For all maties, groupies and aspiring wifeys, relax and take notes! Tahira and crew, including the beautiful Samantha, are in London right now celebrating the Boss’ Birthday in style after watching him become legendary and immortal in RIO. All black everything. The parked 28 year old (not 26) KasiAnn Jenee Bennett, alleged girlfriend of Usain Bolt, is noticibly absent.

In the last few moments of the clip, you can find Sam at quite a distance from the Boss UGO. She is not starved for attention.

Sammy is a professional. She does not want to end up in DailyMail or @theshaderoom. Sammy is smart. Be like Sammy.

Kasi, your move #wehdemagodoyanow



40 thoughts on “KASI DEM SEH BE LIKE SAMMY

  1. sam and har squad are professionals ladies, classy, intelligent but still have a fun side. Sam in London wid the man, Kasi land on the tabloids a enjoy her 15 seconds of fame, as met write she nuh love the man she loves his fame, because she famous adjacent because of him. Kasi is a fame ho, plain an simple

  2. Lol Kasi is like a Macys on a good day. Whe Selfridges ago??? If she never shop there before, she cya claim it and we all know Selfridges nu de a Fort Lauderdale nor Panama lol bitch bye. Secondly, a regular u get bun wid taboo stripper dem so stop gwan like u a goodas and u never expected this. Bolt money have u a wear designer and a get spa treatments, therefore it easy fi him upgrade any girl him talk to. Try pull urself a baller with all the press u getting now cuz it’s quite clear that only the international gossip sites care bout u feelings. Bolt sure as fk doesn’t and majority of the Jamaican population see through your phony-fame-hungry self. Big up u self while u still get the attention. It’ll all be done with soon…sorta like how Bolt done with u 🙁

  3. Gal yaw ago kill harself eno! no sah what a mess. No no luv if a me like u Mi wouldn’t even like noting. Gal yaw loooooooooo God know so ppl really want fame like dat gal nuh even want some money fi fix up an do a likkle ting….gal wah fame wah be known tuh bumbobloodclawt no sah…
    Oh gosh all di donkey lady yanique get 2 million Mi did read ova yah. And now dis girl Sammy is at

  4. I rate how Sammy move. She is doing everything that Kasi should have been doing. Traveling the world, experiencing and being a part of history. All while Kasi sits home with her phone glued to her hand.

    Btw, I want Tiffany run you from her yard. Before your birthday this year is about a year since I see you post a single snap with that girl. You pick her back up when it was your birthday and you want “friends” at your dinner. And now when you’re at your lowest you find yourself at her yard again. Leave the girl and her dog, fake like!

    1. Yes!!!! OMG, think a me one. She Tiffany and Danielle did catch up, for what I don’t know. Then when her birthday come around. BAM Hi Tiffany. lawd.

      1. Because Kasi is fake. At Cabana City she behaved as if she was the biggest celebrity. She didn’t par with Tiffany and Danielle not once but she “sent over a bottle” to them. Showing off and hyping because this is the first time she got a major feature with Bolt on Skkan IG page. Danielle and Tiffany don’t let Kasi use you guys for convenience. Its only when she don’t have anybody else she remember you!

      2. Kasi birthday last year, it was Tiffany who did her makeup and fix her up. Danielle was with her everywhere, buying her cake and making her feel special. Even that infamous pic with the shoes and flowers that Bolt gave her, it was Danielle set that up for her. Since she get more popular, Tiffany not good enough to do her makeup anymore, she draw for Trish T.

        I want Tiffany run her!

        1. Seems like you know a lot, care to share more? Sned metty an email.

          Tifling girl. But Tiffany, I like er, she funny and shady as hell but ahm she kinda caused it. She befriended Kasi at fitfarm. she should neva do that

  5. Lawks sammy guh ez. Kasi suh yuh still a claim di man weh deh all ova the werl wid other ooman. :ngacir2 Kasi him try give u a excuse yet? Better yet you talk to him yet? I guess yuh selfridge neva ready cause him buy out Primark it seems. An Kasi didn’t u posted saying y’all in a open relationship suh how him a cheat with “Primark”?

        1. ____________________________________________________________________ Mi bus out a laugh all mi nose start run :ngakak

  6. Samantha Moore is one of the many groupie so in my eyes she is just as worthless as Kasi and the others. For an attorney she can’t find an intelligent man who will claim her or she is just comfortable being one of the groupie as well. Samantha is not winning she is holding a L like the others.

    1. Shut up Kasi go check out Sam IG with the Olympic video throwing bolt the flag. And london night pics. She just a shade yuh so. Yuh dun dead already.

  7. Samantha is a thirsty groupie! She is worse than Kasi! She is one of the many side chicks Usain has! She don’t get no knowing! Kasi is known as his girlfriend WORLDWIDE yet Samantha has to stalk the man! Kasi is confident she knows Usain loves her and wants her by his side.

    Samantha is NOT Usain’s type at all and is only going to get hurt in the end. She should be ashamed of herself. Educated slut.

    1. From what I’ve seen only the world cares that Kasi is/was his girlfriend. Cause his mateys hav never cared and I doubt Samantha does now!

      1. Samantha is desperate and thirsty. How she better than Kasi when he claims Kasi but not her? Kasi can move on with another man without too much drama because she is Bolt’s official girl. Samantha is a desperate groupie and worse than Kasi. She is just a groupie slut that Bolt calls to fulfill him sexually. That’s it. Kasi is confident and secure in her place Samantha has to stalk him and follow him around the world to get knowings. Gugu head that.

          1. Samantha say in her own words seh she n Bolt nuh deh..so at least she smart n accept whatever position she have in his life. Kasi shudda do di same ting

    2. Jaana if usain did wan kasi by his side. Why she neva deh a rio? Why a nuh she him a go inna the club with? Why is a different woman me see inna bed with him.. White sheet set and all you know how dem white sheet deh fluffy and comfortable? And she was not in it.. Is a whity me see in deh, no sah a what ooun call want nowadays? Kasi nuh see say a buy usian buy some a di slat ting. And pay her what she worth and he keeps trodding the high way.. Cause him nah go play stucky

      1. In what way is Samantha better than Kasi? Bolt didn’t want Kasi in Rio because of Zika, as simple as that may sound. He doesn’t care about Samantha she could catch leprosy he doesn’t give a damn.

        1. He didnt want Kasi in Rio because of Zika but his parents were there?????????????? Is Zika in London too? STOP PLEASE..

          1. So Hahn how him
            Lef ar a Jamaica Weh Zola de hom should fly ar out to Canada where there is none … Man Wah have him cake and eat it so him lef cupcake

          2. __________________________________________________________________________
            Dreamers love to dream. Kasi felt so intimidated she lied and said she was on her way to Rio so if she really even did have ratings Zika never a stop her.

          3. If u want to like her you can and should but dont defend the indefensible please. If they were together he would have wanted her there and would have been home by now instead of being on to the next crotch. Im not saying she is playing the fool because in her eyes she is about the prize ( money and fame) but if she want to be in the game she fi know what cards to play.

          4. She has to choose the man or the fame…she cant have both …and FYI the man is worth more than the fame…All of this is 9 day talk + $0 . I hope she knows this

        2. @Jaana he’s in London now and there isn’t any zika, him hav him mate/new wife there, his bestie there and some other chicks that travelled with them. I’m sure he could hav flown her out to meet him there! She’s still in Jamaica living on social media!

        3. Question to Jaan, would your man that want you humiliate you out in public the way Bolt has been doing Ms. Bennett these pass couple of days? Bolt no want nobody, he’s young rich and having fun when he is ready to settle down he will. Everybody keep on saying oh him post her picture so what if y’ll equate a real commitment to a man posting up your pictures, commenting on your pictures or even because they bought you a few pairs of shoes, appear in a few snapchat videos that shit doesn’t equate to a man being committed to you.

  8. So usian bolt have a sisiter? And she is not seeking attention like them gal deh.. She nah run down her brother fame weh him work hard fa..but this girl kasi wan hype up herself pan the man fame? Mi wan know usain bolt sista met you nuh get me paypal yet? Usian bolt hi clear throat, I would like to know how it flet to wear your goals around my neck. You can do whatever you want go where you like just shell out the money like shelly rice I will keep silent velly velly silent. Nobody haffie know usian.. Like how Ishawna a say everybody ago know nope not me.I can keep a secret you can confide in me.. Tell me all your issues I will listen but I cant promise you I will give you solutions becausen say I have my own issues. Thank you from someone that sees that usian is a very generous guy.

  9. Poor kasi she a look fame and hype offa man,me wuda want a house or apt a car and dem nice sumn deh,weh hype a go smh!!!!clothes and shoes can stay,mi wah fly out wid mi man,no man cyah mek me stuck a ja kmt

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