KINGSTON, Jamaica — Vybz Kartel isn’t the monster society is making him out to be, says a sister of the jailed entertainer.

“Kartel came from a good home,” his eldest sister Morine Nelson told OBSERVER ONLINE in an interview following the conviction in the Home Circuit Court on Thursday.

Nelson, a school teacher, said she and her two sisters and Vybz Kartel (real name Adidja Palmer) were raised properly by their parents.

“We are not violent people,” said Nelson who expressed surprise at the level of hatred directed at her brother.

She said she uses the public transportation and that it pains her how people talk about her brother is spoken of, as if he were cause of the ills of society.

Kartel’ mother Teresa Palmer expressed similar sentiment during an interview with OBSERVER ONLINE last week.

Vybz Kartel, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John and Kahira Jones were convicted for the August 16, 2011 beating death of friend Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams over the disappearance of two illegal guns. Accused Shane Williams was acquitted at the end of the five-month long trial before Justice Lennox Campbell. The men are to be sentenced on March 27.

Paul Henry


  1. Is this de same sister who say dat she nuh lissen to Kartel music ? How come all of a sudden she tun public defenda fe him, …… fe de Adijah Palmer part of him, and not de Vybz Kartel part of him ? Miss Lady, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  2. Morning one n all Metsy
    Boy oh boy y when Kartel a do him wrongs dem neva tawk to him y dem neva remind him of him home teachings but u see dem licky licky family here all is well cause dem a get house n car fi live inna kmft mi nah look pon dem non tall

  3. Are they so boasy that they think that having an abusive man as a father /husband only happened to them. These people are so stupid and vain that they do not realise that coming clean about certain aspects of their growupsy may garner some empathy (not sympathy) for their brother.
    Instead they are fixated on fooling the fools by having a certain subset of people saying to themselves “But Kartel too intelligent fi a talk pon himself”, “Kartel wudden kill a man over gun”.

    If these people said that Kartel did get too much beaten as a child and even if they said that they knew he was gay as a child, but their father wasn’t understanding of that, people like me, who doesn’t like him could say “well, I don’t sympathise (because not ALL overbeaten and gay children turn out to be animals), but with them growupsy deh, I can see how a weak minded person would want revenge on the world”.

  4. People who are in denial would definitely think they are from a great family. Most violent men and women usually never accept responsibility for their violent ways. They often cast the blame on someone or something other than themselves. So Ms. Nelson I see your denial. It seems to be a common trait that you and your siblings have received from one or both parents. I need for you to continue to ride on that good ole public transportation as that may just be a form of therapy for you to come out of your denial stage and stop casting blame on everyone and everything else. Yes you must hurt! The only sad part is You will never hurt half as much as Lizard’s sister or Chow’s sister. Your parents will NEVER hurt half as much as the victims parents neither will the rest of your family. So yes, listen to the TRUTH about your DEVIL brother. Until you can be honest and open about the pain he has caused many. Including your family, because he is exposing ALL of you indirectly!!!

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