And she hafi bring up Rihanna without being asked…bawling bout heartbreak blah blah…She says that she was battling Rihanna’s 14 million fans on twitter and says that she feels everything was blown out of proportion because the situation was ”relatable”..


  1. Well Rihanna is part of the situation so its understandable why she brought her up. And yes it is true, riri fans are bat shit crazy…… but no celebrity fans nuh scare mi, mi just tell dem “commit suicide because I sure aint gonna do it,” and keep it moving.
    I give zero shits about who “had” di man first………….. riri should of stay out of their relationship
    hey Met….. waddup Metters

    1. rihanna neva bother she a she start and when rihanna leggo di rice cake it was ova…jus like how she a reach fi rihanna name agen yasso n wasnt even asked…rihanna a ignore dem now but that not enough

      1. Rihanna tired fi call her basic bitch and you know she just done fcuked up by pulling her out now….At no time did Keke ask her about her beef with Rihanna, she asked her about dating a celebrity…how Rhianna reach ina it? When she was dating Chris Brown, Rhianna wasn’t with him so she didn’t even address the question.
        I’m tired of these nobody chicks who think they are celebrities before she’s sleeping with one.
        On another note, Rhianna need to stop spreading her legs all across the industry, that’s why Rice Cake mek sure throw in, she’s never been with a celebrity before, Rhianna been with too many.
        Now that Drake and Chris are buddies, Rhianna looks like a fool. She got more money than all those dude, pick up your crotches now man.

        1. She love draw out Rihanna fi mek harself look important..she was not the only girl chris dated after rihanna so y she jus so bad lucky dat she n rihanna mouth meet? Mi think Rihanna sex fi spite especially wid drake and she fi stop but she dont care she a run it red and no strings attached..she cold i believe

        2. Listen sleeping with multiple men might not b something I would do but if Rihanna can can it that’s her business so because she slept with Chris n Drake it makes her less? Rihanna don’t seem to care about this new found friendship n bet any money both a dem would deh back wid har kmt
          I’m tired of this double standard so deh had had many partners that’s her business frankly

          1. same so and mi nuh know how much man she cudda tek suh because a one basketball player before drake n she do har ting and cut..

          2. Go check kakroach file could pass 100, mi nah lie I wish I was more sexually adventurous with more men when I was younger shit can imagine how much more skills mi woulda stock pile ya now yow I would wine john, Henry and Tom but wit protection YOLO

          3. Matt Kemp, Chris, Drake, Meek Mil, Ashton Kutcher and JR Smith from Knicks. Nobody is saying she can’t sleep with a thousand men, but when they are all high profile and in the industry, it makes her no better than any other groupie.

          4. That mean di B a sex up not down lmaooooo a don’t wrong u Rihanna do as u pls :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

          1. I doe see meek mills as har type…jr smith is thirsty bad i feel him go ina rihanna draws before she realise it..dat is how bad him is

      2. Met this girl is the biggest FAME WHORE a true ppl no really a follow her up fr long time…NONE A RIHANNA FANS DEM NEVA LOOK PON HER UNTIL SHE MADE THE YOUTUBE VIDEO A MOCK RIHANNA ME A GO TRY FIND IT SEND IT TO U>>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTT5qXxds7k…..MET d girl look like she have somen over Chris head n him look like him owe her somen – 1 time pon twitter when Chris tweet her n tell her fi stop act thirsty fi him dick she tweet say she a go to the cops cause dem would a love hear her story (but she then delete within minutes) n den u see Chris Tweet say him a f**k up somebody same so before him disable him twitter fi a day…we all a go see the outcome a dis

        1. MET Chris caan rule Rihanna at no time at all and a it a bun him – 1 time Rihanna tweet say “I F**K WHO I WANT N F**K WHO I DONT WANT” but tek it down after then him start cuss her say she a bitch n him fren dem warn him – she avoid him met n this idiot boy in a last year when she a mek d POUR IT UP VIDEO b4 se release it she put some pics in a d shorts n red draws , my yute get mad n start cuss her again say she dont have class – My thing thing is if Rihanna not looking at them y them always a bring up d girl, Met wha u tink start d Teyana Taylor beef?? Teyana introduce d gyal Kokroachie to Chris n she n Rihanna a did fren at d time….All dis Kokroachie gyal waan do a climb up d social ladder n a use Rihanna name fi back it

          1. but teyanna nah lukkkkkkkkkk pan kakroach right about now doe…but why chris did a patrol rihanna hole when him wid kakroach she nuh si seh sumting wrong?? mi nah lie mi need kakroach fi get a one two from rihanna fi di mocking ting because a she start it

        2. Mi figet u keep up with them..a dat mi a tell eyelid say it wasnt on before she did a mock her accent ..mek she gwaan man

          1. Met Chris Bipolar n long time me see it dat, Rihanna had to block him fr her page cause all him do a fass pon her profile n if Rihanna ever come in a d paper looking like she go have dinner or nutten with nobody all hell bruk loose!!! n me a say den if Kakroachie a him oman how she feel wid her man a carry on like dat bout him EX!!! Rihanna get d most hate fr caribbean ppl Met me na lie n u see d Americans dem d celebrity dem dem no like her cause dem say she nave no talent n she a no American – Teyanna na look pon Kakroacjie now but dem a still fren cause when Teyanna put up Rihanna beatup face d ole a dem did a tweet n retweet n a gwaan all Chris did a retweet Teyanna stuff but when d ppl dem clamp dwn n say she endorse domestic violence everybody go in a dem corners

  2. And I need someone to honestly, HONESTLY! tell me what is the beef or chicken unuh (not anyone in particular) have with this chic? because it seems to be pure bias true she a tek RIRI ex-buddy….. and I thought “hot gal nuh fight ova man, nooo” fi real.

    1. mi waa know why she reach fi rihanna name before it send fi she????????? is rihanna she obsessed wid I cannot wait fi it air mek rihanna serve har what she due fi eat…a she trouble di girl first eno

  3. Kmt no ano di 14 million ppl a di girl 90 million a bun u so she no haffi teck chat from Chris r u nobody as a matter of fact go siddung kacroach kmft

      1. When Chris lef har fi Rihanna she tek full set and di amount a shame whey she get..kakroach need fi go find a can a insecticide and one drop pan di nozzle

        1. Rihanna should be ashamed as well because chris left her fi “kakroach” nuh suh? 6 of 1 and half dozen a di odda….

      2. This bitch have worked my last nerve. CB is out of jail go have some babies, Rih nuh look like she a worry about unu. Leave her alone a bet if she was a project bunny or from some hood unu wudden a tek set. All a unu guh suck unu mumma and lowe her . She seh she screw who she want, why they mad though??

  4. Again! why are we bashing her? what have she done that is soo bad? Rihanna does sneaky shit all the time but all I keep hearing/seeing is “riri can do no wrong” just lame…. plus Rihanna played a part to play in CHRIS & KARRUECHE relationship.
    I think this is why i’m super scared of holding a friendship with women, because we are so quick to be bias to the other woman plight then wonder why men use an abuse we…I yet to hear what this girl did to make girl an outcast….. except for being Rihanna matey and again how rich hot gal fi have mate?
    and im not arguing with anyone, I just want to know why ppl hate her.

    1. from she go trouble rihanna and mimmick her accent that was it for me with her,she was more the aggressor with the beef…to how she get do up by chris when dem lef i dont know how she find di R ina rihanna name fi call.

    2. to how me see it rihanna tek chris fi mek kakroach know she can and fling him out back n keep on her road… u know rihanna cannot tamin * cheese voice*

      1. Well Rihanna pum pum a common commodity den because mi nah tek nuh ex man fi hot nuh gal head especially since I have already ‘been there, done dat, blaze dat an run dat’ no way jose! plus him beat mi rawse to.
        Besides mi nuh rub crotch suh nuh gal caah get mi jealous, not in my cabinet….
        when me and my ex broke up it was good riddance to bad rubbish and in no time he met this “browning” an talking about “mi browning dis/dat,” I guess because he must of thought I lack self substance & esteem…. he married her and then di “browning” start show off pan mi, I paid her no mind because behind her back he was telling me he would divorce her if I take him back but I still keep it moving and didn’t pay her any mind because I knew him but she didn’t… needless to say, him bun-out har clawt and he divorced her……. the point of the story? mi a nuh dog, mi nuh vomit and nyam it back.
        Fi what they claimed Rihanna went tru with chris, its shocking that she went back..
        both island grill and kakroach nuh have an ounce of shame.. nope!

        1. It was understandable how that happened..their relationship ended because of the media..even though a him beat her she never choose to leave.. so mi get desso but also it was fi dash it ina di girl face..Rihanna have issues with love because a di same chris i believe so dat haffi go deal wid

          1. Between me an you still, I don’t think chris beat Rihanna yuh ere. Rihanna strike me as the type of chic weh provoking an will fight… it seems to me they were fighting an Rihanna got the worse of it and especially since it got out in the opening, she had no choice but to leave….
            As we speak (type) I have a friend that her husband a beat out har clawt but decided to “leave” because it got out… but went right back when we (her friends) stop talking about it.

          2. not provoking but har mouth lite jus like di res a caribbean women dem and i feel she hit him first

  5. We all as women always have a soft spot for that one person I think Rihanna really loved Chris n saw his love for her too yes he beat her n that is dead wrong but they loved each other, from experience I was with someone n we broke up n I was fine until I found out he was dating someone else so mi just go back fi mi man broke up all dolly house n then further down realized that even though I love him he was not the best thing for me n left again so we all make mistakes, Kackroach need to be in her relationship with Chris n forget about Rihanna n look how happy she would be.
    But I’m sure there is plenty of personal issues I.e will he love as much as he loved her, this chick is seen as a bad itch can I measure up etc n a dat a buss off har head she fi GO SIDDUNG!!!!

    1. I would not even mention Rihanna by name ooo..she need fi mek Evelyn Thotyblingas Lozada school har..look how evelyn tek di people dem man and mek it look like di next ooman neva exist she jus tek di man and tek him not a word…Whey kakaroach a bring up back rihanna now fah???? she fi go sidung man

      1. Sure she wasn’t asked about her?? hmmm strange
        plus Rihanna nuh meet har match yet……
        but Karrueche deserve what she is getting because I would treat Rihanna or any odda of my man flings like a fart in the wind… poof..gone
        but I still don’t see anything wrong with she calling her name (the moment wen you are a celebrity an yuh man a celebrity an him a palaaf wid a “non f*cking factor,” what is the worl coming to? poor riri)

        1. Mi nuh see when di lady ask har bout Rihanna and I would make sure they did not ask me because mi wudda pretend she doesnt exist ..Rihanna nah go meet har match unless is a next caribbean person..remember our mouth nuh normal

  6. I feel suh to @Met, I used to tell my ex some things and continue to tell my partner some things but if they were ever women beaters, memba mi tell yuh, my arse would get nothing less than a kick daily.
    yuh know seh not because a gal look “hot” it doesn’t mean she get preference ova di man? from my exes to my partner, I was nothing like their exes, natural hair, minimal makeup, no tucan sam color outfits or xrated dressing but I still got them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and never think someone wouldn’t leave you for someone because “they don’t look good like you” because it their perception, not yours.

      1. we all know why she did (because riri an har shit stain fans play a part in karrueche & chris relationship).
        And if we really wanna talk choot, Rihanna a di mate. Chris an tran was together

        1. when? well fi a wife she tek some breed a dis she need a beating…when chris did ina riri bed she run go post bout dirty sheet and chris tell har PUBLICLY fi stop ride him dick and look a next dick to ride..mi wudden want fi har position den because if chris did try dat wid rihanna instagram n twitter wudden have data fi hold….all him can do a call har hoe and rihanna say har ting good so she using it..game over rite dere chris cannot manage..di fan ting goes both ways

          1. Chris shame both of the village idiots…. suh mi not cussing one broad and mek the next broad walk free, “these hoes aint loyal.”
            An carribbean women need fi stop wid di “pum pum tun up” crap because every single one of dem weh a bawl bout good pussy get bun an lef. dem……
            if your (not you) brag bout good pussy then from the man f*ck dat him should stay, married an neva juk a next pum pum, especially a pseudo celeb pum pum when yuh pum pum a fashion icon, number 1, celebrity an all that.
            yuh right bout she wont meet her match unless its another carribean gal, because truss mi, it wud be a dull day fi dat bitch wen dem start talk up.
            she can phase some but not all………. but still though, we’re dealing with 3 head cases

          2. Yeye chris never dis rihanna for kakroach yet but kakroach get dis fi rihanna but my thing is not send for if mi neva tell u fi send fi me..she n di girl not cool why she calling her name? What Rihanna have fi do wid har relationship now? nothing..Rihanna has moved on and so has chris so why it is about that now? she a look a career outa being chris woman…she haffi go mek whole heap more rounds ina di industry like draya fi dat

          3. Lid stop I respect your comment but both of us know that some of what you are saying is bullshit. Yes Rih hot and have money but she is still human do not delude yourself in thinking that because you are different your man wont cheat.. Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, porn star Kendra Wilkinson, Evelyn Lozada, Beyonce, that willingly admit to participate in a three some to make Ocho happy. It does not matter if a man wants to cheat nothing can save you. Thus saying Rihanna should not feel no type of way is insensitive. Am just saying.

          4. Babygirl evelyn say she lick out all battam so as mi se kakroach whey is already a participator in 3somes need fi mek more rounds in the industry..she hafi wrack up some mileage before she get di break she looking for :ngakak

          5. Met I cant with you stay away from the books. You a the best. You aint never lie. That witch just think because she is american she get brownie points. You heard get down suck more poppys..

          6. She is no goody goody…di way Rihanna name roll off her tongue u can know she is someone that will lie…if u a mi enemy mi cyah call u name it velly velly hard …and a go talk bout situation relatable..relatable to what?? All rihanna fan numbers she have lock..dat girl nuh easy memba mi tell u

    1. Eye Lid I agree so that’s wat this chick need to accept that Rihanna is Rihanna n she n is she that’s all but her insecurity is screaming out each time she brings up Rihanna’s name

      1. @Chuet
        from what I have realized from most interviews they just don’t “bring things up,” certain questions were asked to make the interview more interesting.

      2. everytime she does and when rihanna ansa har dem try mek it look all kinda way…she instigate a lot a di war deh u tink she easy

        1. Never said she was innocent… just saying both of them aint shit. I know how Caribbean chics are, and I know how yankee chics are.
          and for the talk about chris mom, dat nuh prove nothing…. a man can be a piece a shit but yet yuh family will love him and continue to be friends w/ him…… besides, di mumma look like yuh can trus har as long as you can see her.

          1. For chris mom it prove nuff because if rihanna was the instigator n chris madda a cheer her on is fi a reason…the fact that she not behind kakroach basic speaks volumes…mothers always see what we dont see so it say VOLUMES…Rihanna a mi gyal so mi cyah say she aint shit..mi like kakroach kaw she pretty das aboudit..if she go one inch within rihanna mi will trampler and den go fi news paper and raid..spray beat and sweep :angel

  7. Rihanna puzzy nuh have a ounce a principle she is a industry thot, but ppl Fraid fi call har out cuz she is one feisty gyal an har fan base is pretty much like di gaza-ites to kartel lol

    1. Most of those celebrity chics are hoes, not just Rihanna. nuff a dem tek more man dan di navy (no pun intended) but no one said shit but when regular chics does it dem a “whore.”
      KimK is a hoe and she is married…..evelin lozada, taylor swift, Lindsay lohan, but they still getting men thou.

      1. Yes das y mi say kakroach haffi go up her numbers………. she claim chris a di only celebrity she tek she need fi go up further..and is lie she did a tek a rapper under di quiet neatly

    2. Simple Hoes be winning this notion bout woman a sleep with more than 2 man a Thot r hoe smh plsssssssss cho

      1. She need fi go link draya because draya tek everybaddie..infect everybaddie and selling swimsuit like a mofo wid di infected pums :hammer

  8. @Met
    dat still nuh prove anything, my ex mom didn’t like me, but it wasn’t because I was bad for her son, it was because I don’t kip up with bullshit…. I don’t take it from my parents so why take it from someone else’s?
    and to be 100% honest, I am actually a fan of none and that word “celebrity” nuh worth two rusty nickels to me, they are just like me and you, w/ more money, that’s all.
    but that’s understandable thou if its yuh girl…. her fans are bat shit crazy, likewise beyonce’s.

    1. Yes but from the mother’s end she nah go want no ooman whey bad fi har son either..nuh put rihanna fans and beyonce own dem ina di same bowl..u need fi keep up..beyonce’s fans idolize her badddddddddddddd and beyonce only stay good 1/5 time..but if u go eva se u dont like what she have on and God know nuff a har clothes dem waa dash whey…but u go say dat n u see..beyonce’s fans have a blind stare whey mek u feel like their love for her is unnatural…i cant explain it but I am not a fan of her my spirit nuh click desso

      1. Bey spirit nuh click w/ with me either but I am a fan of no celebrity…… I cannot get caught up into the whole “ride or die” crap for anyone… wrong a wrong, right a right.

  9. MET d NAVY dem no easy at all memba me tell u dat – Rihanna mek dem feel like family every singl epic she put up are edits made by fans the Tshirt that she a sell fr d other day was made by a fan when her fans dem have nutten fi promote she wear dem so u can expect how dem feel – Rihanna down to earth n a dat d industry lack n d ppl dem love it Met me waan when she come back pon instagram u follow her trust me d girl dwn to earth bad n she no ramp fi put her life out de cause she say she no care n a 1 life she have fi live n she na live it through nobody eyes n nobody fi tek her as no ROLE MODEL cause she a go fail dem big time with a F….if smaddy say dat wha u could a expect fr dem u tell me now lol

    1. A it mi a say today after me ketch miself pan instagram she nuh deh deh and it boring widout har because nuttin nuh really a gwaan. Rihanna is carribean to di bone no behavior and she dont care so dem a go haffi tek it or leave it right where she drop it

  10. Keep Rihanna name outta yu mouth!! Rihanna huh mention dis gyal from di Rice Cake picture which was HOW LONG AGO? She just gave Rihanna’s rabid fans more ammo to throw at her. If you wanna be low profile stop post IG pictures & just enjoy your Boyfriend. But NO you wanna put ya full life on display! Well this is the B.S. that comes w/it Karruche.
    Rihanna seh “Live Ya Life” and she’s living hers. Whether she tek nuff man or none at all affi ar business!!!

    1. ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pie pie a dat mi seh… is waa she waa rihanna run and done har deh now and u go hear how rihanna jealous because she have chris and ray tay..a dat she a look fah

      1. Bottom line is this…Rihanna is a boss chick and a rebel. She does what she wants, when she wants, who she wants and doesn’t owe anyone any explanations about anything. The fact is people who crave attention will always be pissed and hate when they don’t get any from you and you continue to ignore them…which is exactly what Ri is doing to Chris and his new girl. There’s just something about her ( Ri ) that will forever have Chris all tied up in knots. Karuche, just get used to the fact that you’ll never be able to walk in Ri’s shoes nor take her place in Chris’s heart. It is what it is *(shrugs shoulders and eats candy bar)*…miss mi JMG fan todeh, but busy yuh fuhck!!

  11. wah confuse me is dis rihanna mussi deh wid 4 or 5 man n most pile up afta chris brown suh she a hoe? so hw much man sum a uno tek? yea plz count d one weh uno shame ah! hw much man less dan dat yuh fi tek fi yuh nuh b a hoe? oh plz kmt …nobody on here nuh tek 2 man esp if uno nuh married!tap d heap a lie n jst avoid dah part deh! rih bissh me nt even ago look pon kakroach pay dat bitch dust!

  12. But she was asked about when it got crazy with her…which would be referring to the craziness with Riri…IJS
    I love me some Riri, but regardless of how she did love Chris she shoulda let dat go…and although it may have seemed like Karueche made the first stab we really don’t know what may have transpired before that cause we know Rihanna ain’t no angel.

  13. Kae need to stop cry wolf. She started it all with the video on YouTube singing ri’s song mocking her.. That video is very old met u have to look it up.. After that Rihanna never stop Dis d girl.. Ri and chris will always love each other, it’s just sad that their love is toxic and dangerous..met I think ri responded by putting up a video on Twitter.. She posted it shortly after the interview wit kae went viral

  14. Sent it to u.. Check Ur inbox.. Met look at how long ago that video was wen the love triangle first started.. This is way before Chris went back to ri the first time
    . kae must of thought that she had him for good but didn’t know what would be in the future

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