1. Well, Asafa’s parents are pastors and he was raised differently. So for him the need to marry may be stronger because that was always expected of him. He sowed his wild oats too, but he couldn’t run from his foundation.

    This is not a Kasi issue, this is two different men with different core values.

  2. Oh gosh, poor ting believe is har soulmate. She ago need help eno, cause she a show signs of too much public cheating humiliations..She went to see him off to go be with other girls that’s nice. Why is it they always look so detached on dem pics.

  3. She speaks the truth. New experiences wouldn’t be the same without him: she wouldn’t be having them without him/his $

    1. Exactly, of course it wouldn’t be the same without him because if it wasn’t for him and his money you wouldn’t be going to these places. Trying to humble brag with a small Vuitton bag. Met should post the pic of them on the beach in Mexico and you would see something different. She’s just happy that Bolt is posting her more now, he doesn’t have anything else going on for him right now so posting her is what gets him the attention he craves. Posing beside a private plane and inside to make it look like Bolt took you on one.

  4. 1. She looks weird
    2. He looks like he’s leaning in to pose with his bro
    3. They have NO celebrity presence whatsoever.


    1. It’s because they have zero chemistry, no matter how they try to fake it, it just doesn’t come off as genuine and Kasi is still in the groupie stage of the relationship, she’s not acting like a “girlfriend”. But she says he’s her soulmate and forever love so carry on.

  5. Enjoy yourselves. If Usain had been dating a foreigner you would nothink hear the end of it. Wish you both blessings.

  6. I saw that they were in Mexico.

    Even if she wanted to be humble, I can’t blame her for the bragging after everyone is always trying to tear her down. All that s**t would make the most himpbke person become Braggy and boasy.

    Anyway, as far as I’m concerned men are all dogs, better she stays with the dog she knows (with a few dollars in his pocket) don’t blame her one little bit!

  7. Well I’m not tearing he down, BUT you know when u get a new hot car and you are showing off to your friends because you just got it? This girl still hasn’t settled down into this relationship. Young, excited dating a wealthy athlete, yeah I would think Im the $hit too. But by now, the novelty should have worn off, she should be solidly settled into this relationship. This look at me I’m dating usain vibe should be gone now and she should just be living. I clucked on this cauz Im a fan of her man, but this look at me girlfriend he got is wayy extra and attention seeking like my 3 year old daughter. Girl, we get it…he’s your man, now its time for you to actually believe it and just live. Every post is some bonnie & clyde ting….geez frighten friday

  8. Soulmate my ass, she did her research and found out what Bolt likes and then she became that person, a smart Golddigger, this is not her true self that’s why she drinks so heavily and even admitted on her Twitter that she took drugs, she’s just been the person that Bolt wants in hopes that he will marry her, she played the game well and it’s paying off.

  9. Met yu can please cross our world and put Caribbean ??? That look like vernamfield air port and now she has confirmed that is only she and her soul mating ….we understand the relationship

  10. I want him to marry her so she can stay with him for the amount of years allotted when she can file for divorce and get a chunk of his money. That’s the angle she’s going for because if he didn’t have money she wouldn’t put up with all those embarrassing public humiliation, you can all talk what you want but the fact is Kasi DOESN’T love Bolt. She complained to Bolt when Sadaki was giving her bun (remember she was the side chick) so why isn’t she complaining about all the humiliation she endured from Bolt and it’s worse because it’s in the public eye? Instead every time he does something she doubles down and declare her “love” for him more. She landed the biggest fish she will ever catch in her life and she’s not letting go until death. She’s getting older and she’s not looking so fresh as of late so I hope she’s putting some pressure for the ring or baby because people change no matter how much you think they “love” you and no matter how much you think you are the best. See Jeff Bezos and his wife is divorcing after 25 years of marriage, even though she deserves half because she was there with him before he made Amazon.

  11. I agree with you too much. She is just too much. You can affirm your partner/relationship but don’t over do it. These constant……soulmate…life without you would be nothing. …life with you is such a dream public sentiments will set you up for misery. Just breathe, enjoy and take your time.

  12. Frighten bad man and it’s annoying and one of the reasons people will continue to talk.
    Too nuff and out deh.
    Then again, she is permitted because the man is looking to maintain his limelight and she is looking for constant attention.
    I really hope he marries her and she gets all that she wishes for because otherwise a Bellevue business.

  13. Of course it wouldn’t be the same without him, he’s the one with the money so if it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t be able to go to these places. And what new adventures are you talking about, you two go to the same type of places and do the same things. you just go to the beach, take some pictures for insta, go to the hotel restaurant and again some pics for insta, a few snapchat here and there, rinse and repeat. Unu boring now man, unu nuh si seh unu pics nah get much likes and comments like before? Because it’s the same thing over and over, he cheats on you publicly and then takes you on vacation, you get your pics for the gram to showoff, he puts up a pic of you on his page to please you. You two could do the same thing here in Jamaica and pump that money into the economy. At least Rush vacations are exciting, she goes to different locations and actually converse with the locals, you two just stay in the resort. Unu need fi spice it up likkle bit, something, anything, for someone with money unu imagination limited bad.

  14. Usain is an attention whore, he misses the spotlight and he knows the only time nowadays that he gets mentioned on any blog is when he’s seen with Kasi or he’s cheating with other girls. He wasn’t been mentioned at all since he left Australia and that football career didn’t take off and now he doesn’t know what to do with himself. That’s why he’s been posting Kasi on a regular now to get little attention because he has nothing else to post, he’s even posting throwbacks of his running days. The thing is people seems to be over them, their pics are not getting the views, likes and comments that it used to, their pics on blogs such as daily mail used to be in the hundreds now their lastest one has a little over 70 comments. It wouldn’t surprise me if he propose to her soon so they can be the talk of the town for awhile again. They should also cut down on the partying or drinking because they are both looking rough, Bolt looks like he could be someone’s grandpa and Kasi from a couple years ago to now, the transformation is shocking.

  15. Post the pics of them on the beach please and then you see ‘chemistry’.

    Bolt bored no backside and well want something to do. If she had brought a group of girls with them he would be so happy and over the moon.

  16. You all hold Bolt with too much high regard. Please note that he has a self-esteem problem, not because he is a superstar you think everything is leveled. Fame only amplifies the issues people had before, it doesn’t change them.

    He is under so much duress from this girl, those friends,extended family, etc, it’s unbearable. Ahhh bwoy. When fame comes, the wannabees knock and they knock hard. Everybody wants their pound of flesh and nobody really loves you for you. This is self promotion at it’s best….use you like hell to get where I want to be.

  17. Unu bitter Sah. meanwhile Kasi and Bolt enjoyed their vacation and you bitches earned nothing but angry the entire 5 days. Figure out away to earn some money buy a car or a house in 2019 and stop sit and pre rich ppl who have them finances set. Pathetic!!! Let’s make 2019 pinkwall most uneventful year why cause we all to busy a look it hunt it sleep and breathe it so we no have no time fi fass inna business and hide behind wall and throw word.

  18. OOOhhh mmy gggaaaddd!!! (white girl voice) Unnu see say mi likkle motivation weh day work? Kasi to the world! All haters back aaaff! Dig gal dig. How u fi deh back a Money Mike harem? No no that cant work, now u a travle tell the yam head, 10 karat teeth bwoy say u waah waah apawtment complex fi rent out, waah townhouse fi lib eeena and waah farm a country wid hassis proncin all bout :thanks2 Hey Hoe! Lets Go!

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