20 thoughts on “KASI DEM SEH WHERE WERE YOU?

  1. Woiiiiiii!!!!! Let me hear di idiot dem weh a go come talk bout her “previous engagements”…Olympics, Birthday, Restaurant Opening, Charity Run, Athletes Ceremony, etc…tell me bout how she a win nuh!?

      1. @Met after me nah look pon dem….and all if dem come fi mi, mi husband cook me one nice 2+ pound snapper this morning, before we lef fi go Dover, mi hav strength inna di day yah

        Di whole a dem sad, love come run and talk bout bad mind. Like nobody want fi a live life weh man a treat u suh! No sah!

  2. Weh hunnu know tilit seat stay???? In a shit house…. afta it Nuh move! A weh har shit,tilitpaypa, and flush dem deh fi come defense har pan dis.

  3. First of all kasi know her position ..she not allowed to go to any meaningful and public events with Bolt..when the olympics a gwaan she watch it pon tv like us the locals ..and his event in Falmouth she watch it pon snap ..wah me no get is two nights before she an him go a club you wah see har a all over rotten teeth bolt a kiss up an a put on show an a do handshake pon snapchat like dem a homies ..then after that them sidung a watch sunset like idiot ..kasi a try so hard to be something its so uncomfortable to watch she look out a place ….the world know say them deh but all now she cant go no weh important kmrt kasi get a life stop blow in a bolt battyhole an go open a bizniz an do something wid youself

  4. my theory is that bolts PR has advised kasi to stay away from all public events

    they might feel that them showing up together will start or continue a greater non-stop media frenzy

    its a dumb move i think as people are already talking about them so why not go full force with the publicity and control the image

    because with her not being by his side, it is creating a bad public image of the couple

    doing more harm than good

    1. Cause a frenzy where? They’re not Drake and Rihanna, they’re not even Birdman and Toni Braxton.
      Pink wall is the only site where they still get any attention. He didn’t take her for the same reason he continues to stick his dlick in other women.

    2. Her face was plastered on Ellen show in the background while Bolt was being interviewed! Not to mention the week after Olympics debacle. She nuh need no more publicity than that. Whoever doesn’t know that Bolt is dating Kasi is living under a rock. This is not about not wanting to create a frenzy.

      He just doesn’t bring her anywhere important, especially when his parents are around. I blame him because she can beg and cry if she wants, its his decision and she has to deal with it. I don’t like when man mistreat woman. She tries so hard to please him too, Bolt do better! by Kasi!

  5. Loool but why bolt just post vid on snap that she a vex say him nah post her on social media Lolol and she in the cut bout yes show off full puma outfit loooool she was so happy poor u child

  6. Kasi would like you all to know via her twitter that “some a unuh mind full up a too much shit and perceptions of what relationships should be like.”


  7. Kasi, do they offer botox in Jamaica ? Those smile lines/ nasolabial folds
    are very looking very permanent. She is showing her shoes on snap, but Why do you even bother buying red bottoms to wear on jamaica cruffy roads? that shoe will be history after 2 wears. Let INSAIN help you invest in something like a new pair of boobs. Those weight loss/fat burner pills you are addicted to sucked you out leaving them deflated.

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