When trashy try to be classy

Kasi if u had worn this to bolt premiere, you would get all the spot light instead you put urself together for a bitchy occasion. Love this dress thou


  1. Shi nuh ready,she is too short for that kind of dress and those ugly, outdated shoes does not go with that dress. Who told her this ens amble look good? Kasi yuh flop.

  2. Kylie Jenner. Wore it better. Honestly Bolt not spending on Kasi or she banking the money. How many times she wearing that one shoes

      1. Wait are you referring to those knockoff Zanoti??!! Shoes of that color should be worn once per year, especially if you fuxxking the world’s fastest and a wealthy man and bragging. The dress is nice but it needed alterations. Steve Madden sells in Burlington so you can also wear them!! Girl bye!!

      2. What is Steve Madden to wear? Ordinary mary-jane and sue can wear Steve Madden. Kiss mi teeth.
        Shoes just dont go with the dress. PERIOD!

      3. Shut up bitch we see her more in that one shoes than with Bolt. And who the f**k buy one pair of blue shoes. A who she man Elvis. Better she did get nude or black. And no I don’t want or need those shoes. I buy what I can afford. No man can’t use one knock off shoes turn me Inna madcot

    1. It’s a frigging ponytail for god sake! And it fit her all the time.

      Those shoes ugly regardless of authenticity or color. She’s cute no matter her bolt issues…

  3. And have the nerve to talk about class in session, Kasi yuh nuh ready, the lady that you stand up beside a beat yuh by a mile, thank God seh yuh brown because yuh nuh pretty one bit. And you can see that you went all out, a time Bolt upgrade yuh, nutten nuh look good pon yuh because yuh nuh shape good ina real life.

  4. She look like her breathe stinks she too short for that dress and her makeup too dark looking as usual. The shoes omg every where she goes get a new pair already and they are so old now .but she not that bad looking just look like she sad and constipated a lot

  5. All har mate dem at the party look 100% better than har. Who yuh dropping words for Kasi? It can’t be the other girls that Usain is fu@#&ng because all of them look better than you and is enjoying themselves more than you. Rebecca was with Bolt when he picked up his new jeep and was driving around with him in America while you had to sit at home.

    1. Rebecca claims she’s been in a relationship for a year with a black man from Germany. She won’t say who he is or talk much about him because she says people will start coming for them and, they want to be more secure in their relationship before she reveals him.

      We Will See.

  6. Not even her fake followers and fake friends who love kiss her ass can say this looks good because they know it would be too obvious that they’re lying. The one that she put on her instagram is photoshopped to make her appear taller and less fat and the shoes is too small, her toes are hanging out from all sides.

  7. Serious question, what will Kasi do with her life when Bolt lef har and all her fake followers move on because the only reason that they follow her is because she is tied to bolt. Even the other day when Bolt put her on pause, she literally didn’t have anything to post, no pictures, nothing, only when he takes her out she has something to post. She loves the little attention that she is getting now, so what the hell will she do when it’s gone?

    1. Her entire life revolves around Usain and maybe I’m the only one but, I find her demeanor as of late very disturbing. She’s doing all the grandstanding, boasting and lying, for what reason? If she were secure about the relationship and her position she wouldn’t need to do all that.
      Sunday morning Kirstin posted a quick shot on her snap chat that said “some women are so desperate, desperate for a man, desperate for attention, and desperate for importance.” The timing couldn’t be coincidental so it made me wonder if Kasi was sending Kirstin snaps. I wouldn’t put anything past Kasi right now.

      If Usain decides he’s ready to move on, Kasi will not go away quietly and I believe he knows it.

  8. She running those 3 Lil shoes bolt by her 5 birthdays ago Kasiyou looking stressed these days no car yet the dress is ok but it look like Instagram boutique best and the shoes Kasi them played out

  9. Oh gosh she still pretty-ish. Honest, it’s the weight loss that bring down her looks because when her face did plump she was so cute.

    Like the dress but not the shoes to go with it. The dress is not for her though, her upper body/shoulder area is too big and broad for shoulder pads, other than that glad she ketch up her hair.

    Woi, Kasi and Bolt drama a di hottest story for 2106 I never comment so much pon here since 2010!!!

  10. Is she losing her hairline, one side looks like the hair is on her forehead while the other side looks like there is no hair at all. her hair looks lopsided.

  11. Kasi don’t try so hard to impress others. Find comfort in your own skin. Those shoes is not for that dress baby. Here is a perfect example of when wearing brand name goes wrong. Its not what you wear, its how you wear it. Don’t allow people to tear you down. You had what it took to catch his eye, maybe that is the girl he loved. Don’t allow people to change you. Life is short, beauty fades, find happiness within yourself.

  12. Bolt won’t leave her, cause he can do whatever he wants and she won’t leave. He doesn’t like independent women that have there own! Cause they won’t put up with him. They will eventually get married and she will still be his door mat. Ps. Those shoes are soo last year.

  13. 9:35 Anonymous as woman myself i have said the same question what happens when Bolt leaves her ????. A wonder if she has sisters or mother that’s close to her that warns her and she just ignores them . Cause Kasi if you here believe me pretty girl that will fade and Bolt is a wild man so a hope all this disrespect and humiliation you taking you banking out off him and hiding some dollars.

    1. Go look at her instagram story from last night where she post a pic standing beside him and the caption “you can’t stop this.”

      I don’t know if she’s talking to naysayers or his other women but, women who think like that scare me because it’s as if they’re saying if I can’t have him no one else will have him either.

  14. When she smile there’s this extra skin or whatever that makes her look old and stress…Kasi what u don’t ask makeup trisht to decorate ur apartment for you? I like her place, ur place look a little empty miss.

  15. She is a pretty girl, I don’t know why she keep doing herself like this!

    The dress fit is off, wide shoulders so shoulder pads are a no and the dress should have been taken in at sides and hemmed. Wide shoulders, a short torso and then wide hips,fit is everything!

    The makeup is too dark, plus the shine to give “the glow” is too much, just get a spray tan in a light shade with gold flakes and you’ll have a better more natural looking glow, and the gold will bring you up.

    Pulling the hair back shows up the face, and shows your stress at the moment, better than having it down all the time, but at least make sure the makeup is spot on! Find a little person who doing makeup and stop using these “celebrity makeup artist” dem work is shit!

    The shoes are too small…I suggest you crop your foot out of the Instagram picture, feet tend to slide down in heels and can sometimes hang over the front of the shoe, but it’s obvious the shoes are too small for your feet as your heel is exactly where it needs to be, also please park those Giuseppe’s, they don’t go with everything, is this the “pieces that would make someone’s mother sell them”! A simple strap sandal in a nice metallic look would have gone nicely.

    Stop photoshopping yourself to look taller and slimmer, you aren’t fat and you aren’t stick thin, work with what you have, and you’re short…get over it, just get a stylist and have them style you to accentuate your features and give you the appearance of being taller or take hints from celebrities your height!

      1. No one and I mean no one is obsessed with Kasi nor wants to be like her….mi woulda get better treatment from Gully Bop to rass!

        2 years in image consulting! So I actually know what I’m talking about! Nothing I said was wrong and it is all the truth! She did not look good and it’s the simplest of adjustment that can have her looking show stopping, because she is pretty! Her mates put her to shame and I was not the only one at the party who thought so!

        1. Never said you wanted to be her, YOU SAID IT. LOL. Leave the girl alone. you are insecure. Secure confident women don’t hate this obsessively.

          1. Have far more than Kasi my dear! And more than secure in my relationship….cant say the same for her….and no I’m not Kasi mate, but she along with a few others were doing the most….ppl couldn’t help but look an talk!

  16. I know she’s silly and beyond dumb but many of the comments are very harsh. Kasi, I hope for your sake, sanity, future, pride and ur bank account you know what u r doing and all this humiliation was or is Not in vain. Girl me sorry fi u, I swear to God. I don’t know u personally but ur situation is painful to watch. @Kaci enough!!. Imma cancer too and I have zero tolerance for fukery.

    1. I agree there’s some unnecessary pettiness in here. Her hair, make up and skin look complexion look fine to me.
      I was not going to go in on the shoes had she not tried it with her instagram captions and bragging.

  17. Whoever send this in is a hater! I can bet say ur ugly as well. I have never seen a pretty girl hating on Kasi. All a unnu ugly.

    1. I was waiting for someone to catch it. There’s only one blue Giuseppe Cruel Summer and it’s a darker blue called Settle. Also the detailing on the front and back are not the same as genuine Cruel Summers.
      The shoes Kasi has on retails for under $40 USD at Aliexpress.

      1. The wing detailing and placement on genuine Giuseppies and the ankle straps are different than the ones Kasi is wearing.
        Even if she commissioned a special color the detailing would follow the original shoe, so you know they’re authentic.
        Look ,it’s wasn’t a big deal until she made it one trying to stunt.

    1. warrah? :hammer

      Wid rice or supm else because mi nuh know much man weh eat Stew Peas from girls these days.

  18. JoSnow747 no cursing just facts ‘ for you to say we are ugly that comment on this blog post your very ignorant to say that . Pink wall makes a lot ppl improved and change up them life’s constructive criticism carrys no harm to improve ons life’s just look at the scamming crews . No one said comment she’s ugly but her self esteem is underneath Both shoes ‘ kasi claim she’s educated but NOT using it or get any endorsement while being with the famous Bolt old ppl say make hay while the sunshine that’s all everyone is trying to say stop being his puppet money don’t last forever.

  19. She have dis look pan har weh mi just cyah Stan… Mi just wah slap har inna har smirky face… like she a say yes hunnu dash dis pan pinkwall now cause mi a lead…. No Kasi you’re not!!! and mi know dem say white can go wid anything but mi naw feel yuh blue shoes a swear mi naw gravitate to it. Weh di blue fah weh it go wid di wrist band??? Mi say any how did dress did deh pan a dog mi would love dis dress an dat dog but not you…I don’t like it on you. Yuh just bloodclaat suh.

  20. Shoes fi repeat.
    Also u ever wonder why things are cheaper in Burlington bcus
    Last season
    Factory faults
    Regularly returned items
    She too short fi the dress and it did wah alter fi true
    She nuh classy which classy woman would be wearing them bubble gum shoes deh?
    And fi be fair dem a long time shoes made obvious by th color
    When dem say people color bring dem up a likkle dem fi post her pichu.
    Man! So much pretty black girl a Jamaica and him pick up dis. When dem say when black man mek it dem want brown girl dem fi post fi him pichu.

  21. Kasi is as pretty as the day is long, totally beautiful. However, I am not feeling the bathrobe dress at all. The shoes are cute but crowding the dress, they suit jeans in any colour not an evening event.

  22. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
    Dem comments yah.. I are die-eth Kasi di ppl Nuh like yuh gal how yuh feel??? Smaddy up a tap say yuh a cancer an one ting mi know bout cancer ppl hunnu very emotional…I can imagine the nights you cried… Ova wah doe Fame?.. mi say gal yuh Nuh get di right award A ediot man clown a di year Dem Fi gi yuh. Gal when yuh get bad publicity it Nuh good cause Dem stick like tattoo…

  23. If that dude wanted to leave her he would. Get off her shit, she can find a good man if she wants #notuglyrealbody. If bitches wants to be her bottom bitch so be it. I’m not sure why she should be the only one that’s ashame. Those side bitches who is ducking and f**ng is not better. She can call his name. Her man, her problem. His parents know that’s his woman just like everybody else. They may choose not to meet her but they know your first/last name. My only advise is save every dollar he give you. He already know its his money that got you. Ugly man with money is a hard cum to swallow.

  24. Damn, Kasi said on twitter she feel to cancel Christmas all together. I feel bad for her. I can’t imagine many girls who wouldn’t be hype dating the world’s fastest man, and I imagine even fewer who would be able to resist stalking this page to see what people are saying about them good or bad. If it were me, I would want to curl up and die reading these posts. Yes she seek some of the attention and has been caught lying, but this is bullying now to go in on every single thing. Even her toes in the shoes, come on.

    Criticize some other peoples outfits now, she wasn’t the best or worst dressed. This can’t all just be because of Bolt.

    1. We were ALL rooting for her when she just step out with him. Even with the claims of what went on with her and his brother! But she has literally proven to be a lying fame seeking, doormat! Kindly see posts from summer for reference!

      And yes even her toes hanging over her shoes….point blank, she put herself out there, she needs to step up her game! She’s dressed in brands etc, but she never carrying any of it off and she’s a pretty girl! She literally had her mates putting her to shame! They all turned up looking great at the party!

      And don’t feel sorry for her, because she don’t feel sorry for herself! And we did look at other outfits, we all thought RichRush looked nice!

    2. I think her complexion has a lot to do with it. I may be wrong, but I think it’s a big part of why the people on this site hate her. They want her to feel small and hate herself they they hate themselves.

      1. I think people are going in on her this way because she keeps posting things in an attempt to clap back. Shi hav to relax with the “class is in session” and all that bad gal chat bout her pieces/ status. I understand wanting to defend yourself but you not gonna win this war babygirl. Not when the man isn’t helping you fight and embarrassing you, and you don’t have the materialistic stuff to back up the hype chat. I’m on the fence because I feel bad she getting dragged daily for almost a year now straight, but then she won’t calm either. The lying about Rio/ going Panama made me see her diff. Idk Kase mi a gwan cheer fi yuh still

        1. Well I can agree with you on this. She needs to lay back like Lil Wayne fiance’ Dhea. Low key but he gave her a gorgeous ring and she spends all the important holidays with his family. Kasi needs to lock up her instagram and don’t buy into the hype.

  25. @anonymous 1;37pm, Rise di bloodclaate machine fi di last paragraph of your statement especially the last line. @Kasi.b, come read him last 2 lines after that nutten else matters. Tax and tear then u Cut and Clear.

  26. Met, where are all the archived stories from this year. On the blog when you type in a name you get pages of results. If you type in a name is only the first 6 or so stories come up. I can’t see anything from Summer.

  27. Even though this chick is receiving alot of public slander, I can’t say I’m not enjoying it to the max! Serve her right she too damn hype n nuff. She looks like an oversized midget in that outfit. So not cute. Hope she got the range and apartment thaT Bolt supposedly purchased in HER name! If not all this is just a waste of time….

    1. She don’t have to come here and read the comments.
      She loves attention and with attention comes gossip and opinions.

      1. Wouldn’t you read if it were you? I can hardly keep from reading myself and she and I are merely acquaintances from school days.

        I agree she just has to stop responding and doing things for attention. We can’t blame her for how Bolt treat her and she can’t force him to Invite/ carry her places but she is fooling herself and inviting drama when she behaves as if she has won some prize and people are jealous of her and this relationSHIT she’s in.

  28. I felt sorry for her too, with all the cheating scandals. But that comment about ” pieces that will make your mother trade you”… that was too much imo

    1. Claat and boot das all dem business wid not real estate or business. She and di pieces want about 4 glass a quench aid

  29. Sorry , this whole look is a No for me.

    She try to wear these corny blue shoes again and FAILED!

    it would have looked better in gold or a simple 2 strap gold heels even GZ makes them. But these shoes are FAKE . She ain’t rihanna to have custom made GZ lol
    This dress would have suited a girl 5’9″ up like trishT. She also needs a boob job, that cleavage area looks droopy and empty.

  30. Speaking for myself, I would love some tea on NJ and some new tea on Sadiki but, NJ keeps a low profile. He’s not on stuntin on social media.

  31. Jmg a lick Kasi fi six. She take down the old picture with that same boot. Remember the yellow shirt and white pants and those shoesm? To the person that keeps posting the show link Those turquoise…what Kasi has on is in electric blue. Not in the category boo.

  32. Pretty Woman or not the outfit on her was a miss. As it was (unaltered), it was the wrong fit for her body type. The Shoes and Jewelry were a big miss as well. In America, they have fashion critics called “fashion police” that comment on celebs’ attire at every big event. Their shows were televised. Before Joan Rivers died, she was the Queen of the Fashion Police along with her daughter, Melissa. Then there was Mr. Blackwell when he was living. These are just the most noted ones. If Halle Berry wore that outfit as Ms. Bennett did they would give the same comments as above or worse especially because of her wealth.

    This is not a diss on Halle Berry who is short in stature but, usually slays on the red carpet: People who are short in stature should not wear outfits that are too long for them. For example, have you ever seen men who are not tall wear one of those old Steve Harvey long blazers which makes them look even shorter. Also, people short in stature look better when their outfit and shoes are the same color or picks up a dominant color from the outfit as the eye continues down without a break.

    Some of us have fashion ties and know what we speak.

    I simply do not understand Mr. Bolt or Ms. Bennett because don’t they check each other before they leave out the door? It makes me think he might be cheap. Because what woman could not slay if she had her own or the right backing? However, no amount of money equals good fashion sense. That is why the “right” stylists exist.

    One would hope he’s not a predator who seeks women/prey with self-esteem just like Ms. Bennett so that he can continue to live his lifestyle. He said she was a “team player” as in “Team Usain”. That is what he appear to like. Has he always appeared to be this way? I would bet some of the women actually love him while others are only using him. Just Saying

    Has Ms. Bennett ever been married before? A while ago someone showed me a pic that they found on the internet I guess and said it was her. The woman was wearing a green dress and holding flowers and appeared to have been in a wedding party with a wedding ring on her ring finger? It would have been a younger her, very pretty, and appeared to be very happy.

    1. That was back when she was with Scott. Im not sure if they were engaged but she was wearing a big rock on her wedding finger

  33. Where to start wid dis. I use to f**k usain and fi tell yuh di truth him f**k just like how him run Fassssssstttt wid nuh likkle substance. I stop f**k usain because it neva have no substance him did wah rule mi but I’m a boss of my own. Own mi house and cyar and land when him call mi fi come f**k mi dodge him caaa mi nah stretch out mi punani fi nuh idiat f**k suh wah Kasi a hold on to MUSS be the promise of a likkle money. Cause usain di a dash out pon mi buy mi tings all mi family him buy tings but mi just neva wah f**k di ‘runna’ mi did wah f**k di man. Sex wid Usain is like watching him run him ago win but a only him a guh satisfy he’s NOT a pleaser nuh business if u nuh reach wey yuh fi guh. Real country bwoy like when yuh ask dem fi direction and tell yuh tek dah corna dey and turn dey suh and yuh still nah reach. Usain don’t like independent women he love a woman who nuh have sh*t fi do but siddung and look inna him crawny face. So met Dis regular wash out browning is just right. I use to think Kasi was pretty but when yuh really look pon har har mout stretch out and she just look regular. No need to hype girl Usain buddy a trash di allowance a trash di clothes dem wey him send people fi buy dem nice tho but everyting have a season and fi yuh season out dated. Mi stop f**k Usain and him nuh stop ring off mi phone kill him dead when him si mi cause him love gwaan like We dey when I see him. Usain nuh worth the headache or the stretch inna mi punni. Kasi yuh pathetic and him tell everybody dat sey yuh is a idiat. Yuh fi have shame gyal

  34. LOL Anonymous @3:45 am a kill me off! HOW Kasi feel fi know say any brownin outta road can sample her man n collec a check????? All the same people weh she a hype pon? Him nuh have no respect…and from a man do not RESPECT u, u can just call everything a day!

  35. Kasi needs to stop losing weight, the lines werent in her face when it was fuller. Don’t know why she thinks she needs to be working out so much.

  36. @ wow and others

    Some of yll really have nothing to say but just have to hate on the girl. Why do you hateful vipers hate the girl so much? She looks good in her dress and btw that dress is over 600 I know the designer and website all his dress are over 400. Number 2 @ WOW, those Giuseppe zanotti shoes are 15 to 1800 dollars and I’m talking US and they are not nor never will be outdated those are actually his newest colors, so if she want wear them over and over a her f**g business. Some of yll talking and know nothing about designer shit, only Payless oonoo use to and the 5 dollar shoes. just be trolling the girl on here putting her down bout she short shi dis shi dat. How that becomes yll problem a oonoo har man? Lef di blood cloth Gaul alone badmind a Kill some oonoo, not even own a decent pair of shoes but deh here a talk bout the girl. Yll ready think she reads this shit. Di gyal look good and USAin choose her and yll mad.

  37. I’m sorry BUT Kasi is NOT cute. She’s starting to look old must be all that stress worrying about when she getting the car, how she can try breed, which other woman getting better treatment, what people saying over here, if she really need fi guh look a wuk cause the Usain foundation nah support uptown hungry belly THOTS. Yes KASI yuh love call people ghetto and thot but you living a THOT lifestyle, ghetto people dung a gully way. Yuh love call yuhself goodgyal goodie but you have a ghetto relationship with your thot behavior. It just look different to you because u uptown and it’s with a worldwide star. All u doing Kasi is showing up your ghetto behavior you a THOT mama.This is a perfect example of a weak minded female that has low self esteem. Kasi Usain a mash up yuh looks yuh nuh look good look how yuh eye dem sink inna yuh head and yuh mawga dung. Yuh nuh start look like him yet suh unnu couldn’t a spend that much time together. Nah lie mi feel sorry fi yuh.

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