1. Dem seh life with parole possibility after 35 years
      Di judgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a love him :tkp

      1. That judge must be commended for executing the duties of his office with great fairness. Well di Worl Loss can go hold a seat now.

      2. Metty…. ah spirit of humbleness just come over me yuh see… Mi wah rejoice and it’s like mi cyah even move… Mi just proud ah di Judge. ah him seh “stand yuh groud” Justice has prevailed.

        Mi just happy.. naw lie…

        1. The judge looked everything over…I cyah seh mi a rejoice it is too sad he chose this path fi him life…VERY SAD

          1. A dat mi seh likkle while pon Face Book. Cah wi know the man sick and has inability to humble himself. That he took talent and used it only to hide behind is very sad.
            The judge knows this and knows that Kartel can’t change, no matter how much kindness and sympathy and humanity is shown towards him.
            I hope that the judge can sit with a little glass of good rum today. He won’t be rejoicing.
            It may be bad on the streets and unfortunately in some people’s homes, but can you imagine the details of criminality that judges and police have to hear everyday? Yes, even the corrupt and incompetent ones I have empathy for. They scrape up our messes.

          2. sociopaths cant be reformed …the judge knew this..when members of the jury started sleeping mi se dem done have dat locked already they didnt want to hear anything else..GUILTY

          3. Met, it’s sad but u know what, “NO MERCY FOR THE MERCILESS”

    2. Gleaner say:
      Adidja Palmer – LIFE IN PRISON (35 years before eligible for parole)
      Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell – LIFE IN PRISON (25 years before eligible for parole)
      Kahira Jones – LIFE IN PRISON (25 years before eligible for parole)
      Andre St John – LIFE IN PRISON (30 years before eligible for parole)

      1. lawd all di girly man get di book slam…..di judge nah play wid dem …………..weeping followed by mourning wid no teeth fi gnash

    1. Mistey, that will be the amount a years waste pon appeal…. lololol

      Onu can be sad, I’ll be happy fi onu then.

      Chow! big up yu self cause yu sey “Death before dishonor, I can NEVER betray my brother. NO MATTER what the world may utter, nuff respect to my brother” You may have been the most loyal of this lot of misfits.

      God have blessings fi yu if not now, then throughout yu future generations.

  1. I wanted, but never expected this. The judge has done his education proud. He can see kartel for the unfortunate, deluded, high chest weasel that he is.
    If he is eligible for parole after fifteen years, that means that he has to confess his guilt.
    So nobody cannot say that this is not fair.
    ball is in your court, kartel. Throw or kick it wisely. The judgement has anticipated any “cyaard” yuh gwine draw. Now is the chance for humility and for reality to enter your life.
    R.I.P Lizard.

  2. He will be eligible for parole when he is 73 years old…when he can no longer harm society
    ……well to whom much is given much is expected…………we are all role models and if a man nuh tek on nuh role weh pickney concern …he should be locked away ………..a long time mi a wait fi dis…..no man nuffi tink dem bigga dan di almighty they will be cut down ,,,,,

    1. Even myself and others as regular everyday citizen has a moral responsibility to do what’s right. This I feel is the law that we should base our everyday decisions off of. Even if you as a individual don’t believe in God; You are still morally responsible. The same wicked heart that plenty a dem carry roun wid dem will be the same one that will bring their down fall and from my experience in life it is always a hard one.

      1. Fi real. I’ve never seen it any other way. What is frightening is that certain people cannot see that they are the architects of their owna downfall.

      2. look yah ……di man tell wi everyday seh him not fi een and wi society nuh good enough fi him ..wi police a ediat .wi judge nuh have nuh sense …and him and maureen one bright……..ok so di judge out him light…a fi him business dat …..shorty nuh mek u pickney dem go inna nuuh money ritual……u second son nuh look happy go sort out u self and tek care a di pickney dem ….yu man and him ppl dem a crosses

    1. That don’t even mek no sense. You ask for no leniency, then bawl when it guh suh? How can Gaza fans not see that this man is not righted? Those fans really do not see that it is they that Kartel/ adija palmer is trying to impress wid him bad man chat.
      What a way to live……

      1. bawl for leniency when dem set up sons fi sing before sentencing hand out…they had no remorse and a try say yeah we deh yah and we nah go nuh whey….WHEN THEY ARE IN THE WRONG!
        Him haffi cry because him believe satan’s lies

        1. That’s why I rate this judge. Him mind sharp and he has foresight. Him plug every gap.
          Di judge slick nuh (bad wud)!

          1. __________________________________________________________ mi nuh mean fi laugh…him stop up whey fi stop up

        2. lolol…..dem and dem daddy can sing together over the phone a night time. Cell block can do wid the entertainment.

  3. Met met met havi I told you lately that I love yu rate yu and hold you in the highest esteem . 35 to life mama vybz carry the rope . Cause predators very rarely leave prison alive when given the right punishment for there crime

    1. :kiss and that is the truth….he spread a very hard bed…more years than dudus because he was too narcissistic to ask for leniency

      1. him wi go buck up pon….Gun hawk..Mad head….Vampire ….Black heart and di whole a dem weh him send a prison wen dem a yute true dem nuh have nuh parents…him let out him demon inna di music and sen dem weh …him nuh too good fi go live wid dem

      2. Lord, at least Dudus did try fi run weh . And even he knew to “give up the ghost” when caught in that bloody wig!
        Using the empathy that I have…. as wicked as kartel is, mi hate him Mumma more…. dat ooman dere, sinting nuh right!

  4. Good!! Justice has been served. Now gwan go hold a medi in a prison, Somebody please to tell shwaty to make the boys gwan a school and dont turn dem in a no ediot! SMH Bout dem a DJ bout money, Nothing in that song reflect KIDS! It better if dem did mek dem sing song bout Education and stay in school, I would rate the song more. NOW WATCH THE GHETTO VAGABONS RUN BEHIND THESE KIDS.

    1. That is the same thought that I had. Dem horsetearing, ching pang people deh a guh run behind pickney, cah dem a Kartel pickney.
      I feel elated (the sentencing) and deflated ( the pickney a release song) at the same time.

  5. Bet yuh mi last dime the artiste dem a go talk exactly how dem feel now. smh

    1. mi sehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh all who did a hide under di woodwork a go come talk now and dem a go shell dung wha really gwaan wid roach

      1. Set a cowards, them know this boy yah a evil. All Di Genius him did want fi hurt just because him couldnt manipulate and bad up. Kartel is right where him belong.

    1. _________________________________________ mi did a seh bout 30 but from di judge tek di how much day read out di summary mi know him nay a play…..a bet dem send blow fi di judge and it nuh reach so all dat gooda mek di judge slam di book :tkp

      1. Mi seh, cause yuh know shi go tek it hard hard di love of har life :kr he got locked up they won’t let him out :kr (akon)

  6. Kartel was completely blindsided. Never in his wildest dreams did he see any of this coming. From the lack of a body, the report by Slim of being robbed by Lizard, his co-accuse’s refusal to turn state’s witness, the disappearance of material evidence, the bribery of jurors, the hit on witnesses and their family….he never saw this coming.
    As much as I wanted life for him, I am yet to grasp what just happened.
    All hail a new Jamaica! Now it’s time to start prosecuting and convicting politicians!

  7. people can you please stop talking about the man kids that is not right dont use a song and judge shorty parenting they are kids if you guys are parents you would understand what kartel did was wrong the bible seh dont rejoice over another man downfall the justice system have spoken tearing down his kids dont make you guys sound any better back off the kids

      1. You have time a respond, you no see a fool dat? uneducated fools!

        The kids need to stay in school and even go university, bout dem a DJ. May Jah go with them.

        1. That a di problem Jamaica have today. If at any time u try to steer someone the right way they take it as negative ..if my man a teef and smaddy seh dont mek ur kids be like him how can I perceive that as someone speaking bad about my children ? smh :travel

          1. mi a go seh it…………………………….it look like dem done put dem on pon di inequity caw dem speech deh bout man nuh right ….mi did tink a sitten bout dem daddy a go sing but a gues dem nuh kno him

          2. In every sense of the word, their lack of education will not allow them to read with understanding, I love My country, however! it tears me up to see how people can be so dumb to the point of no return, Thank God for the ones who look to higher education and never make this GAZA foolishness blindsight them. Come on now, We should cheer these little boys who has their future a head of them to be like their father? BRING BACK JAMAL I SAY! My christ!

    1. kemp, go tell mureen and kartel mumma fi go drop pon dem knee and ask Lizard mother fi forgiveness and pardon.

      Tell dem fi go tell Kartel fi ask her fi forgiveness fi de ‘mince, mincing’ up of her kid/son/child.

      Yu de yah a beg fi kartel pickney dem. kmt. If dem fall inna me way then a so it go. Go tell shorty fi grow dem far and wide a dem puppa and him fans. Hope dem neva pick up dem daddy evilous ways and start practice pon people pickney early.

    1. lolololll……Love it. In truth, I think him weak like that. Sociopaths cannot survive in an environment where they aren’t the center of attention.

  8. Itsy and met but unno no c dem start talk up now deva Bratt and beenie talk bout it man. Beenie sey him isolate himself from the rest of the industry and now wah support and deva him mek a good comment sey a da ppl dem lead kartel in the wrong way

    1. Who are these people that “lead” kartel in the wrong direction? It can’t be his fans, because they are the ones who copy an follow his every move.

  9. met clearly you are not reading all the comments they are talking about the song and how shorty must not allow the kids to become like they dad by just listening a song i dont like i respect you site but talking about kids not cool nothing is wrong with the song i think it is very funny and cute

    1. that is your opinion and they are entitled to theirs ..nothing is wrong with them saying that but you are talking as if they are really saying negative things about the children which isnt true

  10. Mi start pray fi di pickney dem aready cause mi nuh like the looks a wha deh galang fi di poor ting dem

    1. A true! Lord some people haffi learn to look into the future more than one week. lack of foresight and “cyaan tell mi nutten” is what is mashing up Jamaican culture. that and the fact that (as Bounty Killer said about dancehall) we too effin LIKEY LIKEY. It’s coming that we are easily more impressed by anybody who is not Jamaican, liking Jamaica than our owna selves.
      Too many a wi self esteem low and them same loud, dunce bragga bragga, Jamaicans attract too many streggehs from other communities into our fold. I don’t see other nations of people act like this. We care too much about what the wrong type think of us and act to impress them more than ourselves.

  11. Ah Wanda if him strong enough to come to terms with his sentence or he may just end his life? Because for someone with his manipulative mentality this not how he perceive his life to be.

  12. Met yuh nuh memba when kartel sehinna one a him interview seh him nuh believe inna God a life him believe inna….well seet deh him get the life… yuh tink God easy

      1. I know at some point during his trial, while in his cell and in court he call up on father god to have mercy on him. Even this mornin before the sentance was handed down.

      2. What di verse met did put up wha day seh bout the power of the tongue it really is a little member that boasteth much, him belief ketch him

  13. I know a lot of you are going to disagree but now that kartel is locked up music is only going to get worse, the only thing kartel is guilty of doing was making his songs to honest and raw his songs are for big people, kids dem juss listen to it, now we have songs speaking about batty washing and nyamin pum pum, this is the direction of dancehall today, you ppl glad he is locked up but now insted of kartel who yuh think ya kids are listening to now, nothing better den kartel thats for damn sure, jamaica will be reuined in a sense that the kids now are going to be alot worse, kmt mi stop listen musicc ya man

    1. hay hello mek mi ask yuh sinthin wen bob marley did ded music did ded to? wen buju weh sing concious chune guh prison music did ded? guh wol a seat n tap talk fuxxery

      1. ……………………………………………………………………………….. in a real life……observer

    2. Cyaaaah believe nuh seh suh man, mi think seh diss ya case ya open up alot of ppl eyes to wats going on, and dialogue as well about the effect of certain type a music pon wi culture and dii yute dem, everybody haffi go get responsible now, the power inna the hands of the consumers not the artist dem. Suh when wi certain far lef f**krey start creep een wi fi stamp it out before it tek root. Mi nah lie a dah case yah mek mi privy to nuff a di tings wha a galang and a di fus mi si ppl suh vocal bout di music

    3. Wrong bang! When you have a lawn festered wid weeds, don’t the lawn get better when yu KILL OFF de bad weeds?

      If you have no positive hope fi we culture then what is your purpose?

      1. mi sehhhhh a di same judge dis weh em did a talk up to bout my lord? I doah believe judge seh wap wap :ngakak

  14. hhhmmm





    wonder what other criminals hiding out in Dancehall ???

  15. YES, Justice served….Bout worl Boss…effing Ediot…I hope his so-called followers (Gaza sheeples) see and realise seh there is only ONE WORLD BOSS = THE MOST HIGH…People need fi check demself before them wreck demself as Vybes Karthell is a perfect example of thinking he was the holder of such power….That is where the devil lead him into a trap….

    Big up Ms Met for the up to date coverage and exposing the TRUTH…

  16. Evening met and metters long time I dont comment just reading but good job met you did a great job big up yourself

  17. MET

    can one request that this judge take over the case of that X6 monster ???

    Patrick Powelll deserves to be tortured then put under the jail

    1. A endorse dis 100%. In all fairness, dem need fi kick out Pusey and nuh mek she preside over a neda case and mek Judge Lennox Campbell lead as a shining example for all Judges to follow.

  18. Wonder what gaza slim doing is now she mus mek a deal an start chat an tell dem wey lizard remains are if is bright light or rio cobre

  19. To observah, Afta mi nuh tiyad I dnt need to sit, nd noo musicc didn’t die it got WORSEE nd daT is a FACT ! Kartel was not Di first to sing about killin, or skinin out , nd he won’t be Di last, it only gets worse from here , so u my dear is the one who should be seated

    1. unless yuh caw write let alone read caw a yuh seh music a guh get worst an mi a tel yuh you is a raas idiot caw anuh kartel create dancehall or music…music will foreva live on….guh sitdung!!

  20. But shawn storm woman a bawl dem gual ya cold like ice after she kno wey har man do she did really want him walk ..dat is the reason yuh see so much young murderer now enoh cause dem pua was an muma skin up dem teeth an enjoy the notoriety that comes along with breeding fe a bloodsucking killer

  21. Hello Met, It’s great day in Jamaica. we should celebrate the justice system. This is a sad situation for everyone involved. Both family lost their sons, one to death and one to prison,but let this be a warning to all entertainers either you wan be a gunman or a DJ, GOD bless Kartel with is talents and he used it for bad instead of good…. LAWD HAVE MERCY PON HIM SOUL.

    1. hey hon..yes I heard more people happy than sad smhh …for the Lord to have mercy he has to find the Lord and I hope he finds him and seek him with all his heart

    2. Sp…bless you too on this glorious day. Kartel family have no losses. Him a breath and dem know where to find him at all times, all him future grand pickney dem know where him live. Lizard’s family can’t even hold a urn of ashes.

      Again, bless to me nation of birth and vessel of my living being.

      The sounds of the drum will not cease until a few more limbs from the tree of corruption and death has given account. Selah

        1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

          Tell her she should a call me back from me did take up me nappy bag and me sippy cup and left de yard………lololol

          Hey “Sista”.. :maafaganwati

  22. @Metty and crew evening!!!!!. God is not to be mocked and Shirley got exactly what he deserved. At least he’s still here where is poor lizard???. Its a very sad day as KILLA say, not just for dancehall but for jamaica as well. It nuh luk good or sit good at all..SAD INDEED!!

    1. Sad fi wah???? A dont think so at all. Its a good day for the ppl of Jamaica, 1 of d criminals who was wrecking havoc on society is now locked away behind bars for a really long tome, possible for life. Although I dont think this is d end of his reign of terror, I think this is just d beginning, because he will never accept defeat, I think everyone who had a hand in his demise, I think he will issue orders from behind d walls of Horizon, and his followers will try (the operative word is try) to carry out a reprisal. For the state witnesses and lizard and Judge Lennox and the members of the Police Force be very wary of dis demon. he will not stop until he takes down majority with him, the only end when you will be safe from harm, is when breath is no longer in hi body, but not to worry their will be many attempts by his followers but they will not succeed, you are all covered under the Blood of Jesus, No weapon that form against you will prosper!!!!!

  23. “I am bless, when I wake up in the morning…I am bless, I am bless” AMEN!

    Good day MET and to all whom are seeking progress in our HOMELAND either at home or from a far. BLESS.


  24. Why ppl talkin a bout kartel music? Is music wasn’t on trial is image wasn’t on trial Adija Palmer was on trial for MURDER! Commenting on him music right now nuh really relevant ….

    1. @CC i agree with you on this, an that is why u hear some idiots chanting free worl boss, because dem unda di impression seh, a kartel music mek him deh a prison.

      dem not acknowledging lizard an di fact dat a MURDER took place an as such, the culprits are paying for their crimes.

      dutty portia, spend sum a u time inna jamaica an give di plane a rest!!! u need fi spend sum time in di fu-cking ghetto an si seh more needs to be done to educate di poor and needy u ass wipe!!!!

        1. met reading without understanding is futile. more needs to be done for the poor so they are taught how to read an understand what they read and also be able reason for themselves.

          nuff a dem can read, but ask dem fi put inna fi dem own words weh dem just read, u hear crickets.

          1. the society has a culture of ignorance a dat haffi change ina those parts because dem will read it and understand say it wrong and they will say but………..das y dem say but a neva no big man kartel kill…..one next one say she know kartel wicked but dem fi free him….they comprehend but a di culture keep dem ina di frame of mind whey dem ina

          2. met wen ppl mek idiotic statements like those you used as examples, u no agree seh sumting needs to be done?

            wat could really be in di mind of a person that says “mi know him wicked, but dem fi free him”? dat person sound sensible to you?

            an nuff a dem a run wid second hand information weh di road side self professed scholars a narrate to dem. di same scholars weh no know how fi reach di gates of di school inna him backyard much less fi attend one.

          3. Lundun dem fi wipe out sad but thats the only way because u nah go can change them…they are only meant to destroy ………but as mi link seh….a work nuff a dem did a work so dem did a chat sake a pay

      1. Lol, A Lundun. She mussi a try fi reach in a Guinness Book of World Record fi see which Prime Minister can fly d most, she not doing a shitting thing fi d poor and needy, but go lift up dem baby and gi dem some empty promises when election time come round, but wait till d ppl dem ketch up pan har, dem might a stone off har wig off a har claat!!!! Yuh watch and see

        1. As much as we all would love for our brothers to be educated the government doesn’t want that. If your educated then you can see through their f**kery which means come election time is less vote. When your don’t have an education and can’t reason and come to an understanding for yourself then your easy to manipulate. That’s what the government want. More power so they can get more money and make themselves and family educated. They don’t give a rawtid about poor people and education.

          1. De government isn’t dunce people problem! Dem problem is people who can read and write.

            Look pon Kartel …because him know sey dunce can’t read him tun de “book” upside dung and tell de dunce dem sey a so de book read…worst if nu picture nu de pon de cova.

            Stop pred propaganda! Government nah corrupt people a we own class a people a do de corrupting fi win favors from said corrupt politicians.

  25. I SIGH!!!!! with relief, good afternoon beautiful Met and gentle peeps, God through the judge has spoken, even if Kartel was hiding and pleading to God to have mercy on him, God already knows his heart, The Most High, never shares is glory with no man, besides he’s God all by himself, Kartel never know he was playing with The Consuming Fire, God is God and not man, the devil him self who God is, but he made devil trick into believing his lies when it was God who gave him the talent, which in fact he mis -used and glorified satan. Such a fool, such a waste. 35 years to think on these things., Now you will know who is the real WORLD BOSS

  26. Metty hear mi out, this is off topic, plz hear me out: Yuh see mi a go bout me merry likkle way, and nah trouble nuhbody eh nuh, and a crosses name “get a life” come a style me pan d post wid the caption”AH DOE GET YUH SENDA” wid d woman in d sister locks in d blue bath suit looking ensemble, mek mi affi tell har some unspeakable unforgivable things weh nuh worth repeating enuh, after me throw in my 2 cents did gal weh mussi a rub crotches wid d oman come a get smart wid mi mek mi affi reduce miself to fi dem levels enuh, d last thing I want to do is to degrade yuh site, so plz go revisit dat post and si if yuh can censor it likkle fi me deh now, plz and thanks.

      1. Selah. Damn jellyfish dem. Dis supporting of people who know how fi bark off inna one breath de social ills of Jamaica is wha give onu Kartel in the first place. Me nah join nu congregation….me join movements.

        1. Dem can use God name fi di wrong tings u si ..when satan wanted to be like God him pitch him out…same ting reach dis fellow

    1. Seriously Anon (twin?) this seems like a publicity stunt fi dem. Really?!

      Shit! if yu did sey Mataburuka I would understand. NO damn entertainer will get the opportunity fi create another cult again inna Jamaica! Kartel music fi get ban to.

  27. Jesus never came to save the righteous. It seems that you all are and now that the case is done hopefully you all can go find more productive things to do. There were no tears shed by Kartel.

    1. No he came to save the sinners and reform the laws of the old testament. While youre watching us not being productive , how are you being proactive or productive ?

    2. why didn’t you tell kartel to go do something more productive with his life?

      why don’t you tell shorty to make it her priority that those three little boys become productive citizens in life.

  28. Soh KARTEL yuh neva know seh di devil nuh loyal and all him do is use yuh den dash yuh weh, what a way yuh tink yuh did a fly up inna God face.

      1. KARTEL TING DEAD….and him know seh it a go come di mumma need fi go repent but instead dem have di pickney dem a promote dem inna observer……all him family bury him dem jus did a use him fi di money …..so mi sorry fi who nuh wah get wid di time……Kartel ting has come to an end the devil is a liar …..bout good music wen him him a carry oman secret come a road fi come teach ppl pickney how fi tun een drunk row…and wen him cah find nuh lyrics him go kill ppl fi mek up song …..weh him kill di bowy fah??? him know seh di yute nuh teef di gun…..And all unu si shawty a gwaan shi gi police information to unu need fi go dash weh unu DEAD head weh kartel full up wid effery ….dat deh part a Jamaica done ……. :berduka

  29. Lwad Met nuh pay the ingrade them nuh mind, a production we say every day on the site, actually our voice was heard, and Kartel guilty as the sin weh him commit .We big bout yah.


  31. bout yuh nuh waan nuh leniency and a bribe jury and a threaten people family and a fling blow at di same time ..15+15+5 a how dat again check an tell mi oh a woe..lollolol…..MET MI HEAR SEY RED RAT RUNNN WEY CAUSE HIM HEAR SEY KARTEL A KILL EVERY INSECT AND ANIMAL.

    1. @ real promo :ngakak di redrat comment ____________________________________________________________________________

  32. nuff respect going out to you Met. from day one of your coverage, you were accurate,=. from meh read the evidence weh yuh put up meh know seh this waste man wudda be convicted. yuh links dem large, yuh can know seh a good hearted people dem. You, all meh can seh is MET TO THE WORLD. as your site keeps us as Jamaicans well informed on what’s going on in weh country. Judge Campbell, today you have given us as Jamaicans, a renewed hope that our island can be saved from the horrible crime wave that has been affecting the well being of our beautiful island , If other judicial decisions makers continue in your trend when conducting a trial, Jamaica will be a better place, and one which we can be genuinely proud of again. Sir, thank you for standing up for principles that are right. nuff nuff nuff… respect is due to you.

    1. Thank you so much and I thank them too for choosing me but a God works …Respect to Jermey Taylor..I would love to interview him! Nuff prayers and tears ooo

  33. Blessed good afternoon Met and all other,
    I had to take the time out to my God is real.
    AMEN & AMEN.
    :peluk Met

  34. Jugde Lennox Campbell, may God continue to bless you abundantly Sir. We need you as Prime Minister fe Jamaica. Judge Pusey (Pussy) wey rule over de Kern Spencer case, is just like yu name, a fukking pussy !!! Gwwehh you cunt !!!

  35. METTY OOOOOO!!!!!!! Mi did haffi drop a one comment pon dis! A long time wi see dis a come. And all who think seh Kartel will be scared of dropping the cake soap – Metty remind dem dat him will be right at home deh ooooo!!! A from 19ooooolong wi a tell dem!!


    Kartel have nuff cellfie fi tek! POWW!

    1. met2 :matabelo

      you know seh from mi a blog yah since 2010, is bout 3 time i eva si met2 on here.

      hailings met2 :maafaganwati

  36. A wha tek uuuuuu lolol. Mi seh mi did hafi seh ‘SELAH’. Kartel have a demon pon him. Mi sorry fi di prison – cause di prisoner den ago start complain bout Kartel demon den.

    Kartel a struggle with the fact dat him gay and him was proving a point to himself – that a gay narcissist like him could lead a nation of so-called homophobics astray. Him have nuff time to face di demons now. If we see him in court in 15 years, don’t be surprised if the pig is wearing lipstick and heels! Bad man batty man get pull up. POWWW!!

  37. Don’t be surprised if the pig appear in court in 10 years time wearing lipstick and heels. The narcissistic battybwoy will have time to face his demons. Kartel a coward, fraid to come out d closet and was determine that if him have to struggle wid him sexuality, him taking the whole country wid him!


  38. Kartel the repressed and narcissistic homosexual. nuff #CELLFIE fi yuh. hug up di iron bar dem.Too coward to face his worse fears he unleashed them on the country and pon people pickney.

    1. u seh suh long time______________________________________________________ him nah go stay behind nuh bar all today which should have been solemn the man a show defiance

    2. All him a sing bout love shorty and har name nuh deh pan nothing fi him… NOTHING…suh a wha kinda love dat? :tkp

  39. Met, Mettaz & Peepaz Howdy! Met2 a special howdy to you. What a way KartHell future get cloudy. Mi have to say these tings, causen seh mi mi nuh deh yah tuh much like one time and mi ben deh yah from dis ting buss and Met stay pon de case like white pon rice… Mi fellow Mettaz and good citizens, hear mi out.


    That said, let me express my fond appreciation to Lamar Chow who displayed tremendous courage, bucking the norm and stood up for JUSTICE. Without his courageous, truthful and unflappable testimony on the witness stand, we could not be celebrating the dispensing of a fair verdict and subsequent sentencing.

    Lamar Chow, you did the right thing, the right and proper way. All civil, decent, honest and well thinking Jamaicans owe you a debt of gratitude for your selfless act. I wish you a good life and hope you use this opportunity to live within the parameters of the law. You’ve set an example for others to follow.

    This judge, the Honorable Lennox Campbell is to be commended for his handling of the case and his diligence and control of the court. The presentation of the evidence in his summation was brilliant. He simplified the case for the jury, allowing them to arrive at a quick, rational and accurate verdict. The jury had no choice but to arrive at a conviction based on the evidence presented; the evidence alone. He took in consideration the nature of the crime and dispensed sentences befitting the heinous nature of the crime.

    Respect Judge Campbell.

    Next, we must BIG UP the jurors for their fine service. They sat and listened intently for 65 days. That was a superlative effort and great dedication to their civic duty. They did not run from their responsibility and were not swayed by the celebrity of the prime suspect. The sole exception being the treacherous Cain, enemy of the nation. Yuh a WIKID. Your day soon come.

    Mi nah stop seh suh; Cornwall ‘BIGGA’ Ford should be sanctioned and stripped of his responsibilities for ‘losing’ his notebook. That is unacceptable and brought the credibility of the investigators in disrepute. Good thing there was more than a preponderance of evidence to convict the WIKID KartHell and his cronies. Even if Bigga Ford isn’t corrupt, his incompetence gave the impression that he was touched by KartHell’s team.

    Colossal respect to Chief Prosecutor Jeremy Taylor and his assistant. Jeremy Taylor laid out a brilliant case in the pursuit of justice. He fought off no less than six accomplished defense attorneys and ensured that justice was duly served. This was a groundbreaking case in Jamaica with the technologies involved. He exercised due diligence throughout the case and educated himself to lay out a case that baffled the defense, where they could not creditable attack the technology. They were forced to rely on a police conspiracy theory, augmented by fabrications and skullduggery which were weak, relative to the technology evidence presented by Mr. Taylor.

    Well done Jeremy Taylor. You are a strong advocate for justice in Jamaica. You demonstrated strength in the pursuit of Justice. You were responsible for getting a conviction against Zeeks and now you got the conviction against KartHell. BIG RESPECT!!!

    RIP Lizard. You didn’t deserve to go out like that at the hands of your associates. My sincere condolence to your family, especially your sister who stood up for you and ensured that justice was served.

    BIG UP Lizard’s sister – can’t member her name, (Ms Breakenridge). Somebody correct mi please. Respect same way.

    KartHell did the crime. He was delusional to think he could get away with this heinous crime, but such is the way of sociopaths.

    To KartHell family and associates. Please tell him he will have at least 35 yrs to rehab his mind. While he is sitting, before he take steps to take his life, tell him fi come clean and please grant Lizard’s family closure by telling them what became of his body. That would be a redeeming service to his kids and family, cause he will not be seeing road for a long time.

    Finally, Bless up Met for your contribution in bringing the information to the people and never letting up. We celebrate the pursuit of justice here at JMG.

    1. Amen to u comment and Amen again.Jermey Taylor was a true solider in this battle..Also bit up Detective Linton who had the final baton in the case

      1. Yes Met, big respect to Detective Linton for his service and contribution. He explained the technology so that even a 2 yr old could understand.

        There are others such as the forensic personnel who processed the crime scene and those who located Chow, convinced him to do the right thing and protected him throughout the case.

        Therefore, BIG UP to all who contributed to the cause of Justice and ensured that justice was served.

        Met2, mi glad fi si yuh!

  40. @Kunta, RITE PON TARGET PUPPA…God is good everytime…www.com, me neva waan laff but u comment bout gaza fans floor me to raas man!!! *tears***..

  41. do not rejoice over someone downfall.is obviously not getting any better. There are men raping babies, 12 year old been shot, police killing innocent men and lying about shoot out, so people stop the bull.. Jamaica need a better police and court dept. ..how about that. Full of crap, just because kartel in jail. le me tell you this, there is going to be some other man trying to be THE WORLD BOSS! that’s just how things goes. So just because one man gone to jail doesn’t mean crap will cease, I hate when people rejoice over people downfall. Lizard never innocent, if this was such a hard working man he would still be alive he would have the common sense to not mix up with kartel. You illiterate fools. No justice was done, you fools who are rejoicing are the same idiots dancing and buying his music then you want to cast judgment. how ignorant. You people need the LORD.

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