Kasi spend less time worrying about what Met site saying focus on the fact that “your mate” Samantha Moore was front and center at the Olympics and Bolt went over to her to get flag and as she put it ” she still a win”.




  1. Samantha isn’t winning a thing. She isn’t recognized. Bolt is not claiming her. Kasi is known worldwide and Lubica is the one that got away. Simple.

      1. Met you too lie let me go log in and tek a likkle peek…lol yow dem gal nah hold no meds Met,she send in story all over to get recognize without the man say go,met as you say leo men can’t be forced to do nothing the man done say him no ready fi marriage until him find the right girl so him a take him time find her. But ms. Kasi only her gf,come from old Harbour and never hear that part wey a tell her say she just a stop gap,something steady to gwaan hold him till him ready to find that one.

        1. Yes but due to how Leo man act easy going di woman dem alway think dem can rule dem! Memba Barack look like Michelle rule him and trust me him is di leo/lion a fi him den..

        2. A me fi tell u bout leo man u will deh wid dem fi years and u tink u a wife and one day dem just get up and lef go find someone else….when u tink a peace and safety in their arms a sound disaster….dem dangerous nuh BC.

          1. I’m a Leo so I can tel u this…until we tell you that you’re the one, u aren’t the one! And unless we sure about a person we don’t own them up, which is why more while ppl don’t kno who we deh wid!

  2. What’s pics did Kasi have up of her and Bolt on IG? I’ve only seem her post his solo pics. Anything together was on skaan me or sleek pages.

  3. Lord we bout fi hear how somebody thief har phone and delete th pics or Instagram delete them…gal lie suh till it no even funny! Ppl like she will poison u and then bawl over u wen u sick! A which month she born!?


    1. Mom say she want him fine a nice girl married to, so he doesn’t have to be alone & she want grand babies, sounds to me mom no know bout Ms. Fashionista or just no count her as a nice girl suitable for marriage to her one & only son. So all the media bliss bout Ms. Fashionista might just be until Monday maybe.

  5. You see Asafa go over than say something to Usain, Asafa know what a gwaan, him a screen di matey dem fi Bolt like a proper wingman.

  6. But kiss mi blood*** teeth. The picture with Asafa a look pon Bolt, and the 4 groupie dem inna front row is like them a go mad or something.

    Three gyal dem look like them woulda burn them mother and father and sell dem last born fi BOLT. No sah, a mad ppl dem ya. Den again the groupie uptown chick dem kinda mental still.

  7. Ok Met and bloggers. I am a little confused. Is Kasi in Rio? She was tweeting how her phone was stolen at the hotel which just sounded so odd. If she is there, why is she watching the race from the hotel and not the track? Also, she claims she is locked out of IG.

  8. Lord knows he’s a Leo man…mi know dem well…nuff lion inna mi family and mi did deh with one for 10 years off and on(power struggle done now)…IF BOLT AT 29/30 YEARS OF AGE NAH FULLY OWN IT IN PUBLIC…PROBABLY WONT EVER DO SO PUBLICLY…AND IN THE CASE OF LEO MAN…DAT MEK IT NULL AAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD VOOOOID! Leo dem nuff and boastful BAD…when dem get trophy dem nuh ramp fi show off….same like his showmanship after his races…Kasi aiiiiiiiint it! Memba mi tell unnu…LEO MAN NUH RAMP FI MARRIED OFF AN SEKKLE DUNG IF DEM FIND “the one “…..stay deh think him done…him nuh done.

    Memba…,all now him nuh utter Kasi name to di media,him ongle drop clues we as Jamaicans and informed regulars on pink wall would catch. Stay deh tink Kasi have true ratings !

  9. I don’t get it. WHY is Usain’s Bolt big, beautiful, long, anaconda cocky the main topic of attention?
    He is free to sex, flex, who he wants and women are free and blessed to receive it . Full stop.

    Only when you NOT getting no sex, or good sex, or enough sex, you worry about other people who are receiving it and geting serviced from a better cocky or vagina than the one you are receiving.

    Who SAYS Usaine Bolt HAS to have ONE woman? WHERE is that written?
    It is traditional African culture, for our gorgeous, sexual Black men to practice ” Polygamy ” ( more than one wife). ESPECIALLY an athlete of Usain’s standard who is physically fit and probably has an insatiable libido. Men like him with supernatural powers, has all the rights in the world, to stroke the wombs of women, when he has free time and is not training.

    I find this constant FBI cocky-spying to be a bit immature and over-bearing. He is a man. One hundred percent, and being satisfied comes with that territory of super athlete.
    WHICH woman in their right mind, would not want to be sexually satisfied by an athletetic man, who would have the stamina to keep her in an orgasmic mood and lift her in many many positions?
    ( roast fowl included ).

    Finally, if you know anything about sports, professional athletes are DISCOURAGED from bringing their wives and lovers to major games and having any physical contact with them sexually, because it is a physical distraction and sexual activities during / before sport games, takes away from athletic performance. Therefore, during the olympics, Bolt was not focused on ANY woman most likely, except d one named
    ” gold medal! ”

    Now that it is over, he has an international female fan based right there in Rio ( including sex-starved professional female athletes), who will be more than DELIGHTED to sample his rod of correction.
    Lowe d people dem and however they choose to be pleasured! It is so nature designed it…man to woman.
    Usaine, as a woman, you have my blessings. Strap yuh oversized latex and do yuh thing, till you ready to settle down honey !

    I have my personal man, so I not about to demonize the single ladies without man, who have to share !

  10. @anon 9:07 am … I suppose then u would be okay with your “personal” man using his rod of correction all over the place? Personally, what I find immature and overbearing is that long ass chapter of nonsense.

    That’s why AIDS , STI and unwanted kids bout the place(condom bursting and all).

  11. Nobaddame you just as stupid. You know for a fact what’s really going on? Relax boo. What where you doing in your 20’s. Ppl gonna do them and grow when they feel like it. Let’s pray for the young man. Ppl f**k only 1 person in dem life and get AIDS. Married people have unwanted kids. Innocent ppl get STD. From the sound of things you need to invest in a confirm company that’s 100 percent guaranteed if you do concerned.

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