Voice note 1
Hombre den yu nuh know seh bloodclaat Lizard and Wee ago call my phone today and tell me seh dem cyaaan find do two bloodclaat new shoes dem weh mi go dem dawg. Seh dem lock dem up in a wan house side a *undecipherable* weh a buil up dawg in a bloodclaat house yu lock up toe shoes and cyaaan find mi bumboclaat shoes bredren and a come tel me f**kery a mi ears dawg. Yow mi jus tell dem seh mek sure mi get mi shoes by eight a clack a badman

Voice note 3
*undecipherable* all your name get inna di ting caah a dat mi a tell mad dawg seh a weh day mi and you a reason bout di sed f**king ting bo’ as weh mi tel you hombre di man weh dem gi di bloodclaat shoes fi lock dawg- if eight a clack come and me nuh get mi shoes di same f**king ting dawg. Suh if dem waan dem fren fi live dem betta get mi bloodclaat shoes. Yow more time mi deeven love follow up certain science ting eenuh dawg. But you know seh a gyal tell me seh she call a woman and di woman can har instantly seh a di bwai weh ugh country weh day yah move di shoes fi sell it. Fi sell dem move di shoes dem fi sell eenuh dawg. And yu know seh mi a medz back caah mi a seh weh day ya when mi go country is a portion a man, a por, a portion a man forward eenuh dawg suh mi, mi deeven know which man bredren an mi tell you dawg, yow.

Voice note 4
Di battybwai dem a tell mi seh dem cyaaan find two a mi shoes eenuh dawg. Mi ago kill one a dem eenuh. Mi gi dem till eight a clack if get back mi bumboclaat shoes as a dead bloodclaat man dat eenuh.

Voice note 6
Dawg im a di fuss man mi page eenuh hombre caah mi a ask him seh how bredren how you a bloodclaat a run a place an you deeven know nuttn. Dawg di man a tell mi seh a tiddeh him hear eenuh and bandit a tell me seh di ting dem missn from Satday morning eenuh badman. Is a lickle bird call me and tell me and mi page lizard dem and dem a tell me seh a hit dem a go bout eenuh. A mi a seh dawg, dawg unu betta find man ting faas eenuh dawg mi deeven waan, waan yow. You nuh know seh one a di hombre dem weh get di ting fi lock mi deeven know dat deh yute dem eenuh. Problem come een like yessideh di man come live bow yah eenuh mi deeven know bloodclaat him eenuh. Suh mi mek sure tell di man deh seh mi waan mi bloodclaat shoes by eight a clack or mi ago f***k up two a dem dawg.

Voice note 7
Hombre den yuh nuh know seh yuh come like u a prophet dawg caah you seh suppm to mi seh you nuh like up deh suh becaah every lickle man jus run in an dem jus accept di man dem. Den you nuh know seh mi deh yah a medz dawg weh you seh and one mine seh fine out weh di tird man come fram, Weh dem seh lock di shoes caah mi nuh know him and mi know every yute weh grow bout deh. You nuh know seh mi run di file Problem Child di man dem a tell mi seh di hombre not even live deh fi one year dawg and guess wah dem seh, di hombre come from Waltham eenuh hombre. Walth…Waltam eenuh dawg dats mi haffi call lizard and Wee and diss dem up and she pu**y hole you nuh si seh a town craft di man use pan unoo caah di man lef fram bad place and come over yah so come see seh unu a some giggy giggy laughy laughy battybwai and tief di shoes carry go gi him fren dem a town and come back come siddung wid unu and gwaan like I’m nuh know how di shoes missin’ up and mi tell dem fi tel dah bwai deh seh if mi nuh get back mi shoes im and im bloodclaat Mumma ago dead eenuh badman *undecipherable*

Voice note 9
Nah haffi seh nutten badman. Mi dun a pree dat arredi. Mi jus waan dem go back fi mi shoes dats mi caan send dem down pon di Gaza dawg, suck dem mada if dem waan, dem go mek some one pop an mek we hear seh dem ave one pop up deh and wi go kill two a dem.

Voice note 11
Real f***king ting you a taak dawg caah mi neeven did a pree it suh and a so it really a work back fi real. Caah very ting jus go right back dung pan di Gaza dawg, big woman ting dawg. Dem fi go weh bredren.

Voice note 13
*undecipherable* caah it should a neva even reach as far as Tird Worl’ nyda caah fram day one mi know eenuh dem pu**y deh eenuh dawg. A just true Shatty did a par round wi eenuh. A Shatty bring Ratty eenuh dawg. And yu seet him end up come tun inna big informa eenuh dawg. So it shouldn’t even reach deh suh fram day one dawg

Voice note 15
A real taak you a taak eenuh Problem. Mi ago page back mad dawg and mek him page him becaah him a govan di program eenuh dawg so mi a caal him right now and mek you know wah ago hombre.

Voice note 17
Real ting badman. Naah man a real bumboclaat ting dawg. Big ooman ting. You aah hear bout it man.

Voice note 19
Same ting as weh we seh man. Di bwai a him tek di ting dem dawg. But di bwai Mumma up deh dawg. Dash mi a mek di man dash har weh eenuh hombre.

Voice note 21
*undecipherable* inna Shevy yaad eenuh. Shevy yaad di pussyhole gyal live inna.

Voice note 23
Deh yah. Deh yah a wait pon di priest dem fi link mi back and mek mi know wah dem a do. Caah if dem nuh sen on back di ting dem come in like dem ago get f***k eenuh dawg.

Voice note 24
*undecipherable* man a mad raas ting man

Voice note 26
Yea but Problem Child if dem cut weh dem ago cut guh? Dat a di raasclaat question hombre. Dem deh deh man. Dem cyaaan cut go no weh dawg you mad. But of dem even cut, Shawn Storm haffi go buy it back.

Voice note 28
No but a same so mi aah deal wid it , mi affi laugh dawg caah come in like yuh a mind reader bredren caah mi naah kill out mi self dawg. Mi jus call Shawn up to dis mawnin and tell him seh hombre *undeciphearable* bout mi tings dem and mek mi get money fi buy back mi ting dem an unoo do wah unoo a do wid who eva. Mi jus wah get back my ting and a yuh response if it. Suh mi mek sure tell him dat dis mawnin.

Voice note 30
Mi aah govern tings man you naah seh nutten man jus nuh…nuh…jus…jus listen

Voice note 32
Aah waah gwaan Problem Child mi deh yah a put on a tattoo star.

Voice note 33
A wah yuh jus di tattoo yeah man a bride of chucky man

Voice note 35
Yow tell mi exactly weh you hear bad man caah mi waan know waah gwaan.

Voice note 37
So who dem seh dash dem weh?

Voice note 39
Yow mi jus waah know a who tell you. A who a di fuss man weh tell you and weh him hear it from?

Voice note 40
Mmmmm hmmm, jus a while ago dat happen.

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    Kartel fans blast Digicel

    14/03/2014 15:53:00

    Following the verdict of guilty against Vybz Kartel yesterday several protesters outside the Court house expressed their anger with telecommunications provider Digicel for their role in providing evidence to convict the influential entertainer, and have vowed to switch to LIME’s network. Kartel and three of his coaccused were found guilty of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams yesterday by an 11-member jury who voted 10-1 in the decision. Some of Kartel’s fans also blasted Digicel for invasion of privacy, “Yea man Digicel, can look inna mi phone now and broadcast mi text dem, a invasion of privacy date no star” said one irate Kartel fan. Vybz Kartel whose real name is Adidjah Palmer, Kahira Jones o/c “Mad Suss”, Shawn “Shawn Storm” Campbell, and Andre St. John, will face a March 27 date of sentencing.

    1. Dem dark nuh rassss…..like Kartel a pay none a dem phone bill either way…fool dem, like Lime neva haffi provide the same evidence wey digicel provide. Yuh see how dem people yah love support frigry….
      Dem nuh care who him murder as long as dem have di heap a slack music fi listen to…A dats why when them murder dem rhatid during the Dudus fiasco I never feel a damn way cos dem love support frigry too much..
      The only reason yuh nuh si dem block road and a keep up a whole heap a frigry outside the court house a because them remember wha happen wid Dudus. A dat calm dem..
      A same suh mi want Kartel verdict fi calm every one a di bad man dem and di entertainer bad man dem.

  2. Yu know say dust a rime yes mi know fi spell could a save the flight money and just log on ova ya and him would a know say him a fight a loosing battle . MET U LARGE , mi know without a doubt yu would a soon get the vn ,

  3. Every minute him a seh Big Woman “oman” thing, like him a some big gal, and bout “Man a bride of chucky” so Kartel a shark fi true, even if a slip him mouth slip, it cant slip so much time, Like him a wear g string, and wig fi tru……

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