KINGSTON, Jamaica – Entertainer Vybz Kartel who received a life sentence for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams Thursday April 3 is to the again face the court on another charge relating to the case.

When the murder trial over, Kartel will also stand trial in mid August, for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

In this case he is charged jointly with entertainers Vanessa Saddler, otherwise called ‘Gaza Slim’ and Andre Henry otherwise called ‘Pim Pim’.

The three were charged in 2012 after an investigation into an alleged scheme to deceive the police in their probe of Williams’ murder.

It is alleged that Saddler, in order to give the impression that Williams was not dead, reported to the Constant Spring police that she was robbed by him after the date he was believed murdered. A text was allegedly sent to Saddler’s cellphone instructing her to make the report to the police.


  1. will it still be judge Campbell who they see for dis case as well?!?!?

    i thimk Vawnessa fi get sumtime cuz she a gwaan like is a joke ting dis deh pon insta a gwaan like a damn fool,my gurl wake up it very c-rus yuh a face sum charges,smfh

    1. Agree with u. Mi wan she fi get sometime. Maybe she well rehabilitate from all this Kartel saga when she deh a jail an Kartel nah look pon her or her way.

    1. lolol…I see streaks of shit in har hair from unda those nails….lololll

      Dis bitch here…simplicity said it. I love this because it figure into the reason why the appeal ago get rubba stamp DENIED! lolololllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  2. Met a which pawt dah well deh, deh a gen weh di ooman did drop inna? Cuz a tink gaza slim a guh need one a dem type hole fi hide wen shi realize weh a cook up fi she….

  3. Shi stupid bad….shi shuda jump ship wid every body else…..shi is still fairly yung suh weh har parents deh?

  4. I can’t wait fi dis gyal get har day in court…and I also hope di judge is not lenient because she is damn liar…tell lie pan dead man

    1. thats what i wantzzzzzzzzzz to know whey har madda?? because har madda love to call n beg fi har so she cannot beg har fi stop mek a fool of herself…it serious she will go to jail

  5. It’s crazy to find out this man got life and there’s no body but only the testimony of how many people one, I don’t see how he convicted of this and got life, smdh…

      1. The testimony is of someone who was present at the killing plus they had text message from the victim phone and from kartel phone. Put 2 and 2 together and you will find the truth, simple.

    1. I never thought i had it in me to rinse another Gaza Kwarshie, but here goes…… Tap yuh effing choopidness and guh read weh name “circumstantial evidence”!

      Chuh! Mi cudden be your fren. Anytime mi gaan missing yuh nuh guh have no form a inquisitiveness about weh mi deh, if mi deh deh, how mi get deh , who tek mi deh, who si mi gaan, if dem a lie……..Yuh get mi meaning, lovey?
      Open up yuh mind and love with yuh head as well as yuh heart.

    2. as ninja man seh “unno spend unno time a watch too much gangsta movies an naah watch enough CSI”

      if u no understand sumthing, go an seek out di ansa before u come comment an luk like an idiot.

      there have been many many convictions with the lack of a body present all over di worl. unno gaza sheeps need fi go read more books and skinout less.

      it always irritate mi when ppl seh there was no body so how him get convicted, a which century unno a live inna? falla weh unno boss seh and get “up to di time”

    3. @ Nicole, sweetie I take it u just landed from say Mars? By the way how was the climate up there?

      1. Lolllllllllllll. @ GA Peaches . I agree with London lots of cases have been proven without a body… Technology, Evidence and witness is all we need these days. So Nicole u are telling us that Lizard is alive and well an just been vindictive by hiding so Kartel can get charge for is murder… Or is it that he just decided to hide from his love ones an watch them mourn and suffer in pain over his death…which is it? :cool

  6. Yuh have time a respond tuh dem an dem foolinish.

    If GazaSlime have any sense, she should seh she did what she did because she was intimidated by Kartel and his cronies. She is an ordinary girl and knew how vicious he could be if he did not get his way. She was scared for her life and had to act on his command to protect her life.

    If she did that, she could get off with probation and stay out of prison.

    1. She can’t take back those words anymore…. Because the idiot keep updating her fb stat with nonsense…. So she might as well prepare for the wrath of the judge if it’s Judge Campbell presiding over the case. :cool

  7. Just like in the murder case they’ve indicted and convicted themselves. The only question is how much time she a go get… If she does make it to court. And will her gepetto testify against her or do anything to aid her defence

    1. She get off wid probation if the evidence (text) suggests that Geishell initiated the scheme and she complied. With PimPim accompanying her to de police, it could be argued that PimPim was there acting on Geishell’s orders to ensure that she cooperated.

      PimPim could also say he was scared for his life too, since he knew what Geishell would do if he didn’t carry out the order.

      WTF Geishell dun get serve 35 yrs, why guh sink wid him. Dem fi tink bout saving demself.

      1. Kunta I dont think she will…If she did tek whey harself maybe but the actions behind har wrong doing a go mek di judge sail di book

      2. What probation are u talking about.. Ok let’s PimPim di follow/accompany her there for that purpose….. Have u seen her facebook updates?… Met when that Judge sail that book at har nuh page nuh leff inna it.

  8. @Met, and dem fi sail di book fi chue and slap har ina har head wid it literally…Stupid air-head girl, she need jesus and guidance..

  9. Probation would be giving her a slap on the wrist. We’re talking murder and she was under no duress to go lying to the police. Ppl just imagine if this had not gotten out. They would have all been doing their dirty work and it would have been business as usual. This is serious stuff. SMH.

  10. the slime knows wat the fcuk she was doin………Lizard, him rob mi last night…….she a lok pon a stretch trust mi.

    the nature of the case is very relevant to her sentencing. (pervert the course of justice…..of murder….is the same…… just like hiding the dead body.. ….

  11. Claiming intimidation wouldn’t work because her own actions during the trial doesn’t show her as a victim.They also put their life on social media,like Dem never learn.

  12. Onnu nuh see seh Gaza Slim nuh inna d real world??? She swear think seh she is a barbie girl inna barbie world!!!! As Simpli seh she nuh tek dis thing serious, but when she hear 10-15 years fi try pervert d course of justice, then she gwine get a wake up call and goodly sit up har self inna d court house, mek she stay d think is a minor offense dat….

  13. dem fi lock up har claat if kartel wasnt hiding anything then him wd not ask her fi do that an if she didnt no anything she an pim pim then she wud not have done that the prosecutor fi flip di switch and demand she fi talk whey di body deh and gi har a deal and whey she no bout it. kartel give har a buss and a one fuxxxk and she is is saviour damn fool you no see she tek off the make up and even the name gaza slim an a sing for mercy you do the crime you spend the raasssss time

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