silent but him done get sentence aready so any information him give is to aid him appeal well im sure shawn knows what happens to lizard remains an the authorities want to kno an me too

  11. Exactly! Mi hear say a Bright light burn the remains. That’s the reason why nobody caan find nuthing. Them fi lock up the one Bright light to if a so it go, him too money hungry. The other day one man say a Riverly them dump the remains, right now it a lot of controversy. Shawn Storm, Lizard was your good friend, you need to talk and don’t follow dah devil deh. ..mi kno say a scared yuh did scared mek yuh f**k over your friend but since the horse gaan tru the gate, say something…your daughter need you home.

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