MATE (1)
We do not know her name, but conversations and pictures with Usain Bolt are all over her phone. How we know its him? He sent her this professional picture of himself and sent the same one to Kasi, which she posted on her instagram a year ago. The significance of the picture posted earlier this week was not to show the conversation but to link the picture, which of course, only Kasi and the mate would recognize because they both received the same photo .


Now that we have confirmed who RFT is here is some tea. RFT has been with the mate for a while and is seen here telling her to keep it all for him which is a pretty recent conversation…..


Little did he know that while he was sleeping the mate took photos of her in his bed..That will be in the next post.

174 thoughts on “KASI MATE PART 1C

    1. probably devastated

      i dont take joy in other peoples pain

      i guess ya’ll never get bun yet

      i dont know but i never heard her say is she one, no one else, etc

      especially if she doing 3somes

      shes not stupid , so she must know there are other girls

      as long as she get the ring and/or belly she good

      i mean usain has been in my dms too lol but never took it there cause me nuh set up for this kind of drama

      1. Which woman neva get bun yet? Mi ask how she doin because she is here reading not how she feel about the post. Why u insist on her getting pregnant ? Would you like a woman to do that to your brother? Getting pregnant for the sake of money will do her nothing good because money is not everything. This post has been scheduled for almost two weeks and has nothing really to do with spiting her. And u a gwaan like fi har one feelings count..wha happen to di side girls dem?

        1. :hammer de belly fi status is always a wicked act cause a hole belly baby is an unloved child.

          But jah know, the “only man f***king you” line is that if a p***y predator.

          1. The belly ting is evil, have a child for the love not for keeping a man’s money I think that is very very very wicked mi nuh like that at all. It hardens the heart of men and only the child suffer.

      2. Me feel my heart leap fi har just like how it leapt when me find out me wasn’t of special value in past relationships.

        Usa IU N Bolt will only get my spittle of respect fi de sport, but other than dat him fi run up unda him mumma!

          1. Mek him no just function as a single, no ready fi mingle man?

            Me nah cheer fi no marriage or belly. Hope de gal dem meet up wid pride as quick as dem part time hood run track. Bolt’s a pig.

          2. PP he young, rich and is new to riches..What u did expect of him really? When Bolt go sleep wid Javana who used to deh wid him big fren Chris Martin……while he was with the same Kasi, which Kasi knew…Talk truth??????????

        1. Mi still have a little soft spot for Kasi… unu must stop prove to others cuz these same people will draaag u when shit hits the fan! Kasi people only a chat up and compliment u cuz of ur affiliation with the man! They r illusions girl! Mere illusions! Smh look at this big dutty mess??

      1. PP nuh u jus ask fi see it? Mi tell uno long time what the screenshots said..RFT is young, a little bummed and have a lot a cum left to give. Whoever want to play the part can play it

        1. Me Neva know it would a strike a compassionate nerve at all :hammer

          Me feel bad fi har Ooo. Show-off truly bring disgrace.

          1. Mi nuh sorry fi none a dem because mi done did get her background long time ..PP u neva a keep up.. the first Kasi story that was posted was that Bolt was dropping her ..Mi nuh sorry nope..Mitzi yes because she really was heart broken but none of these that wouldnt have dated him if he wasnt famous mi nuh sorry fi none a dem nope..I will never..unless a physical abuse and dem ting deh..How u fi really love someone that you would have never given a second look were they in a different position? Nope I cannot

        2. Met, you know me usually skip some a de “relationship” post them or skim dem and dabble in the comments, I thought this was his calm period.

          Kasi, if you reading move on my girl, move on. A marriage would just be a spectacle, a child would just be an anchor and the prenuptial would be properly prepared against you….move on and mek de man sort out him self. His super ego rule you out!

          If yu never warm a seat a Rio you really count out…see all Phelps baby did de Rio.

          1. Yes mi know u nuh really tune in to di mixup but nuff background to this. Bolt thinks his money can get him anyone…and did all a mine stripper while he was with Kasi…until him buck up di stripper coming from a next ends as well as Kasi she was on a different meds so I was shocked when him claims girlfriend was from old harbour..

          2. I wouldnt leave him I would open a business and get myself together financially …tune out the other bitches..Di ego nuh normal

          3. Met, if from de time har name a ring wid him and she no get a business yet, but in a house a do selfie 😀 😀 den a better she galang OR “shake up har folly grung” and know say har man is a whore and proceed as if a Africa she de as Senior wifey 😀

  1. Yawnssssssssss she cud have screenshotted the pic from kasi profile and have a convo with anyone. Also what i pick up frm this mate she bang is tht him n r nuh inah tings nuh more and she a try out him as revenge because there is no way in hell dem wuda still a talk and she a drop this info knowin ppl who kno him on here might send it bk to him and him ago see her as a chatty mouth attention seekin groupie!

  2. So, this girl dollyhouse nuh mash up now? You screenshot convos and send to your friends to brag? What’s going to happen when it gets back to Bolt? Stupid. If dem nuh mash up already, it done now. Met, these girls need to move more discretely when dealing wid a rich/famous man. A so you get everything. Mi like the one Neeks wha dem say get the breasts. All now she don’t accept mi friend request on IG, good girl! LOL

  3. Lord I come before you today to hold me dear Jesus, because this mix up dashing out wicked!!! Lord I pray u spread ur hands across di would be girlfriends and matey dem suh dem nuh try kill of demself, because dem haffi live fi see di rest of this!

    The day has halfed and di mix up deh way up! Lord please hold Met hand as she dash it out! And bun out all di dutty heart ppl who a fight gainst the mix up!

    In Jesus name! Amen!

      1. Me rasssss :travel

        If spoon a pray all corners get phuck :ngakak

        Me thank Oldumare that I have defeated the ills of money, sex and false love.

  4. Bowy mi feel away fi kasi, I am a woman and bun don’t nice whether you a wifey or matie somebody feelings will always get hurt. Kasi sometimes you enter in relationship for money and you feel you can change the man then you start falling love with the man, but you have to remember that the man already have an opinion of you and it won’t change so it doesn’t matter how cute you look, how good you sex, how much compromising you do for usain it will not be enough. The money and fame isn’t worth it, you are been laugh at and drag on a blog site; I know usain is reading if he atleast care for you from the week met gave the warning about your matie preparation would have been make for you to go to Rio, all I can say is wise up the money and fame isn’t worth your sanity and your dignity.

  5. Met dash out dem tory cuz if a hype and fame dem a look we the pink wallers shall give it to dem don’t hold back nothing. Social media mek some a dem feel like dem a di kartrashians so do dem like how tmz do dem dash out everything mi lioke it. Wyiooo….lol i shall not move from here today

  6. U know what. Forget my question uppa top deh. A UGO that? Jah know me confused beacause I been neva seen dis ute speak proper English like that before. Neva. No sah mi shock.

  7. Yuh know mi did honestly think a Kasi dis a show off har Panama roundings,cuz this is even exactly how Kasi likes to dress and pose in front a standing mirror 90% of her pics

  8. Men will try you as how you treat yourself, if you stand for infidelity/immoral conduct best believe that’s what they will dish out give you. You can tell me for a so call university graduate her smarts no tell say look you deserve better than being a door mat eeh Met? Met mi did a talk to one guy inns 2012, he made me feel like yeah me and him could a work few months in dis nasty bwoy ago mek me know if me want this to work we have to go start do 3sums, Met from him say that the same rass night mi block pon all means of communicating with me,and say lesson rass learn to miself. Value unno self man stop mek true money, hype and whatnot mek ppl have unno name a draw up and down the street.

      1. Met I was in shock, i couldn’t even think up a retort to answer him man. I just cry my one day of tears and that was it, cuz i felt like such an idiot to really take up somebody like that, but as i said lesson learnt, Kasi need to learn her lesson no matter what the hell him tell you bout no want media attention, she done a court the media attention from day one so she should have been to what is being discussed has his last olympics, and to make matters worst she try hoodwink we with the fly out part only to just reach Panama. Bolt no give her no ratings she’s just a girl from old harbour good fi cook, clean wash and grind but not to show off.

          1. Aunty a saaame suh Cherice Jamrock prize was flown out by Bolt but his demands were too nasty she had to drop him!naaasy Bolt

  9. lol ah boi!!! what a prick now you tell me why would you do this? she seems very immature just by reading the screenshots. mi just nuh get it you’re in it for the money and yuh ago tell di man seh yuh in love wid him? lol its called “groupie love” bissh. i don’t and can’t blame Usain he’s young that boy ain’t used to shit including pums. now he has money he can do what the hell he wants whenever he wants. its these bird brain bums i cant deal with if i was in their position its strictly for the money i wont be playing the role as a goodas or looking for wifey status. you can do whatever the phuck you want and ill do the same cause at the end of the day both us knows exactly whats up. As for Kaci you’ve brought shame and disgrace on yourself, very low self-esteem i’d like you better if you were more involved and stern when it comes on to him.

  10. PP you hit the nail on the head!

    “If yu never warm a seat a Rio you really count out…see all Phelps baby did de Rio.”

    From dem time she shoulda hold her half and easy. But true di followers a tell her congrats and how they can’t wait for them to get married, coming like she lick her damn head and nun memba who she dealing wid. Now one baggy shame and embarrassment

  11. Happy days are ahead oh happy days are ahead :kr :kr Unuh waan inna di spotlight well here comes di spotlight …it comes wid di territory a which celebrity woman man or Pitney u nuh si inna di spotlight whether Dem like it or not.

    1. A who nuh like this girl and a put her out like that? The screenshots don’t mean anything. Web this coming from? Kmt.

  12. Met u nuh see TMZ feecha her as the first lady wid one bag a pictcha n video a dem a kiss ah carnival …wooiiii go chu FLOB (first lady of bolt)

          1. Right in him restaurant it talk! Naasy freaky boy Bolt! Him generous tho, the Taboo girls needs to come buss some secrets cuz, i remember dian dole out 50gs on one stripper and they seemed quite familiar! Hmmm i was tempted to hoover up di gyal tips to rass! Usain was right beside me smelling like victoria’s secret oh well mi glad fi di little shoulder to shoulder moment:ngakak

          2. Yes he loves skrippers and spend nuff money pan dem..Remember him did drunk off Asafa baby madda

          3. Boy the only good thing is that he is the WORLD’S GREATEST APART FROM THAT HE IS A LIKE A COMMON RAM GOATNOT FOWL GOAT!

  13. Apparently things not going right for Kasi Bennett so in order to control Usain’s actions and force him her direction she pulled a Kardashian move by outting their (Kasi +Usain) relationship to 1)Daily Mail 2) Mediatakeout 3) TMZ So either Bolt do an interview say him single or bring out or call a name to the press or be forced to publicly show off, acknowledge Kasi out of trying to save her from embarrassment enough time buy to win him back. So mates all uno affi do a one up her with the international news of the allege relationship she had with Usain Bolt’s brother or direct the international sites to Jamaicanmateyangroupie.com

    1. I honestly have a strong feeling because the Pinkwall find out she was not in Rio but in Panama and her lies coming out. SHE IS THE ONE THAT PUT EVERYTHING OUT IN THE MEDIA TO PROVE SOMETHING, Again, What a mix up. I cannot imagine Mamma Bolt seeing this and not even know her Daughter-In-Law. Causen Sah! If she was his actual girlfriend why she not sitting with His Mom and Dad? LOL. Me boddyyyyy. Yow, this more than me to blouse cup.

  14. Not a soul nah left the sprinter, especially since him sign the biggest deal in Nike history 30 million annually. A now gyal ago latch on, waan breed, move in an married. All s dem a look a come up by any means necessary

  15. Apparently things not going right for Kasi Bennett so in order to control Usain’s actions and force him her direction she pulled a Kardashian move by outting their (Kasi +Usain) relationship to 1)Daily Mail 2) Mediatakeout 3) TMZ So either Bolt do an interview say him single or bring out or call a name to the press or be forced to publicly show off, acknowledge Kasi out of trying to save her from embarrassment enough time buy to win him back. So mates all uno affi do a one up her with the international news of the allege relationship she had with Usain Bolt’s brother or direct the international sites to Jamaicanmateyangroupie.com

  16. Woi! She deh pon ALL di big media sites dem but most a di ppl dem a done har same way…from who a say she a instagram whore, to who know seh bolt a f**k everything weh walk. Di ppl all the seh she not that pretty, she’s “ok”

    Please direct all these people and all the media outlets to Jamaicanmateyangroupie.com for the exclusive mix up from it just start

    I sorry for her, she do the stupidest thing by making it reach international and she don’t realise it. Story bus seh she and him deh, the beginning is always the nice part when u jus get put out there and everybody a run her down to kno about them relationship, she must remember seh after she get wear in and dem use to her. Dem going start dig up into her past and it not going be so nice (Met brace yourself fi di whole world a run come ova yah)…. :siul

  17. Mint tea yah hot no shit :malu :malu what a tea Noice :ngakak @ met u a the real boss :2thumbup :2thumbup

  18. Big up G,how unno nuh call out Gabrielle pon her kasi devotion but always a rush me ova my Apple love tsk tsk tsk?? :-).gabby I came up with a defense for boo boo.did yall know there is a connecting flight from Panama to Rio..Google it!

    Furthermore she told the truth..she said on the road to Rio…at no point she sey she was IN RIO!!with the exception of mitzy…who else has bolt publicly discussed,even kiss??all a who a come out the crevices of woodwork were hidden there for a reason..not so with kasi.just gwaan grin n bear it,this too shall pass n u will have the last laugh in cash or kind hun.
    Well Gabrielle thats all I got..run with that oo.

  19. Bolt business a dash out pon TMZ, seh when him overseas all he does is look hot chicks to bang. He doesn’t want Kasi there for this exact reason. Samantha wasn’t invited by Bolt she and her friends went on a group trip and you can tell they planned this months ago. I doubt she has even seen him privately.

    Where Kasi went wrong was trying to prove to people that she was going to Rio. Kasi, less is more. I see you talking about being locked out of your Snapchat but you got caught and a shame yuh shame. When people ask u if you not going to Rio you should have said you wanted very much to go but you cannot leave work but your heart is in Rio and you wish Bolt and the Jamaican team all the best. That was the simple route to take.

    1. Dem a talk out him business on all the media sites and a done Kasi seh she don’t “hot”!
      Wait till dem find out seh she and him brother did deh! And all a di mix up in the background! Sweetheart I hope ur ready for what you started!

      1. Thats why mi tell PP n Diff seh I dont sorry for her no empathy from me, as huffington run di article she run go pan facebook a thank people fi birthday greetings more than one month before.

        1. Mi guh pon all a dem and di ppl dem nuh stop done har! Seh she a escort, groupie wid an upgrade, dem all a tell her seh she can hav Bolt, cause him is no catch! A weak!

      1. Wow! Not even Lubica got so much exposure. I fear this will bite Kasi hard. What a mess. My advice to her is that Usain is a bwoy and will never grow up. She should move on. This is going nowhere.

          1. That’s why I sorry fi har…TMZ kno how fi get story! And u kno wen dem drop a thing it usually on point!

            Like how we deh yah….a weh Sadiki Bolt deh?

  20. Harvey on Tmz, ask who is Kassie? and seh, he has never heard of her. Den him ask if she is in Rio, because him don’t see any pictures of her. Kassie, come here putus, come ansa Harvey.


      Should have waited until the man publicly announced your correctly. The pictures of Kasi and Bolt being used are either old and unflattering, or when she drunk hot and half-naked at Carnival. Shame!

  21. That flipping Chunchi, why this girl love run een pan things. She is such a BBC groupie to Kasi. Kasi deheven a look JEZAZ CRISTO!!!!!!!!

    I wonder if these people caping for Kasi just a do that for public and laughing inside. I don’t get it. Receipts all over for herthotness yet still.

    1. Ole hypocrite dat. Maybe if she never smell so funky she could keep a man. She stop wear the bald head thank god.

  22. Soh a dis a di mix up we did a wait soh long fah kmt boring wid no solid proof just another one of the idiots who means ntn to bolt . I hope kasi sitting and laughing at how pathetc this is met a hype up a bagga people from week and a dis u come wid yuh just as lame met. Just fi dis post mi hope dem nuh lef f**ng badmind uno

    1. No solid proof but the person means nothing to bolt only kasi? If me did eva sound fool like u mi carry mi tongue go drop it ina di water a flat bridge

      1. Met look how her self promoting going to backfire on her, the man has an image to uphold yuh see how ppl a dig up snaps with him and different girls and all these things wait on it Kasi, you should have just stayed quite ride out the storm off pinkwall a mouth yuh but no send in story well see it here.

      2. Gezzzz ummm mind di girl end up on sucidal watch. This is like a bad accident u see what’s coming but can’t look away. God help dat gyal if the brother ting come out u know dats it shi done same time.

        P.s. What a man love wear glasses bwoy oh bwoy. This is height of slackness

  23. Point still remain Kasi, Bolt left yuh a yuh yard, and to tek shame out a yuh yeye yuh did a try fool the mass but we see through yuh, everybody else a experience the Rio effect but not yuh the gf mate 1 2 3…..all the way down the line, but yuh a watch pon espn and yuh no sick gweh gal yuh waa exposure yuh ago get it cuz yuh supposedly matie dem a run eeh pon the international site dem. Yes is she? lol

  24. Well even if its bad publicity, a Kasi +Bolt yahnow! His career is well cured like fine wine and Kasi is apart of it…mi nuh waa hear bout nuh side gyal nor nuh past gyal Kasi you turn name brand absent from Rio or not mi dear! I will sit and wait on the brother’s saga, Jahkno Kasi is the most sought after girlfriend in the weeerl yah now :recsel

    1. That I can agree with. I don’t rate the foolishness with lying about Rio and the misleading snapchat posts, but she’s getting the international acknowledgment that she wanted. Bad publicity and her name is being dragged but at everybody know is she and Bolt deh.

      Thank God you stop work Kasi so you have time to stay home and read everything online because dis a histrie. I hope you really prepare yourself for what’s to come, it won’t be pretty.

      1. Amen! I tired to say it…the beginning will be nice because everybody a run har down. But when them start dig I hope she ready!

        1. doesn’t say much about this moral standing if you want call it that, and me and you will cuss him out and say him shouldn’t go there suh, but yuh know who going get the blunt of it Kasi will, she should a just gwaan do wat she a do pay us no mind, pay social media no mind but she feel she has something to prove, so everybody who know them business who laugh and chat up with dem shall air up dem business.Only we in JA did know bout she and Bolt but she want fame well see it here the good the bad and the ugly.

  25. Listen, bad to bad she is a Jamaican and I dnt like no outside race/country a come diss the girl..I went ova TMZ and honestly the way some a them a carry on abt her and Bolt mek mi upset, me feel like mi an mi family can war an cuss but no outsiders fi Diss dem cause mi wi défend that..So ppl even though we dnt agree with wht she’s doing, dnt mek no outsiders Diss the girl.

    1. Das why mi nuh go dere cause a so me feel..Mek we talk outsiders no ..at the same time it is already viral and mi nuh know how much damage control we a go can do cause it a go get stink soon

      1. Outsiders wouldn’t hav ntn to talk if she did keep her ass quite. Every opportunity she’s gotten she try an show up that she and him deh. Di ting did jus local and a we alone did a talk. Push and push suh till it gone international. Me kno di Leo dem, suh me can tell u this dem nuh like nobody force dem hand, and unless dem in control of the situation dem wi get vile. Dem nuh own nobody until after dem walk down down isle! I don’t sorry for her!

        1. Spoony, you so right! She pushed and made this happen. All because she was embarrassed she wasn’t at Rio.

  26. Usain should make damn sure he sends Kasi “all eyes on us” song by Meek Mill and Nicky :peluk to Kasi :kr woiii

  27. Now you tell me if them people ya nuh dangerous . I screen shot this. One of Kasi fans on tweedur seh tmz a showcase the carnival body and people are asking why she not in rio. Now tell ne if da b ya nuh deva. She want to make it seem like she defending Kasi but know damn well she has questions too. Why http://tinypichttp://i68.tinypic.com/2mysr2c.jpg

  28. I definitely agree that it was her self promotion that caused all this. She wasn’t at the Olympics and wasn’t featured in any recent photos but somehow she is just now making headlines? Kasi told herself that Rio or not, everyone was going to know who she is. So said, so done.

    1. As mitellditruth seh mi nuh feel no way when we a galang ina fi we likkle space but when foreigners run in we feel some type a way..Kasi wanted the fame though mi believe that

      1. The on my way to rio sent the jamaican fools dem hunting fi a pic and use di old pic..international media pick it up run gone wid it

        1. I guess this was her big prediction she had for 2016 although it ddnt went according toooooo plan but everybody all over know bout r now! Kasi 2016 u tink u were going to be formally introduced to worl nuh tru?

          1. Formal introduction not stopping usain from doing a thing..all it a go bring is more shame and scandal

        2. Aunty memba shi nuh cya inuh is knowings and fame she a look so she could careless bout the scandals.. lordy the day it reach Wendel Williams show :travel

          1. __________________________________________________ grung mi reach u know Wendell can gwaan like him know di people dem fi trew

  29. This is foolishness! This girl is begging Bolt to see her, if she was so special she wouldn’t be asking about schedule like a transaction. Sounds casual to me. Plus him a “give her a chance” no sah

    1. And following every major Jamaican news publication. Kasi don’t stand a chance at getting the ring now. Ah boy

  30. Met, it not stopping Usain from doing a thing! All this is doing is giving people an opportunity to dig up dirt on her and she has nothing to show for it, not even the ring. Bolt did warn her stay low key until he’s ready to settle down. But the “fans” get to her head man. All the “Yes girl show off your man! You and Bolt should get married!” have her looking a damn fool.


    Mek bolt gwaan. You see di white Man put on the illuminati ring pon him finger and give him ah white face straight nose gal. Weh her father look like him make snow and her mother name anntionete from Scotland.. He get 5 million per min to run. He made 45 mil in rio plus now the free mason have him in there back pocket And we a worry bout his bedmates.. You hear the white commentator say he didn’t just do this for JAMAICA he did this for”US” who are the “US”???then turn the camera to the illuminati daughter in the stadium… Any yard gal get a f**k off him call it so and keep it moving.Dem soon drugs him and f**k him in his ass on film. For all you mateys can see..

  32. You have some dutty people people up here a dip them mouth in jamaica business, because usain have money them think a jamaican woman not good enough and a dis up the girl. Please leave jamaica business alone and go deal with unuh dutty swimmers weh go a brazil go tell lie.

  33. So hold up kasi use to f**k usian bolt bredda :ngakak :ngacir2 :ngacir2 mnl this serious bolt ain’t gonna marry her and she gwaan like she a miss goody two shoes suh

  34. Baby Bolt is on the way, Usain Bolt girlfriend Pregnant

    Usain Bolt’s girlfriend is believed to be pregnant as she was nowhere to be found at the Rio Olympic games, according to online users. Are they correct?

    Is who really a put out these stories to bloggers,a mean almost every rass blog spot a talk bout Kasi

      1. Kasi famous now,so dats the win she was looking for no sah at least them get it right seh she missing from Rio

  35. Kasi was a full lesbian in a high school! facts! she is still a little butch in her walking and such enuh notice! All she used to do a inna bathroom with woman a school. She wasn’t well behaved at all! Unuh nah know the half bout Kasi . UNuh fans can stay there think kasi is anybody!

        1. Dear Met…….patiently waiting on the rest of the suss. Mi want to see the pics. U a take it easy pon her. Dash it out now cause u did done warn wi……loooooool

      1. Aunty wi nuh business bout late bird cuz di amount a people a talk seh dem neva kno seh a suh pink wall a gwaan on mi watsapp dem busy reading pwahaha! But right now to how things a gwaan wi nuh business bout di mates and Exes the world interested in queen B yanow! A weh sum a dem aguh du yah now? Shez our own wi affi back her regardless shi lie and delusional…Warren Weir baby mama sarry no eyes on you boo

        1. :hammer Warren throw up that pic fi spite oo…I pray he will learn that its not about proving it will be about the baby

  36. Saw an old snap with her and Bolt in bed and him nuh stop kiss her she is soo pretty naturally Americans fi gweh an lowe her

    1. Him supposed to kiss har G cause if him neva have dah money deh him wudden ina dat deh bed . He should be grateful

      1. Ina all my mid 20s years ive never seen anything like this before! She is a calculated lady no sah! Mi affi seh things works out in her favor to rawtid!

  37. When a man stands for nothing he will fall for anything. Dont like Usain Bolt I call him the Illuminati King. Even the famous lightening sign he gives is the sign of a god of thunder

    1. If him waa celebrate Shango that will be his belief …respect people and their belief if its not affecting you.

  38. So this gal tell usian. Say she love in and him a laugh? U mussi f***g mad. From him a laugh off a me not a next reply him woulda think me a duppy when me diappear. Him nuh only a laugh, him a dead wid laugh to dem gal ya need something fi do, they need some sitewuk fi occupy them time since dem nah have a thing fi hot dem.. Me can tell man me love dem and him laugh? A nuh me and it bun me so. She really chat back to him? She good. She fi get a

  39. F**k dat! She want fame give it to har every bloodclaat July 7 must be ediot Gal day…. Feel sorry!? but what a rass. Unnu a loooooooooooo dash out har bloodclaat messy life….

  40. Mi say no sah… Unnu look fi a suicide eno it a come…. Ediot gal fi di century ago kill har self. F** a year har lead too long a ediot Gal fi di century… Pink wall goooone f**ka dem.

  41. Met maybe she pregnant and couldnt go because of Zika threat I feel sorry for her…bun nuh nice enno a sometime me affi shake me shoulder n say no satan not todaaaaay….

    Btw why u remove the Kento Blair tea?

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