Kasi seh fi tell unno seh lightening neva strike har oo. Unno can stop run een now with unno preggo theories. 4 months bell cyaaah hide pon she cause she shawt and have fat genes. Weh million dollar baby ago???

Dem also seh fi tell unno seh Kasi and Bolt still on (allegedly) due to how him go film part of his movie at Tiffany man’s restaurant today. A nuh mi seh so mi hear it from one of him fans dem, d truth ago hurt dem.

Met put mi pon pay roll nuh?







  1. September 2? is that when she’s gonna get that custom Range? Tomorrow is the big day, since she like countdowns let’s see if she is counting down the hours till 9/2

        1. I’m sorry but bolt pocket well deep and him and kasi deh fi years now she shoulda get trip to bora bora long time. As for sean paul i thought they went for anniversary not honeymoon. I think he was close to broke at one time and just now in the last couple years getting his money back up (from doing shows and moving towards pop music) yes bora bora is a beautiful place that most people of only dream on going but these people supposedly have money they should have been to these places long time. I mean the basketball wives went there on a girls trip from 19 how long and Bolt and Paul just recently taking their woman

  2. You know this is strange behaviour I know champion cocky has enough money to go around but first it was a custom Porsche now it’s a Range Rover…..you buy these things when you are entitled to half not when you are entitled to a part of his body….. Imagine he leaves and all you have is a custom vehicle ….you will become a custom groupie

  3. God know mi hope she nah count down fi nuh car! My girl you really sell your pride and tek all dat embarrassment fi a car! I swear some of fi har parents do har a severe injustice cuz she have Nutten about har!

  4. Like I said already! Mi see woman wid less have more than wah him girlfriend/groupie/matie dem a have….how…unnuh fi a dash out and a gwaan wid dem freakiness deh and nah collect some rathid money! Di whole a unnuh a Do 3sum and dem suptn deh. Everybody shoulda get range rover + apartment + money + vacation. Di whole a unnuh + the squad shoulda fly go Rio guh watch di big moment….mi caan understand unnuh God kno. And a nuh like nobody really kno seh unnuh a f**k him suh a nuh like a likkle hype unnuh a get offa him!

    Smaddy come explain how dem gal ya mind work!

    1. Well the “mind” call me and tell mi seh it leave long ago it couldn’t manage nuh more inna public him a tell Di head hol it ding and it a snap selfie and such

  5. This girl did nothing wrong, she was just being his chick, it don’t matter if she is side or personal most men will dis own a female if he is seeking intamacy from another. i have seen man dis won they legally wedded wife so why won’t they dis own a girlfriend, we dont know what goes on behind the covers so whatever he tells her that is what she working with. leave this girl alone man she is just standing her ground with the man she have that cheat on her cause she love him or maybe she love him cock who cares this is just a regular day to day situation so what if a bolt he not doing nothing a regular man not doing neither is she a nuh a unno gal a get bun inna unno clatt and still stay with the man cause a money full time unno leave the rass gal alone

  6. Suh a wah suppose to a gwan tomorrow? She naw breed, the ppl dem man ano hers… KASI no tell Mi say is a chin yaw to dem stay inna di spotlight wid drama.. Dung to chin time run out so a weh Yuh ago do?

  7. Ahhmm Tiffany Man’s Restaurant?? Isn’t that man a bartender at tracks and records?? That picture with that white man and bolt is in Tracks and Records.

  8. I hope she gets that Range rover tmmr.. She need to get some kinda compensation for the international humiliation……. although she brought that on herself, but regardless….. Don’t lef empty handed kasi

  9. 30 million annually from Nike the Digicel endorsement, the puma endorsement the watch endorsement. Forbes has him as number 32 on his list athletic millionaires with a net worth over 56 million. All you want is a range rover. Are you kidding me. these young gyal a sell them self short. Young and Pretty no children with a millionaire should be signing her name on the dotted line for a mansion. At least that way when him gone you have something to show for it, not just a sore front and car that has depreciated by 30% by the time you drive off from the dealership. College educated but street dunce.

  10. KMFT. What’s a vacation after Rio after him birthday after him spend the most important milestone of his career with Samanrha and the squad. Are you f**g kidding me. I don’t give a f**k if it’s the f**ng moon I would never be settling for that shit. This a joke ting. Only CASH CASH CASH and I mean BIG MONEY COULD F**NG CONSOLE ME NO CAR NO TRIP. ONLY F***G HOUSE LAND acreage prime real estate type cash to. Mi never f**k a man with bolt money and him couldn’t bloodclaat offer me no car or trip fi that. No f**g wayyyyy.

  11. ya’ll acting like she entitled to the man money

    !!! you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym !!!

    shes not a babymother, wife nor fiancee

    wonder if she qualify for common law ?

    she have to tek what she can get – so if is a range or bora bora – God bless it

    and she better not try bad up the man neither or she get wha the duck get

    or maybe she can pull some abuse stunt and go out with a settlement

    kasi i hope you have a plan girl

    or a good lawyer on deck

    1. Exactly. This is probably the best she can get from Bolt. A vacation is actually a huge deal considerating he’s never taken her anywhere before. Bora Bora? I can bet she’s excited, I would be.

  12. first she was going to Rio, then she cant go cause she pregnant, then him a come home come propose, now them a go pon vacation I’ll wait to see if she really go pon vacay wid him cause everything else was pure lies

  13. Tomorrow nuh reach yet man….. Cause Mi wah see di new car eno chu.
    KASI Mi a wait fi di surprise a chu Yuh nuh know Mi a say tuh rass ediot Gal ago get smart an mek Mi swallow back dem comment yah…

  14. lawd real u badmind why u keep beating on kasi look how much time man f**k pon u and u suck after the fact, man wa no gi some a we nutten we still tek dem back no name man this is a millionaire made in jamaica and all a u beat him down cause him f**k a cratches,we cant even find our sons but want control man, I think he snubbed a parade cause of this its a disgrace simply us Jamaicans tear down each other shame no wonder other caribbean countries treat u all like dawg

    1. One breath you a Jamaican next is “u all” go suck yu mada and leave Real! You a Real pussy gage fi know how much man f**k har? You all tun tonsil monitor.

      Yah Kasi pussy towel too it seems. Gwan bolt need you fi play buddy basin pan too.

  15. either oonu cant travel, go to the club in Kingston and stop chat what u don’t know, bartender become owner?? black man cant own nutten. bolt bought kasi 10million diamond ring LEAVE THE YOUNG PEOPLE ALONE

    1. Nuh him used to manage Regency Bar at Terra Nova? Never kno him not there again? Tiffany love the white man dem eeh?

  16. kmt mi nah dew wid nuh millionaire and settle for range rover and vacay. and pon top of it she get bun left right and center. mi would have to get house and land nuff cash. anuh every woman fool fool. kmt

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