Met you would think that kasi earn her place as wife. One question doh why she nt at RIO supporting her man on his big moment tht will go down in history? Ahh meannn come on man seh him a retire this is probably d last olympics fe him nuh tru?


    1. What prior engagements? Lol she’s been on social media non stop since the Olympics started. The most she participated in the festivities is painting a lightning bolt on her nails. She has been home the entire time.

      The man didn’t invite her there. Simple. And yes Met, it look a way. I know it must hurt her but she have to save face. People are eating it up too. Pree the comments on her IG.

      1. How do you know for sure he didn’t extend n invite and she declined? I think we are putting way too much energy into why a woman didn’t attend her man’s Olympic race. Would you support a cheating man?

        1. Declined?! Hahaha clearly you don’t follow Kasi on social media. Trust me, it was not her choice to be screaming and cheering from her living room.

          1. I do not follow celebrities on social media to know these things, I am simply guessing here lol…

        2. Which rass woman a go deh wid a man weh have money and fame and a go decline being shown off pon a international stage! Smh!

  1. I wouldn’t go to RIO if it was….not with them videos of how them a rob ppl,plus hate blacks,zika and all them ppl weh homeless after they lick down the house fi build stadium not knowing what going through them head….the police them deh deh fi protect Bolt not me

    1. I don’t know her real reason, but Zika alone would make me not go to Rio – legendary man or no – I’m not going to any country that any serious illness is running rampage through.

    2. As his significant other, she would get a pass. She would be staying at a top hotel in Copacabana and posting pictures of her on the beach and eating and nyaming. Zika and racism aside, she would be treated as his wife out there. It is sad though. When me and my husband were dating, he used to take me out 24/7, wanting to show me off to his family, friends and work colleagues. All the time. Kaci is a pretty lady, I hope she doesn’t waste her best years on a man who is almost disrespecting her. If you are not prepared to claim her,let her go so someone else can have a chance.

      1. He said something the other day about when he would be getting married that had my mom & aunt saying ‘oh so is another waity-Katey this’. All I could do was laugh at the time. So as you said, let hope that doesn’t become her reality.

  2. Zika nuh deh Jamaica? LOL. Everyone is trying to come up with excuses other than Bolt just didn’t want her there. He invited friends and family, so he would have invited her if he wanted to.

    There’s still time Kasi, final race is Thursday, try convince “Baby” to let you fly out.

  3. So you ladies would miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch your man make history because of crime, water shortage, and Zika virus, all of which are in Jamaica? Joke dis

    1. A lifetime opportunity to watch a man versus a child with a lifetime of serious physical & mental disabilities? Zika is in Jamaica, but not at the same scale as Brazil. Added to the fact that people are now more afraid of it given the other related illness that paralyzes people.

      I know, a super hard choice for a woman who has not yet started a family.

    2. is which man more than my life and health ,weh tv for…. a cuda mi husband if my inner me seh NO a NO.

      1. Exactly! Caan believe so many women would put dem health at risk for a man weh not even commit. It’s a shame fi see this level of foolishness.

  4. Bolt said in his book that he wants kids after this Olympics so I think the Zika scare is enough for him to tell her to stay home. That and he want to have fun that’s all they do in the Olympic village is sex sex sex.

  5. Maybe she doesn’t want to be a distraction for him in such a high stress environment. If she did go and him lose plp would probably blame her.

  6. Don’t think bolt will ever marry that girl kasi big olympics and your not there I watch her snap chat all she was doing was screaming infront of the tv. She needs to wake up a realise that he will never wife her as he as other women. She’s only with him coz he’s usian bolt. Even on her birthday he wasn’t even with her nor did she get a gift

    1. I read in another post on here that there is a Range Rover in the works for her birthday gift. Waiting to see it.

      Strange that last year so much excitement with the shoes and this year was so quiet, but I think she was trying to be low key this year.

      I agree though, I don’t think he’s treating her like she’s the one. She’s just good enough for now.

  7. Stop watch the poeple dem.delialiah..woman she can go when I’s 4× 100 finals he don’t need nuh distraction and bolt just aguh duck all a unno damn gold digger hoes just want famous man and never bill a man yet just success unno love

  8. Mi a guh seh one ting and people might not agree..but Bolt really needs to find a good woman, I was looking at him speaking and fi a man wid so much money him fi sort out him dental. Jamaicans take pride in their teeth and dem man so if him have a woman and she cant mek him sort out him mouth for a young man him need fi really redo dat girlfriend. If man a buy yuh gift and uno so inlove u cudden so inlove that one a him teeth dem di nerve look like it dead and di corner missing and u nuh seh baby do so and so since uno so close and inlove :kiss :travel

      1. No Met she won’t do that, because she only care about fixing up herself. Best hairstylist and nail tech but her man hair and nails look shabby! Maybe she’s trying to show him that she loves him for who he is and doesn’t care about his appearance. Obviously he doesn’t care. She needs to set the example

      2. :shakehand2 And his toe nails, because that most likely caused by fungus (athletes foot).

        But he, like a certain 4/5 times married man or men if I count his politician friend in Ja, will not find a good woman, because they are looking too much at the surface not the substance. Now I won’t mad & tell anybody to go & take up duppy, but I see a man the other day a man could run out & declare some assets that wasn’t normal & is an average looking, black, well put together even with the kinky natural hair that many people don’t like, highly, proper educated woman who many other Jamaican women can’t walk in her shoes he linked alot of those assets to.

        My point is these guys are after arm candy, no a real woman to stand up in their lives, who can say ‘baby, your a star, but so am I in my own right, therefore you have to be & stay proper to be by MY side’.

        1. :thumbup Yes Cindy it look bad and mi feel a way everytime him open him mouth…This only mek mi believe seh dem around him just for what he has. When a man have a good woman him clean har up and visa versa. Him neva look fresh to death yet man and it wouldnt even take a lot to fix him so fi me he is single and looking mi nah look pan who claim dem a ”the one”.

      3. Anole claim mitsy and mommy is good Fren. Notice mommy say get married and settle down not find a wife. Ms Jen nuh smile either. USAIN a straight mom mad boy. Wife already pick

    1. but geezas is how yuh reach round a the back a de man mouth,no yuh phuck’n outta orda wen yuh ready mi seh mi deh yah a dead :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      tears a fall down mi cheeks

    2. Met thats what happen when a rich guy takes up a broke ass bitch.. That cannot go in their pockets to fund even the plane fare, so anything those guys dishes to them. Dem haffie justek it. With a smile

    3. Yes Metty, mi did shock when mi see seh di side teeth need prayers :ngakak No sah, mi tek dem tings dere personal. Di enamel dem haffi dem pon fleek 100%. Wrerse him hav coins…

  9. Cho!! People love chat..jezuzzz
    What u really know but the two of them!! if there not interfering in yr life try b happy for them.
    U 100% sure every athlete had there signifcant others with them..u did si shelly Ann fraser husband there?? U see Mo Farah wife there..so that mean dem na want dere husband or wife.
    He left for training on her birthday..n cause she never show the gift he bought her, then that must mean he never buy her 1. Looooool

    1. Lots of athletes wives and girlfriends are there. Mo Farrah is Muslim, marriage and wives and being family men are very important to them, unlike some of the men in our communities. Sad but true. Mo’s wife and daughter were there. I saw them. I am watching back to back Olympics and seeing spouses being interviewed. Kaci wasn’t there. But she is happy and content to cheer her man on from her house. Sumting inna sumting. Let’s surmise that she is pregnant. And let me be the first to congratulate them. When all is said and done, we are chatting weh we woulda do but she seems happy with the setup so let’s leave it at that and happy that at least she is Jamaican and most of all black. You know how our men are when it comes to chasing other races when they have made it in life.

      1. Just like that! It looks bad, but only because she goes so hard for him and behave like she’s his wife.

        But if she likes it and can continue hold out to wear him down to get the ring, good for her. She prob never imagined he would even put her on his social media after years of dating so for people to even know who she is a big step. I say gwan hol it, couldn’t be me though lol

    1. That’s why me always haffi admire him, fingernails and toenails clipped and clean, teeth shine and white and him bald head well polished!

  10. Met off topic u want see the dutty matterhorn over him page well put up gal bout beauty and brains say a HIM woman if a laugh a dead ya today

  11. I’ve said it on here before that people in general, but women specifically needs to be very careful in posting things about their personal life on social media. If she had not done what she did last year no one would be pree-ing the bday happenings this year. If they did not feel the need to validate their relationship for the public by posting pics people would just be wondering. But the Kardashian culture reigns supreme I guess.

    1. mi seh Cindy yah forever my kind of sensible,reasonable and knowledgeable kind of people every chickenhead,lazy, non-progressive element wanna be like the Kardashian without the Kardashian kind of money…how I see it is Kasi is into shoes and Usain is into with this title I now have hmmm who should I phuck next,I do’nt see him settling till him 33-35

      1. Yes Simplicity! Is 35 he said before he get’s married causing my mom & aunt to call her ‘Waity Katey’. Let me draw back for my word of the day – SELFISH :ngakak

        Did he ever stop to think that 35 yo to him means something absolutely different to a woman, especially one who wants children? I’m not saying rush into marriage, but a woman is biologically at a disadvantage (& I don’t want to hear anything about fertility treatment) to a man. There in lies my selfish theory, but she also heard what he said, so she has a choice to make as a grown woman.

        You know, every time I see situations like this I remember Saw (& she’s not the only one), because I always wonder if she would’ve achieved her dream if she didn’t waste all that time.

        1. But truth be told mi nuh know how Kasi reach ina front space cause Usain did put har dung one a di time cause she did act like a sketel. Mi hear seh before dem get serious har pictures she sent to him go to him fren dem suh due to how him call Old Harbour and that is a place and dat girl could be anyone..him neva call no name…… :maho

  12. When Usain bruk di record at Beijng him run go up inna the crowd go hug up Mitsy, Kasi not even make it to the airport wid him. It sad yes, and fi someone weh love show off pon di gram wit clothes and boot u nuh think she wudden dead fi go Rio fi go post snaps make the mates hate? Bolt really want fix up fi true, him all look like a him trim him self since him over dere. whole a him head miggle peel out and stay bad, mi wudda haffi pack fi my man and sort him out. If mi know him a go weh mi schedule the groomers fi come sort him out, mani and pedi, haircut, my man haffi clean. Kasi is no wife material and she and Bolt know it…

  13. He doesn’t treat kasi like she’s the one she just like the others he had. If that was my man I would have to be there that’s history he created. I don’t think usian invited her, and she had to put on a brave face and cheer from her house lol. I don’t think he will marry her the only time I saw them together was like 3months ago on snap chat kiss it’s like he doesn’t take her out or fly her out looooool such a shame but kasi ain’t getting no good treatment

    1. I’ve never with my two eyes seen them do ANYTHING together outside of Kingston. House, club, dinner, and that’s it! Not even a little one vacation. Couldn’t be me!

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if this 2 Sept date that she has referred to recently is the day she makes her pregnancy announcement. I bet good money that she is pregnant and waiting to pass the 4 month stage. Very good money. I hear she is mad happy on her social media pages and that’s because she probably really is happy. So while we are judging about her not being in Rio, she has a bigger agenda. Even if he never marries her, she will be in better position than the average baby madda, after all Bolt is rich and famous. The groupies and bad mine women are gonna lose their minds if this is the case. I don’t like Bolt but good luck with that Kaci.

    1. Bolt told Ian Boyne on Profile that he will not impregnate any woman before marriage as he will not live his father’s life. He claims All 3 of the children he wants should be with 1 woman. So if she’s pregnant I guess based on his reasoning she’s going to be his wife. But if he holds true to his word there should be no pregnancy at all. But life have a way of making us live our parents life in some way, shape or form.

  15. Whether she made it or not!
    Whether she pregnant or not!
    I’m just waiting for him to come home so I can ride that Dick and then collect mi Likkle dividends
    Sorry not sorry a just how life set!!

  16. He always mind the girls he like. The shoes and all that the mate dem can have too. Cuz him a dash it out!!! In thousands. If him rate a girl he spends. So Kasi can’t hype pon her mates dem. Lol. Met wah the rest a the tea deh? Becky bad though. Mates on deck and checking in

    1. To be Bolt’s girlfriend, I don’t see where money a “dash out” on Kasi. A couple Louboutins, instagram boutique $150US dresses, and free sponsored Puma clothing is not spending. Waiting on the upgrade to car with leather seats, a nice house, a trip somewhere other than Miami. Something! I would even be impressed by a Chanel bag at this point. Her lifestyle regular. I can imagine how the other girls are living.

      1. Look whey yu a use as yardstick fi rate de gal affair :hammer :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        Common fowl never turn choice meat. Lo de girl cause material things and money a NO love!

        1. This was not a rating of their love affair. Someone remarked that Bolt “dash out” money on whomever he is with. This was simply an observation that for someone with his status and wealth, there is no real display of wealth or top of the line lifestyle.


          Nobody didn’t say he did or didn’t love her. Him just nah spend and spoil her like how people mek it seem. rolls eyes.

  17. He never takes kasi out NEVER!!! And she’s still cheering from her bedroom lol she’s only with him cause he’s famous if he was a regular guy she wouldn’t even look at him. Usian needs to take some of that money that he’s got a fix his teeth and get a good barber too. I like usian he seems humble kasi seems like a nice girl but I don’t think they will last I don’t think he will marry her but she will never leave him until she accomplish the biggest thing and that’s having a baby

    1. Stop jinx the people them, by puting those negative thoughts out in the universe! Mi want dem Married like Jinx, i hope to God Kasi’s womb will not be as jinxed as Jinx! Pardon me but yea i hope.

  18. Okay let’s wait and see if it’s because she’s expecting why she was not there until then,I am under the impression that Bolt no really rate her that much. This may just be his last Olympic & the way how she go hard for him on social media and she no there front & centre a rail for him,but a watch it pon tvj like mi self ya…lol girl u being played & a yuh one no see it. Furthermore she can deh same place here ketch zika or get caught up with a crime same way so that argument no mek it.

  19. As Bolt Said Kasi knows he’s having his fun!
    If she want Gwaan she can pack up n Gwaan har ways.
    I don’t have a chick nor a child fi mind and I’m single as f**k so I’m gonna have fun too while I collect my funds!!
    Man dem short n Di woman dem plenty!!
    These men ramp too ruff n I’m playing dandy shandy n marble in a dirt right wid dem til rain start fall n mi affi pack up n Guh een

    1. Mi rate yuh, you know where you stand and what you stand for, unlike Kasi, who is trying desperately to be number one out of a thousand. Kasi does not love Bolt, she loves the fame and fortune and Usain knows this. Only one person really loves Bolt and that is Mitsy because she was there before the fame and hype and she left gracefully when he started his f&*y. Kasi has zero self esteem, it wouldn’t surprise me if she got pregnant to cement the lifestyle.




    2. Suh Ms. Becky……. since u have soooooooo much to say, let all us metters know who u be…..or let our dear Met certify u as an official Bolt groupie…..if not, stop chatting and take several seats back. Thank you

  20. Just maybe taking Mizzy to Beijing and London is what started problems in there lives. Wah eye no si heart no leap. Probably didn’t want to risk his relationship.

  21. It looks like Kasi got some motivation to fly out. Her updated snaps are in a hotel, hopefully in Rio. I’m here for it! Stay home where?

      1. Met I would rather usain retire then he can fix his teeth and toes, because he would have to take different drugs for pain, plus drug for when he is getting the procedure done,I don’t want him to risked it because I don’t want any drugs associated with his name. Look what happen to shelly, you notice she was in alot of pain after running she didn’t want to take anything strong for the pain. So I would rather he waits until he is done with running than he can do it.

  22. Some a uno gal fool lawd god no wonder wen man lef uno all uno have fi show a clothes an shoes cause him buy ooman clothes an shoes dat sah him wah dem. Lawd mi god uno fool need fi lighten up an goh luk assest fi meck money aff cause uno clothes and shoes a get wear out. All dah pon uno mind a dat smdh

    1. Mi say! As I see the snap, Konshens song start play in my head. “One more year pon di f*cka dem! We get the wings dem wi nuh stuck againnnnn.” Yes Kasi, fly out of course, disappointment nuh fit you. You work too hardddddd! Sweet me

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